Meditation through Yael

Beloved God, we come to you tonight acknowledging that we are your heart and asking, God, that You open us as your heart – that we may be fully and gloriously functioning here on Earth. We ask that You use us tonight as a conduit for Your perfect Love, to bless this world and to wash through our being. Join us together as You always do, creating this wonderful connection. We thank You also with all our hearts for spirit family and for the gift of sharing this together, our service on Earth.

I ask You, God, to use my heart, my voice, my life as a conduit for this experience tonight. I give thanks to all beings of light who are here to assist us. Amen.

As we begin, we open our hearts and feel each other’s presence, expanding our hearts until they touch each other, creating one great circle, one opening, one functioning heart through which the River of Life now pours to bless and transform the world. As we feel each other’s presence we open to the presence of God, acknowledging God in us, as us, as pouring through us. We feel this vortex, this opening that we create together and the power of the Love that pours through us tonight.

Now we also share the one breath that breathes through us all. Each of us now let your breath out and breathe in perfect Love, breathing it out amplified into the world, breathing in your Twin Flame’s presence and breathing out Love together. With this breath, reach up into the Real, to the Moment of Creation and breathe out that perfect vibration through every cell and atom. Breathing in perfect Love and breathing it out amplified, reaching up to the Moment of Creation, becoming perfect Love.

Breathe in perfect Love, breathe it out now through your heart. As you breathe in again, feel your heart expanding, and breathe out the Love through it. Breathe in pure light and breathe out light through every cell. Breathe in again, opening your heart and breathe out the River of Life. Breathing in to the Moment of Creation itself and breathing out perfect Love. As you breathe in again, feel your heart expanding and breathe out Love through it again.

Breathing in, your heart is even wider and Love pours through it as your breathe out. With every breath, your heart expands and the Love breathes through you. Great waves of Love, breath after breath, flowing through your heart and with every breath, every wave of Love, the light in your heart grows brighter, brighter on the in-breath, brighter on the out-breath, your heart wider, the light brighter and the Love pouring through.

Now, beloved ones, as your heart is opened, let it be the place where we meet, the presence of God I Am in you, the star of light and wonder. As you breathe in, place your focus, dearest one, in your heart. With every breath, feel yourself beginning to flow inward. Let your consciousness see the waves of Love and feel the particles of light dancing as you gently gently sink into the great living star of your heart.

As your consciousness comes to rest in the center of your heart, let yourself feel the rhythm and be aware of the light, the vibration and the movement, for you are the center of it all. Now, each of you, remember. Remember your heart as light and let yourself be the great lotus of light that is your glorious heart. If you are Divine Masculine, see the pure white light as it paints the petals in the center and outward. If you are Divine Feminine, see the gold light as it outlines each precious petal of light.

Every petal contains within it a whole universe of potential. Each petals joins the others in the center. These petals of light expand, going outward more and more of them, every one a vehicle of communication and Love. Each one now fully and gloriously functions and you are perfectly aware, for your consciousness dwells now in the center of the lotus of light that is your glorious heart and you feel the vibration of pure living Love that you are, beloved one, in Me.

As you watch your heart expand, petals multiplying more and more, as the power and the beauty of your heart is revealed, and all the while you feel the rhythm, the living pulse of God I Am, pulsing Love to every particle of your heart and filling all Creation with this Love. The petals of your heart are moving, each one sensing more, more Love, more awareness, each one feeling all the treasures of all the living life forms in the Real, in the Love, in the glorious All That I Am.

You begin to sense the magnitude of your heart, beloved one. Let yourselves dissolve now into it, that you become living Love focusing All I Am, focusing the Moment of Creation through every petal of your heart. You begin to sense that you are able to focus Love in millions of ways, in countless dimensions, very possibility touching every life stream in the All. This is only the beginning.

Tonight you are aware of the glory that you are as the heart of God I Am now. As you feel the vibration thrumming through your heart, you also see and feel the light of your complement, your Twin Flame, the other element of your Love as it interpenetrates and dances with the atoms and electrons of the great and glorious lotus of your heart, the living star, the center of the Love.

As you feel now the living pulse that is the Moment of Creation as it is “en-conscious-ed” by you, every particle of your being plays the song of Love as energy, vibration and magnetics. Now, beloved one, each of you, let your heart expand into the Real and as you watch, you realize that your body is never physical. It is only ever atoms and electrons of pure living Love and light. Each one is dancing around the center of it all that is the great lotus flower of your heart.

