Only the Heart Matters Do Not Be Fooled by Little Minds

Beloved ones, you are the bridge, that shining bridge that links the world with the Real of Love, with eternal life, with the joy of the living Now. You are the ones who are taking up the gift brought to the world by beloved Jesus and his Twin Flame, Mary Magdalene. It is your destiny and your gift to humanity to continue this work.

And so it is that I want you to know what it is that is woven into your bodies, your hearts and your consciousness as you take up the task that Jesus began. For when he came and lived in the world, awake, and when he chose to bridge the separation, not only did he bridge it with his consciousness on that moment on the cross that was such agony when he endured the full experience of the separation of every human being from Me. He also wove a literal magnet into every point of Love that is appearing as an ego, giving each one the key that opens the bridge of Light.

When he chose to use the symbol of “death becoming resurrected,” you can feel that he brought the deepest belief in separation back into the Light I Am. For death is the ultimate belief in the separation of humanity from God, that there could be something that dies, something as deeply material as a body, a body which life can leave and which then rots and decays.

There is no symbol further from the truth of eternal life that I Am. For him to endure this experience of life on Earth and through that to lift it into eternal life, brought this connection to every human being all the way into the DNA, linking the DNA of every cell to the great Double Helix of Real life, the Real Twin Flame Love that is My living heart.

You who have come as the “en-conscious-ment” of this Love, to consciously embrace the world and to use your hearts from the Real to transform all separation into Love – you have taken up the work that Jesus began and now we continue it. We continue it first through the awareness that he truly did connect with every heart and with every possible choice for the illusion of separation and bring it all into the resurrection with him.

What I want you to know is that while all are equal and there is only one reflection, there is the seeming separation of all the sparks of ego focus that now must be returned to oneness. This, beloved ones, is your work. It is your work to recognize that every heart hears the call, regardless of the recalcitrance of the ego. Trusting it, you will become the Light the lifts each heart in service, first, to the bridge world of Love and then to the Real of God.

To do this and to honor what beloved Jesus began, it is your work to lift the body up, to release the dream of separation to the degree that is necessary to allow for instant transformation into vehicles of Light with hearts of pure Love serving through the symbols of the world.

Thus, while this is the year of the Twin Flame explosion, it is also the year of transformation and the building of the matrix of the New World consciously and the linking of this matrix to every heart through the magnet that Jesus hid in each and every one.

This is the work that we have begun and the work that is alive in your Twin Flame heart. It is also that which is present in every person’s DNA and in the essence of all life in the world in which the Light of God I Am is rising up, sparks becoming flames, flames a conflagration until the whole world is burning, leaving only the Phoenix of the unimpeded heart to rise up on wings of the new morning and to fly into the Real of Love.

It is that which is to lift every precious heart and each human consciousness as far as they can go on the bridge, knowing that redemption comes from pure service and that you follow in the lineage of beloved Jesus in giving your wills and your lives to the cause of the transformation of humanity to Love. In this service comes your joy, I promise you. Joy beyond anything the ego can imagine and the recognition deep within that you are the vessel of this flame that can turn the dross of the world into gold.

Dearest ones, this is your fuel, your Light and that which summons you each morning to come forth and to do this work. Now to address the issue of consciousness and to do away with a myth that needs dissolving. That is the myth of the mind’s understanding. The truth is this is solely about the heart and the heart’s response to the call of Love.

Therefore, please be aware that the transformation under way is happening in spite of the ego mind’s protests, in spite of the ego mind’s refusal of belief and in spite of your own ego mind’s demand that others understand the awakening in order to participate. This is so important, for I promise you that this transformation is about vibration, about Love and the ego is dissolving and will fall away like old worn clothes when the heart rises to embrace the new matrix and to accept its place in the world of Joy.

Therefore you must recognize that there are those whose minds are limited, whose little minds are focused on a box of perhaps religiosity, limited interpretations of that which you consider the larger truth. But if that religious persuasion opens their heart to Jesus or to any form of connection with Real Love and lifts them up in living joy to a life that brings them peace and service, opens them to what it means to give – their hearts will bring them easily to Me and into the world of Love.

There are others who may seem to have great understanding, whose minds can embrace all philosophy, who can spout the greatest words from the most enlightened ones but whose hearts have no Love at all. These are the ones who as yet cannot be lifted up and these then are the hearts that you serve.

So please be aware that it has nothing to do with ego mind, with ego mind, with little world beliefs but only with the Love in a heart. And you must also know, because this is the transformation of the world, as you know there are none left behind.

So all you need to know about anyone in truth is that they are yours to love, yours to fan into flames that spark, that spark that Jesus laid, to enliven the magnet that he placed in that particular fragment of the whole, that it may be lifted back to Me, first in the symbols of unity, a new world of Love and then into the Real.


