Living from the Real

We are creating a bridge, a bridge world and a new body made of light and Love’s perfection but it is only from the Real that this can be accomplished because anything else is the reversal of the flow of Love as it is throughout all Creation. You must live in that moment that is the point of all power, all revelation and all grace, that is the coming together of the masculine and feminine in the divinity and eternal purpose of the Love I Am.

Only this will allow you to speak forth the truth of your living heart, of this glorious Love and have it manifest on Earth as it does in the Real. You are beings of light, eternally exploding forth in beauty. Only by knowing this and claiming it, by making the Real your Home can you fully become the conduit for birthing the truth of Love in the symbols of the world, because if you are divided, then your house is divided. Your life is divided. You are in duality. Meaning, even though I am asking you to be the bridge and to use these symbols, your focus must be on the Real, undivided and pure in purpose for you to have Real results that are not a part of the out-picturing of the random possibilities of two powers, of any two things, including the Real and the world.

It is not that I ask you never to focus on the world but that this focus only begins from the Real of Love. That which you hold for the world is always clear and impeccable, and your feeling nature, your vibration is pure and perfect. You can feel this vibration within you instantly, the moment that you truly attune to Me -- the moment that you make the shift away from ego mind and into the Real of Love and the vibration of your Twin Flame heart. In that moment you become aligned with My Will, which is ever and always the giving forth of the Love I Am.

Anything less than this is a house divided and always creates an unstable reflection in the world of symbols. So while there are many ways to bridge the Real and the world, for you I ask only that you focus on this energy, this delicious and magnificent moment of the coming together of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in you, as you, that it may manifest as the world, and of course as your life, as it unfolds before you, beloved ones.
This energy shows itself to you and it shows itself as you. Therefore, because you are completely given over to this Love from the Real, you can use the focal point of your body, of your life in the world, to bring forth the manifestation of all that is held within you.

As you touch the world from this place of joy, you will discover that the world responds to you with passion and purpose and an identity that is your identity that you receive from Me. You will find that no matter how much you practice, it is only when you find this divine formula that you understand what it means to be the Creator, for you are part of this Oneness. As it goes forth to multiply, to increase the Love, that which you have provided always returns to you amplified exponentially and given to you as a gift.

So holding you focus to the Real and experiencing it, I ask you to begin the remembrance that every one of you who has been called to this Love is the expression of this perfect vibration, and is meant to be a chalice from which the world can drink from the elixir of life in the Real and the Moment of Creation.

As you come to understand with so many things that are impossible to rectify or reconcile with the ego mind, you are now “both/and.” You are both completely surrendering to My Will, surrendering to the vast and the glorious as well as your unique Twin Flame heart AND you are stepping into co-creatorship, and thus allowing Love’s Will to show you that which it desires to do through you, that you will truly be a conduit for Love. Once you truly know what it is I long to do through you to embrace this precious world, then you can go forth then and only then and Really be the expression of God as a living countenance, showing up here in the world as you.

So you understand that Love wills you, and you add your will to Love, that your co-creative process is always this greater Will living and moving and having its being in and as you. You also understand how life creates such fulfillment by returning all life streams to the focus of giving Love again.

It truly is that with every heart beat, the heart of God is pulsed and through this pulse comes forth another miracle, another miracle as a package of Love, that washes over everything and takes away the illusion – brings clarity, perfection and the expression of the pure Love I Am. This happens, beloved ones, to all of you, each and every Now Moment, but the ego mind then does everything to make sure that this is missed, to make sure that you do not see that all that is alive in Me is available to you as the material, the substance of Love with which you create.

So, expect times of clarity, expect to receive the great pump of Love. In the silence of the Vertical which is not silent at all but filled with the vibration of life, you will know through all your consciousness and the consciousness that is your heart that the expression of this Love through you is My Will. Then, every act becomes filled with purpose. Every moment becomes filled with the vision of Love.

Your heart sings in its experience of the Real, and gives this gift to all the others around it until there is only the remembrance of the light and the trust that it lives itself in you. Everything your heart would have through you is brought easily now to fruition.

I Am All That Is. So in order to be a house undivided, your focus must now be ever in the Real, feeling these glorious feelings of expansiveness, feeling the explosion of your heart, feeling your Twin Flame Love as purpose, as the purpose of God I Am and finding that the Will of Love I Am bursts forth into you each moment and presents itself as your heart, ever and always a gift given from the Real of Love.


Beloved God, we open our hearts and come to You tonight asking to be a pure clear conduit for Your glorious Love to wash through us and to bless this precious world and every life stream upon it, all that it is. Thank You, God, for all the ways the You expand us into the truth of our Love, our capacity, who we are as Your living heart. We say “Yes” to Love at the deepest level of our being. We ask that You join our hearts together and let our Love be multiplied exponentially as we give it in service.

