Meditation Through Yael

Beloved God, we open our hearts to You and to each other and ask You, God, to infuse us with Your Love, to expand our hearts and consciousness, to join us together and make us truly one heart tonight through which You pour Your amazing Love, this Love which we are as well.

Thank You, God, for the honor of being here serving You, serving Love, serving humanity, and serving all life on this Earth. We re-dedicate ourselves in this moment and every moment to that which we are here to do, and ask that You would use us as a crystal clear conduit for Your Love and as an open vortex through which the Light and Love can spark the transformation on Earth.

I call to all the beings of Light who assist us in gratitude and I ask You as well to be with us here tonight, but also every day and every step. I join with Doug, asking that our Twin Flame heart be opened, activated and that we can be a conduit for this Love and this experience tonight. Amen.

So once again, let us open our hearts wider and wider reaching for the connection with each other, feeling our hearts connecting, communing, joining together and feeling the energy now moving heart-to-heart between us, creating a living vortex with the energy flowing clockwise, around and around the vortex, amping up the energy and creating a funnel for Love. Creating a true magnetic heart together that can be the conduit for this Love.

We share the awareness of the River of Life as well as it pours through this opening also. We share the living breath of the One, as together we let our breath out and take a deep breath in. Breathing out we feel ourselves surrendering to Love. As you breathe in again, open your whole being and breathe out the Love that is pouring through you. Breathe in now into God's glorious presence, and breathe out the joy of this holy communion.

Breathing in and opening into communion with God. Breathing out the Love in all its radiant splendor. Breathing in now all the way into the Moment of Creation, and breathing out all of that energy into the world. Breathing in into the unity of the whole of Love, and breathing out that unity into the world now. Breathing in, opening to the Moment of Creation and breathing out the Light into the world now.

Breathing into the Light and breathing it out now through every atom. Breathing into the Light again, breathing it out through every electron. As you breathe in now, open your heart completely and feel, beloved ones, My presence here with you. As I hold you in this Love and wash you in this ocean, I ask you to remember the doorway of your heart. Open your heart now until you can see the Real through it and now, slip through that opening into the Real of Love I Am.

Feel the glorious freedom. Can you feel it, dearest dearest one, as each of you remembers that you are weightless and free. As you feel yourself expanding, suddenly free to release all restraints, filling up the vast magnitude of your true and glorious nature - I ask you to let yourself truly become this unity, until your every electron is singing My name, deep deep in your being, singing the name of God and singing it in vibration far beyond language. It is the vibration that is spoken in the very deepest center of your heart.

Your heart knows Me and knows this communion. Breathe Me in. Can you feel it? How very much I love you? Can you feel Me bathing you in tenderness and joy? Feel how I treasure the fact of your existence, and feel yourself surrendering into the joy and ecstasy knowing I am the source of your everything forever. I Am the abundance of your eternal and glorious life and I ask you to open every atom and each electron, every particle of your being, and let this song begin to sing, that knows yourself as precious, as perfect and holy and sings and sings and sings this glorious song of life.

Now you are rising, rising in a great column of Light that washes through your being and sings your sweet name, and says to you, "I Am your life, your sustenance and I Am the essence of all that is in you." As you rise higher you feel the song changing, until you are becoming the very essence of Light. As you watch, you can feel your being in its expansiveness, and you are looking into the cosmos of your whole glorious self.

All that you see is the living dance of particles of Light as they are washed in the continual wave forms of Love, as wave after wave of ecstasy washes through you and you are still lifting into the Light. Particles of Light are dancing everywhere that you see and they are speaking deep within you and singing the song of Love.

As you continue to rise as this great expansive being, you recognize two streams of energy in this vastness you are. Each one sings out the name of God I Am, one the gold Light and one the white. As the particles of Light exchange this dance, dancing with each other in pulsations of joy, you recognize and celebrate the nature of your being: two streams of consciousness, one glorious God heart.

All around you, beloved one, you can feel and see the Angels, glorious magnificent beings of Light. You feel the great rushing rivers that are the currents of Love as I lift you into the presence of the All of God I Am and we become this one voice. We become now one movement. We become the awakening of the whole of Love. In this moment there is only one Love, one purpose - to give and to give the Love I Am again and again.

As you allow these waves of ecstasy to penetrate your being and to wash through you and carry you out into the cosmos, your consciousness everywhere is still the atoms dancing, gold and white, atoms of Love, always together and every atom of your vast being is known to you perfectly, each one perfect and loved by you, each one with a purpose, each one a living heart, each one singing its note in your own song of life.

