Omni-Dimensional Pulsations of Love

Beloved ones, it is time to return to the pregnant stillness of a life lived through the heart. It is time to taste each moment through that which tastes eternity. For when you still the mind and you come fully present, even in the realms of the senses, if your heart is open you begin to experience all the nuances of energy and all the power of Love.

Those sparks of life that shoot forth every moment as Creation explodes into consciousness again - when those particles of the Light I Am touch your consciousness and speak to you, you find yourself alive in the living energy field of created life. When your heart is open, My beloved ones, then the waves of Love ever more deeply penetrate and you begin to experience the true nature of reality that is countless dimensions, interwoven in each other.

When the pulses of Love touch your heart, your heart registers a thousand tremors from the most miniscule movement to the great explosion of the cosmos. All of these live within each other, each one nesting within the other as each dimension nests in the circle of the all-inclusive whole. There is no way to describe this in physical terms using landmarks of the little mind. What the Yogis have long called "the tremoring" is true experiences of life through the Real perception of the heart and consciousness. When you return to this experience, then your reality becomes omni-dimensional and wraps you in an experience of the movement of Love and consciousness that are astounding. It lets you know just how amazing, how powerful and how exquisite are the touches of Real life upon you.

When these energies, this living song of heart perception and all inclusive consciousness becomes as Real to you, or more Real, than the daily world, then you will find that your awakening extends through every moment of your life, whether waking or sleeping or discovering those realms in-between. But only with the silence of the ego mind and the full open and waiting heart can you begin to taste this energy of life so Real before you. You become the key to the doorway of Creation. I promise you that from this place, all of Heaven moves at your command and every particle of life is yours to move into place to create the experiences of Real Love and a world of your greatest imagining of joy.

This experience is supported by All That Is, by every Being of Light and every energy. So when you are willing to stand up and make yourself present and demand the presence of all others who serve Me, then even the tiniest flicker of your will wrapped in Mine will quickly bring results, instantly, until a new expression of reality is born and separation is dissolved between you and Me - between the great cosmic lovers you truly are, between you and your Twin Flame, and between you and the living breathing cosmos. You will drink of the true waters of life and I will tend you.

You have experienced this movement from energy and thus, found it to be that miracle that grants you entry into the level of pure energy and into the consciousness of Love. When you touch these things through your heart, you will understand at last that I Am fully present in everything and thus, Love moves itself. The movement and the Love are one in Me and thus, the energy of all Creation is harnessed by you, as you claim these ever-moving and living particles, living energies as the communion of All That Is with your consciousness and your heart. You claim the release of all barriers until you truly are free.

What does it mean to live a multi-dimensional life and what does it mean to truly be open to every dimension of the cosmos? If you call to Me and come, My dearest one, into My arms, let Me wrap you in this tenderness, let Me claim you, then you will understand that we are one Love reaching into the world to bring forth pure blessings, again and again and again.

For the Light that I Am is immaculate. It is so pure and so vast and so powerful that when it touches your heart and infuses your consciousness, then you can recognize that there is only one thing - one thing present everywhere and that is Me. In this recognition comes your freedom. In this, you at last embrace the whole spectrum of life as the true Love that it is. You accept the power in the pulsations of Love I Am. Reaching out in tenderness, you join what has appeared to be separate. You join your heart with that of your divine counterpart, until at last, you are alive to the sparkling, scintillating, dancing energies of life, so Real and close and imminent that you can taste them with your whole being.

You discover, as experience, that everything is joy. There is truly nothing that is separate. Suddenly the world is completely different because these living energies of life are in it, as are you. Those things that I have said to you become so Real to you, that All I Am is like an open book that you can read, and every moment you are tasting the ecstasy of true experience and living and giving as true Love and as the heart that delivers it.

Now, instead of simply believing that nothing is separate, that All I Am is truly in everything that is the hologram, suddenly it is everywhere in what you see and feel and recognize, and in the blessing of every breath, each touch, every encounter. Everything is part of that miracle of living the whole life of God, indivisible and fully present, everywhere you are. It could not be otherwise.

With every step, your heart registers those things that in the world seem separate from you. They are drawn within you by your heart which is magnetic, and you become One, even physically, with everything you see and touch and feel. Every energy is merged with you in a way that honors All I Am and makes your every moment so beautiful that beauty is all you see. This experience of these interwoven energies of Creation is so profound and so important. These energies are the universal language and they are the essence of all life that makes you able to be part of the conversation of every electron and every particle and every heart in All That Is.

