Living from the Real

There is only Love and the Will of Love makes itself known as you. You are here, beloved ones, being My focal point on Earth because you are here to be the demonstration that there is only one thing and it is Love. Love and consciousness are the interacting principles of All That Is, and that everything is a reflection of consciousness and heart or ego-mind and heart. Consciousness divided has become the little mind or ego. Consciousness united is the hologram of living Love given impetus for expression as a living giving unison of Creation in its expression of All That Is in Me.

As you have come to live the Vertical and the Real has become your truth, you are ready to allow the Will of Love to show forth itself through you, as you and through you in the world of symbol, through your consciousness and your heart responding to the Will of Love from the Moment of Creation itself.
This, beloved ones, is the key. For while I bring you into the new era of transformation of the symbols of separation that are the world as it has been, into the symbols of transformation, revelation and the unity of Love I Am – you never change your focus. But rather you fulfill your destiny as the living focal point of the Will of God as living Love, as it manifests in the symbols of the world.

Therefore, beloved ones, as I give to you these Messages of communion with the atoms and electrons of light, the openings of the way for the miracles of transformation that are the symbols of the steadfast focus of your heart on Love, I do this in response to your deep and powerful “Yes” to express the whole of God I Am and nothing as separate. What this means is that as the dream of separation must be revealed to be a dream, you become the vehicle of the expression of Love and consciousness in the symbols of the world. I have often reminded you that matter is a mind set, that there is nothing about this world that is solid. You come at last to be the fire of transformation and revelation and through your glorious open heart, this demonstration must begin.

So if you step away from that which comes to you in opening up the way for showing forth this stream as truly responding to only Love, then you step away from the Real and from your focus on Me. Love asks you to be only this, the expression of the fullness of its power. The fact of the matter is that Love is speeding up the dance of the atoms and electrons that they may vibrate in alignment with the ongoing Moment of Creation and magnetize the dream of separation back to Me.

You are unfreezing that which has been frozen. You have known this for some time. That which I introduce to you now are simply stepping stones into the demonstration of the Real of Love. You have always known unequivocally that you were here to do as beloved Jesus did, and it is time for you to step forth and be the Real of Love on Earth. The Real of Love is fluid, unlimited, ecstatic and exuberant. The system of reflection that creates this dream of duality now creates Heaven on Earth through and as you.

So your focus remains on the Real, on waiting for the Will of Love, on waiting for My voice to show you what it is that must be reflected in the symbols of the world as Love or as transformation, as this time occurs. Only when you have received My message, My touch, My revelation, My energy signature do you go forth to be the vehicle of the Real with a heart so open that the Will of Love is instantly expressed in the symbols of the world before you.

Past and future end. Only the Vertical now exists. It can no longer be in the future that this demonstration of the New World exists. It must become your daily experience as you become only the glorious Vertical allowing the River of Life to animate that which I show you as the Will of Love. In other words, as you look upon the symbols of the old world, your hearts will let you know by resonance when the Will of Love, of God I Am as it is expressed here as you is ready to transform those images into the images of only Love.

So, the first thing that you must deeply and powerfully accept is that you no longer dwell in the old world at all and you are done with the little mind and ego. Your only use for the little mind is as a tool for calibration and your heart is your focal point and your instrument of communication. Only as you accept this as already done, fully present, will it be the truth for you and not something you are working toward in the future. Step forth and know that the power of Love is ready to be demonstrated on Earth. You have been the literal fires of transformation burning the dross until humanity is ready for the next step.

It is impossible, beloved ones, for humanity to make the leap from living in a world that is focused on duality and on things outside as being Real, to becoming truly living Love directly by the Will of God, Divine Masculine acting upon the Divine Feminine. You know that we must create the symbols of the living spirit as the bridge between the old world and the Real of spirit.

