It is Time to Move Beyond Thought

You are living every moment in the River of Life, and all around you is the vibration, the sweet communication of electrons of light and the song of Creation itself in which your hearts are ever soaring and singing praises for the gift of life, amazement at the awakening each moment to Twin Flame Love and the gift of being the embodiment of My heart.

All of this is communication on the level of pure vibration, of the singing, dancing movement of the glorious song of Love. This communication that is expressed as light which is the language of Love’s movement is ever and always perfect in its expression and its harmony, as every part of the living whole interweaves together. Into this your hearts are waking every Now Moment.

It is this communication of every singing atom and electron that I Am inviting you to participate in, to the awakening into presence and into heart communication. Beloved ones, the moment that you move beyond the little mind you are free to be a part of this great magnificent communion, living the harmonies of Love in its impeccable and joyous movement. You do this with the awareness that as Love moves as you, through you, in you, as your being, it will always move perfectly. Therefore, every action will flow forth in perfection, and every life stream with which you interact will be honored in reverence. Everything that is the expression of your perfection as a being will simply be the expression of who you are in the living moment.

So what is before you now is to come out from under the tyranny of the little mind and its incessant occupation of your focus, because as you know, the little mind is creator of the ego, the identity of separation and the world of two powers. Beloved ones, what you must realize is that it is easy to step beyond it. It is the ego mind itself that convinces you that it is difficult.

So when I ask you to look right through the illusion, it is this I place before you -- that you might hold to the vibration of perfect joy and perfect Love. Love’s expression coming through you in each Now Moment will lead you perfectly in the expression of this life. You can know that if you were to hold to the Moment of Creation in open hearted reverence, in ecstasy each Now, it would be impossible for you to make an incorrect move in that which is your life in the world, because Love would be expressing through you so powerfully and so perfectly that everything around you would be attuned to its perfection instantly through you.

But until you are able to hold this vibration so perfectly that it is the only vibration that is being expressed through you, then simply know, beloved ones, that if you make every possible choice, in the moments when you are not called to deal directly with the world, to hold the vibration of perfect Love beyond the realm of thought – it will quickly tip the balance and move your life into the expression of all that represents the truth of your being in the symbols of this world.

So rather than attempting to use your little mind to focus on what you are wishing to draw forth as the expression of your life in the Bridge World, as some schools of thought advise, I am asking you to move beyond all thought and know that in that rich silence, in that communion with the River of Life, in that connection with the constant pulsation of the Moment of Creation itself, that which is representing your perfection as My heart will quickly replace the outworn symbols that you have been carrying of life of the world.

What I want you to know, as you move beyond thinking and choose again and again to go Vertical, is that what you will experience, what I want you to be reaching for is the rich communication of the realms of Real Love and their expression as the movement of light. Light is the emission of the living moving and glorious Love, the LoveMaking that is the ongoing Moment of Creation, and sings forth in the language of ecstasy, of life itself – the joyous communion of My being and all that is alive within Me.

There have been many trainings on your path, your path into this glorious awakening. Now that you have disengaged from believing in the ego mind, you are free to release the connections that you have to the little mind’s creations that are the result of continual thought and free them to allow yourself to drink from the glorious fountain of life itself that is given forth every single moment. It is time to drink the elixir of pure ecstatic joy.

So when I say to you that the time has come to move beyond the thinking mind, I am not inviting you into an experience of silence. Oh, no. I am inviting you into an experience of rich and glorious life that is so full and so alive with the language of Real communing, that you are entering into living in pure ecstatic bliss. To feel this great communion is to feel, at last, your own heart and the vibrational reality, not only of your being but of your inclusion in the wholeness of life that is such a wholeness that you are a living part of each other, of every life, of every movement of the living stream of Love.

This is an experience that will bring you the absolute wonder of being so much a part of the whole that every life is alive within you and you are alive within it. Your being is so vast that you truly are a gateway together as Twin Flame hearts through which every life stream is loved and loves you in return. Even a moment, beloved ones, of feeling this will wash away from you all the eons of life on Earth and the feeling of loneliness and separation, of having to do things for yourself, of wishing that someone would care for you as much as you know you deserve, of wishing that you could be free to love with all your heart, free to give all the Love you know you are capable of giving.

All of this will be rectified in one holy and glorious instance of communion with the living whole beyond the ego mind. Your heart is your instrument for receiving this communication and for sharing in this experience of the wholeness I Am. The language of the Real is vibration. Vibration plays on the instrument of your perfect Twin Flame heart, and your heart then responds by singing its own song of ecstasy, joy and communion with the wholeness of Love.


