On the July 17th Meditation

As you open your heart and come into My presence and feel this deep communion, you can also feel this warm rich light and you can feel how it is meant to nourish you. Let yourselves be bathed in this light that feeds you, bringing to you everything that you could ever need or want.

Feel how it washes through all of your being and brings alive the Twin Flame hearts that are your very atoms. Feel it bring you perfect life in Me, dearest ones, poured through you now and always. From this rich life source you generate the energy that lets you give the Love of which you are made.

As you take in this pure nourishment and feel all that it brings to you now, including our sweet communion and the truth of our glorious oneness, humanity has become disconnected from this Source of life and energy, and because this is so, it is easy to see shadows and to forget where your Source of life comes from.

Tomorrow, beloved ones, as you approach this meditation, let Me show you what it is that is being reconnected. It is this natural flow, this pure and perfect life and the conscious awareness that I Am ever your Source, not anything outside of you at all.

So the shift that is occurring – that which you call the “grid” – is the return to the direct acceptance of the nourishment of life from Me, rather than believing in all the forms of separation that have made humanity believe that they are nourished from sources outside of themselves. As this reconnection is made from the beautiful intentions of your hearts, then right relationship will be established with the Earth as well.

The Earth and all of its abundance is meant to be the symbol of this unlimited life that you are given, that you receive each Now Moment. It contains all possibilities of Love and of this living connection among them. The fact that this life I Am is that which you are – then all that springs forth from this connection on Earth is pure and perfect, glorious and limitless life in all of its varieties of experience.

The background/foreground shift is this shift in focus from the world outside as the source to the truth. Receiving this life directly from Me, it can fund all life perfectly in its expression of the pure and perfect Love of which you are made.

So tomorrow as you begin your meditation and you connect with all the other precious hearts, then I ask you to consciously make this connection with Me as the Source of your glorious life. Deep in your hearts I ask for your “Yes” that you accept this life directly from Me, trusting it to bring you true unlimited freedom and the ability to fully express all that you truly are.

As you hold this intention, hold it also for all humanity – that each life now be reconnected to the Source. You will feel this “grid of life” which is that which we have named it. It is the interwoven vessel of pure life from Me, pouring forth in giving, heart to heart, expressing then perfectly as the world. Therefore, all life on Earth becomes the expression of pure life and its substance which is Love, vibrant, exuberant, gloriously “en-conscious-ing” all that I Am as you. For you are My focus here as the world.

Thank you for being the conduits for this pure elixir of life. Let it stream through your hearts and your being and bring every atom alive in its Love, as you express your full potential, fulfill your glorious uniqueness as a magnificent cell in My heart, as Real Twin Flame Love. You will notice, dearest ones, as you accept this life and feel it fill your being and your heart that it will naturally fill you to overflowing and burst forth in great waves of giving Love -- until you become truly conscious Love living as God I Am as you. The pure and perfect heart of Love, receiving all that is directly each Now Moment perfectly.

Isn’t it simple, and yet, magnificent that as you receive life from Me, you receive Real freedom? Nothing can limit you and all life is yours to love as My functioning heart.

As you open yourself in the morning, you will find yourself connected through the experience of all precious hearts here in service as they light up as conduits of this Love. Of course, what I feed you is perfect Love, and thus, perfect life and limitless abundance and the expression of who you are as a unique cell in My heart, every Now Moment, always.

You will feel this life returning you to right relationship with Me in an instant. You will then feel the expanding connection as this life and light, this living Love pours forth through your heart, dearest ones, weaving together these streams of light among you, among every heart on Earth. Let it be your clear intention that every heart is included, every human heart, but every other life stream as well and that the Earth itself be the expression of only Love.

As you do so, duality returns to the center and Love makes its home on Earth. Just as the vessels of a body carry the nourishment of blood from the heart, so too will these connections among all of your hearts carry forth this life from Me. Let it be amplified by your own Love as you hold it in your great heart, amplifying it with your intention before it moves on -- until this body of light that is humanity, beloved ones, is truly united, alive and functioning and the Earth becomes its living heart, taking up the rhythm of pulsing Love that is the Moment of Creation itself.

Haven’t you always known the Earth as your heart, in some way the source of shared nourishment? But this nourishment must be received from Me, directly from the Real, in order for all hearts to be connected and thus for the Earth that truly lives within youin your great vast being of limitless Love, to become the center of this golden life and this light of pure consciousness, until the heart beat of this world is returned to its conscious participation in the Real.

This is what is possible tomorrow – that all that has been separate is made one and that which believes itself to be expressing something other than Love finds that only Love is Real. This truth already shines in your hearts, beloved ones. So I ask you to let it really shine forth tomorrow, that it might magnetize all other hearts to Love. You truly do have this potential.

Most of all, place your trust in Me and in the great gift of the miracle of our relationship, that we can be one Love and yet also know each other. You become My heart’s pure expression as you return to Me now as your source.

So as the light of life comes into you tomorrow, let yourself feel this delivery of freedom. As you accept perfect life and accept being perfect Love, you also accept being the conduit for this beautiful grid or connection of streams of light among you, as the Love you share gives forth its life as it moves from heart to heart.

Most of this will simply be experience and is certainly beyond the capacity of words. What I do today is simply point the way, and ask you to align your intention and open your beautiful hearts with your focus on receiving Real life from Me, amplifying it and passing it on. Truly you create a net of light that will nourish this world in perfection, and all that seemed separate will be transformed in an instant into the expression of Real Love.

Thank you for your intention, for your joyful willingness to be open, for your dedication to serving all humanity with your life. Now, dearest ones, the “walking back” is done and it is time to go forth as only Love.

NOTE: The global meditation takes place for one hour beginning at 11:11 Greenwich Time. We in the Central Time zone (U.S.) will meditate at 6:11 a.m. Please figure out your time wherever you live. For more information on the origins of the meditation, please see



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