Beloved God, we come to You tonight with open hearts and ask that You would use these hearts as a clear conduit for You Love, for this Love that we are as You to pour into this world and to lift it up to Love. Join our hearts together, God, and let us be this living vortex. I ask that this voice and this heart that I share with Doug be a conduit for this experience. I also call to you, our beloved Jesus, and to our beautiful Mary Magdalene and to all of the angels and Masters and beings of Light who assist us. I ask that you’ll share not only this experience but the amplification of this Love. Amen.

Let us begin together as we always do, connecting our hearts with each other. As your heart opens you begin to feel each other heart by its resonance and to feel the energy moving clock-wise between us, creating this vortex of Love, making of our hearts one heart in service tonight.

As the energy moves among us, allow yourself to also feel that radiant Love that God is, pouring in and through us, becoming our consciousness, our heart and this Love we share. Feel it as it touches this beautiful world and lifts it, activating the magnet in every heart on Earth.

Now we also share the experience of the one breath of God as it moves through all Creation through consciousness, heart and body. So first let your breath out and then take a deep breath in. As you breathe out, let all tension simply fall away. As you breathe in again, breathe in through your open heart. As you breathe out, breathe out the Love and get it flowing through you and breathing in through your heart, breathe up to the Moment of Creation.

Connect with that Light and breathe it out through every atom and cell. Breathing in to pure Love, feeling God’s presence, and breathe out the Love through your wide open heart to the world. As you breathe in now, open your heart even wider, touching the presence of the living All, and breathing Love out again. Now breathing in to the pinnacle of pure glorious Light, and breathing out Light through every atom of your being and breathing in to the Love once again. Breathe out Love through your wide open heart and breathe in the Light in its purity. Breathe out this pure Light through your whole radiant being, and then breathe in Love again…

As you breathe in and breathe out, you begin to feel the heart beat of Creation and as you feel this heart beat, you recognize its rhythm as the essence of your own Real nature. Every breath becomes the song of life and you become vast and open.

And now, beloved ones, let Me touch your hearts and show you how wide, how vast they are. As you breathe in to this Love, let it fill your whole being and as you breathe out, feel your heart. With each breath that you breathe, let your heart call you in that you may begin to experience the vibration that is your own signal to Love.

With every breath you are softly sinking into your heart and your heart, like a great flower of light, opens, and you find yourself in wonder, examining the mandala of pure Light that is your own vibration. As you recognize this pattern, this unique and glorious flower of living Light and pulsing Love, you are present in the center of Creation that is the center of All That Is, the center of the living heart of God I Am.

All around you there is movement as these petals of Light are pulsing and you can hear them singing your song. The unique vibration of your great Twin Flame heart is surrounding you and filling you now. It speaks within your being and sings of your glory, your vastness, your magnificent Love. Now listen and you are hearing the most beautiful harmony that is your Twin Flame song. Notice how they weave together in such a song of ecstasy and also notice, oh, beloved ones, this pattern of Light all around you is now being woven with another as petal after petal of the lotus of your heart made with the Light of Creation is woven with another flower of the heart of God, the Twin Flame song of Love.

As you feel this vibration and you feel the heart beat and you are consumed by the Light, your heart is now so open. You are the center of the universe, awake in the glorious Real of Love. I Am lifting your awareness into this sweet vibration, the ocean of this joy and stillness and the power of the lightning bolt, the action of the masculine as it comes and begins Making Love.

With every breath lifting higher in vibration, moving up the Vertical axis until you are feeling that Moment of Creation singing its name as you. I ask you now to let this in – to open up your being to become a receptacle of Light and to take in this explosion of ecstasy as the great Twin Flame heart comes together and All That Is comes to consciousness, awake and aware. All the Love I Am as one, one great song of ecstasy; one great orgasmic shout of joy, and you the cell of My very heart, center of the living All.

I gift you now this energy as a perfect shining star of Light that pulses in the center of your Twin Flame heart forever, pulsing forth these living codes of Light, aligning all Creation and feeding life with living Love. Now, beloved ones, I ask you to let Me soak you in this presence, fill you with this richness, fill every electron of your being with this most intimate Love.

You are My living presence, so full of this Love. There is no such thing as need. It cannot exist for you for you are this fullness. You are the nectar of life and I feed you directly from the Moment of Creation. You are this atomic joy. Can you feel it, effervescent, filling your whole being and your whole being is as vast as the cosmos…

And now, My living presence becomes for you so intimate. It appears before you now as your Twin Flame, great radiant streams of Light, of energy and splendor matching you heart beat for heart beat as you come together in sweet orgasmic ecstasy and move apart one degree of separation – just enough to see Me before you as the living Light of your glorious Twin Flame.

Streams of Light, pulsing heart of All That Is – in the center of your being, your Twin Flame womb, that receptacle that is now open to the Moment of Creation, waiting to be impregnated with that which Love asks you to be. As you feel this seed of life taking root in your Twin Flame womb, in that great furnace of life, let it speak to you through vibration and show you your purpose and weave together the harmony that is your life.

