Keys to Abundance Pt. 2

Beloved one(s), I come to you now to push you over the edge, that you might make the choice to fly free, heart open, and in communion with Me -- that you might recognize the pure joy of being a co-creator and that you might understand that the lines of Light all meet in you. As you come forth into the world, you bring the whole of Creation with you and hold in your heart the atomic energy that brings life itself into being.

Here you stand in the world, ready at last to reclaim your truth, your ability, your joy and most of all, your freedom. You can reach into the realms of God and bring forth these strands of Light and life and weave them into new creations to which you bring life through your heart and release them as continual blessings into the world.

Every step that you have taken in the world and every moment of spiritual awakening brings you to this point, on the cusp of your awakening into true co-creatorship. I want you to feel the possibilities, to recognize that you are the meeting place of Heaven and that which you name the world – all of which is pure life energy that in communion with Me, you weave into new creations, ever greater expressions of joy, Love and Light.

So know that the circumstances in which you find yourself are purely this call to make this leap. Feel what is speaking in your heart now that says to you, “This is who I Am. This Light. This Love. This Co-creative power, and this world is mine in which to dance and serve.”

The excitement -- it is your heart singing that the truth of your spiritual being can at last be made fully manifest and be your point of creating. All that you bring forth through these lines of Light, through the expression of life as an energy that you name and you weave and you call forth with Me, take on their own life and energy and go into the world to help release every precious and beloved being from the shackles of time and the dream of limitation.

You are the heart of freedom and nothing can limit or bind you. Your heart has been longing for a while to shine forth this truth of the Love I Am made manifest in the world through you. So, let your steps be light and filled with joy and your whole energy field be excitement, as at last that which you are in the truth of Love becomes your support and your sustenance in your life in expression in the world.

Before you lie miracles unlimited, pure expressions of faith and wonder and to your hands come the gifts of the Angels, the raw materials from which you are building this world of peace and plenty. Every heart is waiting for these streams of Light you are bringing as you fulfill the purpose for which you came into this world. You came trailing streams of beauty and the knowledge deep within your being of the cell of My heart that you are. Containing the very energy of Creation must give you pause and also be exhilarating as you step forth speaking My name and using the God power that is within you, while humbly submitting to the Will of Love that you might be the flower of pure energy bringing its gifts continually to the world and living in this eternal joy every moment.

Thus do I come into your heart, into your being and fill you with this call to freedom. I fill you with the ecstasy of God and the truth of the great heart that you are in Me, that every moment the song of your life is singing through your every cell and atom. Before you is every possibility, the gifts of Creation unlimited and pure and glorious freedom.

Let your heart be filled with anticipation and this great energy of freedom find you ready, open and willing, that when the currents of inspiration that I bring you rush through your hearts, you go with them, thrilled to explore where they are taking you, living every moment in excited trust to see around you and your life this unfolding of your magnificence.

Hold on to this excitement and to this call to love passionately and purposefully, to be the outreach of all the streams of life I Am, woven gracefully through your intention into ever-expanding gifts for precious humanity, gifts to nourish them as well as you. For all that you give is what supports you. Accept more and give more, beloved ones. Not only of money but more importantly, of your attention, for you have no concept how powerful your focus is.

What you can do in ten minutes of working in the realms of Light and bring through your heart this pure intention is greater than if you had millions of dollars to contribute. And certainly you will, as the energy of life I Am continues building and you open the flood gates of your heart and bring it forth, joining the power of pure intention and co-creative Love through the vehicle of your Twin Flame heart. Your purpose now unfolding will continually surprise and bless you as Love’s expansion works through your heart to bless all.

Again, dear ones, I say, feel the excitement. Feel the powerful awakening. Feel your purpose meeting in you with the lines of Light, the mandala of Christ consciousness planted for you by Jeshua and his beloved Twin Flame counterpart, Mary Magdalene. Everything you stand upon was prepared by them. Embrace the energy of every miracle that the lines of Light and life and Love are already in the perfect weaving of holy purpose and joyous living.