Every breath that is breathed through the wholeness that you are breathes each atomic heart and makes of it a living star. Every star within the vastness of your great cosmic being is singing out its Love for you. The breath and the life of this hologram of Love is filled with the perfection of this Love that you give and all the tenderness that you feel is returned to you thousand-fold and fills and fills with ecstatic joy your own Twin Flame heart.

Now, you shift your focus and you become atomic Love. You feel the crashing ocean and the lightning bolt again and life itself is born in you as you are Making Love at the Moment of Creation as the whole of God I Am. You become aware that you are perception. You are the point of focus within the whole of Love I Am.

I Am asking you to allow Love to direct you and let yourself be focused only by Me. Where your heart knows itself, be it vast or microscopic, it knows its direction comes always from Me, rising up within it, bringing this sweet communion. That song of life is present and so is the direction, the direction of your focus as you become the point of Love that reaches out each moment as the heart of God again.

Everywhere I Am you are, Now and Now and Now. Now you are the vastness and Now you are the atom. And Now, you are the fires of life, the explosion of Creation and Now, you are the soft soft waves of the ocean of Love. In the living Now your focus is this instant when you feel the rising up of the direction within and the Will of God becomes the Will that opens your heart and directs the focus of Love here and now.

Here, here where we meet, dissolve, re-emerge again. Here where you are the ecstasy of the Love I Am. Here, beloved one, where you are My focus, the heart of God directing the Love, ever here and now. I want you to be this total surrender, completely immersed in the hologram of the Love we share. So complete, so perfect, so full of life, yet, held in perfect stillness as you wait on the Will of Love.

Out of the stillness, deep in your heart, Love begins to move you. It rises up. It lifts you outward and it directs your focus. All the energy, all the particles of great atomic life come streaming through your open heart to your point of focus. Can you feel this power? As vast as the cosmos, blazing forth with the energy of the Moment of Creation itself? Speaking with millions of tongues of Light, of living flames of Love? The atomic heart of God I Am is focused as you.

Feel this power, dearest one, each of you, each heart. Feel the clash of the movement of the powers of life, bursting forth again in streams of atomic particles, each one a living sun that pour forth now through your Twin Flame heart to be focused by you again.

The whole of the vastness of God I Am is pouring through your heart. You are the Moment of Creation here and now through you. As you feel this great stream of energy go forth, beloved, it is imperative that only Love direct it. So I ask you to remember now the truth of your Twin Flame heart and the power of all Creation that is alive in you. Be willing to be this power, to be this truth of God and to be that which focuses the power in every moment Now.

As you allow the true remembrance of your own explosive nature, I ask you to remember our covenant which is your pure and open heart as the focus of atomic energy. All of Creation itself streaming in orgasmic ecstasy through your Twin Flame heart now... And all of that power, all of that energy must be focused and that focus is your consciousness.

Oh, beloved ones, please listen. I Am calling you to return to your true purpose and I Am lifting all the fail-safes and bringing the energy forth now. I Am lighting up the All I Am and I turn you now to the world, to the pocket of belief in anti-Love, and I ask you to dissolve it, to dissolve the shadows, the illusions, the echoes of duality and to do so so perfectly that all that is left is the perfection of God.

As you feel the power flow through you, let Love use you to focus this atomic power and to transform the world. I Am the perfection of God and I Am focused now. Oh, beloved heart of God I Am, open your heart now and feel this Light, this energy dissolving the illusion, unfreezing the frozen Love on Earth and returning to every heart its purpose as the open doorway of living Love, the focus for My heart, that which directs the energy from the Moment of Creation.

This is your purpose, focusing Love and giving it forth multiplied and now, what you see and feel, dearest ones, is a world of perfection and Love. A world of joy and ecstasy held in the streams of Light that are the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, streams of Light of your own being. As you watch with your heart's perception, the world turns gold and white and every heart on Earth is returned to its purpose. Each one is fully resonant with the power and the joy, and the fires of Creation are truly alive in what was the world of men.

Now it is the world of the pearl in the heart of God I Am, the perfection of Love through the covenant of your open and joyous hearts. Every breath acknowledges the living singing atoms and the atomic power of Love that is focused now through you.


sharon 18th January 2009 10:10 am

so good to read. i want to listen. let me know if there is a recording

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