Making Love with Life

As you open your heart and it becomes the means by which you perceive your reality, everything begins to change. Your heart blossoms like the living flower of Love that it is and you begin to feel the passionate existence of your greater life. As you stand in the Light as it shimmers and pulses and breathe in the richness of a greater life, you discover something about your true heart and that is that the heart is truly the lover of all things. It is engaged in a passionate Love-Making with life.

When you live through the heart, you live life exuberantly. You live life that is unlimited in its scope. You dance through your days filled with grace, away to the infinite moment of our communion and fully engaged in living as the great being of Love that you are.

If you live life identified with the body, you are focused on the greatest symbol of the reversal, for the truth is that you are an unlimited being of ecstatic Love, fully alive in the living whole forever. The body is an identity based on something finite and limited, something that congeals you into one place and time, and something that ends in death, the antithesis of Real life in Me.

So while you are awake in these moments of clarity, let them truly expand your awareness of the possibilities of living totally in Love with everything - with your heart Making Love to All That Is and creating an ever-expanding experience of ecstasy and freedom. Let yourself fly on the heart's wings into an experience of passionate joyous freedom where every moment you are dancing and filled with laughter, totally alive to each experience as a gift from Me.

I come into your moments now to dislodge you from all the ways that the identification with the physical creates ballast for your spirit that brings your resonance down and leaves you feeling boxed in and despondent. If you take just a moment for even a glimpse of what it means to be identified with a body and a limited physical life, you will see just how much it creates for you many of the distractions and roadblocks that keep you from being the limitless heart of the Love I Am, gloriously engaged in life.

Rather than spending the precious tender of your moments focused on the body and what the world thinks about it and how you will feed it and how potential partners will respond to it, or whether your lover thinks you are beautiful - or all the various ways that it entices you to believe in this limited identity and to spend your time upon it... let your heart show you what it means to be engaged as the lover of all life - passionate, whole, free, glorious and rich with the true riches of infinity, the riches of endless energy ready to be spent in the magic of your moments as you dance free from the limitations of time and space and engage in the endless Love-Making with All That Is.

Some of you have experienced the ecstasy of the union of Twin Flames. Now, beloved ones, let this touch you and show you that that experience of passionate engagement, of ecstatic union with everything is how you are meant to live, beyond the confines of limited focus or engagement, free to be the endless Love I Am. When you live from the level of the heart, then you see the heart's energy of all living beings first, and you engage in a dialog of endless joy with everything your heart encounters, with no limitation and no barriers, just exuberance and joy.

Beyond even what you remember of being children is the deep remembrance of this passionate engagement in which every energy of Creation is tasted and blessed, part of the holographic experience of a free and limitless being that is the center of My Love through which life flows in an endless gift, ever alive to the joy of giving. Each moment is delicious as you taste every nuance of life, heart to great heart, savoring every energy, alive to the resonance of Love in all things, a being whose Home is the cosmos and whose identity is Me. Unlimited and joyously exuberantly free.

Often the idyllic images of children are used to bring remembrance of freedom but I challenge you to an even greater freedom - the freedom to be engaged with Me in Making Love with all things through all eternity. Knowing, feeling the heart's truth will lift you effortlessly beyond the illusion of a limited engagement with life and an identity that has an end. At last you will live life in laughter and joy in a way that makes each moment precious and rich and filled with the gifts that I give you and that can only be accepted through your heart and your passionate engagement with Me.

As you remember how it is to Make Love with all things, you remember how you cherish your beloved, how your focus is unwavering, your heart completely open, your soul vulnerable and given in complete trust and surrender. The upliftment of your spirit joins the chorus of the Angels as a song of your spirit rising endlessly in gratitude for the gift of life and the blessing of living and loving, whole and free. When the heart is the instrument through which you live, every moment is the greatest gift you could receive and every breath is cherished and treasured as is every encounter with another energy, another majestic being of Love, another expression of this whole life we share - all of it meant to be cherished as only the heart can cherish.

As you remember how it is that you love in the great Love Making that is the Twin Flame union, you remember that this heart that you share is the instrument through which I engage with everything in a great exchange of Love and giving, and the acceptance of the gift of living. Words cannot ever express the feeling of being the heart of God loving. Yet deep within your center is this resonance that experiences this level of engagement with life in which every breath is exquisite, is a miracle, is like tasting the essence of All That Is. Every movement is a movement of giving all of yourself so completely that you are open to the universe as an empty chalice, a Twin Flame heart waiting once again to be filled - that you might give forth once again all that I give you.

So to live your life in the world as the heart of God, passionately Making Love with all things is to live daily, hourly, in a miracle of revelation where each energy is a gift unfolding, unwrapping itself for you. While you are engaged in living free as the glorious free being of Love you are, you will discover that the power of the heart's resonance, the magnetic scope of the heart's entrainment and the movement of this living spirit of Love will make manifest a life pure and perfect in the symbols of the world also. The life in the world can be a reflection of your life in the spirit.

