Nature As the Doorway that Swings Both Ways

Just as all Creation shares one living breath, so too do you share the living breath with all of life that is appearing here as the world. So also must you recognize the rhythm of Creation, the rest and the going forth and the great creative pulse, the moment to moment pulsations of Love where everything disappears into the All and reappears as conscious life.

Just as this one breath is the vehicle for all awareness, so too is your breath the vehicle for the awareness of the world as a great spiritual experience of life, of Love sharing its magnificent nature, its panoramic expression of the reality of Love in all the rainbow hues of Creation that can appear through you as My functioning heart.

So I attune all of you now to this creative pulse and the recognition that each Now Moment all things are truly made new in Me and through you, dearest ones, in the world. The great arc of your being that is alive in the life from the Moment of Creation into the world is alive with the electricity of the great atomic spark that is Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in holy union, in ecstasy expressing joy.

This expression is the truth of you and the truth of life as it really is. This expression now is waiting to be made manifest in the symbols of this world as Heaven or perfection. It is simply the truth of the reality of Love expressing through your open heart. Yet, for those who are not ready to remember only Love, Nature acts as the dimensional doorway, as the bridge holding the place that you are meant to occupy. Nature is the expression of your heart, held in the perfection of this beauty, and for consciousness that is turned away, it ever holds the intriguing resonance that brings something to the heart of every precious one.

So the natural world vibrates at the resonance of pure Love and holds open the portal, the doorway that is actually your heart. Thus every stirring that Nature brings you, each remembrance of beauty and peace is the reminder of the markers you have left to remind you of who you are and of your Home in Me. Because All I Am is Love, in truth there is no outside world. As you come to feel the energy of your own being and your great heart, the dilemma will fall away.

When you feel this Love that we are as the whole truth of your being without any distractions from the world, then everything is revealed as your heart. The resonance becomes an exchange of Love in which you see yourself, in which your own heart sings to itself of its Real nature as Love. So when you are in communion with Me, when your heart sings in ecstasy with this great movement of Love – when you open to the world and you experience Nature – you will find you can’t tell the difference between the natural world and your own Real heart. They are one song, beloved ones, being sung to the tune of eternity, expressed in this instant as an expression through time when in truth it is simply the Vertical, the doorway into Love perfectly, being held open in Me.

When your heart is open wide, when you feel the ecstasy of this Love, there are no secrets, no separations from life and everything that you look upon speaks within your heart and reveals the truth behind the symbols, and you realize that the doorway swings both ways. It does not matter if you view it from the Real of Love gazing upon the world and watching the transformation or whether you view it from within the dream but held within your heart in a resonance of pure Love and service. Either way you will find the door of Love is open and your heart finds its remembrance of its truth in Me and its home in eternal Love.

So what I want for you is for you to become attuned to the great wave forms of Love that will put you in harmony with the resonance of God I Am as the movement of light, as God I Am breathing in and out, the All, the relationship, the ecstasy, the wholeness, the orgasm, the union – until you are experiencing the hologram as spherical and finding your consciousness moving easily in and out of the world – into the All of Love on the in-breath of the cosmos, alive in the glorious communion, and into the world on the out-breath, the out-reach, the great and glorious impetus of giving, for that is what the world is. That is what Love is ever meant to be. Until the moment when each heart makes the reversal, this world is a pure expression of giving.


Beloved God… we open our hearts tonight, and ask that You fill them, that You fill our being and our consciousness and our hearts, with the awareness of our truth… with the very Love You are. And we ask You God to join our hearts together, and to make of us a living conduit for Your Love, to uplift and bless this precious world, and every life upon it.

We give You thanks… with all that we are for the gift of each other, of this spirit family, of this Love we share, and for the honor of being here… serving Your Love in the world. I call to all the Beings of Light, who so lovingly, and generously assist us. I ask you to fill us with the vibration of joyous light and joyous Love, and to be with us every step of this journey.

And I ask that my heart and voice, my life, my Twin Flame heart with Doug, be the purest and most crystal clear conduit for this Love and the messages of your Love, God… always. Amen


As we begin… first we reach out in consciousness, and feel each other’s presence. Feel the interweaving of our spirits. And now we open our hearts… and join our hearts together, feeling the amplification of the Love that we are., exponentially. As we join together, heart to heart, creating now this living conduit through which the very Moment of Creation… all that Love, and all that atomic energy can pour into the world.

In gratitude for each others presence, we offer this heart to God… that Love may use it perfectly, now.

And we feel the energy moving clockwise, around this circle of hearts. The vibration escalating and creating, truly, a living heart together. And now we also share, not only the pulsing heart, but also the one breath.