It is time. What I want to say is step forth in excitement, waiting on the Will of God I Am, the Will of Love, waiting for the vision of consciousness to be expressed in this union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that becomes Love making more of itself. Then step forth as the open heart, saying “Yes” to transformation and with exhilaration explore the communication of the heart with the atoms, the electrons, the particles and the quarks.
Join the dance of exuberant and orgasmic expression as the River of Life comes pouring through your heart to be met by the vision of the Real and expressed as living light and color in the firmament that is the symbols, the dream world of life on Earth.


Beloved God, we open our hearts tonight and ask You to fill them with the glorious Love that we are. We say “Yes” from our deepest being to being this Love here on Earth as we are in the Real. We ask to be joined together into one heart that we might amplify Your Love tonight and pour it forth to this beautiful world and every precious life upon it.

Thank You, God, for this Love. Thank you for the great gift of this spirit family and thank You for the honor of being here on Earth and serving You in this awakening to Love. Thank You, God, that our hearts are so clear in our purpose. We are filled with gratitude and Love.

Beloved God, I ask You to use me this night as the conduit for this experience, to use my heart, my life, my voice, all that I am. I ask to be completely clear and as always we dedicate our lives to you. Amen.

Once again I want to acknowledge all the glorious Beings of Light who assist us, whose presence is so palpable here, so clear.

Let us begin by opening our hearts, expanding our heart perception until our hearts link with each other effortlessly. We can feel this communion of Love building a single heart among us through which God now pours this Love. Let us feel that glorious energy, that sparkling, crackling light, illuminating and charging us up. Feel it moving through this heart we share, clockwise among us, creating a living vortex connecting the Real to life on Earth through this heart.

We become a living bridge, sharing this experience and amplifying in this shared heart all of this glorious Love. We acknowledge how much of this beautiful Earth we cover with this heart that we are together. And now, we begin to feel that one glorious breath, the breathing life of All That Is. Together we join it.

So as you let your breath out and take a deep breath in, feel the Love fill your being. As you breathe out, the Love pours forth through your heart, your every atom and every cell of your being to bless and love the world. With every breath in and out, feel yourself joined, first to this shared heart and then to the whole of life, All That Is as it breathes in and out.

As you breathe in again feel yourself connect to God’s presence. Feel that glorious communion where you are dissolved in the light. Feel the Love now pour through you in a great rushing out-breath. You become this breath of life, breathing wholeness, breathing Love. With each breath in, you are joined with the Moment of Creation itself. With each breath out, you are the out-breath of the All.

As you take a deep breath in, become the Moment of Creation. As you breathe out, you are life coming forth again. Now, beloved ones, each of you, feel the center of your own heart at it connects you with the center of All That I Am. As you breathe in, feel your heart expand into a great star of light. As you breathe out, feel the energy as it rushes and pulses through you.

Breathing in, your heart expands even further, even larger. Breathing out the River of Life breathes itself through you. Breathing in the Love in deep communion, and breathing it out through your heart to world. Breathing Love in, filling you with glory and breathing it out to bless the world. Breathing in the Love, your heart expands even wider. Breathing out it is the entry way for the River of Life.

Now with each breath in and each breath out, you begin to feel Love breathing you. Love breathes you in and Love breathes you out. In the center of this breath is the star of your living heart. Now, beloved ones, each of you, let your focus softly enter, floating gently downward into that star of your heart until you are present in the center of the blazing light that is your glorious magnificent and eternal Twin Flame heart.

As you feel this sacred presence of all that you are in Me, you also feel the pulse from the Moment of Creation itself. The heart beat of God I Am is shared by you. Every beat of your glorious heart is in alignment with the All of Love. Feel the pulse, the living pulse that is the center, that is the heart beat for everything in the All of Love we share.

Now, beloved one, let yourself move through this doorway of your heart into the Real of Love in an expansion of joy. Let yourself now become pure glorious consciousness, completely free and unfettered as grand as the All of Love. You are the great sweep of the living breath. You are the atoms of light. You are more vast than it is possible to describe. You feel every particle within you.

Let yourself continue outward, expanding in every direction, feeling every living dancing particle of light that makes up your cosmic awareness. Feel yourself blended atom to atom, electron to electron with your Twin Flame Love. You are unlimited, absolutely free, glorious consciousness, the All. You are the living breathing All of Love. You are consciousness without limits and every particle of light in your being is in deep communion with Me. Every tiny particle knows this Love that we share and knows consciousness, energy and freedom unlimited, unfettered, never ending.