Beloved God, Thank You, Thank You for the wonder of all that You give us. Thank You for opening us to these glorious new experiences. Thank You, God, for the gift of being Your heart and allowing our hearts to fully blossom into who we Really are. God, we come to You tonight, opening ourselves to this experience, to the glorious Real, to this deep communion, but most of all, we offer ourselves in service to be the bridge of Love for this world. So, God, please join our hearts together tonight and let us be this conduit for Your amazing and perfect Love, and as we do move beyond all the restrictions of the little mind and ego, let us truly embrace how vast we Really are. Let this Love pour through the heart we share to lift, to bless this precious world and to bring it back to Love now. Amen.

God, I ask also to be the conduit for this experience, simply the voice for all that we share. Amen.

So let us begin by sharing our breath, our consciousness and our hearts as we expand our hearts until we can Really feel each other. As you begin to feel all of these precious hearts, feeling each one’s vibration, feel us joining together to create a Real beating heart that is a conduit for this Love. As we feel this communion, this joining together, we also acknowledge how great this heart is and how easily we can hold and bless and love the whole world.

Now, we feel the River of Life, pouring through this open heart we are, amazed as it washes through our consciousness, through our whole being as well as our hearts. Let us also share the living breath together, breathing not only with each other but with All That Is. So let your breath out and take a deep breath in. As you breathe out, let all tension fall away. As you breathe in, feel your whole body filled with light. As you breathe out, every atom is pouring forth Love.

So you breathe in the Love from the Moment of Creation itself and as we breathe out, it pours through us. Breathing in pure Love and breathing it out multiplied. As we breathe in again into and through our Twin Flame heart, breathing out pure Love, multiplied and amplified. Breathing in the Moment of Creation itself and breathing out all that energy, all the life force, all the ecstasy. Breathing in the communion with God. Breathing out perfect Love.

Breathing in that sacredness and breathing out purity and blanketing the world. As you breathe in again, let the light fill your whole being. As you breathe out, let that light stream forth through you. Breathing in again, feel your whole being lifting up. Breathing out pure energy and breathing it in again.

Now, beloved ones, as you continue to breathe, begin to allow Love to breathe you. Begin to feel your connection to All That Is, and you become simply the awareness of the one living breath. Breathe in this Love and breathe it out again. Breathe in our communion and breathe out our Love. As you breathe in once again, feel My Love touching your heart. As you breathe out, let yourself be Love being given. Love now breathing in. Love giving forth of itself. Love breathing in, accepting and breathing out the forces of Creation.

As you breathe in once again, beloved ones, feel your hearts and let them become the chalice of our holy communion. As you gently let your attention now flow into your heart, you become the living cup that nourishes Creation. Breathing in again, you feel your Twin Flame’s Love, reaching up, opening to the Moment of Creation again and becoming the living vessel that holds perfect Love, fills it with sweet perfection, the energy of life, with the Moment of Creation and this atomic Love.

Now together, as Twin Flames, pour it forth again. Breathing in, you are lifted higher and higher and higher and higher as you are moving upward once again, vibrationally moving into the rarified song of Love. Now you are opening to the miracle of Creation as you and in you, of you and through your being.

With every breath, beloved ones, take Me in and feel this Love that we share so deeply. Breathe this Love and let it become your breath. Let it light your heart in ecstasy. Now we become even closer until you and I are blended with your Twin Flame Love. Feel yourself as perfect Love. You are the energy of purity. You are the energy of reverence. You are delight in life. You are perfection of being, and most of all, you are the heart of God I Am.

Now I open you up to receive all the atomic Love, all of the energy of the Moment of Creation, and as you feel it rushing through you into your glorious being, it spreads you out until you become the living cosmos itself. You are everything, All That Is, endless, limitless and glorious, for we are merged in our oneness, alive in this communion, and you know yourself as God I Am, as the living giving heart of Love.

You are aware of rushing life, of streams of perfect consciousness, each one of which is a being of light, and each one desires communion with you. I ask you to grant their request. So as you feel these beautiful life streams within you, you feel how deeply you honor them and how rich this communion is.

There is one magnificent stream of living Love that is burning like two flames within you, and I ask you to place your focus at the center of that being and to allow this deep communion to reveal who they are. Holding this reverence and honor for their being, let yourself memorize this feeling of communion with that which is living within you, in your vast and cosmic being.

You become aware of countless life streams, of limitless joy in this sweet communion and suddenly it is multiplying exponentially within your being as you recognize that Love is making more of itself, and you are … oh, beloved… you are the fertile cosmic heart, the womb of All That Is, the center of Creation. As you feel life exploding forth within you, you recognize that it is pushing you to become bigger and bigger. You are so full of rich life expanding and multiplying exponentially, that you must completely surrender your boundaries, all you know of yourself, and let this blossoming of life take over.

Let it take over as it multiplies and celebrates its multiplication until that which is within you is almost more than you can bear, it is so beautiful. You can experience the colors that are expressions of uniqueness and you can feel life rejoicing as it still multiplies within you. Once again you must expand. You cannot prevent it, so you must give yourself over to the expansion of Love and your whole being is giving birth to exponential ecstasy, as life and Love are giving birth to themselves in ever-greater ways within you.

