Moving Beyond Words and Language

We stand upon the threshold of new forms of communication that are completely beyond your experience with language and words. As we leave behind the world of the ego mind and of duality, you must be willing to make the shift beyond your known boundaries and to leap into the communion of Light and the experience of life as living Love, always in complete communion and every part of it totally holographic.

This means that within each life stream there is the comprehension of everything that is part of this living whole, and every movement of life in the living cosmos is received directly by your heart. So the moment that you make this leap beyond human boundaries, you become free and open and available to truly become a citizen of Light and part of the living whole.

So I Am encouraging you to make this shift into the realms beyond language and words and to begin to use consciously this communication of Light streams and vibration in place of using words. As we take these steps into the realms of Light and Love, I will be here to support you and to whisper in your heart, "Remember this, My beloved ones? Remember how it feels to be whole?" And remember this blazing heart that shoots forth its streams of gold and white and dances in a Twin Flame symphony that is totally and comprehensibly open to the universe and ever in perfect communion with every aspect of Me.

You are fully equipped and capable to using this language of vibration, Light and Love to reach forth and to make yourself known as a citizen of the living whole. You have always known that as you brought this life that you know as planet Earth into the vibrations of your Home, that you would be accepted by all the legions of Light and acknowledged as an integral part of the whole - each of you holding your banner of truth and feeding it from the Real into the world as you attune your hearts to the living song of life and become omni-linguistic, speaking the languages of Light.

Where to start? Start, beloved ones, with the attunement of your heart. First, sitting in the Light and experiencing heart perception. Then, attuning yourselves to the great Divine Feminine, the great Divine Masculine and the living whole, until you can feel the truth resonating in your heart so strongly that you know yourself as this, this star of golden Light, this blaze of brilliant white, this living receptive experience of the All of God named immediately by Me and embracing All in Love.

As you attune yourselves to the truth of Light and feel your name in the wave forms of Love and understand the resonance of God I Am as the language of your soul, then you shall be available as the transducers of the Real, bringing it forth in statements of living miracles, shifting the world to the perfection of Love instantly.

As your awareness becomes omni-dimensional, as I have said before, you do not leave the world behind, but rather become the living being of Light and Love that is the Twin Flame heart embracing the whole and speaking the language of the Real to the peoples of Earth, trusting their hearts to receive it.

Each of you must be available for this new unfoldment of Light, for the awakening of these true universal languages that are speaking the essence of wholeness and vibrating at the rate of pure Love beyond the little mind's comprehension. To do this, beloved ones, requires releasing your ego identity so deeply that it cannot hold you at all. It cannot limit you to the old world duality, for you must be free to fly.

As you hear My voice singing in your heart, then you know your heart is receiving its attunement. As you trust Me to open you, then you will receive this language effortlessly. When you are fully engaged in the language of the Real, you will be available to use words as the vehicle for carrying these packages of living Light and these wave forms of perfect Love.

So, wrest your attention away from the world and all the old images of anti-life, of aging, reduction, even death and sing the song of your heart over and over again until it becomes your primary language and the language of the world becomes secondary. You will find that the concepts born of the movement of Light and the powerful expressions of Love are like your heart being the most perfect harp, being played by the gentle hands of Angels as you receive your Messages from Me and you respond in the living ecstasy of pure spirit.

All that you have searched for is now available to you, and you are standing already at the doorway. Step through, beloved ones, and open yourselves to becoming a new being, the living Christ, the heart of God I Am, alive and fully conscious, awake in the world, no longer dreaming and bringing humanity out of the dream of lack and separation into the overwhelming abundance and joy of the realms of only Love.

Every moment that you can remember, stop and make this shift. Feel what is resonating in your heart. Are you receiving My Messages directly and easily? Can you feel your heart responding to their movement and can you feel a new awareness of who you truly are and of all that you have as this glorious Twin Flame Love, made of dancing streams of Light and pure orgasmic waves of ecstasy, pulsing in these blazing stars of Light? Pulsing out the code of life born each now in freedom like the new Morse Code for the world.

Feel this freedom in your heart and as you receive these gifts, this resonance, receive also this new definition of your being and your purpose. You find yourself rejoicing each Now Moment as the gift of life is given to you again.


Beloved God, once again and always we open our hearts totally to You and ask that You bathe us in Your glorious Love. We ask You, God, that You join our hearts together tonight and create of them a truly wondrous heart, a vortex of Love, through which You can pour Your Love to lift and bless, open and transform this beautiful world. So God, we give our hearts to You. We give You our will, we give You our Love and rededicate ourselves in service to the Light and to the awakening of every precious life on Earth.