While it may seem counter to the world's wisdom to live from the heart and spirit first, as I have always explained to you, the spirit is creative and the heart is ever and always magnetic, so all that you focus upon through the heart will draw to itself that which reflects it in the world. Meanwhile, you are engaged in loving everything and everyone and every nuance and energy, each experience of life, from the center of your being as a universal citizen, whole and gloriously free.

Meditation Through Yael

Beloved God, we come to You tonight and open our hearts. We ask You to wash us with Your Love, to join our hearts together and to make of us truly an open and functioning heart through which You can pour Your Love. A heart that is truly Yours. God, we give You our Will as we give You our Love, and invite You in, fully. I call to all beings of Light and ask that you would assist us, not only tonight but every moment to walk and live as the heart of God. I join my heart with my beloved Doug, and ask that our Twin Flame heart be fully open and clear, that we might be a clear conduit for this experience tonight. God, our hearts are filled with gratitude for all the wonder and the gifts of our life, and especially for the blessing of our spirit family and our larger family of every precious being in the world. Amen.

As we join together, as we open our hearts, we feel each other's heart connecting, sharing, recognizing each other and coming together in a harmony of Love that truly makes us one. Now we feel the energy moving, heart to heart, between us, clockwise around this circle, this heart of Love we share. As it moves, we feel it building and we feel ourselves becoming truly a living vortex of Love.

As we share the Love, we share the rhythm of Creation. The heart beat of God moves within our being. We also share the living breath that breathes the whole of Creation. We join in this breathing life that we share. As we breathe out, we release all limiting identities and we breathe in to the glorious Oneness of God, breathing that unity out to the world in blessing and breathing into that endless Love again. Breathing it out through our heart to the world. Breathing in now, into the glorious communion with our Creator. Breathing out that beautiful communion to every human being.

Breathing into the Light and the Light moves outward through us. We breathe into the Light again and breathe it out through every atom and every cell. As we breathe in, the Light becomes even brighter and moves through us to light the world. We breathe in, shooting upward to the very Moment of Creation and breathe that explosion of life into the world. Breathing in, through our hearts, into the glorious union with All That Is, and breathing out unity into the world. Breathing into the sweet harmony of All That Is, and breathing out harmony to the world.

Breathing into the living song of Creation and that song breathes out through our heart to sing to every heart now. Breathing in to the living hologram and breathing out that connection. Breathing into the communion with God again and breathing it out in acknowledgement to all Creation. As we breathe in, we merge into the unity and breathing out, we experience the harmony and the dance. Breathing in to the unity, the harmony and breathing out that wholeness to humanity now. Breathing in through our hearts as feeling the Twin Flame connection. Breathing out passionate Love into the world, blessing everyone. Breathing in to the ecstasy of Love and breathing ecstasy into the world now.

And now we breathe in and are lifted into grace. As we absorb it, we live it in the world effortlessly. Breathing in to the celebration of life in God and breathing that joy and celebration outward to the world. As you breathe in and out, feel the heart and the rhythm breathing and every moment the breath now begins to breathe you. The breath of the living whole sings through your being as you breathe in and breathe out in perfect trust and surrender. Every breath is an affirmation of your Love for God, for life, for the living All of Love.

Dearest Friends, I am Jeshua and I come tonight to share with you a moment, a moment usually shared, wrapped in our Creator's Love and presence. I come that we might celebrate a New Year as the Christ, as you accept the mantle of your true inherent nature and together we might celebrate the balance, the beginning of bringing the breath of God into the world. Every moment we are that which joins Heaven and Earth.

I come to share this experience with you tonight. So as your heart opens into this deep resonance in which we share perfect Love and freedom and we remember our commitment to be the Light, to be the bridge, to be the heart of our Creator in the world. Your heart now finds wings and rises in anticipation of the sweet reunion in Love with God. I assist you to become free, free, alive in ecstasy, free of every illusion of limitation. Your heart sings as it moves you even higher and the Light bathes your being and fills you with remembrance.

Every breath is a song of the Creator's Love singing directly into your precious hearts.

As you hear this sweet song, your heart remembers its freedom, the colors, the majesty and the purpose. In the moment, timeless, filled with God's presence, you drink in the truth of the unity we share as the winged heart of the Creator's endless Love. I am, as you are, perfect Love, limitless and free. Every moment is in joyous exaltation and reverence and I too am forever in glorious union with my counterpart. Each wing remains the energy of life that we name the masculine and feminine, which are the movements and the receptivity of Love.

As the breath of God, of unity, comes in and breathes through you, your winged heart reaches out and joins together in a great dance of reverence for God, and celebration of the gift of life. Together we shine as the heart of our Creator. Every one of us who is part of the Christos. Your consciousness is the pinnacle of unity and service, bringing forth the power and bringing forth the Love as the in-breath and the out-breath of God and the great circle of God's heart that we share.

