Living in Grace as the Heart of God

As all the veils of separation fall away, you are washed in the living Love that is My presence. It will show you every moment who you are. The time of separation is ending. It is time for the recognition by the very cells of My heart that they are ever and always alive - first, to the living joy of Love and life I Am and second, to the Will of Love as living Now.

These cells of My heart are you, beloved ones. As you come into My living presence, you will find that the heart of God knows the Will of God instantly, and this Will is lived through Love in joy through you. As you accept your place as the heart of All That Is, you will find the greatest peace and the most exquisite joy, because you can rest at last in Me, in Love's full circle, allowing the Will of Love to simply be born in you each Now - to rise into your SoulMate hearts, to be amplified exquisitely, simply as the expression of your vast eternal nature. Once it is given forth, you are at rest again in the joy of the living Now Moment.

So as you open to this transformation, let it bring you to your center, and bring to you the experience of joy in the present moment. As this joy washes through you, it will bring forth all old heart's beliefs that stand in the way of your true acceptance of yourselves as the heart of the All. As this heart, the acceptance, the truth of Love is always circular. It is a rising and a going forth, a rising and an expression. It truly is a heart beat. It is a living orgasm and it happens within you, as the essence of your very nature, without anything that you have to "do" at all.

The moment that you come into joy with everything around you and find the exquisite beauty of the living spirit within it all, in that moment you are shedding the last vestiges of ego and allowing yourselves to come at last full circle into the present moment, into the Will of Love as the heart beat of Creation in tune with this flow as the heart, the Twin Flame heart of All.
As you align with this heart beat, this rhythm, this movement in the core of your being, then you will find that Love lives through you, truly by grace. This acceptance and your joy in every Now Moment and what it brings you will manifest before you the pure Light in the symbols of this world.

So even these things that I have expressed to you that are your purpose in this world such as creating the bridge world of Love to connect life on Earth to the life in the spirit - dearest ones, even then, don't allow your ego to co-opt this and to take you out of living as the conduit for God. For the moment that you begin placing expectations and evaluation upon the Messages that I bring you, you have stepped out of your heart, back into the world of duality.

Does this mean that you don't function in the world? Not at all. But it means that you do function as the spirit. The greatest indicator of whether you are living in the spirit is whether or not you are feeling joy, in this moment - no matter what this moment brings. Once you truly feel yourselves as this center of Creation, then you will be that which witnesses the fleeting movement of the symbols from the place of the eternal. This is why I have been asking you to view life from the Real so that you can get the essential experience of stillness and peace within the midst of the movement of Light and shadow that is the world of duality.

Open always to the experience of exquisite joy I Am, for the expression of life and its discovery is pure exhilaration and the heart beat, the eternal throb of Creation itself is expressed through you each moment, and its expression is ecstasy. None of the negative emotions exist in the Real, beloved ones. Not even the feelings of reaching for something that isn't with you, because we are together, the joy of ultimate fulfillment as the heart of God exploding in exquisite Love for All I Am.

So the world of peace and beauty that I ask to be born through you can only come about when you are feeling this peace and beauty within yourself, but not as the little self, the ego, finding pieces of beauty in the world, but rather as the living spirit, the Twin Flame heart living in ecstasy in the Now. When you have this experience of divine and exquisite joy, then you cannot be anywhere but centered in the Real of Love and from this position you are witnessing the changing patterns of life on Earth all the while feeling Love moving forth through you.

Therefore, every experience of life in the world comes to you as something magnificent. There is no evaluation that this is "good" or this is "bad." From the Real you are always seeing the spirit that lives within all things and thus, the duality, beloved ones, simply fades from your view, and the world of symbols is simply a "light show" passing before two eyes that never affects the Reality that you see through the eye of your heart.

I Am bringing you this balance to even the idea of using symbols to set goals and to create an experience that you want to see on Earth. If you are living in the ecstasy of the Real each Now, then the Light and the Love pouring through you shall be a pure magnet, drawing to itself the particles, the electrons of Light that have to create the symbols of the bridge world of Love.

