Making the Choice to be No Longer Against Anything

It is time to come Home to this Light every moment, with every breath to take it in -- with every Now to be this Love, bathing in this living River of the Light of God I Am.

As you bathe in it, moment to moment, day by day, it becomes your truth and your priority. It becomes the world you see outside of yourself as well, knowing that everything is made of this Light and Love. Know also that awareness begins within the chamber of your own heart.

Yet, when I ask you to look through the symbols of the world and to see only the pure electrons of Light and the dancing waves of Love, what I Am asking of you, beloved, My heart, is to cease all judgment, that you may understand since there is nothing solid, there is nothing for consciousness to butt up against. There is nothing to judge and nothing can be right or wrong if there is only Light beneath it.

The time has come for you to truly be this center, to be this living bridge of God. To do so requires that you can no longer be against anything, even the ego. It was necessary for your understanding of the world and how you create it for you to see the ego mind at work. But when you shift to your heart, dearest, My beloved, there is only this sweet communion. There is no ego mind and there is nothing to be against.

The circle of life must be complete in all of your relationships. That means that everything must be seen as the hologram of Love. Whatever shadow dance is playing upon the surface reflection, your choice must be to go to the heart and to be this Christ connection.

But if you are seeing other than Light and Love, then you know you are seeing the reflection of your ego. Know also how deeply important it is to release all forms of judgment. Not only will you create more of the same but the Light is increasing exponentially so that which you are against which is the essence of duality will be multiplied as is the Light and will rise up to affect you in very big ways.

This is not a threat, My dearest ones. It is simply a statement of fact. There is the movement of life increasing and you are the co-creators. Whatever you decree with your choice in this glorious Now Moment will be multiplied by the increasing Light and pushed forth by the pulsations of Love to show itself in your face until you can create the circle of pure Love, unconditional and totally giving, in which you see the truth of God wherever you look.

So I ask you to be the emissaries of Love and to step forth into your true potential. To do this requires releasing the world and surrendering your life to Me in an ever deeper way than you ever have before. For as you do, you awaken into your own great potential to be the consciousness of the living All of God. Compared to this, the life experiences that you have chosen in the world are nothing but opportunities to love and to release the places that you are rigid, the places where you are stuck, that you may be the dancing flow of life, choosing only truth in every glorious Now.

It is so important. It is imperative that you stop and ask yourself continually: what is it I am choosing in this Now explosion to have amplified by the increasing Light and Love. Be honest with yourself. Is it the heart or is it your ego?

As you choose to be merged in the Light, to see only these living particles and to feel the great intelligence of the heart giving you your only true information, then you can walk forth, giving to the world that which is the truth of your being. You know this is what you are here to do - to be the "en-conscious-ment" of this joy, and to raise into the vibration regularly of this glorious moment of Creation that is the essence of you.

Whatever comes before you was the result of the last Now Moment's choice. Whatever you focus on about it is what you are choosing to amplify now with this increasing Light. This is why, oh, one of the many reasons, that I Am asking you to bathe in the truth, but then to remember that you are Love in action as you go forth to interact with the world.

I Am alive as the living bridge in you, and you must be engaged with life but a life in which you see everything as beautiful - the truth of every being through your heart, and raise all life up to the pinnacle, holding forth the true possibilities of every heart opening to the sunlight of My presence and allowing this nourishment to penetrate and bring forth the true life of perfection as the living spirit of God involved in loving the world free.

But loving the world free means exactly this. It means loving every expression in it for this is the only way that you can lift it up, that you can raise the collective vibration, seeing only Love and being only Christ. The moment that you evaluate anything, you have slipped back into the ego dream and re-created it. So come into this experience of the Light and recognize the truth of your being until you can hold this vibration, no matter what your two eyes see - because you shall be focused completely in the one true eye of your heart.

Heart perception, My beloved, each precious one of you, becomes now more than a choice every few moments. It must become truly the way that you live. To do this means a shift where Love is everything, including the ego, and Light is the truth of all Creation.

There is no such thing as matter. Matter is simply reflections of the ego mind in its judgments, its resistance, its rigidity. A life of freedom comes only from Me and from living in this magnificent communion, moment to moment to moment. Loving all you see and keeping your perception holographic as you honor the patterns of the web of life, seeing only the beauty of this dancing energy and holding no evaluation or judgment.

Let your heart speak its truth. "I Am the Love of God in action. I Am God expressed." Let your being be this open and living river that the motion of Love moves you always into embracing every life, whatever their choices, whatever they are choosing to create, recognizing that their creations could change completely in the next moment and therefore, you have no basis to evaluate.