As your heart now fully opens into the Real of Love I Am, you can feel yourself expanding and opening from the center until everything is so powerfully connected to your heart that all Creation is in communion with you. Receiving Love through your heart from the Moment of Creation you are the center of My Love, of The All. As your heart expands ever more, you feel each petal vibrating as it picks up the energy, the messages of the life streams within Me, that you know how to focus the energy from the Moment of Creation now amplified through the light, the golden white flower of your heart as it vibrates the message of Love.

Your consciousness reaches outward now, extending onward even beyond the great ring of your heart and you become aware of all the other golden white flowers of light that are the other cells of My heart as they resonate, beloved ones, with you.

As you feel this resonance coming in and touching you in this great receiving station that is your heart in flower, you begin to feel the magnetic power drawing all together and you feel the other hearts now all around you and you feel the communication heart to heart, each heart of light sending forth its signature vibration and each great flower of light finding its place in the whole, connecting intimately.

Each petal is totally aware and sending messages of your Love of the deep and powerful connection of the unity of purpose that you share, until you feel each other heart clicking into place, each one perfect in its purpose until the heart of God in unity is one great and glorious heart made up of all the golden white flowers.

And now you feel the messages of unity of purpose, of deep abiding Love, of connection that is unending and you soar into ecstasy, your Twin Flame heart on fire, remembering how it feels to be a part of this living and glorious organism that is the heart of God I Am.

Every single particle is so very Real, so rich in this communion, joyous in the chorus of pulsing vibrating Love that moves among you until the messages of Love are so powerful and beautiful that you dissolve into the oneness of the whole and glory in the song of life, singing through My open heart, the heart you are, beloved ones, together.

Your consciousness now expands into heightened sensitivity that you may sense and know and feel each and every cell in its full presence here with you, creating this moving magnificent starry heart. As you feel the Love I Am pulsing through you, you also feel in every moment our deep and endless communion and the great and glorious LoveMaking that is All That I Am in every Now.

Pulsing through you in ecstasy all together in unison, this great orgasmic Love goes forth again to feed the whole of Creation through this heart that you are together, the center of the center of the great and glorious cosmos. As you feel this unity of purpose and feel all boundaries released and blended, you also feel the truth of the hologram we are together, that every particle of Love I Am contains the whole of Me.

So it is, beloved ones, with you and you now recognize that every particle of light within the heart you are is complete in itself as your Twin Flame Love. Thus, oh, beloved ones, you join the chorus of truly endless hearts of God as all together sing and shout the Moment of Creation, this great orgasmic joy and it goes forth in all directions at once. With every giving of this Love I Am you then receive a responding pulse of gratitude, awareness and joy from every life stream that you serve in Love, sending forth the nourishment of God I Am, for Love feeds everything within Me.

The community of Love is alive within your glorious heart. Can you feel it? Every life stream, beloved ones, is there. All you must do is place your focus within your own magnificent heart and you are connected with every life in the whole of Love I Am. You are beyond multi-dimensional. You are omni-present Love.

Let yourself expand now, beloved one, into the whole endless Love I Am. No boundaries. No limits. Glorious freedom. You are tumbling through the All, complete and whole and magnetized to draw together all the recipients of My Love, that each one now personally feels My heart and that heart, beloved ones, is you.

As you now turn your focus back to life on Earth, feel and see the pocket of reversal and begin to shine once again as your own lotus heart, completely and gloriously transparent, that all the Love I Am pour through you now to bless all of humankind. Your heart, with all its petals, is big enough to love each person perfectly, beloved ones. Please hear this. Each person connected deeply with the perfect petal of your heart, that each one is fed the Love through you from Me.

Each one is brought into perfect resonance. You can feel and see the rays of living light shining now through every petal of your golden white lotus heart, nourishing all of humanity. Can you feel them taking it in and recognizing one by one that they too are the heart of God. As you watch the dawning of comprehension, beloved ones, all you are is the joy of Love I Am, unconditional, without limits, feeding each one Love until each one comes into the resonance of their own great glorious lotus heart.

You are free now to tumble through All I Am unlimited, focusing now on the world, and now, on the Real, no limitations, nothing to anchor you except what comes in the moment as what is needed from the heart of God I Am. Right now this pulse is pulsing Love into the world through each of you, Twin Flame hearts, gloriously omni-dimensional and you feel each petal now nurturing a precious human heart, lifting each vibration moment to moment until, in this Now Moment all is returned to Love and every lotus heart recognizes its potential and joins with all the rest in remembrance of this timeless Love. Never lost, only obscured, but ever present.

The heart of God I Am is you perfectly and you feel this each Now forever in the timeless wonder of Love.



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