Now I ask you to look upon and to feel all of this light that has exploded forth within you, through your fertile Twin Flame womb, and to feel the joy and ecstasy of our holy communion, communion that means we are one and yet, you always know yourself.

You become now the tender arms of Love that wrap all this life within you and you can feel such Love for every precious life that it washes through your being and embraces everything. This moment your Love reaches inwards in acknowledgement of all this magnificent beauty that is born of your Love and born of your Twin Flame womb as Creation itself. As you breathe, All That Is is breathing with you. As you love, All That Is is loving as well.

Now, I ask you to place your focus on your Twin Flame’s presence and to hold all of this life together as a miracle within you and be ready at every moment to respond to the call of any life that reaches for your attention and asks for your Love. Oh, beloved beautiful hearts, hearts of God I Am, can you feel this wonder and tenderness that we share for every life? Can you feel how each life is truly a miracle, amazing beyond all description, the Love is so grand? Beyond any dreams you have ever dreamed of how it is to love and be loved. You are perfect Love, All That Is, always and you are here now.

As you breathe, you feel your breath moving through All That Is. As you breathe out, your breath is the movement of the spirit. As you breathe in, you are the movement of life itself. As you breathe out, you are the miracle of creative focus. Together we are the “I Am.”

Now rest, rest in the fullness of increasing Love and let it hold you, lift you up and expand your being, and most of all, I ask you to tune in your Twin Flame heart and to use your Twin Flame Love to amplify all Creation. One Love with countless, countless streams of consciousness, alive in your Twin Flame womb and you must nourish them. They also nourish you in this sweet communion, in the ecstasy that comes from experiencing this great unity. I Am That I Am. I Am That I Am, and I Am with you.

And now, holding your focus on your Twin Flame heart, let your heart now speak to you and let your self receive the message. With every breath the Love in your heart increases as you open once again, beloved ones, to the Moment of Creation itself and let it move right through you to bless All That Is as you gently place your focus on that which you name the world, the pocket of life on Earth that is as yet reversed.

Yet, I want you to look at life on Earth with your heart, with your true heart perception from the Real of Love. Look at the world, beloved ones, through your Twin Flame heart, from the Real. What do you see but Love? You recognize this beautiful Love that is washing through the world, creating movement of life and the ecstasy of Nature. Every heart beat of your heart is pumping Love into the world, and you are the Moment of Creation itself. You are the living heart of God. You are the Moment of Creation itself. You are a Twin Flame heart. You are the forces of creation, and you are fully present in the Real as you love the world and as you bring the world your freedom.

All the while you can feel the Moment of Creation leaping through you. You can also feel that you are the Christ, the conscious heart of Love I Am and you know that all life is blessed and all life on Earth is Love when seen through the single eye of the heart. And so, together as Love, we focus in and your focus grows clearer and clearer as you move now inward into your heart that now holds the world within it and connects it to the Real. Heart beat by heart beat by heart beat of Love, you are opening up the veil of illusion and bringing forth the ecstasy.

Now as you remain aware that you are the heart of Love that embraces the world, I ask you to allow your focus to also move into your life on Earth and hold it focused on your heart, the heart within that which you call the body. All the while remember that you are the heart of Love, that you are the heart of God I Am and that you are as Me, as you become the multi-dimensional expression of the heart of God I Am.

So here now are all the generations of focus, the heart of God I Am in all its expressions, and that which you are, beloved ones, knows itself and rises up from within your expression as a person and acknowledges this whole pathway, this expression of the heart, the multi-dimensional heart of God present on Earth as it is in the Real. The heart of God, fully present, on Earth, as it is in the Real, right now. As this heart you now can see everywhere you look in a complete circle, for the heart has no limitations in its vision and it loves with no reservations everything it touches, all it sees.

As the heart of God, present in the world, I ask you now to reach outward to experience all of it, all the life on Earth. What do you see with your heart but exponential Love everywhere…multiplying, and being loved by you perfectly because you are the Love I Am. With every breath, Love breathes you in and breathes you out and delivers your focus perfectly for the next perfect step in expressing yourself as Love in the world as the heart of God.

I ask you to deeply feel what the heart of God feels -- in the world but not of it – all the Love, all the beauty, all the sweet joy and the ecstasy and beloved ones, there is nothing else. When you are seeing as the heart of God, as this is now your perspective, as the Love I Am – the heart of God lives ecstasy and blesses all potential and warms each precious life until its Love is unfrozen. Thus it brings the world back to living Love.

I ask you to be fully conscious as My heart, beloved ones, each Now Moment, and let Love live you perfectly, revealing everything as the heart sees only Love and only truth to be held in the arms of God through you.



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