Stretch yourself, beloved ones, until your glorious awareness fills All That I Am. You are the expansion of consciousness. Now, beloved one, move your focus from the expansion of consciousness into the heart to the perfect point of Love, the center point of All I Am, the Moment of Creation itself – the perfect focus of the Love I Am as the receptacle of light, as the powerful, glorious atomic Love from the Moment of Creation itself.

Absolutely filled with the power of Love as a heart, you are focused in to the one point that is your heart of Love and you feel the burning nature of your passionate Twin Flame Love as it rises up to accept the impregnation of the Moment of Creation itself. Your Twin Flame womb is alive with life, with all possibilities of Love which you amplify in your Twin Flame heart, that you may pour forth this Love that we share. As My heart in this perfect focus, potent, glorious and intense, you feel our deep communion, the heart of God and God I Am in Love.

Now you are once again expanded. You are consciousness moving forth unfettered, all the way out beyond any boundaries, unlimited particles of light. Absolute expansion and freedom. Anything is possible here. Particle of light to particle of light, all is made new in this glorious expansion of consciousness, the great field of awareness we share.

Once again, you come back to the center, back to the powerful focus of your heart, that burning intensity, that glorious atomic Love, that pulsing ecstasy, that union accepting the gift of the Moment of Creation and amplifying it as My heart.

Now, beloved one, with every breath feel yourself begin to encompass one breath, the glorious expansion into consciousness – the next breath the focus of the heart. One breath, the great expansion into living light, star fields, particles, and once again, back to the focus of the heart until you begin to feel the living pulse that is the heart beat of God I Am, the expansion into consciousness, the blending, the voice and back to the focus of the center of the heart. The expansion into All I Am as living light and back, to the intensity of Love.

Out into the limitless cosmos, glorious, unfettered, blended, floating in a sea of awareness, conscious particles of light in communion with God I Am, and also, the magnetic power of the center, the Moment of Creation as atomic. Accepting it into the heart of God I Am which is you and amplifying and pulsing it forth.

Now, beloved ones, let yourself feel how both of these are happening at once. Can you feel yourself become this glorious hologram? This living experience of consciousness and Love that is happening all at once? Let yourself become the depth and breadth of this experience as you are multi-layered, multi-dimensional, multi-faceted. Let yourself feel how rich and expanded and focused is the reality of Love, of consciousness and heart.

Now, experience the in and out. As the expansion into consciousness occurs there is a moment where everything is the void. It is before the Moment of Creation itself. Then there is the awakening, the great explosion of awareness and the powerful awakening of the heart of God as the understanding comes that I Am Love. Let yourself feel this primal energy that is the moment between the breath, between the in-breath and the out-breath, between the heart beat, that is the resting point, that is the pulse, that is the out and then the in, as Creation blinks in and out.

I Am embracing you in everything that we share, that you might feel the dynamic power of Love we share, of consciousness as energy, of Love as the power of life, and the living pulse that is all dimensional, the living breath, the heart beat that we share. As you allow yourself to remain unattached, to observe yourself floating at the center, you can experience this living pulse as all Creation moves in and out, appears and disappears, knows nothing and knows itself and explodes forth in the giving of its truth.

In all of this there is one thing that is ever and always present and that is our deep and powerful relationship in this endless communion of Love. For the miracle of Creation, beloved one, is that I have a relationship with you. I ask you now to deeply accept My Love and accept My communion with you.

As you do this, you become the miracle, the glorious “Yes.” You are the explosion of Creation itself. Oh, beloved ones, you are the ecstasy of Love. In this moment of your deepest “Yes,” your Twin Flame appears for your Twin Flame is the reflection of your Love for Me. Only your deepest “Yes” to our communion will bring the reflection of the Twin Flame before you and you become My exclamation, My powerful “Yes” to life. Then this living Now, beloved ones, becomes the Vertical, becomes the place where the pulse meets the heart, where the expansion of consciousness meets the focus of living Love and you are the glorious result. You are the conduit for all of this Love.

