Jeshua Message: Abundance in the New Year

Dearest Spirit Family...We wish each of you a joyful and bountiful New Year of 2009, overflowing with God's Love!

Over the years we at Circle of Light have received amazing guidance and spiritual sustenance from Yael's incredible communion with God about how to live Love on Earth at this transformational time. We have always shared everything with you, our spirit family. Our lives are given to bringing through these Messages from God and living what we are learning - walking our talk. Only then we can inspire others to do the same.

This has been a progressive and living "teaching." We have been shown over the years how we, the LightWorkers, agreed to come to Earth to live out the distortions and denials of Love active here in order to transform them to Love and only Love. When each of us recognizes what have been our false heart's beliefs about God's Love and how these beliefs have limited our lives, we can release these thought forms in forgiveness and shift to seeing only Love. This act raises our vibration and also lifts everyone on the planet of like resonance - everyone who has had a similar experience. This is our service.

Now, we at Circle of Light have an area of our lives with which we still struggle and we know it is common for many of you as well. It is the arena of abundance. All three of us have given all of our resources over the years to this Light Center and despite hard work at this and other businesses, we have not had enough to sustain us. We knew that this must be related to our heart's beliefs but we could not seem to bring the patterns to the surface.

However, we do have amazing guidance available here. For guidance to come, one has to ask. Recently we asked Master Jesus to help us with abundance. We would like to share what we were shown because it may also relate to some of you. We will also share how we are clearing our hearts of abundance resistance and translating this into action in our lives. Here is the message.


I am Jeshua and I am walking here beside you. I am instantly available to any one of you for this is the nature of the hologram. I welcome this communication. I welcome you asking me questions, and I am always ready to answer.

Now, I believe the topic before us today is about abundance and your questions about what you call money. To me money is simply a different terminology for the glorious wealth of God. My answer to you is that if you see it this way, as I do, as part of your natural and glorious and limitless and eternal inheritance, then money is simply an extension of your true nature.

There is nothing inherently wrong with money, with making money, with focusing on money, with delighting in money, with having lots and lots of money because money is simply the extension of your deep assurance that God takes care of you, not in meager ways, not in ways that help you simply get by, but with everything in the whole of the living cosmos at your fingertips, at the beckoning of your heart.

So first let me say that "wrong" is a concept of the ego. And even dividing things into the category of old world and New, of duality and Reality, of Love and anti-Love, dear ones, please hear me...all of this is of the ego. While it has been useful to you and through you to humanity, to understand the mechanism of the little mind, you are growing beyond these concepts.

For you to allow anything to stop you, to block you, to prevent you from that which is the extension of your joy and abundant life because of a concept is not in line with the living spirit that I know you are, that we are as part of this living whole. I urge you to be very careful about categorizing anything and I feel
that you have unnecessarily blocked yourself from experiencing the whole spectrum of life, including delighting in the reality around you and experiencing the joy of creatorship, because of concepts.

I understand. I know because I feel you...that it comes from the deep devotion of your heart and your eagerness to live the truth of Love and to be Love's extension in the world. But what I want to say to you today is that wealth is an extension of Love. Wealth is the glorious wealth of Love, of life, of joy, of exuberance, of zinging and living endless spirit that overflows from every container because there is so so much of it.

Because you are, as I am, the heart of the living whole, it is your focus that brings this wealth to you and by extension, all around you into the world that you serve. I ask you to look at it like this. These precious human beings that you are here for - do you want them to live eeking out their lives? Meagerly, barely getting by? Or do you want every human being to live the glory of God's abundance, to have everything they could ever need, hearts, minds, bodies, lives, family, overflowing with abundance? I know this is your vision, what lives deep within you.

This is not duality. This is the extension of God's Love and its natural consequence, its natural expression. The unbound frequency of God's Love is abundant wealth in every form and is meant to follow your focus wherever you place it. Duality, even as a concept, is based on the absence of God, based on the premise and the decision at one point that there could be something other than God's Love, but living the extension of the abundant life of God, the I Am, the Endless, the All - there is no duality in it. It is pure God expression.

