Let Me Love the World as You This Christmas

The Christ is born in you this Christmas. The Star of Bethlehem that is the Light of your spirit now becomes one with your body. All that has been for so long seen and felt as separate, beloved ones -- it is united now in you.

For so long humanity has seen these things as the human being reaching upwards for the spirit, and the Light of the spirit reaching for the human being. In this year of transformation, the Light of the spirit makes itself known as the truth of all matter and the glory within the world of illusion. It is as you allow this Light to become fully present in you that you become the living Christ in the world. The truth of All I Am as living spirit and the substance of Love is given access to the world through you.

That is My request of you this Christmas-time, beloved ones – the allowance of the Star of Bethlehem to become the truth of your own heart. The heart then becomes the conduit for this living Light I Am to penetrate every atom held in the grip of matter and release the inner truth of God I Am. When this occurs, that which was human falls away and that which is eternal stands revealed as the one true intelligence and joy and the essence of all creation which is Love.

In every story of the spirit and its incarnation in the world, there is this deep understanding of the joy -- of allowing the living spirit to be the life that you are and to do its work as you in the world. Therefore, this Christmas, aspire not to be the Christ and look not into the story of Jesus, but rather come into the true humility of releasing all identity to Me. Allow this Light to set its course through you that you may become the very Light of transformation itself, lighting up this illusory dream, the dream of night, darkness and two powers – waking the very atoms of that which you call matter itself into the remembrance of its truth as Me.

As you become this living star of Light, consciousness of God I Am incarnate, living energy pouring forth through you will transform every atom in an instant, each one into its own revelation of its self as the perfection of God. Oh, beloved ones, there is a new birth that is here now to stay. It is a birth of something far beyond the understanding of human emotions and the little ego mind.

Thus, the only way for you to hold it is to completely accept the Light into every atom and electron of your being. Through you, allow the Light to stay, and to light up the belief in duality, causing it to emerge as the One -- providing the perfect vehicle for this merging of the spirit with that which has been seen as human this day in this time of the world.

As this merging occurs, something miraculous comes to live in you as the truth. It is the perfect inner joining of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine of the consciousness you are and the heart, until you are the expression of Real Love in action, bringing forth true Love in every aspect of your own greater nature, your being as a Twin Flame heart.

It brings forth all reflections of your being in the world and the birth of this new unity in every precious life you touch, as you touch each life as Me, with the most tender personal caring that is deeper than the word “intimate.” It is the sharing of the spirit of Love I Am and the great Light of revelation of the true nature of living Love -- from atom and electron to man, to every human being.

It is the Light of Christ born within, come to be an expression of life on Earth, alive in heart perception which gives meaning to the word “grace.” It allows each precious one the mirror of the Light of Christ and the Love we share, arriving here brand new, freshly created, alive in the spirit, as you, Now.

So My deep and personal relationship with each of you transforms into something greater, deeper and richer than anything you have experienced, even your experience of the Love we share. For even this is born anew this moment and brought to birth in the world at this time as the Light of transformation being birthed as your heart, as the heart of God, the Christ I Am, present in the world as you.

Beloved ones, it takes a vehicle of unity and dedication to allow this Light to penetrate the world, to give it access to the structure of the little mind and ego and to the shadows of duality and the mind. This access, this conduit is you. Yet, this “you” is now transformed as well into the glory of God I Am and into a deeper and grander communion of spirit that takes in the whole of life and makes of this a moment-to-moment worship of ecstasy and joy in the Now.

I cannot explain to you in any way that the ego mind can understand what it means when the Christ Child and the Star merge into one in you, beloved ones, to be revealed to the world in the eternal Now of your expression as Me. This experience in you must be beyond the ego mind and this is the challenge and the gift. For when you allow this new birth this Christmas, you must release the desire to know, to define and understand it with the ego mind.

Instead, you must trust it with your heart and simply invite the Light and Love through you and as you into the world, that you may become the true expression of this pure and glorious Love -- consciousness and Love unlimited, that the bombardment of Love and energy coming to the world from Me shall be given a transformer, a transducer that is you – that you may calibrate the vibration and deliver it in humility, allowing Love and Light to work through you, up close and personal, as God. So tenderly, heart and Light are alive in Love and giving until you dissolve all boundaries effortlessly and you become My communing heart speaking the Love into the within of each precious one that you serve.

At the same time you are the living Light of inspiration, upliftment and vision, lifting each precious consciousness out of the world of duality, giving each one the upliftment that is needed to bring the expression of a new life within them and as them. This is brought to birth this Christmas through you.

What I am placing into words now comes into your heart as I show you what I mean, dearest ones. You must love so deeply and perfectly and unconditionally as your true nature that you can merge with each precious heart and be the voice of God I Am -- speaking only this pure Love and immaculate spirit – not to the ego mind but to the heart and to the spirit that is waking now to life. You fan the flames of transformation of the joyous birth of Love and consciousness, the waking of the Christ Child and the Star in every precious person on the Earth.

In other words, love them as I love you. You know the deep and beautiful communion that we share where you know I love you intimately and accept you unconditionally and see the beautiful Light you are all through the illusion, through every experience of seeming pain and desperation, through all the things that “seemed” to happen in this dream. I Am ever there showing you your pristine beauty, your truth in Me, the perfection of Love you are again and again. This then is what I now ask of you.