I call to all beings of Light to assist us in amplifying the Love that we receive each Now Moment and use it always to bless all life, especially to use it in service for all life on Earth. I join with my beloved Doug, opening our Twin Flame heart and ask to be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. Thank You, God, with all that we are, all that I am. Amen

So let us join our hearts together consciously now. As you open your heart wider and wider, feel how it touches each other heart here tonight and feel our hearts resonate together, creating a new thing, creating a new song, a new vibration of Love. Feel the energy moving between us, around and around this vortex in a clockwise motion building the Light, the energy, the Love, the joy. As we share this heart together and we share our dedication, we also share our breath with each other and with all life - with the one glorious breathing whole of Love.

As you let your breath out, let the old world, the old you, fall away. As you breathe in, open yourself completely to the whole and breathe out the pure Love, breathing into the presence of God. Breathing out that communion, breathing in to the center of the All, and breathing out pure Love through your heart. Breathing into the glorious communion of all life, breathing out the song of oneness. Breathing into the Real into the great hologram, and breathing out the awareness of unity.

Breathing into the sweet remembrance of God and breathing out that tender Love to every life in the world. Breathing in, moving up, up to the very pinnacle and breathing out pure Light through every cell. Breathing in, becoming part of the one breath. Breathing out that shared living essence. Breathing into the ocean of Love that is endless and breathing out trust to the world.

Now as you breathe in, let Love begin to breathe you as it breathes itself through you. Breathing in once again to that deep God communion and breathing God's presence through you and as you to the world, to all of life. Now, breathing in all the way to the very Moment of Creation and becoming the out breath of the All of God. Breathing in to that glorious explosion and breathing out joy through your whole vast being. Breathing in to the Moment of Creation again and breathing out pure Light to the world.

With each breath, feel the oneness as you are a part of the living whole, and let every in breath be that beautiful communion and every out breath be the Love of the whole.

And now, beloved ones, precious hearts of the living whole, I ask you to feel the resonance of All That I Am as it beats through your heart, as a blessing to all life and to the world as you become this breath of life and you feel the vibration, the energy ever and always moving forth in you to all of life.

As you place your focus now upon your heart, dearest ones, let yourself be melted, melted by the heat, the Light and the grace and drawn into the heart as your doorway. As your heart opens, you begin the transformation, like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon. In this Now Moment you are born into the freedom, as you stretch your consciousness and your Love out into the glorious whole, the cosmos, the living, giving hologram of Love. Continue to open into the vastness and feel how glad you are to be free, and moving outward even farther please remember this freedom. Let it speak to your center and let it speak also to your freedom. Let yourself be truly endless, remembering what it means to be free.

Now that you have stretched forth ... ah, the glory. Now, reach upward higher, up the scale of vibration into the pure and magnificent Light and as it blazes forth, you become this explosion and you are the center of your heart as it is the center of the whole, the heart of God I Am.

Now I speak to your heart directly using the language of resonance and like the heart played by the Angels, feel your heart responding in joy as it remembers this language of God. Can you feel it? Each movement of My Love resonates within your heart's vast chamber and plays a song upon the crystalline atoms of your heart. Can you hear the pure and celestial music of the song of this perfect communion? Just as you hear Me singing deep within you, now open to the song of life and feel every life stream as it sings forth to greet you. Music of the spheres...

And now, beloved one, each of you, call your Angels and listen as you receive the blessing and feel how it resonates through your whole magnificent being and sings itself again upon your heart and the song of resonance plays deep within you. It sings forth into your Twin Flame and returns to you amplified perfectly, and joins with the song of your heart. Together it washes forth to bless all Creation.

You can hear deeply through your heart your song as it touches each glorious life stream, and how each life stream joins with it and creates something new from your song within it... until it sings forth again differently. Every life continues to deepen and to amplify, to expand on this living song of Love. Every time it touches you, it sings throughout your being. It sings forth eternity within you and lets you encompass all life perfectly through this beautiful exchange - the living vibrational song of life.

Now I ask you, beloved heart, to open yourself like a great rose awakening and as your Twin Flame heart expands and all its petals become the instruments upon which I play My song of Love, each petal reaches forth, a cosmic receiver, carefully attuning itself to the song of God. You feel it as you receive the energy of the Moment of Creation, pulsing now into your Twin Flame heart, and playing its song of joyous unity on every petal. Your whole being resonates with every note until you now become the living song itself, lifted up in ecstasy and spreading throughout the cosmos instantly, the living breath of God, meeting, touching every life and singing to every heart.

This is how God loves you. Touching heart to heart, your heart plays the song of this Love I Am giving through you, that every life may feel itself part of the living song I Am, as the movement goes on and on, like waves in the great ocean of Love. As you feel yourself expanding and the song that I sing in you amplified, the waves of Love play themselves and you, I ask to amplify consciously this great song of giving Love.