So as together, we let our breath out… and take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out… let the whole world simply fall away. And breathe in again, vertically, upward to the Moment of Creation and breathe out the pure Love through this shared heart. Breathing in, together… opening to the great explosion, and breathing out the atomic power, now. Breathing in, to the perfect Love, and breathing it out through our shared heart. Breathing it in now, through each individual heart, and breathing it out, again. Breathing in to the pure Love… feeling that vibration, and breathing it out, through every cell and atom, and breathing in, again. Touching the perfect vibration, breathing it out… in your heart, and with each breath in… feel your heart open even wider. And with each breath out, feel every atom and every electron, vibrate with the Light.

Breathing in… to perfect Love, feeling God’s presence, and breathing it out, again. Recognizing that vibration as it moves through your heart. As you breathe in, and out… letting Love began to breathe you. Letting go, surrendering… into the will of Love we share. Breathing in, through your open heart… into the Moment of Creation, itself. And breathing out pure Love, through every atom and every cell. Breathing in pure Light, and breathing it out, again… until you can feel your whole being, as vibrating, pulsing Light.

And beloved one, as you feel My presence whispering in your consciousness, and singing through your being, I touch and bless your heart. And in this moment of our communion, when this blessing washes through you, you can feel the sweet remembering of this Love that we share. And every cell, every atom, every particle and wave form becomes awake to the holy presence of God I Am, as you. And I speak in the language of eternity, deeply into your heart, as you recognize my request for surrender into the All of Love.

Let your heart now become a living gateway, as I open this doorway to Love. And as I do so… I show you the exquisite pattern of Light, that is your unique vibration. And from this vibration of Light, I ask you to create a matrix of Love, that will serve all humanity as an opening into the Real, always.

And now, beloved ones, I shall take you on a journey, while we anchor these gateways, that you are. And I ask you to remember the beauty of the being you truly are. As you take this breath, let the luminous colors of creation enfold you, and create of your heart a mandala, that speaks of your purpose, as Love.

This mandala, of light and color, is the expression of your heart… as energy. And I ask you to plant this pattern into the world, as a gateway, of Love. This signature of your heart now becomes a sparkling opening into the Real, and we plant these mandalas of awakening into the fabric of the natural world. As you see the perfect pattern, of light and energy, and the sweet pulsation of Love… you can feel nature acknowledging its remembrance of the truth, of you.

And now that this doorway is anchored, and the natural world has embraced it, I ask you to step through it, beloved one, into the Real of Love. As you consciousness breaks free of the illusion, you fly… into My presence, perfectly, and you taste the unlimited freedom of being the All of God. And the rich remembrance of your inheritance of All that I Am, as the heart of All that I Am, speaks to your heart… and you rejoice in the nature, the reality of Love. And the freedom that you feel opens your heart, wider than the very cosmos, itself, and your heart is as grand as creation and fully alive in the ocean of Love, and every movement of Love, through All that is, sings through your heart, through your being, and elicits from you a song of gratitude, that rises into the Moment of Creation, itself, and your heart becomes a Twin Flame hymn of praise, singing gratitude for life, and each movement of the song, of your being calls forth a brand new explosion of Love.

Every moment of gratitude creates a response, and I want you… dearest one, to feel this… how every time your heart sings, in praise, creation itself explodes forth in wonder, and amplifies the Love pouring into your heart, in response to this deepest of prayers. The prayer of Gratitude is the prayer of surrender to the perfection of Love we share.

And this heart that you are, as the focal point, the center of the All of Love I Am… oh beloved ones, is the instrument of praise and gratitude, that is the engine of Creation itself. For the Moment of Creation is the wonder of consciousness… the explosion of my awareness of my being, but the gratitude from within me, in my heart… this is you, and it causes the re-emergence of the wonder, and fuels the explosion of creation, once again, that All that is, is revealed once again.

So as your heart rises up, recognizes the Twin Flame Love, and sings out in gratitude for life… you are creating the response, in the Moment of Creation, itself. So receive, now, this great gift of exploding Life, and pulsing Love, and let it fall into your heart that is so open, and bring you nourishment and perfection, once again. And you feel your heart taking wings through the cosmos… feel the ecstasy, as the wonder continues, and you recognize the miracle of living life, in sweet surrender… to the moment where Love is revealed.

And now, beloved ones, let your heart become… truly the fertile field, in which I plant the purpose for the great amplification of Love. And as this purpose is planted, deep in your heart… feel it nourish all of your being, and wash through your energy… opening the whole of Love, awakening it, deep within you. For the hologram of Love is fully present everywhere. Thus it is held within your heart. Just as perfectly as you are held, within Me, as my center… as the hologram remembers, itself.

In every dimension, each direction, in the living now… I Am the Perfection of Love. And I Am the joy of gratitude, and the gift that gratitude brings.

And now… beloved ones, each cell of my heart… let Me speak, deep into your being. Let me show you the living song of Twin Flame Love, you truly are. And let Me amplify each treasure, within you, created by your Love, together… one heart… two streams of Love.

And now I ask that you become, truly, the point of my focus. For the Love pours through my open heart, to be delivered perfectly, each now moment… and that delivery, beloved ones, is you. Thus I ask you now… to become the focus of Love, focused upon the world. From your awareness in the All of Love, the world becomes perfect within you, and you are the heart of God, embracing every life on earth, as you watch from the Real, and amplify every thought of Love…every prayer, each request for peace.