The dance of your life, beloved one, becomes fulfilling of who you truly are, and you becoming available to take everything into your heart and harmonize it with the living heart of God I Am through you. The communion is of consciousness, the experience of heart becoming one, and every contact truly is the heart of God tasting the precious tremors, the eternal movement that life is as the Moment of Creation pours outward, encircles All That Is and brings it upward into the great dawn that is that explosion - a happening that occurs both again and again and only once, never ending.


Meditation Through Yael

Beloved God, we open our hearts and we open our consciousness and we come to You tonight with a deep prayer to be the conduit of Your glorious Love to every precious person, to every glorious life stream on Earth. God, let our hearts be totally clear and pure. We give ourselves to You, our will, our life, and ask that You would use us. We give You thanks for the honor of being here as Your heart in the world. Thank You, God, for the gift of our spirit family. We ask that You connect our hearts and create of us one heart of Love. I call to all Beings of Light and ask that you would assist us, be here with us, be our allies and our guides. I open my Twin Flame heart with my beloved Doug and ask to be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. Amen.

As we open our hearts, wider and wider, we begin to feel God's presence with us, intimate, personal and vast and nameless. Our hearts hold the resonance of perfect Love. Holding this we join together and we can feel those waves of Love washing through us, heart-to-heart, creating a circle of Love, vibrant, alive, magnificent and beautiful.

We drink in this glorious experience of the energy of pure life, of radiant life, of intimate communion and vast unity consciousness. As we release our smaller perspective, we leap into the experience of endless joy. As we share this resonance of Love, this radiant Light of consciousness, so too do we share the movement of the living spirit, the breath of the Creator as it moves and breathes through everything.

As we feel the touch of that spirit within us, we breathe together with the All of Love which breathes out now and breathes us in with it. As we breathe out, we release again our limited identity and breathe in unity and life, and breathe it out to humankind. We breathe into the pure Light and we become life's conduit, breathing out. We breathe into the glory of life again, breathing out life through every atom of our being. Breathing in to the pure unity of All That Is and breathing out the unity breath into the world to awaken it.

Breathing into that sweet and tender communion, and breathing this out into every heart on Earth. Breathing into the pure Love. Love breathes out through us. Breathing in through our shared heart, and breathing out Love to humankind. Breathing in, dissolving into the consciousness of grace, breathing out grace into the world effortlessly. As we breathe in and out, we release all judgments and become the breath of the living moving spirit.

Every breath that we breathe becomes the song of life moving. You can feel the movement among us. As we rise, breathing into the song of life singing itself as us, our consciousness stretches perfectly into communion with the living whole.

And now, beloved ones, each of you completing Me, I Am here in the center of everything, in the center of your heart, touching you, loving you and loving All I Am through you. As your heart lights up, opening, blossoming, free, alive and pulsing with the Love that rushes to greet you, to feed you, to enliven you, to define you with purpose. I ask you to focus in the center and let your heart draw your focus in. And as you feel the magnet of your heart calling, you slide easily and your will to be only Love opens the doorway. You are free and endless, merged with the whole of God I Am, endless in your ability to love.

As you feel yourself moving into freedom, you remember you are everywhere at once. You recognize that you are blended with the living, giving whole of Love. Everywhere life is, you are. Can you feel it? Alive within you, you the endless open heart, ever giving, ever being in perfect communion. Your consciousness lives in perfect unity with the whole of Love we share.

Your heart now reaches to the cosmos for the heart of All That Is, has no limits. As it reaches, you feel each glorious energy, each stream of life, each explosion of Love alive within you, communing with your heart, and loved intimately by you. Even the cosmos grows now in your heart, no end, no beginning.

And yet, in the center of the living hologram is the point of pure life that is you. The center of your heart is the opening for life to flow in, to pulse forth everywhere at once. From that center you are intimately connected with all dimensions of life, life and energy, all dimensions at once. As the pulsing moves to the point of the center, you recognize a great burst of life and energy. From it you radiate in every direction.

Suddenly Love, life, everything... You are the message of Love I deliver, one great pulse. One heartbeat with two streams of consciousness, two flames alike, rising in energy to the pinnacle holding the resonance of the pure Light and the explosion of life into movement. All electrons of Light are born now, each one tremoring with an explosion of life. Each one is dancing through the whole of your heart and becomes the movement of life, the great open heart. The energy of everything is ever alive in you.

