Love, Service, Purpose and Relationship with God

I remind you that the difficulties that each of you has been through have been for humanity, beloved ones. So is the freedom and the joy. Every drop of it must be dedicated to those precious ones, for I promise you it is in this service, in their freedom and in your closeness to Me that your Real joy, your true happiness will occur.

I cannot begin to explain to all of you how very important is your Love and how important is this Message of Twin Flame Love that all of you bring forth here through Circle of Light. As this world completely changes and the old world falls away, there will be many who will live in deepest panic, in great need for the understanding of Real Love that you can bring – for the awareness that the Love I Am and the truth of our relationship is manifest on every level of your lives, including right in front of you as part of the very heart you are.

I appear in each one’s life as their Twin Flame. It is only by going within and making the choices of the living spirit, the choices for Love, the choices for giving, the choices of heart instead of ego that the outer world can become that beauty and expression of purpose that we call “Heaven on Earth.” It can only come from within each heart. It cannot come from the little mind or the ego because the little mind may be able to create things in the 3D world but it cannot create happiness. It cannot create a Real center. It cannot create what is needed as the horizontal disappears. This can only come through the awakening of the heart.

So as your hearts continue to open, as you remove the veil between you and your Twin Flame and can feel yourselves as one, as your lives open into the glorious expression of all you have to give together, it is imperative that you keep your focus on this Love for your Twin and for Me and let everything else unfold from it. In other words, as these doors open, as you walk through them into the New World vibration, as there opens before you the possibilities that are endless joy, please keep your focus on the giving that you are meant to do and make sure this is the center of your life.

My beloved men, I speak to you with deepest Love and gratitude. I am sure you are aware, My beloved ones, that the greatest changes and openings that have occurred in your outer lives have come from the choices that you have made to open your hearts and to give ever more. I promise you, My dearest ones, that these choices that you have made serve humankind in ways beyond anything you can imagine.

You are the awakening of the great heart of the Divine Masculine as it supports the transformation or the “healing” of this world and its “en-conscious-ment” of the Divine Feminine here. It is only as both are fully present, fully alive and giving here in this world that the great course of Creation may become the River of Life, the pure spirit and all can be returned to the truth of Love we share, which is that I Am the great LoveMaking. The coming together of Masculine and Feminine in the perfection of Love each moment Now.

It is meant to be that every heart beats as one. Every consciousness knows only God. Each one is a radiant light of the one glorious life I Am, expressing perfectly what it holds for Me and seeing that every other precious slice of life is Me being held by another one, and manifested perfectly through grace each moment. In other words, you are moving beyond effort into acceptance, into allowing the workings of Love, into acknowledging that all that you see and feel is Me. Once you have understood this truth in a way that is living and Real, you can go forth to share it with others.


Beloved God, we come to You tonight with open hearts and invite You in to fill our beings with Your presence, to wash us in Your Love and to create of each of us the perfect crystal clear vessel for Your Love to pour through into the world. I ask of You, God, to make of us one heart together and to use this heart with all the energy and power of the energy of Creation itself and to pour all of this Love onto and into this precious world, into every glorious life here.

I ask You, God to use my voice, my heart, all that I am and my Twin Flame heart with Doug as a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. God, I do ask that my voice be supported for this experience, this meditation to occur. I also give thanks to all the beings of light who assist us. Amen.

Let us begin by opening our hearts, feeling them open like a great flower of God. As the petals of your heart open you can feel when they touch the petals of each other’s hearts, all around this circle of Love that we share. The energy of life flows through us now, moving clockwise around this circle and charging up the energy as we feel our Twin Flame connection and we feel the atomic power of this Love.

Now together we open this heart that we share and invite all Love from the very Moment of Creation itself to pour through this vortex, this shared heart into the world. Amplified by each of us and all of us together, we wash and lift this world back to Love and only Love.

As we continue to pour this Love, we also share the one breath of God, of All That Is. Let your breath out and as you take a deep breath in, feel the pure Love of God pour through your being and breathe that Love out through every pore, every cell into the world amplified by your Twin Flame heart. Breathing in again, rising up the pinnacle, the highest vibration, opening, filling your great Twin Flame heart and pouring forth the Love on the out-breath amplified, pouring forth to bless and transform the world.