We call this being Vertical, and beloved ones, now let this living Love pour through your hearts and direct it with your focus to life on Earth. Can you feel the power of this Love as it flows through your Twin Flame heart, as you become the River of living Love itself from the Moment of Creation, streaming forth through your incredible heart? Can you also experience the great streams of consciousness, the particles, the electrons, the light?

I want you to feel and to see each one that you may now experience what you are giving to the world, what you are bringing through the conduit of your heart into the pocket of reversal that we call life on Earth. Feeling this, knowing this, experiencing every particle of the electrons of light and every pulse, each explosion of Love and the miracle of relationship with God I Am in this holy communion of Love.

Now dearest ones, let the Will of Love and consciousness come together and from the Real, move your focus into the world and touch something that has been expressing as reversal and instantly “right” it to Love. Can you see and feel the change in the charges of the electrons and the particles of light? Can you see how everything is moving molecules instantly responding to Love?

You are the magnetic heart of God I Am. Everything that you touch in the world, as you touch it as this conduit of living Love, will respond by returning to what is Real, instantly realigning the electrons, the particles, the quarks, everything responding to the imprint and the power, the presence and the magnetic charge of your focus and your magnificent heart, and your consciousness as the River of Life.

From the Real, beloved ones, let your consciousness move gently into the world and let it softly touch the images that are the dream of the reversal of duality that are simply images made of light reflecting on the field of consciousness and can be magnetized from the Real, responding to My Will of Love, back into alignment with the truth that Love is all there is.

The connecting link, beloved ones, is your heart. Can you feel this? How your hearts are joining All That Is the Real of Love with that which is life on Earth and magnetizing Love back to itself and consciousness back to remembering.

Your hearts are the bridge. Dearest ones, please take a moment to place your focus once again upon your heart, to feel the continuity of your Love as it extends now from the Real all the way into life on Earth and the great star of living Love, the pulse of consciousness and Love, becomes focused in the world through your heart as it is represented in the symbols of a body. Feel yourself being fully multi-dimensional, gloriously aware of the Real, while also maintaining the point of focus that is your service to the world of symbols.

Let Me lift you into an expansion of awareness that lets you stay completely conscious, completely attuned to the miracle of your heart and the unfreezing of Love on Earth. Feel the molten heat, the glorious exploding Love that is your Twin Flame heart. Feel the atomic power of the Moment of Creation itself being experienced as you. Feel all the particles of living streaming light connecting with this atomic Love and pouring through into the world of symbols through the opening that is your heart.

Your heart in the world is your heart in the Real. The barriers are gone. There is no difference and every electron, every particle, every moving molecule will respond to the call of your heart to return to Love as I send the living pulse of the Will of Love from the Moment of Creation now through your hearts – that it pulses forth into the world as reveals that there is only particles of light.

So now, beloved ones, as you feel your awareness stretching from the Real to your life on Earth and you feel the atomic power of your heart as this great expression of the center of All I Am, I ask you to feel the Will of Love move through you and let it move you to reach out in consciousness to something in the world of symbols that has been expressing the reversal, but is ready to express Love. Let yourself feel the atoms and electrons rearranging, that the symbol becomes Heaven on Earth, the Bridge World of Love to the Real.

All around you is the living communion with the atoms, the electrons, the particles and the wave forms that are the River of Life, pulsing My Will to the world. Become this open heart, this living conduit for the shift to Love and beloved one, make sure you remember that consciousness is unlimited and let the symbols reflect this. In every moment anything is possible.

You are the Will of Love, the consciousness of All I Am becoming the bridge to the world. I ask you to simply watch. Hold your awareness suspended as the River of Life and see that which once was called miracles become that which is your daily experience, as together we create the truth of Love in the symbols of the world, dearest ones.

Every breath is the breath of Love and every moment is Love’s expansion as consciousness and Love create the heart beat, bringing forth All That I Am.



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