Being the heart of God, you are Love, ready to hold each life tenderly and to see the face of Christ in every human being and the living life of God in all of Nature. Dancing molecules of Light are the substance from which life on Earth is created.

As you come and bathe in this River of Life, become more and more familiar with this feeling of the effervescent miracle of all the life I Am rushing to encompass your being and to move forth as you into the world to be the bridge to the New World of Love. Your choice must be to see only God and to be only this Love expressed. Trust that this brings the reflection you are choosing - a world of peace and beauty and dancing particles of Light.

As you become this Light consciously and you are the open ecstatic heart of Love, then your experience of life reflecting to you will be Light, Love and perfection everywhere you look. Whatever shadow dances of the little mind are in play, they will be simply interesting patterns of life, held in your Love tenderly and lifted simply by your presence into this great flow of life giving every being a new choice and honoring this truth of God as what you truly see in everything.

It is a different way to live in the world and it has everything to do with holding this vibration. But you, dearest ones, must look carefully and see if you are holding or not and be willing to make the moment to moment choices that will bring this experience to you daily.

It may seem at times challenging to contradict the ego mind when it seems so entrenched in its patterns. But if you recognize that you are taking each moment's choice and looking at that moment individually, then you recognize that it is doable. It is easy. It is like choosing to live only this day but choosing instead to be God in this Now Moment and then choosing in this moment again.

So let it not be something big in which you conquer your ego. It is time to release the ego's judgment of itself and to simply be in this Light and alive as this Love, choosing it again and again and reaching for this communion in every living Now. Choose and choose again but be willing to see what you have chosen by that which is being expressed in the perfect mirror of the world that truly aqueous substance that is like the water in a pool. It reflects the choices perfectly.

Even though you may believe you are choosing your heart, unless you are experiencing perfection, you must become the sleuth and see what it is that is stopping the flow and shifting you into the world of judgment and evaluation and making you against something. Whatever that is, that place is the tangle that is blocking your River of Life. As you choose to release it and embrace all in Love with absolutely no judgment, the reflections around you will change and often they will change instantly.

But if you don't make this choice, then you are pushing against the River, and each of you knows this experience where everything is difficult and everything you choose seems to have unexpected complications and reactions. The web gets tangled and confused. That is when it is time to love the ego, to wrap it in your glorious Light and to release the whole duality of your being that is judgment. Come to the center that is only "Yes." "Yes" to Me, to Love, to Light and "Yes" to the flow of life.

I Am this life, beloved. Come and be the experience of My heart loving all that it sees in any and all dimensions. Freedom is your choice, for the world and for yourself. Freedom comes from releasing all to Me, that you may be the living flow of life in every moment, alive, glorious and free to give all that you are as the heart of God is giving. Trusting the Now Moment to supply you with more than you could possibly need, to grant you this unlimited freedom that is as vast as the living cosmos.

I Am your freedom and you are free to be the Love of God I Am right now and to choose it again this Now Moment...and this one, and this... and to use these choices to show you where you have been and the things that you have been choosing by allowing your focus to rest on the visions of the old world of duality and being against something.

The River of Life is never stopped because it is pure living Light and thus there are no obstacles. There is no physicality. It rushes through blessing all I Am, and this River is you. It is the truth that you are in the Real of Love, vast beings of living Light, the great Twin Flame union, the DNA of Creation, ever and always free to merge to Love and to amplify the truth of Love I Am in the whole hologram of life.

Understand this hologram as experience. Recognize that every point of life contains All That I Am and contains it perfectly. This is what the heart sees. It sees the gift of individuation and relationship, and it also sees the truth of living Love that is the essence of all beings and contains the whole of God I Am and contains it perfectly.

I Am with you as you open into Love and give yourself over to encompassing, to becoming the circle of My arms, the circle of My heart, the circle of My Love, honoring the holographic truth of every particle of Light and Love in all Creation. Give Me your heart, dearest one, each of you, and let Me fill it with this Light and this Love so that this truth becomes your living experience, that you may step forth into the next Now Moment choosing only Love and being only Christ, the living heart of God I Am, in full magnificent expression.


Dorothy L. Abrams 10th August 2008 11:07 am

I felt compelled to come and seek wisdom today, and this is what I found. Thank you so much. I have been challenged with a way of life that I find off putting, and of which I am judgmental--reading this and experiencing it as a meditation enabled me to release that judgement and embrace the people involved in honest love. There were other words that found my heart in this, particularly with reference to the river, which I have been encouraged to be. How absolutely beautiful.


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