So from this moment there is no need to create with the ego mind, to hold onto it, beloved ones, for any reason, for even though you are bridging the world and the Real for Me, this bridge happens automatically through the Law of Resonance. You can feel free now to step out of the ego mind's identity, ah, but most of all, to leave behind any impediments of your heart that reflect to you any hesitation to experiencing joy as your All.

I return to the theme of joy again and again because it is the essential hallmark of one who has found "rebirth," rebirth from the world of separation into the circular connection of Love and into the joy of the spirit as My Will lives you. It is the trust that each moment those things in the world will happen that are in alignment with the purposes of Love as you build the New World. Everything becomes part of your experience of the heart. Everything you relate to is through heart perception.

But the joy of the heart is the joy of your being and affects you in the deepest way. You can feel its eternal nature - that it is unchanging and it is Real. It will respond to your questions to your heart. So the greatest indication of whether you are on track or not, is whether you can feel joy in every moment, no matter what this moment contains. If you can, it means that you are living at the center and connected to the Vertical life.

So ultimately, once again, it is about trust in Me and trust in the energies of the living flow of Love and joy, and you will find that when you do this, those things that you are expressing will bring Love and joy to others. Whether this Love and joy is through the connections of the spirit, of the heart or the creation of those things that enhance this connection, it will always be in there somewhere.

Every moment Love's expression will reveal itself to you, through you, through the feelings of your heart as you continually choose heart perception over ego. But once you reach a point where you are bathed in Love and the door to the Real is always open, then there is no need for choice any more because you are so connected to the living flow of Love, that every moment Love is expressing through your heart. This expression fulfills your purpose as the Will of Love then lifts you into the joy and ecstasy of the Now.

You will find the flow of Love is what you call "grace." It will move your life exquisitely each Now from fulfillment to fulfillment but not as the ego sees this. Not fulfillment in the eyes of the world. But fulfillment in the joy in your heart, the joy in the moment no matter what it brings, and the ability to live it from the Real. The trust of this expression, the trust of our communion, the trust that Love reveals itself through you, and there isn't anything you need to do about it.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to you tonight and to each other, and ask that you blend us, into the experience of Your will of Love. That together, tonight, and for each of us, in every moment of our lives, we might be crystal clear conduits for Your Love. Thank you God, for the incredible gift that we have in each other, and in this heart that we are together. We ask that all of our Love be amplified tonight, by You, by our Twin Flames, by all that glorious energy that we hold, as Your heart, and that it pour through us, to lift and transform this world and everything in it, into the perfection that You Are.

I ask you God to use my heart, my voice, my life, my Twin Flame heart with Doug, as that same conduit, the conduit for this experience tonight. And I call to all the glorious beings of light that assist us always, and ask You to be with us here tonight, as well. Amen

As we begin, let us join our hearts together, as we always do, opening our hearts wider, and wider, and feeling each other's hearts connecting, until we can feel this great circle of Love, this living conduit of energy, and feel that energy moving around this circle, creating that vortex of power and of grace.

As we feel this connection deepening, we open ourselves to the experience of God's presence, here as us, within us and through us, and we place our focus and our intention on this beautiful world, and its transformation, now, into a world of only Love.

And now we began to breathe together, sharing that One glorious breath. As you let breath out, relax... and take a deep breath in. And as you breathe out, let all tension simply fall away. And breathing in again, open your heart wide, to God's presence. And breathe out that Love, through your heart, into the world. And breathe in... into the glorious ocean of Love. And breathe out that Love, again, to the world. And breathe in... all the way up, to the very Moment of Creation. And breathe out that atomic energy, into the world. Breathing in to the Twin Flame Heart that you are, in the Real. And breathing out that perfect Love, that you share, together. Breathing in... into the very Moment of Creation, and breathing out that energy... through every atom, and electron. Breathing in... to the pinnacle - the pure light, the highest vibration. And breathing it out, those waves of Love, through every part of your being.

