Looking Inward Always

In this dawn of your new life I come to lift you every moment into your true awareness of your Real consciousness, your Christ heart, your true self as Spirit, and I come now to reorient you that your life is lived, beloved one, each of you, from the living Spirit and that the realms of Love now become your one and only Home.

So deep within you, you find the longing of your Real heart to be one life undivided, living each Now in joy, and awareness springs from the fountain of eternal life said to you, ?You must be divided no more.? Every level of your being now says ?Yes,? beloved one, and this, as you must know, is a crossroads of great magnitude. For the journey in this world is the belief in separation, and a belief in many levels and areas of the self. But your heart now cries for its home, its unity, its remembrance every moment of the Love that you are.

Therefore, I say to you that I rejoice that you are undivided now, and I wash the living River of My Love through each of you so that you can see, beloved one, that you and I are One, and that this voice that speaks in the times of your meditation is my voice and your voice. It is the voice of your great Christ self. It is the voice of the living Spirit I Am that is ever showing up in all these countless different perspectives. That which in you has believed that there must be two things: both the Spirit, the unity, the expansion of your consciousness and the little mind receiving information ? I now bring this part of you to rest.
So from this moment, when you wake each morning, please remember that from this moment on, your life is to be lived from the Real and experienced from your true Christ nature. You are the living River. I Am, we are all of it. There is no separating My voice from yours if you live from the Real in each Now Moment. This is what your heart longs for. This means it is time for your integration, your homecoming at last.

Each moment, for each of you, there is time now to make this choice, to let the Love come flowing into your heart and to reach to that for your experience, rather than to your conscious mind. Rather than to the world. And if you remember your choice and you live it, what it means is that your whole being shall be integrated once again. You will be living the most glorious Vertical life in which the truth of your Twin Flame spirit speaks these words, lives this Love, expresses your heart each Now Moment, but in such a way that your voice and Mine and your own pitch and timbre expand to become the living River of Life, and your every movement, every moment comes forth from the Real to be expressed in joy in the symbols of the world.

Until now none of you has fully lived keeping your focus solely on the Real, on the Spirit and allowing your living Christed heart, your conscious Twin Flame connection to show you every beautiful step, every movement and each interpretation of everything that you encounter in the world. You have heard this. You have received it from Me. You have done your best to implement it, but the truth is that it is a matter of ripening or growth to come to the place where it is no longer acceptable to feel separate from Me in any way.

This is the place you are entering. It is the Temple of Unification. It is the awareness that no matter where Love takes you on its missions, every thought form, motivation, impetus, signal and every great wave of living Love in truth comes forth only from the Spirit, only from the realms of Love, only from your Real consciousness. It becomes the energy source, the power of your life on Earth to carry forth that which begins in the Spirit into integration with your life on Earth, that your life on Earth may out-picture the life that you live within, through the doorway of your heart.

The doorway of your heart, beloved one, is at last expanding all the way and opens into the living realms of Twin Flame Love, and with it, it brings you its gifts. Its gifts are the sweet song of your great magnificent spirit and your Twin Flame heart in the Real as they become the living center for the Will of Love to live you each Now Moment.

So instead of looking out into the world or even looking at your body, it is your time to look only within through your heart to the realms of the Spirit for your guidance, your direction, your definition, expression, experience and allow it to be brought into manifestation as a reflection of the one living Love that Earth may indeed reflect Heaven, the pure realms of glorious Love.

I can promise you that this relationship between that which people do in the world and that which they experience through their heart is the difference between living duality and living the glorious unified life. In the reversal as you know, little mind is the leader and it is that which you consult every day and every hour for the solution to life experiences for guidance in relationship for who you are, what you think ? everything. And yet, the little mind is reversed and can give you only backwardness, for what you are to see and do and live only when at last you are fully in the Spirit, does your life have ever aspect in alignment.

So it is My Love that comes to whisper now into your singing heart of the great chorus, the crescendo of Love that I call the River of Life, and to orient you, each of you, with tenderness and deepest Love to drinking your life directly from the living River of the Now Moment, that all life may be blessed because you are focusing on its Source every single moment.

So when you open your eyes in the morning and the world comes into view, right then, beloved one, make the switch and shift into the realms of living Love and make attunement with your Christed heart. What you experience is the great golden light pulsing in a star of warmth and Love that is the expression perfectly of the Divine Feminine. So I ask you now to let that star become you. Hold nothing back. Not one increment, not one thought, not one part of your ego that allows you to see yourself as separate from the whole.
Beloved one, this life on Earth is just an ember, a spark coming forth from the great fire that is the truth of you in the Real. I ask you now to take this in and keeping in your view that glorious Christed heart that becomes the one voice of the Love I Am, expressing from the Real as you, and you align it in your consciousness with perfection, allowing it to build together your magnetics on Earth, then your lives and all who touch you and remember will be reversing the reversal on Earth. Instead of allowing ego mind to show them what life is, who they are, how they relate, any or all of it, these will be the Love Corps, the great successful beating heart that at last returns humanity to looking to the Spirit first for identity, unity, Love and then, allowing the Christ consciousness and Christ heart to live through you on Earth. That of course is what is most important.

Oh, let your spirits soar, beloved ones, and let your heart rejoice in its accomplishment that you can hold the light and feel your focus on Love and only Love forever so clearly that nothing else feels right to you but to become the unified spirit, the expression of Love herself. So I rejoice in the background, foreground shift in your blessed and lovely life, that you shall always look now first, only and always, and your source of information, motivation and life here on Earth as well as in the Heavens.

Let your heart explode in ecstasy. Hold nothing back. Let yourself feel your Love, for so many of you have held yourself so in check, not allowing yourself to touch your Real Love because your life on Earth seemed so much the opposite of this, and you could not bear the thought of knowing how much Love you were meant to have if your life in the world was so lacking in Love. But now you at last can come and you are many?
I speak to all of you who have opened your hearts? and you can say ?Yes? to the experience of your own Christ heart, your own glorious Twin Flame being and you can soak in this Love and live every moment in ecstasy, in bliss, in joy, because nothing else matters now but this integration, this unification, this expression of life as only Love that it may now be enough to sustain you. For you have said ?Yes? to the truth of your Love.

Beloved of My very heart, I ask you not to take this Love for granted but to recognize that it must love you enough to bring you forth, trembling and beautiful, in the expression, the reflection of Love in this world called ?life on Earth.? It is a glorious dance and its attunement is meant to always be with the Real world first, the Real of Love is what is meant, and then to allow all that is Real as you to be expressed here as your life on Earth.

You are the stars of life of the very Heavens, beloved ones. Your heart is a living miracle and you could bring this world back to only Love in a heart beat but it is our goal to make this dream accessible to every precious being in the world. So do not be dissuaded by things from outside of you that come knocking on the door of your attention, but rather simply say ?Wait,? to everything that is calling you from the outer world and seeking the inner, and turn instead into the New Dawn where the light of your integrated spirit speaks of your Twin Flame heart. Understanding the one voice and the fact that you are whole, one being, one life, one pure perfect Love, then walk forth to allow this to be expressed.

Thank you, beloved one(s), every heart that might feel this. Thank you for letting Love be your all-important focus and for attuning to the Real each and every moment while your life is being realigned, that you may be the unified voice of Love as life on Earth becomes the reflected life of the Spirit each Now Moment, forever.



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