Keys to the New World: Forgiveness and Love

Beloved one, let Me show you the world in which you are meant to live in which every leaf on every tree is limed in gold, where great rays of golden Light are always shining from the Heavens and bathing you in warmth and waves of Love.

Every heart is open to you and palpable. Every integral part of Love’s endless song, every breath of every life is acknowledged as the miracle that it truly is. I Am the center of every life, the fullness of every vision, the vibration of every word, and every step of life is a sacred dance, whole and holy.

Your heart, each heart, is awake in joy, seeing truly with the heart’s inclusive vision that honors every movement of Love and life, and steers perfectly every step, and brings in this breath of life eternal. Feel your vision clear and your heart revealed as the most exquisite beauty. Feel this intimate tenderness in which we ever love together, loving each other as the whole ever-living heart and loving All That Is perfectly.

To do so, to make this step beyond the world in which you live into the world that right now waits for you, first must come that which you name forgiveness. This means releasing every single judgment that you have held about anything. It means releasing, beloved one, most of all your judgment of yourself. Through the eons in cycle after cycle these judgments have become a knot of tangled threads that obscure your heart and hold your Love yet frozen, when it should be free and filled with vibrant life. You are meant to be the center of everything, and from the center point to have unlimited movement. Yet, instead you have become prescribed by the ego mind’s evaluations and borders that enclose your life.

There is an Angel of Forgiveness, My beloved, who is ever right beside you, always waiting for you to call upon this Twin Flame heart of the Angelic realm and ask for assistance as you release everything that binds you. As you release the ways you have held the world in judgment and all the ways you have seen yourself as less than this holy heart of God I Am, then you will find after the release must come the Love. As the bindings fall away, what is revealed to you are the ways that you have succumbed to the lie that there is anything else but the freedom and Love of God I Am and the glorious Light and beauty.

You already know that only that which is loved can be transformed. Yet how easy it is to forget this, and to find yourself in a position of fear or feeling adversarial when there rises in you all the limiting thoughts of the ego, when your heart feels My presence and feels the freedom.

Yet, dearest ones, you cannot love that which you hold in judgment in any way at all. As you know, judgment can be so subtle that it can present itself in the guise of being informed. But deep within you know the truth of resonance. You know that when you are free to hold something in Love, there is movement at last. Then there is true release of the things that you have believed define you and speak of who you are.

You have a whole set of definitions that define the human, taking into account your life experiences. The truth is that every one of these must be set free, released, for you are not and never can be a limited human when you are truly the open heart of God. So you cannot love that which you have not forgiven, released, set free from the bonds of judgment that keep you ever feeling your separation from the wholeness of life as celebration and your limitless nature as the heart of God.

Thus do I encourage you to call forth the Angel of Forgiveness and let him/her show you where you are holding ideas of fear and feelings of separation, isolation and separation from Me and from the joy of life. You will find that I Am present as she takes you through the deep and powerful choice for acceptance, for bringing those things that you have pushed away into your heart, releasing resistance and finding at last true peace.

When you are no longer identified with your life as a limited being, as a human being who has lived in a world of fear, then you are free to be the living conduit, the heart of God filled with pure Love, that Love can wash your life free of every perception of “not enough,” of pain or fear. Love can wash you of every pocket of lack or limitation, of seeing life happening to you. Once you are released from participation in the dance of duality that is the ego’s dream, then at last your heart can be the vehicle of transformation, alive at the Moment of Creation itself.

When needed, you may call forth assistance, until Love is your only experience, no matter what presents itself before your vision within or without -- the inner world within you or the world in which you live, for you are Love and you are meant to be the freedom of the world. Only that which is released from the bondage of judgment that holds you firmly in the dualistic world can then be available to be transformed back into the particles of God life, the electrons of pure energy filled with the substance of Love that you might build a new creation based in the heart and freedom.

Only that which is loved can be transformed and only that which is forgiven, released, is free to be loved. So before you now are the two steps of your awakening that you might live in the world that Love creates and nothing else. It is a world where every stream of life communicates with you in joy and brings you gifts of the living Spirit, creating a mandala of indescribable beauty that is the life that you live each day. The boundaries between the world and what is physical and that which is the living Spirit I Am soon fall away and life becomes the expression of Light, joined with Love, to create more beauty, moment to moment.

Thus shall all perceptions of limitation fall away including the old heart’s belief of death, for if life is one continual movement of Love and Light, of consciousness and Love as they create, then there can be no boundaries anywhere at all. There can be nothing which has to end, but only the ever-more glorious expression of life in which all is alive and moving and nothing is held in any form of limitation, created by old heart’s beliefs and old world experiences of life.

Step free. Step free, beloved ones, and let Me lift you up beyond the old world dream of separation from Me, beyond the dream that you could be separate from God or Love or joy or grace, abundance or peace. All of these are the song of life we sing to each other and from your heart continually express as life in the world. Your every step will be supported by the Light and Love I Am, and your path revealed as you take the next step. Your life will be rich with endless communication with all life. Your heart will be alive, expressing perfect Love that dances before your eyes as your Twin Flame, your counterpart, reflecting the endless truth of your limitless heart and giving to you the atomic power of Creation itself, with which to fuel more beauty and greater and greater creations made of Love and brought forth through matrices of Light that give them form enough to dance together and create the world of endless joy and beauty.

Beloved ones, there is always more, more Love, more joy, more life and more exuberance and through your hearts you hold the key of Creation itself, life as we share this endless communion, brought forth through you by the perfect Love I Am, lighting your steps and your creations, that every moment you are expressing true divinity and the holiest of purposes, effortlessly.

It becomes more imperative with each passing day that you make the choice for this world of Love and beauty, that you allow your heart to be the vehicle for the transformation of every old limiting idea, that you may be free, beloved one, to love Me and thus to be My full expression here, perfectly as you.



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