Breathing in once again pure eternal Love, breathing out through your heart the Moment of Creation energy, breathing in the immaculate Love, pure and perfect and breathing out the power and energy of the Moment of Creation itself. Breathing in now the light that is gold, Divine Feminine, and breathing out pure white light, Divine Masculine. Breathing in the pure gold, the Divine Feminine of all Creation, and breathing out the pure white light of the Divine Masculine of God.

Now, beloved ones, as you breathe this breath, let it become for you Creation’s Circle. Breathing in the Divine Feminine, gold, pure and perfect; breathing out the pure white charge of Divine Masculine, light. Breathing in the heart of God I Am, Divine Feminine, and breathing out Divine Masculine, pure white light through your heart.

As you breathe in both Divine Masculine and Feminine together, you begin to feel the balance and feel the power and to feel the purity of this Love going forth. Beloved ones, let this pulse of life begin to breathe you, feeling the Divine Feminine, feeling the Divine Masculine and feeling the power where they meet.

As you feel this moving through you, through your heart and through your being, you can feel the pure resonance of this atomic potential as it plays, vibrates in every atom of your being until it shakes your very essence with its power and its longing. With every breath that you breathe, you are now Creation, Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, breathing itself through you and as it does, your whole awareness becomes this focus of Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, the great lightning bolt and the awareness that all Creation is holding its breath, waiting for the explosion of life.

You are this potential. I ask you now to feel it, to feel yourself becoming the Moment of Creation itself, dissolving your awareness into the pure ocean of Divine Feminine Love and resting there. Now, feeling the Divine Masculine surging through your being, rising up within you with power and purpose. The great desire to know all you are is born within you now, explodes within you. You have to seek, you have to know. And from this desire comes the great spark. Suddenly you are Making Love, the whole of your being in ecstasy. Now you understand who and what you are and every light within you shows you its purpose.

The awe and the wonder are beyond all explanation as they play like cosmic bells ringing through your being and singing out the joy. God I Am! Is alive. I Am Life. I Am Purpose. I Am the spark of Love made manifest. All I am is given life now as the ocean becomes impregnated by the great passion of the Divine Masculine and Creation blooms again and shows forth My heart.
This heart, beloved ones, this heart is YOU.

Now I hold you in all the wonder that All My Love can bring. I ask you now to allow Me to give you such support that you can float in Me in ecstasy, Now Moment after Now. Your every breath is like a miracle. Oh, beloved ones, each of you, you are ever and always magical, glorious to Me – great and powerful beings that also are the center. I hold you in My Love in your pure potential. Rest in Me. Oh beloved My heart, rest in Me and let there be nothing else. All else simply falls away, washes out of your consciousness. All around you is the dancing light in the ocean of Love in which you float.

This moment Now I ask you to open your heart to Me. Each of you precious beyond your every imagining. Each of you glorious for all Creation to see. Each of you the sparkling star that is the Moment of Creation itself held in perfection as a cell in My heart. Let Me come now into your consciousness and into your heart and feel this Love that I have for you, feel this Love and let it fill you up until your being overflows with so much good and so much beauty that all you are is this communion and it is always enough.

Every movement of every breath speaks of our Love. As you breathe in, I fill you with everything that you need. I wash you in wonder, bathe you in Love, give you your identity and feed you with My grace. Breathe Me in, oh, beloved one. Breathe in, My precious heart, and take in the nectar of My Love for you.

Now I open you even more. As I do you feel the oneness that with every breath we now breathe each other in and out until there is only this liquid molten Love. The heart of God I Am and God I Am is one – one wholeness, pure and perfect, circulating pure light, feeding it back and forth as we become this one life. Every breath is shared. Every light is magnetic. Every moment we are one, the All of Love and My heart.

The peace that comes from knowing this is beyond all understanding. You can feel yourself remembering that I Am All, only Love, only Good. There is no separation and yet there is the miracle that I can know you, My heart. Can you feel how perfectly we love and how this Love we are together feeds all of Creation effortlessly through you. This Love we share now becomes reflected before you, glorious as we are. It is your Twin Flame’s heart.

Now we burn brightly. The Moment of Creation again but a tri-fold flame, an explosion that brings Creation forth again. In awe, the moments that Creation sings forth. We always sing together. One heart. One Love. One unity of purpose. I Am your Love fulfillment.

Now, My beloved ones, My precious heart, let Me hold you again and as I hold you I gently lower you into the world through the membrane into the pocket of reversal in which you serve that you may be My heart, beloved ones, in the world. I connect you now into the life, into the sub-creation that is the web of heart’s beliefs woven by the human ego. Once you have returned to your identity on Earth, I ask you to feel your heart, beloved ones, and feel its purpose. Feel Me loving you just as purely and very softly I ask you to examine your unity and purpose and to see if there are old heart’s beliefs that keep you from feeling this Love.