Just as the Christ Child and the Star of Light now merge, so too do I merge all forms of service – that you are available and dedicated not only to giving in grand ways, be they grand concepts, grand energies or grand visions, but that together interwoven with this as one life just like the in-breath and the out-breath, you are also there to love each one truly intimately in everything they are and all they seem to be as an ego mind believing in separation and all the experiences that they have had in the world.

You must love so deeply and so personally that you truly become one with each of them, each person that I send to you, every precious human being. You have the capacity to truly join them heart-to-heart without any involvement of ego mind – any old game of titillation, of wishing for gratitude or being perceived as something special or all the things the ego likes to play.

Instead, be only this pure heart with Love truly boundless and unconditional and a vision that I will show you that is so vast and beautiful that you truly know each beloved one in your heart, just as I see them. Thus can you begin to show them, each precious heart I send you, the truth of who they are reflected as you and given to them through you, placed within their own heart as the communion of Love and spirit you share with them as a Twin Flame Love.

This means you are merged with humanity as the Christ of God in total living service. You are the giving pumping heart of God and the shining Light of the living spirit. It is the truth of Christ revealed in the world, in and as you. But what you have not yet comprehended on this deep and powerful level is exactly how it was that Jesus loved them – each person that he healed, each path he took, each precious person in the masses of humanity.

He loved them because he had no boundaries. He is and was the Love I Am “en-conscious-ed” and as consciousness and living Love there are no boundaries, beloved ones. Thus did he penetrate every heart and every consciousness exactly as I did. Thus he spoke from deep within them, heart-to-heart, spirit-to-spirit. He made the way for Love to come into the world by being present firmly, while all he truly knew and was and is right now, of course, is this blazing eternal and glorious Light and the pulsing forth of endless Love that is both deeply intimate and completely and forever universal.

Love them as I Love them and love them as Me. These things that seem like two to the mind are one expression of Love and Light, beaming forth through you on Earth and answering the call each Now Moment. As you become free of the ego dream, it doesn’t mean that you distance yourself. This, beloved ones, is another trick of the ego, making you seem somehow separate and removed from it all, sitting in your light-filled tower. This is the ego’s dream of separation again.

Instead, be as Jesus now. Be intimate with humanity as the living spirit, not the ego mind; as a Twin Flame heart of God I Am that becomes the conduit for this brand new world and the experience of Both/And – both the vastness of this living Love and pure unlimited Light AND the intimate communion with all life, all life, beloved ones, including every human being, every animal, every spirit of Nature. All things are in communion with Me, and thus now in communion with you, as are they also one great unity of Love and spirit. Two expressions of this one Love just as each of you is one heart with two glorious streams of consciousness -- as you are now as points of focus for Me and also the “en-conscious-ment” of Both/And – of Light and Love, of consciousness and the aspects of life as you.

So each of you does contain all elements and you are both streams of conscious Light and living Love, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, as you also are a Twin Flame heart in Me. All of these are simply different refractions of this one Light and Love you are. Only as you become My presence in the world will you truly know what it means to live beyond ego, to be the face of living Love, the eyes of the tender acceptance, the arms of God I Am as loving parent and the vast and glorious vision of the limitless ecstatic spirit bubbling forth perfectly in everyone. You recognize that you are they and they are you and all is One, one expression of the million streams of Light that make up this tiny corner of the cosmos named life on Earth that now becomes the daily communion of life and Love, laughter and joy, ecstasy and freedom and abundance now and always.

So even the old world models of the Christmas Story and the incarnation of God I Am as Jesus now make way for a greater expanding Light and for a great and powerfully transforming Love that covers the whole spectrum instantly and always from intimately present and personal to vast, ecstatic, orgasmic and unlimited, and all expressions in between.

How does it feel to be completely the hologram of Love? to be the expression of God I Am in such intensity that the whole of Creation is present in and as your heart? And that you are as That, as the word “unlimited” and everything that is beyond even that concept?

Come into Me, into your own communion, and into this exploration of what it means to be this Love and to walk in a world so filled with Light that everything is radiant and in communion, sparkling, diamond-like, and resplendent, in a communion with life that is so rich and fulfilling that every life-stream -- even the tiniest -- is in full communion with you in your heart. It is expressing itself completely as Me. And yet, holding the gift of its special vibration of Light – a communion that allows you with every step and every breath to consciously participate with everything and to feel the swelling song of life singing forth exquisitely in everything, billions of expressions of this magnificent life I Am.

Into this communion as Christ Child and Star comes the unfolding of that which you call miracles, but which are truly simply the acceptance of life and Love and this world’s true nature as the essence of everything and of you and its expression of Love intimately without boundaries between anything. This means that as a Twin Flame heart you can share the word of God I Am within you and place it in each other heart perfectly, calibrated through you, opening each heart to the Love I Am.

So as the Christ is born with you now again this Christmas Day, let the Star of Bethlehem also come and merge and see yourself as star-light and as perfect new-born Love. Open, beloved ones, to this communion that I may love the world now as you.


Beebe 20th December 2007 9:22 am

Does anyone know the shape/how many points the Star of Bethlehem has??

myster.e 20th December 2007 1:43 pm

i believe it is 12, four of the points more as a cross.


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