Nourished by the Moment of Creation

As you open your life to the living pulse of Creation, you will begin to experience it in every living thing. You will discover that shining through every symbol of life in the world is this living pulse that truly is, beloved ones, the heart of God I Am. Therefore, it is your heartbeat as well, for this great I Am is you as well.  
As you feel this heartbeat, it shall become for you the most prominent experience in all your spiritual life, because it is the essence of Creation itself. It is this heartbeat that brings all movement, and it is this heartbeat, beloved ones, that is your nourishment and your vitality ? your health in every way. The word, ?health,? is most often associated with life in a physical body. But you are realizing now, beloved ones, that there is no such thing and that every electron, each molecule is the living spirit, the essence of life, and that the physical is truly an illusion created by the little mind and ego.
Therefore, beloved ones, I reorient you more deeply to the Source of your life. I want you to fully recognize that I Am your Source. Love is the energy that you live on, and that relationship in the dance of life is the generator of all movement that there is, and as you know, beloved ones, there is nothing from outside of you at all.
So not only does the illusion now fade but your Source must become deep in you ? that which you consciously rely upon and feed yourself. Beloved ones, this is essential because as the world now opens and the illusion fades from view, it is going to be up to you to understand how to sustain yourself and how to be the sustenance for all life around you. It is no accident that Jesus in his time on Earth developed the communion of the living spirit, because he/she was establishing the new order for the New World ? that you eat and drink and live on the energy of the Moment of Creation and nothing else. It is your fuel. It is your life. And of course, it is the heartbeat of the one life we are.

Every time that you drink from this, from the fountain of your Source, it is a miracle, and every such communion as you feed on living Love creates in you the acceptance of life eternal, because all the things that you have until now named as something you experience perhaps ?after death, now come to be lived here on Earth right now ? that the Vertical axis is reclaimed in you for all humankind. It is not enough to simply know that the essential energy of life comes from this, from the great motion of Making Love as the forces of Creation come together to create life anew each Now Moment ? to create life anew, beloved ones, which means that nothing of the old can exist, even one moment from the moment it is born in you. Therefore, your life must be made brand new in the Spirit each Now Moment forever.

So, please align yourselves with this Vertical life and feel your heart open to the Moment of Creation, and as you do, you will feel the great movement, the coming together of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and the explosion that results is your nourishment, your Love ? that which brings you life in all that it is, in the essence of your essential nature from the generator of the one great heart comes Love and life more abundant. As you celebrate this magnificent life, its explosion into you each Now Moment, then, beloved ones, you become fueled by the Moment of Creation and you are always in alignment with My Love.

So please do not turn away from this essential Love and from the awareness that you are Spirit-fed. You eat and drink and live upon the Moment of Creation itself and all that you could ever need is provided for you here and now as you dance to the dance of the Now in the expression of Twin Flame Love.    

As you understand the great LoveMaking, dearest ones, you understand your eternal nature, and you understand how the gift of the all of life is delivered each moment of the All into your own Twin Flame heart. Can you feel it? The great heart beat exploding into joy at the great Now Moment, and saying ?Yes? to Love and to life and to joy and to drinking in the one heart beat of the All ? filling you up with All That Is.    On every level of your being I now ask you to drink in the Moment of Creation itself and to deeply be aware that you are nourished, fully nourished and given life each Now Moment again and again and again.

As the world changes and the illusions fall, it is going to be very important to know where your life comes from because illusions fade, and it is only the truth of your sustenance that will keep you fueled through the coming changes. You must consciously begin, dear ones, to take it in, to amplify it, so the Moment of Creation is as Real to you as breathing. And you know it is the Source of your life.
There is, particularly in LightWorkers, a misperception in this area, and the ego mind can be persistent when so many other illusions have transformed to keep informing you that you need the bread of life, the nourishment of the physical plane. And yet, you do know that this is an illusion, that all you really need is this living Love that is the life blood of Creation, dearest ones. As you focus upon it, you say ?Yes? to your Source, ?Yes? to the Love That I Am and ?Yes? to your truth as a transforming heart, as the heartbeat of All That Is.
There is nothing more powerful than your taking sustenance from Me. In the living Now Moment you are opening and experiencing the living LoveMaking of the Now as that which fuels your life each moment, completely taking away any false notions that your sustenance comes from the world. And you can see that when you are free of this, you are free to feel what is Really true and to feed upon the living light through it all. To take within, the glorious ecstatic Love from the Moment of Creation, now into yourself and your vitality, your life force and your energy become truly truly truly endless because they are funded by the heartbeat of the All, of all this Love That I Am singing forth in ecstasy, and all Creation opening wide and saying ?Yes.?

Thank you for your releasing the familiar landmarks, old ways of seeing and thank you for releasing the old shape of your heart that you may now be total fluidity, explosive Love, ecstasy, joy in the great receiving and that you will multiply in your Twin Flame heart all that comes to you  and send it forth as the extension of this Love, the outreach of the Moment of Creation.  You will find that it will flow together. As you become fully conscious that you are Spirit, and fully aware of the physical as pure molten Love, then everything is alive in you, and the motion of Creation is never ending. So your heart is reborn every Now, Now after Now after Now.
Beloved ones, please be alive to the living Now, to all this Love being given, and you will always know that truly giving Love shall return you to the rightful flow of life and always bring the same nourishment, pure and glorious life taken in, amplified and given out in the great LoveMaking each Now.



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