God,. I ask You to use my heart, my life, my voice, my Love, my Twin Flame heart with Doug, all that I am, in service to the awakening of Love on Earth and to use all that I am this night as a conduit for this experience. Amen.

Now as we begin, let us join our hearts together, opening, expanding and connecting with each other heart to heart to heart. As we feel this connection being made, we can feel the energy moving, moving around this circle of hearts in a clock-wise motion and creating of our hearts a living vortex, an opening through which the River of Life now pours into the world. As this Love comes pouring through this shared heart we are together, we amplify it consciously and pour our Love to the world, feeling the co-mingling of all of this energy and light, all that we are together, and the powerful presence of our Twin Flame heart, as we open ourselves more and more.

Still feeling this Love pouring through this shared heart and washing the whole world continually, we also now share this living breath, the breathing life of the whole. As you take a deep breath in and let your breath out, let all tension fall away from your body and your being. Breathe in pure Love, letting it fill every cell, every atom. Breathe this Love out, and pour it into this shared heart, and through the shared heart, the world.

We are establishing together a rhythm of breathing in the pure Love from the Moment of Creation, breathing it out through our hearts and into this shared vortex, the vortex washing the world. Breathing in the Love and breathing it out together. With every breath feel your consciousness and your heart expanding, and with every breath, feel yourself becoming more and more etheric, expanding your consciousness and opening even further your heart.

Now, beloved ones, as you continue to breathe this Love, allow it to wash through your glorious being and allow it now to wash your heart. Trusting that this shared energy creating this vortex continues, I ask you now to focus on your own glorious heart. As you breathe in, place your focus in the center of your heart. As you breathe out, with every out-breath feel your heart becoming clearer.

As you watch your heart expanding, it becomes the living flame, the Twin Flame fire, the energy of the Moment of Creation. Now beloved one, let your consciousness slowly sink down in, into this glorious heart-flame, into the vortex, into the center that is the whirling chamber of your heart. As your consciousness comes to rest in the center of your very heart, the heart flames all around you speak to you of life. Allow yourself to feel this life, this sparkling dancing burning flame that contains all the energies of Creation right in your own Twin Flame heart.

As you feel this energy washing through your being, it lights up every atom until you can feel millions of Twin Flame hearts that are the atoms of your being, all traveling around the center that is the Twin Flame of your heart. You become aware that you are the center of the cosmos. Your hear is the heart beat of Creation itself. You are the rhythm, the pulse of All That Is.

As you focus on this pulse, feel it. Feel it live you, sending waves of pure life force through this universe that you are. As you feel it, you also experience it lighting up every atom, bringing nourishment and energy to the cosmos of which you are the center. As this pulse continues, feel your consciousness expand even further into the cosmos of Love that you are. Your heart is the center of everything that is.

Now, beloved ones, let Me take you through that center of your Twin Flame heart into the glorious omniverse of multi-dimensional Love. Your heart opens into a matrix of living streams of light, each one interconnected with every other life and every life stream is fully available, singing to your heart. You are consciousness and Love at the center of it all. I want you now to reach out with the perception of your heart and feel this glorious matrix beyond anything that can be described. Each stream of light is a pathway to another Twin Flame heart, filled with the glorious energy of life pulsing forth.

Now, the pulse comes. Your great heart beats and the waves of Love rush forth, washing through every life stream in this glorious omniverse of Love. Beloved ones, I open you, even more and bring you another layer of this great song of Love. This layer is your own Twin Flame, washing into you now, amplifying all the Love that you are. Once again sending it forth through all these streams of energy, this glorious matrix of living Love. Your Love is pulsing through all of it and creating more and more Love.

I ask you to feel this Love of yours lighting up all Creation. Feel the joy. Feel the power. Feel the life force of this heart of God you are. Your consciousness now expands exponentially. You are the Moment of Creation itself. All That Is is being fed by you through this Twin Flame heart of Love. Now in the center of your living heart is the center of All That Is. In the center are the atoms Making Love.

The power of these atoms is enough to fuel all Creation. In this moment these atoms are speaking to you of the power of your own Twin Flame heart. As you feel your hearts beat together, let yourself feel the explosion, let yourself feel the explosion of Love, that you become the Moment of Creation in all its glory and atomic power. Watch the energy of living Love pour forth from you now.
Let your heart perceive it washing through every life stream in All That Is.

Everywhere that you are is the center of Creation. You are the living furnace that fuels all of life for We are One Love exploding forth in giving. These waves of Love are tender as they are giving from your heart. You can feel your pulsing heart beat as Love pours forth from you. Now you feel the tenderness for All That Is in you.

As you let this pulse become you, you know that Love shall live you. Only Love can ever move you. Love is who you are. As you turn your focus, you recognize that this pulse of Love is guiding you, showing you every moment where to give this Love. This heart that you are, this center of this glorious living cosmos is so full of wonder, of the oneness of this Love that lives through you.