Now, beloveds, shared hearts of the living One, deep within there is a diamond shining and the diamond of your heart, Twin Flame Love of the Creator, shines forth to link with mine, that I might attune you to the perfect harmony of Love and the deep commitment of your soul to be the living cross of Creation. As you touch the glory of God now and the Light explodes through your consciousness, you merge in remembrance of the power of the living awareness that you are and the heart of Love sings within you, pulse after pulse after pulse - the Light, a great ray that penetrates from the Moment of Creation through you in the center of your Twin Flame heart... as the living Vertical life that is part of the living cross of life that we, as the Christos, embody.

Now the great explosion of Love within you as you drink in, the living Love we share bursts out and reaches out joining every one of us, every pulsing cell in the living heart of our Creator, rushing outwards in out-reach through the wings of each of our hearts in a circle of Love, the horizontal arm of the Creator's cross of Love...arms to wrap Love around everything and create the circle of life.

You are the blazing star of Light, and you are the winged heart of Love, and our hearts together form the center of the hologram. Everywhere Love is, we are, in all dimensions, in All That Is. And now the living fiat of the call that lives in the center of your heart, the call to be the living cross and to be the bridge for God from the pinnacle into the world, to be the heart of God on Earth. The acceptance that you gave, dearest friends, is the moment you accepted the mantle of Christ and became the living conduit for the great cross of life. The celebration of the Creator's great all-inclusive Love...

We stretched our awareness from the Moment of Creation in joyous delight into the world, and now, together, we reach out those arms of Love, the great winged heart that we share, and wrap it around every life on Earth in deep reverence and glorious celebration. This is the moment we forever share, the moment when our hearts are the magnets that bring the balance to every heart and consciousness on Earth, as we celebrate each life, exuberantly, and perfectly, until the winged heart of humanity rises in remembrance of this glorious Love we share.

So let us stand now alive to the whole living cosmos, anchored in the world and yet, breathe always, and let us love as the living Love of our Creator, Love that wraps everything in joy and celebrates every precious life. As we stand at the ballast point for humanity, let us look with our hearts upon the world and see all the colors of the rainbow of Creation, luminous, joyous, incredible, shining forth from every heart that shares the world ... creating a miracle of beauty that we celebrate and we honor.

Each color is filled with points of sparkling Light which are the radiant hearts of humanity. All the rays that contain the elements of the Creator fully alive in the world as these precious and glorious hearts to humankind that we are here to accord, to acknowledge and to open to the Love we share. Every life that we celebrate remembers and joins in this resonant song of joy. As your heart surveys the Earth, let it feel the perfection of all life and in doing so, we bring together Heaven and Earth through the living cross of God that we share and the celebration of the life as the Christ, as the center of the unity of Love we are.

Thus, through this Love that pours forth among us and moves in the great circle of life and as we move in the living breath and movement of God's Love, Heaven and Earth become one and all that was separate is joined through the celebration, through the Christ of God. All the diamond hearts of the Creator shine forth great rays of pure pure Light, and each heart that you encounter as you honor and celebrate it becomes consciously aware of itself as part of the holographic living pulsing glorious heart, the heart of God we share.

And so, my friends, my glorious friends, let us celebrate our freedom and bring forth this freedom to every human life, and using the power of the Light and the all-inclusive arms of Love, lift every life stream on Earth into freedom and reclaim the unity of God. Winged hearts of Love, celebrating life, every precious heart remembering. As we wrap all in Love, our hearts are in ecstasy and we are the living breathing unity of God.

As you walk in the world as the Christ, remember how the heart of God loves - that your heart is the center where the power meets the Love and where Earth is brought back to balance. This is the joy, the honor, the commitment and the unity we share - a unity of purpose and Love. Let us celebrate every life in the world together. Let your consciousness be drawn to everything now and being the consciousness of our Creator, we can acknowledge every life perfectly all at once.

So can you see all the Lights and all the hearts taking wing as our hearts bring all into the vibration of Love that is the center of All That Is? And now, as we watch, the Lights join together and begin to swirl clockwise in a great dance and the consciousness of every life awaits. The hearts of humankind are joined and take wing and billions of rainbow lights dance together, and the world becomes a living breathing thing that breathes in the unity of God and pulses with the eternal Love.

We hold this truth of humanity in reverence and celebration. Lifting up the great wings of our Twin Flame hearts, the heart of God rises in the Light and all dreams of separation are gone, as we fulfill our commitment as the Christ. Bathing in the song of billions of harmonies in all dimensions, everywhere at once, the heart of the Creator that truly has never faltered is fully brought back to its awareness of unity. We, by celebrating all life, and living as the cross of Creation, now become the circle rather than the cross and become one Love, one Love with two wings rising, in an ecstasy of endless and joyous freedom.

The heart of God is one heart beating and sending forth the message of Love that is the living song of the Christos, the heart of God, the Christ.


patriciapearl 20th January 2009 8:01 am


In Gratitude . . . PatriciaPearl

patriciapearl 20th January 2009 8:03 am

p.s. Making LOVE with LIFE . . . I AM!


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