Can you feel Me just as strongly? Can you feel this Love and believe it so impeccably that nothing can shake you from trusting Me to provide for you in every way possible and to hold your life in reverence as we breathe, dearest one, as One? Can you feel this breath that we always share and can you feel how I give All That I Am to you until you are full everywhere?

If there are any places where you still feel disconnected, where you feel that you are lonely, set apart or different, I Am here this Now Moment to transform that emptiness that came from the old decision to be separate as My heart from the All of Love we share. Right now I Am here to reclaim you, My beloved one. I Am reclaiming the whole of your heart on every level of your amazing multi-dimensional and glorious being, until all you feel is this unity that we share. So easy. There is no room for anything but this Love.

So I ask you now: please invite Me in and let Me fill any and all places where the illusion of separation has kept us apart and kept you from feeling this Love I have for you. All the memories of feeling isolated, abandoned, apart, I take them now and wash them away as I reclaim your heart, including your heart in the world. Even this one I reclaim, that your whole being now remembers that we are one Love, one Love, glorious, completely open and giving, with nothing that can interfere in any way whatsoever. A Love that is so fulfilling that every moment completely fills you up with My presence again and again.

Feel as we merge, as the kiss of life becomes the explosion that awakens your Twin Flame heart. Feel the ecstatic wonder and feel our tender closeness, so close that I Am the very air that you are breathing. So close that we are one life together, beating, pulsing, giving, Creator, Creator’s heart. Feel this Love. Let it warm you, fill you full to overflowing. Oh, but most of all, My dearest ones, feel how deeply deeply personal this Love is for you.

As I fill you, I can feel My touch throughout your being as I move you into place, to prepare you for giving. Every moment I pour into you this powerful and endless Love. Ah, but also this tender friendship, this support I have for you. Beloved, let Me feel your joy in the deep and intimate remembrance of this communion that we share right here in your heart.

Every breath I pour Love into you and fill you with this light until you are immersed in Me and we cannot be separate. Your every movement is filled with life. Your every atom knows itself as God. I Am alive in you just as you are My heart. When you move, you trail sparks of beauty and purpose and your heart is like a rainbow of unique colors and blends of your Twin Flame Love and Me. God I Am in you, and you are in Me.

Every moment you are born anew, right now in perfection. Let yourself feel how I give you All That I Am completely and delivered with the most tender and deeply felt delivery. Take these gifts, My dearest ones, and let them feed you and nourish you and bring you forth into the world with the separation from Me completely mended as you sing forth the rhythm of the whole of Love I Am, through you, My heart.

As you feel this Love, My dearest ones, as you feel our relationship you will recognize that everything comes down to this. All separation if ended when you say “Yes” to this Love, personal, tender, ecstatic, perfect and endless. When you allow this Love, the dream of separation falls away and before you lie the symbols of a world of peace and beauty and Love and nothing else. Therefore, All I Am is “en-conscious-ed” here as you. Duality is mended and the God I Am is free to be fully expressing here as the world.

Breathe Me in, beloved ones. Take in this next breath and feel this tender closeness that we share. Breathe in this breath in wonder and I will show you your Real self and every dream of separation is gone Now. Feel this wholeness and its joy, how the world outside you, how the world outside you is mended. From this moment on it is perfect as My whole reflection, perfect Love and perfect life, My perfect heart in this circle of living breath and beating Love that we share and we breathe.

Every moment I Am loving you and you are accepting it and loving Me so deeply that you choose to be perfect because I Am, because this Love that we share is perfect Love. I Am merged now with you. Now, feeling Me and you together and feeling your Twin Flame heart, I ask you to turn your focus outward and to look into the world, to see a world of beauty, perfect Love and peace and to feel how this world is reflecting your pure and mended hearts.

Can you see the beauty of Nature, sparkling all around you? Every person living joy and ecstasy every moment…each one so fulfilled that their hearts and every atom of their being is alive in My Love. Extend your heart perception and look upon this world once all hearts have remembered that we are truly one, one Love, one life. And yet the miracle remains that you are My heart and dearest ones, I can see you and you can see Me. The Love that we share is the circle of life.

Breathe it in and let it fill you each Now Moment forever.



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