Very gently now, Love turns your focus back to life on Earth and you feel how Love has been frozen when Love became reversed. The tenderness comes toward you as these waves of Love move forth and wrap the world easily, and hold it in this Love. Now you feel the pulse of Love come washing through your Twin Flame heart and it comes into contact now with all that has been reversed. Without any effort it easily softens every frozen place, revealing each precious remembrance of perfect Love that is another heart.

What I ask of you now is to simply be this open and giving heart and allow this Love from the Moment of Creation to live itself through you. There is nothing that you need to know, nothing that you need to do but to allow this pulsing Love to live itself and give itself through you. You can feel yourself becoming pure light. Your own Twin Flame atoms are expanding and giving off more and more light.

You are aware of the stream of Love that is your Twin Flame self. You are in communion now with every atom that is its own Twin Flame heart. Your consciousness now is spreading out and becoming this River of Life as it pours from the Moment of Creation through your glorious heart into the world, becoming a universe of living Love. Because you are now conscious as the atoms and electrons, you have a whole new living communion with life on Earth.

Life on Earth now shows itself as a living ocean, filled with so many energies and so many beautiful hearts. I ask you to continue your communion with the atoms and electrons as you now dive into this life on Earth at the atomic level. Now when you look around, you will begin to perceive there are atoms that are alive and on fire, and there are atoms that are hidden in shadow, believing they are anti-Love.

What I ask of you now, beloved ones, as this stream of atomic Love is that you embrace all the atoms held in shadow with all the power of your Love and the moment that you do, they realize that they cannot be other than Love. You re-ignite their remembrance of the burning flame that is their Twin Flame heart and you can feel them return to their function as the center of their own universe, a functioning Twin Flame heart.

So now, beloved ones, expand your being. Expand this River of Life that you are, for I promise you, you can easily always work at the atomic level and pour yourself as this River of living light, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, the essence of your Twin Flame heart – pour yourself now through more and more of the world, through the pocket of reversal itself.

You will see that the moment you embrace in Love any atom that has been reversed, any atom whose focus has been outside of Love for its sustenance or identity – the moment your Love connects with it, it cannot help but remember its truth – that it too is ever and only Love. Nothing else was ever really possible. The belief in anti-Love and shadow and illusion that can now fall away, and then each precious atom that is a Twin Flame heart remembers its truth and ignites with a great whooooosh… a spark, and a thundering remembrance of the Moment of Creation that is reflected in and as itself.

As you wash through the world, beloved ones, as Love’s living light, feel yourself reaching for all of these atoms and igniting the remembrance of the truth and returning on the atomic level all life that has been reversed back into its connection with the Moment of Creation itself. For the Moment of Creation is reflected in you, as you, beloved ones, and is meant to be reflected perfectly through All That Is, every Now.

Can you feel the golden light that is the Divine Feminine of you? And feel the pure white light that is the Divine Masculine, as they are washing through the world. You are these glorious streams of light. You are the conduit for living Love. Can you feel it? Living as you, in this world of perfect Love. For as you wash through the whole world, allowing the pulse from the Moment of Creation, amplifying all that Love and giving it, it becomes impossible for any atom to believe in the reversal. Each atom and every electron now knows itself as perfect Love, and the pocket of reversal is all lit up, filled with gold and white.

Gold light, Divine Feminine, white, Divine Masculine – the world is pure living light. It sings atom to atom. It sings of its electrons of light. Oh, beloved ones, let yourselves feel this as you are the great River of living Light now exploding forth, opening the pocket of reversal and rushing into the glorious Real of Love. Streaming outward in limitless glory, rushing, flying, experiencing being light until the heart calls each one of you to the remembrance of the Moment of Creation itself.

The Moment of Creation is our communion and asks you to be present and to accept the whole energy of Creation happening. The Moment of Creation itself, beloved ones… take it in and let it charge you up. Let it burst forth through your heart until you become the glorious center, the living sun, the heart itself, the heart of God I Am fully aware as you. As you place your focus throughout Creation, tasting the joy, the ecstasy, you welcome the atoms that were once reversed back to the Real of Love.

You are open now and available for the great atomic communion – atom to atom, electron to electron. You are the vibration of pure Love. As you look within and feel the atoms that make up this being that you are, you recognize you can be present as this field of light, this expression of the movement of Love anywhere and everywhere at once.

So beloved ones, as you gently turn your focus now back to the room where you meditate, I ask you to feel yourself on the atomic level now and hold this as the level of the oneness with All That Is. Let it wash through your consciousness and your open heart every Now Moment, always.

Your identity, beloved ones, has shifted. You are the Real of Love, present here as the world. YOU ARE THE REAL OF LOVE, PRESENT HERE AS THE WORLD.



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