So, dear friends, it is imperative that you erase all those concepts of the ego that hold you back from accepting what is your natural inheritance and that is, the endless limitless opulence and abundance of God. The symbol of money is exactly this - a symbol, a symbol in the Earthly realm of this golden, glowing tender of life substance.

Every electron of life, be it the masculine or the feminine is the currency of life in the Real, in the realms of the living spirit. For every electron that flows through your heart there should be money corresponding, pouring life in coins of gold, in dollars, in abundant goods, in services, in every symbol of life and there is not one drop of duality in there except for the fact that this is a platform based on symbols that have arisen out of that decision. But there is no reason to block, to evaluate, to judge the flow and to name it less than perfect in any way.

So whether you call it "sinful," interpret it as has been interpreted in the Bible with the rich man, the camel and the eye of a needle - or you decide it is a symbol of buying into duality - to allow your focus to open the way for God's abundance in the world to find you - my experience of life is that it is whole and perfect. This means that if you are focusing in the physical plane in order to be of living service, that physical world is included in the circle of this Love. It is made from the substance of God. It is awakened by your living hearts. It is yours to express as your natural state, overflowing with abundance and Love.

That is my first and urgent suggestion to you. Eliminate all concepts that create "other than," that create something that is dualistic simply by the evaluation of symbols. Symbols of the world are energies, no different from the energies of Reality. It is all made of the electrons of Light, gathered in different ways. And yes, they can be gathered by thoughts of anti-Love, by the deep ego-focus of greed. But they can also be gathered through the power of joy and the opening of your magnetic heart - that everything in the world is revealed to be exactly what it is, a symbol of the energies of the Creator.

There is nothing else. Once you have accepted that you are deeply committed and that nothing you do from that level could ever be focusing on anything other than extending the joy of life - then I want you to recognize that your focus is everything. Your focus, your consciousness directs your heart and that directs the energy. As you focus the intention of your consciousness and consciously open your heart, all the electrons of your energy follow that focus. The extension of God's Love as bounty, the living expression of Love, therefore can be the example and the opening for this flow for humanity.

Rather than the duality of "have's" and "have not's"... of rich people and those barely making it...rather than having a world where the majority of people are struggling simply to live - you can walk forth into the world as the living breathing focus of the spirit of Love as abundant life, and shift this world to the humming living all-inclusive whole that is the richness of the Creator's eternal giving to each of us, in abundance, that we might share that abundant life with others.

Until you open this wealth, you cannot be that example. You also are not re-creating those old patterns of greed and poverty but rather perpetuating that image that money has to be part of duality and therefore "it is more difficult for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to go to Heaven."

You are part of transforming the images of anti-Love into the truth of a living all-inclusive wholeness. This means, beloveds, my friends, that the pendulum cannot swing from one side to the other in you, or you have not accomplished anything. So for you to reject abundance which in many ways you have all done by having internal judgments about what it means to bring your focus into that arena, then you are not transforming those strands of "old world thinking" to bring it into the Light of abundant life for everyone.

There are barriers here that must be broken down, barriers to living God's abundance and to opening your hearts to the reality that everything is energy. Energy can be directed by your consciousness and your heart effortlessly into the celebration of God's glory, abundant flow, endless joy and total absolute provision. Or it can be held in the view of the ego mind and continue to be held separate from you, which I do not want for you. I want you to feel the truth. That truth can only come more easily if you apply it in your life and bring your focus all the way across that Arc of the New Covenant.

It is time to bring the focus outward and to bring that glorious energy all the way from the Real into the world with each of you as its conduit and to take away the stigma concerning money, to let others understand that true abundance is not buying into duality but accepting the living truth that as you live in the moment, you are open, a recipient of the glorious explosion of life that, pouring through your heart, can be focused in any way at all.

So I say to you, show forth God's abundance. Step into your co-creatorship. Affirm that your focus bring the response of the electrons of life through your heart to proliferate all around you according to that where you place your focus. I encourage you to focus on our work together and to make sure that you bring it all the way out, into the world, making it available through your consciousness and your effort to trigger the out-reach of Love that brings the response of abundance, that more abundance can flow to bless others and then return to you.

