Love, Consciousness and Energy/Power

As your heart opens and you return Home, you will discover that there are three forces in Creation. They are consciousness, energy or power and Love. The greatest of these is Love.

As you step forth in trust to create this world of joy, I will be showing you these three energies and how they are woven together and how these energies also are reflected in the Twin Flame, in your relationship with Me as the three-fold flame or the living braid of Light.

So we have spoken about power and we have spoken about consciousness and now we shall speak about Love. I gave you these in this order, energy, consciousness and Love that you might assess your reaction as you touched each one and thus understand your heart. Especially in relation to energy or power. I want you to recognize honestly where your focus went and whether it contained any ego.

For I must say to you that just as I did when I gave you the keys to manifestation and then, said, dearest ones, don't use them. So too I will say to you -- do not reach for God power unless you are totally the "en-conscious-ment" of Love. When you are Love so fully, so clearly and with such effervescent and overflowing joy, only then will God power serve you. The truth is that the world I ask you to create must be created from the Real and it will be Love that makes it all work, that weaves consciousness and energy together. But most of all it is Love that will support you as you leap beyond the illusion.

When you know this Love, when you feel this Love, when this Love is your life, whether you see it reflected in your Twin Flame's heart, whether you see it in our communion or you see it in the symbols of the world, in the energies all around you - in the precious "en-conscious-ment" of the energies of God I Am, Love will support you.

If you choose to reach for the energy, the power of the Moment of Creation that lives in you to bring it into the backward swirling vortex of life lived from the ego, it will literally "eat you up," because you will be fueling the energies of your Creation and they will be turning in on you, beloved ones. What has happened to the world will happen individually, except it will be instant.

Therefore, I am calling you into your true heart and upward, ever upward Home to Me, that you may know that Love is alive and it is personal. It is the substance of the living universe and Love will support you. Love carries to you the food of life for energy can sustain you only to a point and this you even know in the world of duality by what happens to children who are not loved. Even though their bodies are fed and given energies, the essence of their being, when not loved, cannot open up and truly be the expression of their potential.

Once again, it is your hearts that must be the focus of your awakening and once your heart knows this glorious Love and can truly be the clear and open conduit, then the resonance of the truth of your being, of that glorious magnificent organism, can power you forth to create out of energy a New World made of living Love, driven forth by the power of Creation and held in the cup of your consciousness.

So Love is the key and of course you already know this. But oh, how the ego longs for power and therefore I offer you a deep level of the truth and once again, it is ever based on giving. It is only when you are giving Love to such a degree, with such openness that you truly are the living fountain and that Love is returned to you unwaveringly as the law of Love and resonance, multiplied and in your face -- then you are ready. You are ready to harness God power and to name the substance of Love using the cup of your consciousness.

Meditation Through Yael

Beloved God, we open our hearts to You and to the Love that we are and that we share. We ask You, God, to create of our hearts a living heart, a great conduit for Your amazing Love and pour that Love through us, God. Let us be crystal clear in our ability to be this open heart, that Your Love may wash this world and every precious heart in it and shift it all to the truth of Love. Thank You, God, for the gift of this awareness, of this Love, of this spirit family and the Love we share. Thank You for the honor of being here in service to this awakening of the world.

So, lift us up, beloved God, joining our hearts with our Twin Flames, as I acknowledge my heart's joining with my beloved Doug. I ask to be also crystal clear as a conduit for this experience and I call to all the beings of Light to assist us. Amen.

As we begin, first, we sink into our hearts and open them totally to Love, to each other, and each to our Twin Flame, the other part of the heart we are. Feeling the truth of this Love, allowing it to be totally Real to us, we join our hearts, feeling each other's touch becoming this vortex. As soon as our hearts are connected we can feel the energy rushing between us, heart to heart in a great circular pattern turning clockwise and growing in intensity as we surrender now to the greater Will of Love.

As we share the heartbeats of the One, so too we share the living breath that moves throughout Creation continually and acknowledging it within us as part of this deep surrender of our heart and our being to God, we begin to share the breath of life as we breathe out together. Breathing in we are filled with Love and we breathe it out now into the world.

As we breathe in, our hearts open and Love breathes out through us. We breathe in to the Real, to the ocean of Love and open our hearts to the world. Into the Real we touch the truth and breathing out we are the conduit. Breathing in to the communion with God and breathing out as God's heart to the world. Breathing in to each other's presence and breathing out Love amplified. Breathing in to the Real of Love and breathing out Love to every electron.

As we breathe in now we open our consciousness and breathe out pure Love. Breathing in up the Vertical to the Moment of Creation, and breathing out Light and Love fully. As we breathe in again we expand into the cosmos and we become the out-breath of God. We breathe in to the pure Love and breathe out God's presence into the world now.

With each breath in we are filled to overflowing and Love breathes out as us. Now we breathe in, into the deepest communion and breathe out the assurance of God's Love. As you breathe in again and open to the living Love, breathe out and feel yourself surrendered and now become the in-breath and the out-breath of the living All. You are the life of God. Every breath is the music of the living spirit and your heart is the bridge to the Real of Love.

Now, beloved ones, let your heart become a blazing beacon that is the LightHouse for the way Home. As you continue to feel Love, breath, spirit, life and fullness, you are the doorway for the world Home to Me and Home to the Love we share. As you breathe in now, feel your heart open wider and watch as it becomes pure Light, grand, unlimited, a blazing beacon, a doorway that opens perfectly into the cosmos.

Now enjoy. Open that doorway and slip through across the bridge of your heart and I lift you easily into the realms of living Love and into My living presence. I ask you to release everything that you have carried, everything the world has taught you, and let this be your birth into the glory of the spirit and into the joy of being this Love.