How long have you felt the push within you? …the push to bring forth all this spiritual Light and endless Love in ways that touch millions of human beings and bless the Earth and all life in and on it? Are you ready?

Then hold the focus and with Me, take the leap as the purpose of Love I Am makes itself available right now through you to every heart, to every mind, to every being questing for true identity. The walls of Time and Space will simply fall away. You will call it “transformation.” I call it simply “reclaiming” the limitless truth of your being.

So if you look through the eyes of the world, you could see a scene interpreted as lack and limitation brought forth by it. But if you see the world now through your open heart, oh, beloved ones, what do you feel? You feel pure exhilaration and excitement. You feel yourself poised to fly. Thus do I now deliver to you all the tools for weaving these great streams of life and opening your heart to Love, that your purpose might pick you up and thrill you as it rushes you forth to fulfill your destiny, to fulfill it together as one heart family. Every moment each step is not only filled with wonder but filled with gratitude continually.

That which began out of need -- the search to make this life work -- becomes for you now this transformational doorway through which you see Heaven and Earth meeting at last through you and in you, perfectly. It is truly amazing as the power of the living heart of God I Am is given to the world through you, ever in blessing and for the glory and truth of Love as the one life of God I Am and nothing else.

There is no flip side to the Light and Love I Am. There is no Real creation using shadows. So as you take this leap, you leave the world of shadows behind. You leave behind the resonance of the ego, and become the very vibration of the realms of Love awaiting humanity. Be this conduit. Be this heart, these hands. Beloved ones, be this co-creator with Me. Let Me show you the direction of Love as you find yourself carried forth by it, and not a moment sooner.

You may, of course, have an intuition and you will hear Me clearly give you your direction. But you cannot know the extent, the magnitude of all the gifts I bring and the good I work through you until you stand in that moment weaving the living whole, the lines of Light and life and the holy purpose of your destiny on Earth together.

You are pregnant with the life of miracles, and the hand that you reach out is already claiming these threads of Light that you are meant to weave, dear ones, until before your heart you hold the pattern. Then, as Love, that power of Creation itself, pours through your heart, it then shall animate and bring to life what you’ve created that it may go forth as Love’s blessing that is ever and always creating more – more of itself, and more good.

Let every moment be a moment of rejoicing. As you step into the fullness of your abilities, stay attuned to the wonder. Believe in the miracles with all your heart, with all your faith, with all your being, until you can actually feel the moment they meet. The lines of possibility and the power of your Love will meet with Me, the very Creator of life, that in your purity you may be this conduit for true freedom.

This is how you are meant to live, beloved ones and it is the life that Jeshua demonstrated – that when you reach your hand into the cosmos that is your awakened consciousness and bring those lines of Light into your focus, then you may bring forth as the heart of the Creator of All I Am in this Now Moment, born in that power, that awareness that I Am your truth and I Am Love and Love is endless.

Then all that you desire to live and all that you need to demonstrate, life’s endless abundance, bursts forth like fireworks around you to be named by you, using the word “God” and using the power of “I AM.” These very atoms and electrons of pure and amazing Light instantly rush forth to serve you as the heart of Love. They may serve in the form of money, serve as the atoms of your body, serve as all that surrounds you in your life of beauty, purpose and community.

As you practice living as this meeting place of the forces, the power of co-creation, you will become able to see the energy fields, to see and feel the lines of life available for creating. You shall see the pure electrons of brand new life as they dance before you, waiting for you to name them and so you shall.

You are recognizing at last how powerful Love is and how to use the Twin Flame heart within you by letting Love rush you toward your destiny, rather than pushing away from anything. You will see that together we do the naming of a world of perfection, Love and beauty. Are you ready?


Anantha 27th October 2009 11:51 pm

anyone else ready, contact~ :thumbs:


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