Can you feel it now as you extend your heart, yourself, your energy and meet life stream after life stream? Each one delivers this song of Love perfectly, joining each in instant communion. I send you forth as these waves of the living song of Love, expanding you more and more until all life sings now within you. This is My gift to you now, that within you, you can feel the whole communion. My communion with every life is now the song that lifts up your being and I Am God loving All That Is and singing that Love forth as you.

Now beloved heart of the All I Am, I lift your consciousness again into the very Moment of Creation that this explosion of life now sing its song to you. Let your heart now receive it as this song, as vibration. Can you feel it powering through your being as lightning bolts blaze through every atom and every particle within you now explodes into joyous life, sparkling, crackling with the energy? This too is the song of life, the vibration of the lightning bolt upon the ocean, the Moment of Creation as it blazes within you.

Now, it washes forth as part of you to bless and awaken every life stream, every movement of life within the hologram. As you reach forth once again, let your focus remain awake to the Moment of Creation and you become All That I Am as Love awakening itself to ever more ecstatic expression of joy.

Every movement of energy, every explosion of Light, every moment when Love knows itself as the great orgasmic ecstasy of God I Am - this is the language of Real life, and it steeps itself in and through you always. You, My glorious heart. Can you feel this wave of living Love as it passes through your being and sings through every atom and electron and can you feel your vast being that extends from the very Moment of Creation embracing this communion with all life?

Can you feel the jolt, the explosion of Love when this life moving through you touches another life and your Twin Flame heart delivers its Love? All its Light and flowing in the whole of God I Am, and you are My heart speaking Love's language as it sings its expansion again and again through you.

Oh, beloved, My heart embraces all life. Feel this incredible song as it speaks and laughs joyously within you. Now I ask you to open to Me, to open your magnificent and glorious heart and receive My Message, My blessing taking it deep deep within, in accord with the highest vibration of Love. Now, open and become this Message, flowing forth and delivering this language of the living spirit. Feel it as you commune with each life, as you speak through the movement of Light and Love, in the communion of the living whole.

Reach forth your heart and feel the Angels, and now feel the vast being that you name the Masters and consciously make the connection, speak the language of Love that is pure energy and vibration, and watch how it resonates through your being as it is delivered to another. Your heart's true language is this communion and every connection reveals itself perfectly as a holographic experience in the living Now Moment always.

Now, beloved, each precious stream of life, each Twin Flame heart, I call you. Place your focus gently now upon that which you call life on Earth. Oh, dearest ones, can you feel the delivery of Love as it washes now through your whole being, and can you feel the energy as it is accepted or rejected by all the lives in the world. Can you feel this language of vibration and the song that it makes from this expression, this message of Love I Am delivering in, through and as you?

I ask you now to extend your heart and let it immerse itself in the world. Can you see the mist of the ego mind creation and as your heart penetrates the illusion, ah, now it touches all the precious lives, all the hearts forever beating. Every one speaks a message of Love. Can you feel the beautiful heart symphony that is the truth of the heart on Earth? Let this truth fill your whole being with awe, reverence and a new awakening to the truth of the world that Love is the true language and it is a heart symphony.

You, beloved, can speak this language easily. As you extend your heart, also now extend your Light. Feel the white Light of the Divine Masculine and the blazing gold of the Divine Feminine, and let it touch, bless and awaken the world. Feel it in your heart as it does so. Can you feel what happens when your Love and your Light meet with another's resonance? Feel the communion happening and the rich and deep experience of exchanging Light, Love, pure energy as the heart of God I Am in communion.

Now, reach forth your heart again and touch the lives of Nature. Can you feel the vibrant song they are sending you and how richly it resonates and sparks the vibrational awareness of nuances of Light and joy. This too is the language of Love and the communion of the living spirit.

Now, dearest ones, shift your focus and slide into the world with your awareness and reach forth from the perspective of a life lived in service to the world. Feel the language of the living spirit and the language of the communion of Love as they touch in you and between you, and resonate through your whole being. Feel the song of life as it lifts you up again and again and amazes you with all its beauty. You can always be the experience of God I Am in the living Now Moment as radiant hearts and the pure energy of the spirit.

Beloved ones, let this language play itself throughout your whole being and let it return through you to the Real of Love and to Me now in our deep communion. Thus it completes the whole circle and that is the circle of My communion of Love with the living hologram of life in the perfect language of resonance.


Debbie 18th August 2008 9:51 am

So beautiful, what a gift your sharing has brought to my heart. May you expereince every blessing you have given.

Sending you love and light



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