But most of all, now, feel My Love for you and My support of the beauty that you are as you rest in My hands of Light and feel the kiss of My spirit in every atom of your being. As I touch your heart, it leaps and opens and remembers this joy, this communion and the food of life I Am, I feed to you this instant. Suddenly you are the energy of life and you are spirit energy, rejoicing in the dance, feeling the Twin Flames' Love and reaching now in wonder to bathe in the River of Life and to make the spirits your daily bread.

I Am everything you shall ever need and I Am here now with you. Every moment is a miracle of birth into brand new life. Every now I am guiding you. Can you feel the whole cosmos acknowledging and breathing you and stretching out the unlimited view as you stretch forth eagerly to explore all the potential within you? And to allow Me as the Will of Love alive in you to be that which moves you now?

As you expand into My waiting Love that holds you like a lover as your Twin Flame, remember I Am loving you all ways, ever and always. We are One and we are every grand and glorious energy and every life stream in the great cosmic dance. I Am supporting you perfectly and feeding you Love now.
This moment is yours to fill you with delight and all that you ever need to be the glorious creative heart, the functioning Twin Flame womb, that which amplifies and extends this amazing Love.

Just as I Am your food, your life, your energy, so too are you this to all life as well, as the giving heart of God. I Am asking you to feel this Love, to let it become your deepest experience of life and to feel the expansion of the whole cosmos in your heart and know Love perfectly as the experience of our communion.

Beloved one, breathe Me in. Breathe in this Love I Am and let Me fill you. As I wash your whole being with My presence, we are intimate, I appear before you as your Twin Flame. I speak in every movement of every electron of your being but most of all, I live in your heart and you are My consciousness holding forth this precious Love and naming it the joy of God. All That I Love is loved through you.

I ask you now to open your heart and to observe Me as I move through your very heart and reach outward as your Love and touch and bless and revere every life stream, all that live in the living whole, this magnificent and endless hologram, every tiny movement I cherish. I cherish each and every one through you.

So as you allow this Love to truly live through your great heart, you will experience first hand how I love through you, as you, as this great force that pulses outward, reaching with the deepest acknowledgement that All That I Am is beautiful and perfect and I Am everywhere, fully present in All of Creation.

As you experience with your heart what it means to be this hologram, that every particle contains All of Me. All That I Am is fully present here in every electron, in every particle, in every movement, every wave form, every stream of consciousness, and as your heart feeds the Love through and it connects to the great song of resonance, you are alive, surrounded by the holographic consciousness and every reflection of Love amplified and fed back out through you.

Can you see with your heart that all around you in All That Is, everywhere, I Am reflected, that whatever your heart says to you, "I Am God," and "I Am loving exponentially." Your heart says, "Yes!" There is no more within and without. There is only the living hologram and every part is God I Am touching you as the heart of God, the center and reflecting Love everywhere through the whole living cosmos.

Because the heart is unlimited, dearest heart of Mine, everything is revealed to you instantly, and Love is your experience all the time, everywhere. Love is more than sufficient. Love is always amplified, multiplied, created by you and added into the living glorious whole of Love I Am.

As you rest in Me, I want you to fully experience the great circle of life all around you and recognize that your consciousness is always aware of everything and you are alive at the center with access to the hologram instantly through the deepest experience of your heart. Let this Love be your breath and as it washes through your heart, it feeds you. Your Twin Flame burns within you and everywhere you look, you are aware of Me deeply loving you. In every consciousness and through every heart. The Moment that you feel My Love, it nourishes you and you are the conduit for more Love to touch every particle of life everywhere.

As you soak in My Love at the living center of All That Is, fully conscious of the whole circle of life, and know, My dearest heart, that Love supports you perfectly, feeds you, grows you, expands you and brings you bliss now. Now, feeling this rest in Me and feeling how I nourish you and how you are the center of the hologram and Love is everything that you see in every direction, in all dimensions, always, I ask you to gently turn your focus to the world once again to find the pearl of the world within your consciousness.

Finding it, feel it as part of the living hologram. Feel it reflecting Love perfectly and see it as a star of Light, shining within your consciousness and amplify that Light through your heart. With every expression of this Love, the Light expands and brightens. Breathe and feel the energy of the Moment of Creation flowing through you to energize this pearl. As you do so, feed this Love to every life stream focused there and hold the intention of full consciousness and the experience of awakening to the hologram of life and the truth that Love is everywhere.

As you do so, feel your magnificent heart and how this Love pouring through your heart is amplified. Feel, beloved one, My presence as this Love and how intimately you know this and know this energy. As you pour forth this Love, wrap the world within your heart and hold it at the very highest resonance. As you watch it blossom and open like a living heart chakra coming to life, allow your heart to move, to touch the world with heart perception and in this living now, feel every life stream focused in the play of consciousness, energy and Love that is life on Earth.

This resonance of our perfect Love seen as the entire hologram now goes before you to open up world consciousness. As you feel your truth as Twin Flame Love, the power of Creation, the joy, the ecstasy, the energy, I ask you now to shift into the awareness of the life on Earth, into the play of consciousness that is duality and to love all of it perfectly as I love you. As you move your awareness to the world and love it openly with Me, as Me, watch as the play of light and dark that is the play of duality simply moves away and shows you God. Shows you the same hologram that you have seen everywhere, all around you as the great cosmos.

As you step forth into the world holding this perfect Love, loving as Me and as I love, the truth shows itself and brings the food of Love into the world to sweep away the shadows and the hologram is revealed - shining perfectly. Once again, you are its center wherever I ask you to focus.

Breathe in this Love and feel it support you. Feel it feed you. Feel My presence loving you as the life force you breathe, as the Love that you give, as the great Twin Flame Love sparkling all around you, and shining forth into the world, name it "God I Am, perfect Love stands revealed here as the living and glorious hologram of Love."



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