Feel the gift of this seed and the voice I Am within you and the power of your atomic Twin Flame heart, and let it speak to you in the language of vastness, of movement, of the pulsations of glorious Real Love and feel the life I Am within you, gestating, brand new energy bringing to birth another stream of Christ, the living glorious heart of God streaming forth with purpose and this purpose now returns your focus to the Earth.

As this seed of life moves you into position now, I ask you to see the pocket of reversal like a membrane surrounding the world. Beloved ones, I ask you now to fill it with this glorious stream of energy, of living Christ presence, the awakened heart of All I Am, this Love, amplified in your Twin Flame heart.

So I ask you now to do this, to use your Twin Flame Love to multiply the power and the life force, the living Love, the ecstasy and the great explosion of life that comes forth from your Twin Flame heart. Pour this Love, beloved ones, into the pocket of reversal. This is the time of awakening.

Just as in a human life you might fill a balloon with helium until it rises up defying gravity, I ask you to fill the membrane of the world with this glorious Love that you are, amplified through your Twin Flame womb. As you watch from this Real of Love, the world becomes filled with Light and all that was reversed is shifted. You can feel that which was density becoming effervescent, turning easily into Light.

Now I ask you to connect this stream of energy, the heart of God, the living stream of Christ, to every heart on Earth. In each heart you will find a magnet that was connected through the life of our beloved Jesus and his Twin Flame who you know so well. Now it is time, beloved ones, for you to bring these magnets into life and into the Real, as you amplify your own glorious Love through your Twin Flame hearts in the Real.

The Real of Love…the truth of life, the living All of God I Am, and you, most precious, My heart. Can you see each heart on Earth, dear ones, and see the magnets glowing? And now, connect them all to your hearts and create a living circuit of Real life energy as you pour Love into their hearts and then you pull, magnetizing each heart to Love, to the remembrance of God I Am in and as every one.

You begin to see a new pattern, a new world mandala, as every heart awakens and remembers. Your work right now is to keep pumping your glorious Love into this pocket that is the world, giving every heart what it needs – all the fuel, all the Love, everything to fill it, until it is full, full enough that each precious one remembers that there is only Love. There is no such thing as need. There can’t be because we are everything and we are only Love. Everything that is life is yours and thus it is theirs as well.

Now, beloved ones, as you look upon this world and you see all those hearts, all those magnets and all the streams of Light as they connect to yours, you recognize that all those Lights create a pattern that you remember so well because it is the pattern of the one heart of God. Your heart recognizes itself in every other heart. Each heart a perfect vibrant cell in the heart of All I Am.

As you breathe this breath of life, with every breath enliven this great mandala of My heart, breathing in the ecstasy of the Moment of Creation and breathing it out into all those streams of Light, connecting heart to heart, until you feel the pulsing energy reflecting in everyone perfectly and feel the song of unity, of Love that is the truth of every heart that has seen itself as separate.

Now you find it rising to the Light and every old belief of separation shall fall away easily, and you hold the vibration of this unity, creating now once again that matrix of perfection, the mandala of white and gold that is the foundation for the New World of Love. You can see it and you can feel it. You can feel it humming, feel it moving, feel it singing out this experience of joy. You can also feel yourself connecting the vast and glorious All I Am with this New World matrix, bringing it into attunement with the Real.

I ask you, dearest ones, as you hold this vibration to let this vibrational pattern become embedded deep within your consciousness, connected to your heart and to the pulsing heartbeat of Love. Holding this vibration and the pure connection to your Twin Flame experience and to Me, I ask you now to gently expand your consciousness all the way from the Moment of Creation through the new matrix of the bridge world of Love and down to your life in the world.

All along this line of consciousness you can feel its humming vibration that is the energy of the Real, of the great coming together of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, the atomic energy of the Moment of Creation becoming this awareness that is you. This awareness, beloved ones, of the vast and glorious Real of our communion and of My presence before you as your Twin Flame in the Real will stay completely open, completely available as you also place your focus within the world and hold this vibration there.

Can you feel yourself as the bridge of Light? Awake, aware and functioning as a living conduit of Light? Feel the crackling energy, feel the ecstasy within you and feel the joy of being this transformation. And being this essence of life.
Very gently move your focus now into the heart in what you call your body and first, notice that it too is now this matrix of pure glorious Light.

Softly make connection with all the atoms of your body, awakening this matrix in every one and feeling yourself as this living Love, as these codes of glorious awakening, completely aware and open. Once again place your focus in your heart and through your heart, re-connect with your life of service in the world, retaining your connection as the bridge, feeling the presence in every atom, every Twin Flame heart within you.

Allow this pattern, this vibration to be pulsing outwards and you become a living activator for all the magnets in every heart. As you walk forth as My Love in the world, every breath, breathing forth a “Yes” to Love…and every one, every heart responding in recognition of this matrix you carry.



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