As you breathe in, again, beloved ones, I am with you... and you become the pulse, the vibration of Love for the world. With each breath, I now attune you. First, to the living heart beat. And then, to the pure Light - Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine. And you can feel this resonance, vibrating through your being, as you open to knowing yourselves, as My living heart.

As you breathe in, deeply, again... I expand you into the Real, through the gateway of your twin flame heart. You are the Truth of Love. And as you breathe out, you are ever and always, loves conduit - the breath of Love I Am, the beat of My heart. With every breath, beloved ones, you become this awareness. Your consciousness expanding. Your Heart in attunement.

Breathing in, now... into our deep communion, as I open you to the wonder of this living now moment. Every breath expands you. You are larger, and larger. All the atoms of your being are dancing, apart, as you expand outward, throughout the Whole of Creation, full conscious awareness, throughout the All of Love I Am.

As your consciousness continues to expand, even further, you began to realize that you are holographic awareness, that every part of your being is full and complete. Completely in communion with the Whole of Creation. And now you are this glorious vastness, washing through the cosmos. All that I Am... you are now.

And within your glorious being, you can feel all life. Awesome in its magnificents. Tender Love pours through you, for each tiny atom, every electron, every spark, and every stream of conscious Love that is alive within you. And every movement, of every life stream... plays its song, within your being, until your whole glorious "is_ness", is singing in the most incredible song that expresses all of this Love, in the great penelope of being, that you are, as I Am.

I ask you, to drink this in. To be the living all. As you weave yourself into the hologram of Love, and every heart beat, at your center, expands your being, and you are feeling the energy of the Twin Flame with you, as the deep and powerful urgency of this divine "matting" rises up, pulsing into the explosion of ecstasy. And now you are the pure heart, beating at the center, and all your focus is in this point of pulsing Love, you share, as the fires of Creation move in, and out, of this great Twin Flame Love, that you are as My heart, and as the Heart of God I Am.

Please feel my Love, and open to our communion... so sacred, and so Real... and let me speak within your being, and let me honor your sweet heart, and let me be the atomic power of your Twin Flame Love. This relationship now becomes as intimate as your breath.

I Am the living life blood that now flows through you. And I wrap you, tenderly, in My Love. Sweet, deep, communion - Creator and Heart. Can you feel how much I Love you? And how Real this Love is? The kiss of your Twin Flame, as you dissolve into oneness, and suddenly, once again, you are the living All of Love, and your being is as vast as creation itself. You are the great vastness of consciousness and heart, expanding, and expanding, as the cosmos continues to multiply with the effervescent expansion of Love, and within your great beingness, you can feel all of Life. Such wonder lives within you. You, the All of Love. And then, the center, the pulsing at your heart, and suddenly, you are the Twin Flame Heart, again.

And now you remember, that you are Both at once - the great vast living all, and the Twin Flame heart beat. You are everything, and you are the focus. And this is the heart beat of All that Is.

One beat, you are a Twin Flame Heart, unique and joyful, in communion with Me, each now moment. The next beat, you are the vastness - individuality moves into oneness. You are unity and uniqueness, relationship and unity. And because this is all I Am, it is all here, now, happening within the all of Love we share. One breath... as you take it in, and we are in relationship.

Beloved ones, feel me... as I cherish you. As your every breath is breathing My presence, and our Love is unending. Each now I am showing you, how perfect you are, and at the same time you are vast, and unending. The great wheel of Life is rolling within you, and billions, upon billions of refractions of the one Light, are dancing through the all of your being. And you watch the great "mandala" of Love, moving, as the patterns merge, and once again, reappear, in their uniqueness.

Beloved heart of All I Am. You are holding the center. You are the point where the two heart beats meet. You are the Moment of Stillness, between breaths. You are perfect Love, en_conscious_ed now, as you. Breath in my presence... and feel how I Love you, and how you are this Love, at the same time, now. And the great rays of color and light, express your heart, as the Moment of Creation is en_conscious_ed by you.