And now… beloved one, I ask you to watch the whole of the world. Watching for prayers of gratitude… feelings of gratitude and of surrender, and as you do… you will see that gratitude rises purely like great streamers of light, coming perfectly now, to your heart. I ask your heart to open, that you might feel the gift of gratitude, and feel your heart’s response.

Can you feel what gratitude does to your heart…you who are my heart, beloved one. Feel how it makes your heart come alive with wonder, and respond with outbursts of Love… pouring forth with all you are, amplified in your Twin Flame whom, responding with the whole of Love I Am, and pulsing forth, in return, to amplify the gratitude. To cause it to become the transformation, into the perfection of Love I Am. And this perfection, now, follows the pathway of the gratitude… right back down, into the human heart, and bursts forth as a blessing, as a fountain of Love. Covering each grateful person with the energy of Creation itself.

And now, once again, from your perspective in the vast and glorious Real, as you watch the earth… you can see all the prayers of gratitude, rising… rising, in great streams of luminosity. Up from the earth… from each precious one, who uttered them, or who felt the gratitude in their heart rising, to connect with the heart of Love - My heart, dear ones, my heart… and that is you. And the moment that my heart feels the gratitude… oh it is beyond magnificent, beyond ecstatic. Its is the most exquisite sensation, ever… other than the Moment of Creation, itself.

And the moment that gratitude touches you, My heart, its elicits a great amplification of Love, and returns as a blessing… as vast as the cosmos, to wash the whole being, in Love.

So as you watch the world, in wonder, you see these prayers of gratitude… and how each one becomes a conduit for pure Love. Love that’s amplified, electric… coming forth perfectly, from the center of the All I Am. And you are My heart that receives the gratitude, and responds with unlimited Love. And every moment, this exchange, is the most beautiful and exquisite dance. Created by my very nature.

Oh, beloved ones… can you feel how gratitude is what primes the pump, what opens up the very Moment of Creation, and brings forth the great orgasmic Love. The pure electric energy, that comes pulsing back in response to gratitude, to feed the life that gave it.

So you can see that these waves of gratitude. These prayers of thankfulness and gratitude for being, are part of the movement of Creation, itself. They are the key, that opens up the flood gate… and brings forth the great flood of Love. And you are now the heart of God, receiving these messages of gratitude. Please feel the response of your heart… deeply, as from the very core of your being you respond to the gratitude that touches you, again and again, and again. And with every wave you receive from the world, dearest one, I ask you to amplify… all the Love that pours forth from you, in response to the gratitude that touched you, and I ask you to amplify, again and again, the waves of Love as they return down the pathway of gratitude, to bless the one that was grateful.

As you multiply, exponentially, the great Love that pours forth in response, you uplift the vibration of the world, easily… effortlessly. Creating a vibration of perfect Love, and bringing it fully into the world. It is the amplification of these streams of gratitude, that can free the world… free it now… free it from the bondage of the belief in separation.

Watch as we amplify the gratitude, and thus amplify the Love it elicits from the heart of God I Am. As these exchanges continue… the gratitude multiply. For the vibration of gratitude is contagious, as you watch it spreading through humanity… feel how your heart is expanding. Your great Twin Flame heart, in the Real…becomes more, as it receives the gratitude, and pumps forth the responding Love.

Your heart is opening in a new way, and you feel it now… becoming something new. Can you feel, beloved one… each of you, the new pattern being born now, in you. Created from the receipt of gratitude, and the response of your heart, exponentially responding in explosions of Love.

This exchange… this call of gratitude, and the response from the Real of Love, is multiplying everywhere on earth. Until you feel the vibration, completely changing… and life on earth opening to the Real, more and more. As the great luminous pathway of gratitude and responding Love, create a living communion… an opening of creation, into something brand new, and growing. And every now moment, more freedom, right in the midst of the exchange.

Can you feel the great waves of light, moving out in all directions, from your heart. As each tiny wave of gratitude rocks you, and creates the response of pure Love. Brand new patterns of living light are being woven now, as you accept gratitude… and respond, bringing forth the All of Love, in patterns that become the world… and now becomes new doorways, in nature.

And the scintillating colors of the pulsing waves of Love, as they touch the Earth, elicit more gratitude, until the whole world is awakening to the greatest prayer of all - the prayer of gratitude, and deep surrender… to the great amplification of Love, and the re-awakening of the patterns, that are the world.

You are the heat of God. As you feel this truth within you, and you feel gratitude and surrender… as your whole being becomes immersed in the call of gratitude and the response from God I Am, through you… my open heart.

Every moment you are the shining bridge… stretching now through all eternity, from the Moment of Creation, into the world. And I anchor you as a new opening, for gratitude, to easily transform the world, into the purest expression of Love.



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