These countless explosions of Light in millions of directions at once, in thousands upon thousands of streaming shades of energy, dimensions woven into networks of consciousness and Light... all of this is felt perfectly by you in the great rush of tremoring Love, the scintillating dance of Love, ever alive in you. Through the force of your focus as the Love I Am, Love passionately through you.... Your heart beats as a Twin Flame focus of Love, blossoming outward in giving. Through your heart streams these pulses of passionate exploding ecstatic endless living Love, each one carrying your consciousness forward in expansiveness and giving as the great Twin stream of Love, woven life together, rushes forth again, touching, communing, delivering this great pulsing joyous song of life to every electron, every atom, every life stream, everything in the living God I Am.

Thus, do you remember the power, the passion, the energy moving through you, the ecstatic experience and rushing through the stream of living moving giving orgasmic Love and loving All I Am instantly, at once... with the song of every atom singing in you... Every endless moment, All I Am is loving perfectly and endlessly as you.

Remembering this power, the endless dimensions, the continual pulsations of passion, giving,... remembering that life brings forth endlessly... oh, My heart, focus now on the Earth. You can see with that eye of the pure and endless loving heart what a tiny dot of consciousness is the world. And yet, how tenderly it is loved and held and nourished and encouraged to remember that each point of consciousness, every heart of every human, is really this endless heart of Love I Am, as are you.

Life lives as the omni-dimensional glorious explosion of endless Love... now reaching as you to bring this remembering to every precious heart in the world. As you watch with the eye of the heart, you can see that in truth all hearts remember. Thus do we pour that great pulsing rush of Love, the passionate explosion of life, the omni-dimensional awareness of millions of billions of explosions of life, and break through the tangled web of the reversal of Love, the spiraling inward of consciousness that is ego.

With the power and purpose and this tenderness, we gently unravel the backward flowing energy and open every heart in the dimension of the world to this great pulsation of giving. Can you feel it? Rushing forth, unwinding reversal. Untying knots of consciousness and opening the flow of this glorious pulsing energy, these omni-dimensional pulsations, until every heart is an open conduit for these great energies of ecstasy.

Every aura shines outward in great rays of Light. Every heart pulses outward in giving. The world becomes a living sun of radiant life, a great heart with millions, billions of cells remembering themselves as omni-dimensional points of focus and giving for the great endless life we share.

Now, beloved, precious heart of All I Am, let the Will of Love be upon you, in you. Let it rush through your being, your heart, awaken awareness of merging, of the movement together, pulsing once again, this time as a great Double Helix, the Twin Flame energy of life. As you feel the imprint of Creation, as it moves as your life as a Twin Flame heart of Love, let your heart become the focus of your life that you live from the heart always outward.

As you feel the great waves of pulsing glorious ecstatic Love rushing from Me as the explosion of life through you as you, outward in joy, let your consciousness fly in an arc from the pure pinnacle of perfect Love, the explosion of Light into movement, all the way through the living breathing cosmos, touching all dimensions at once and moving like an arrow along Love's trajectory to focus also on Earth as the proclamation of the presence of the universal heart of God, the spark of life within Me.

Because we are consciousness easily everywhere, stand now as a life stream in the world as the Christ, the pure heart of the cosmos, of the hologram, of the glory of Creation I Am. All the while you retain your awareness of your experience in every dimension as that great pulsing tremoring exploding passionate expression of Love. Can you feel it? That your heart easily encompasses every point of focus in the hologram of God, including the focus of service to Love as a focus of the Christ heart I Am, perfectly expressed in the world as you.

As all of that energy of Creation as Love rushes across the Arc of your being, of your consciousness, feel the power with which it rushes forth from your heart, moving through your heart outward, touching every electron of energy on Earth, resonating with the cosmos in harmony, with the passionate explosion of Love, given perfectly through you and through every heart remembering its omni-dimensional nature as the glorious pulsations of Love travel easily through you in giving.

As they pulse and dance through heart and consciousness, through every electron of life as your body, they recognize effortlessly that all life is one and through the magnet of your Twin Flame energy, they begin to entrain every heart, every life and every electron of energy, harmonizing every one with the pulsing song of life, rushing through the cosmos and focusing in the world. One life alive in you.

Therefore, I ask you as we are this communion of live hearts and energy in expression, beloved, retain this awareness of your passion and your omni-dimensional nature that all of the power of Creation, all the glory of Love's expression, all the ecstasy of being My open heart remains fully alive in your awareness as you step forth as the radiating pulsing heart in service to the remembrance of every heart on earth. Let Me be this Love. Let Me be this remembrance moving through your heart outward. Moving through your heart outward.


Melina 25th February 2009 4:52 am

thank you so much ;-)
unity, expansion, trust...
thank you!


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