And now, beloved one, precious and perfect God Heart. The heart beat of creation... now explodes forth, in you, and I ask you to allow, now, the great will of Love to create Love perfectly, through you, together. And you watch with your eye - the single eye of the living heart - as all round you, shoots forth steams of love, joy and beauty. All the luminous and glorious colors of creation, itself, are yours now, to blend and to create with, in ecstasy. And I ask now, dearest heart, to paint a world with the colors of the spirit.. infused with your Love, as the Will of Love I Am expresses through you.

As you allow this perfect world, this en_conscious_ment of beauty, to be painted in the colors of the Living Spirit... how does it look to you? Can you see the shimmering dual tones of the heart beat of God, expressed, and the great fan of Living Light, as the transformation of Love, into the wave forms that are true substance - Living Love, infused with Spirit.

Before you now, before these rays of luminous Love and Joy shoot through your heart, is created a magnificent pattern, made of Love, and ecstasy. And I ask you now, through intention, to allow the flow of the Rive of Life, to gather these colors into a world of pure Love. And holding this as your intention... feel it... shimmering, as you place it, carefully in your vast Twin Flame heart, to incubate, to be given life, to infuse with the heart beat, that first becomes the living all, and then the individual. Truly, Both/ And, at once.

In your Twin Flame heart, your SoulMate womb, that place where you are joined, we become a living braid of light, the tri-fold flame and living substance, bringing this New World to life. And as you choose to allow the Will of Love to move again, through you, I ask you to allow the New World to be given birth. A new creation of consciousness and heart. And all these rays of living light - the hues of divine color - represent, dearest ones, divine feeling. Each one, unique resonance, a sweet note of the one song, and I ask you now, to use your consciousness as the anchor, to connect this world of beauty, born of the Will of Love, with the old World of duality, that was Life on Earth.

And in this instant, this Now Moment, the luminous world of beauty, made of living spirit, in its rich and fluid essence, infuses the whole pocket of reversal or duality, and lifts it now, into the Real of only Love. Most of all, beloved ones, feel this in your hearts... as you become that which funds life, in this world of beauty. Your heart, as the Will of Love, brings life forth, and feed this World of Love, as I feed you.

I am asking you, beloved ones, to be the living Christ, and to be that which nourishes this world that now comes into view. And from your hearts, to feed both the colors and the joy, supporting it and loving it, in unity and uniqueness, in the same living heart beat that we share. In other wards... the World is within you and of you. One heart beat, and you are living in unison with it. Another heart beat, you have relationship with all life upon it, in it, as it, as your own heart... dear ones. Your heart, each now, in sweet communion, as I Am this communion in you, and as you.

So feel this heart of Love within you, and feel this New World as it lives within you, to be nourished in your Twin Flame womb. And every moment, in your Love, you are joined in unity. And every moment you are Loving each life stream, perfectly, tenderly, supportive, honoring each vibration, intrigued, ecstatic and always surprised, as life if multiplied in you.

Can you feel this World within you? And love it as I Am, you, as My heart, loving the heart within, and understand with all your being, that you are omni-dimensional and all of this experienced is here now, at once - the vast and the microcosmic, the world and the cosmos. Dimensions moving all directions, at once. Weaving the ever deepening consciousness of Love I Am. That which you give birth to, also gives birth to you.

As the heart beat of God I Am, moves inward and out, deepening your awareness of relationship and joy, and communion, with Me and with the World of your Heart. All here, now, at once. Every heart beat is dual tones of color and beauty. The Will of Love being born in, through and as you. As you nourish this New World, that is your heart, dearest ones, you can shift your focus, instantly, and you can be here in Me, and in the World of Love, and even in the old world of duality, if you choose. All are connected by the heart beat. The living beat of Love I Am.



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