There has been a fear of money here, each of you having different degrees, but each of you carrying an internal judgment as being inherently wrong. Or you could use the word "evil." These are old and sometimes invisible conditionings. I believe that if you come to me and let me bathe you in this assurance that it is right. It is part of our inherent nature to be the extension of abundant life that manifests around you in the symbols of life as money and everything you need or want.

Your hearts are not focused on greed. They are not turned in on yourself. There is no way that you are promoting the old world when you accept abundance for yourself. You are writing the new paradigm, the new matrix of energy and taking it forth to the world, and it is absolutely necessary right now. In fact, this is what is happening at this very moment. The old world program is being rewritten into the inclusive truth of abundant life as part of the living hologram, everything, including every symbol filled with God's glorious energy - all of it part of that fabulous delicious elixir of life, part of which is manifested as money.

So I laud you, Doug, for taking this focus and running with it, and I promise you it is already having an effect. You are claiming for yourself the truth that you deserve this abundance and I want to encourage you all to feel this about your work. The value of that which you bring is part of this new paradigm and part of encouraging that unity of life that means everyone has abundance. It must start, my friends, with you. You can't want it for everyone without wanting it for yourself. That realization brings your focus in and allows you to be the whole Arc of the Covenant.

What is in your heart is what manifests before you as the world. Your hearts are clear and open and devoted and ready to be the focus of pure energy and Love. It is time to bring that focus in to expression in the world. Not as separate from the Real, from God, but as part of the living whole. It is only when you see it thus that you will recognize what I understood with the loaves and the fishes.

The loaves and the fishes were not separate from the reality of the explosion of life that God is. The Moment of Creation was right there, happening through my heart for the people, because I claimed the abundance of God for myself and thus for everyone. You cannot leave yourself out of the equation. You are critical to the success of this mission, to the vibration of inclusive Love and unity that can only be the expression of God's truth and the fundamental truth of God is abundant glorious energy.

You have all heard, money is only energy. My friends, it truly is. Since the Creator is energy, your hearts are the conduits. That energy is yours to use. But unless you focus it here in the world, it simply floats and dissipates and certainly is part of your being, but not brought into resonance with your life in the world.

Each of you knows in your heart what you are here to do, and yet you have allowed this work to go out in a very small way. I encourage you to expand your focus on bringing forth that which God has given you but inviting in that expression the reciprocity, the expression of abundant energy and even bringing forth these expanding ideas of money and energy focus and the heart as the conduit for that which you bring into your world and the goal of all-inclusive unlimited abundance for humanity, every last person.

Step up to the plate and claim it for yourself, and say, "I am the child of God and I deserve it. I bring my heart present unto the world that I might be the Arc of the living Covenant all the way into the presence of my beloved humanity whom I serve - that I might lift up every precious person and bring them into the circle of God's abundant Love that shall manifest as abundant supply of everything each is wanting."

Life in God is whole and life in God is energy. Thus, all of the energy of Creation is available here now. Claim it as the riches of God, manifested for you and for every human being as abundant supply energy and good. You are the lily in God's field. [end of Jeshua's message]


Mindy Whittington 11th January 2009 10:31 am

Thank you so much for you abundant message. The group of lightworkers in our circle have been working with this question of money for some time ourselves. I was so glad to hear you address this, it is so helpful to me.

Kathleen 11th January 2009 1:32 pm

I am so grateful for this message in 2009 as well. Thank you for bringing this forth. As I was reading it, it so resonated with me and the sun shone through my window and illuminated me and the computer and I am sure this is confirmation of the energies of light, love and abundance that you are spreading here. My heart has now been opened to the abundance energy of God in a new way thanks to your wonderful message.

Becky 12th January 2009 11:41 am

I am so very thankful that a dear friend sent your message to me so that I can help create this along with my dear friends!! It was a nice reminder at a perfect time for me. I am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful circle!!!! Bless you and Bless everyone!!!


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