Opening Now to Limitless, Glorious, Spectacular, Explosive Life!

As this Light pours in stronger every day, it pierces the veil of the illusion of mind and reaches, beloved ones, for your heart and for your life. It says to you, "I Am limitless." It brings up from the depths of your being the remembrance of this vibrant life -- bright, pure, ecstatic, explosive that moves throughout Creation directly through your heart and your being and is the creative spark of the living Love I Am, for Love is the substance from which all things are made.

Now in this world that is built by ego mind, this world that is the reversal of Love, the ego always turns energy back upon itself. You remember that I told you that this is why the sign of the old world -- that which is also known as "the Beast" - is 666, for it stands for that energy of life turned in on itself and thus made impotent, becoming something small, limited and constricted.

The ego has to prove to itself its existence so it seeks always in whatever it places out into the world to get it back as self-assurance, as proof of its existence and of the identity it has created for you.

But life, My beloved ones, the glorious life I Am, rushes outward without ceasing and never stops. It has no need to turn back in on itself, no need to come back to you because it rises as a paean of Love to Me in everything that life creates through your heart. It elicits the great rushes of Love and of true and glorious ecstasy that pour forth into your being from Me every moment and bring to you the increase of Love - that whatever you give, you receive multiplied abundantly. Life's flow is open, endless, creative, powerful and LIMITLESS.

This is what I ask you to embrace and welcome today - the true sensation of limitless being and of vibrant and glorious life that rises from the core of your being and moves through your Twin Flame heart, sourced by Me every moment. It expands your consciousness and your Love, and thus, expands your world and all that you create. It also expands your ability to give, to give this Love that is the truth of your being and to honor that great life within you where the lightning bolt meets the ocean and becomes the creative pulse of My heart, creating more of itself.

As you embrace this limitless life, you will feel the Real truth of your nature and you will feel that life within you that is My Love moving you to create more of itself in the expressions of beauty, expressions of limitless joy that create in the symbols of the world - that world of majestic beauty and pure Love that is honored within all things.

It is possible to allow this life, this glorious limitless life - these great impulses of Love, this desire to create from Love's impetus and to live in this world. But it will take expanding all the boundaries that the ego mind has created that hold you in this limited identity as a human being.

So I Am asking you, first, to come to Me and to open your whole being to this life force, to allow your heart to be cracked open so wide that All That I Am can be contained in it and can move forth outward through it to give as I Am giving.

Feeling the true limitlessness of the Real that we share, bring that feeling of the truth of your being as eternal and unlimited -- and anchor it here in the world. Say "Yes" to it in your life and allow the creative impulse that comes forth from it, dearest ones, to be expressed. The ego's greatest success has been the limitations of fear and all the ways that it has conscribed you into smallness, and convinced you to settle for limited everything, limited resources, limited energy and limited Love. None of this is the truth.

Now at last it is truly possible to embrace this life, this Love and to live it here on Earth. This is because the old world is crumbling and those boundaries have to disappear. All the ways that the ego mind in its deviousness has told you that you are not enough, and has convinced you that if you don't stop down your life force, you will blast out of control and do damage or become evil or whatever the ego mind has said to you.

The truth is: you would be God. You would at last understand the singing life within you and let it move you into your expansiveness, for you are more vast than the great Archangels. You are the Christ which is the heart of God I Am. That heart is limitless.

It is time, My dearest ones, to stop believing in limitation, to stop believing in the ego mind's identity and you will do this through the truth of divine feeling, through letting it resonate within your being until you can feel it in your very atoms and you hear its song in your heart. When your heart rises up and says, "Yes. I am a creator. I am the extension of God's Love everywhere I am and where I am is here now. Therefore I choose life. I choose limitless life and I am free of every constriction of the ego dream now."

Let yourself experience the release. Oh, beloved ones, you have thought physical orgasm was wonderful but when you release the constricted-ness of your ego dream identity, you will return to the orgasm of life which is manifest a million times greater than the teeny spark of life contained in a physical orgasm. This explosion of life that is truly the orgasm of God lives in the eternal Now Moment in your Twin Flame heart. It is the truth of your Love, of your Real identity as a pair of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. This life I now give permission to blow away the walls the ego has built and to break down all the restrictions and lies of the old world order.

Be prepared, dearest ones, for what this entails but know that if you align yourself with this life, with the true life I Am and your true identity as limitless Love, nothing of the old world will touch you. You will be surrounded by the glorious expressions of life bathed in Light every moment and blessed in every endeavor as a living creator, as the center of God I Am.

Everywhere you move there shall be beauty. All that you see shall be Heaven. Everything that rides through your feeling nature is ecstasy. This is the life that I give you - truly whole and wholly free and absolutely limitless in your ability to create more of the Love I Am and to give it in all ways possible as a blessing to life in its abundant expression everywhere you focus.

Right now you are focused on Earth because I need your life exploding here. I need you to return to this electrifying energy that rises in ecstatic creativity and great endless waves of giving. As long as this life is honored, true life which is ever and always given forth, then all life everywhere, including life on Earth, will have everything it needs to flourish because giving is the way of God I Am. All that is given is multiplied, taken in by other hearts, amplified and given forth in a circle of Love that is continually growing and expanding.

It is a circle of Love that is based on inclusiveness that embraces all life within it. Every life will flourish when it is truly seen and honored for that glorious and limitless life that it is. It is possible to return to pristine consciousness, to embrace this world in true innocence which is not the innocence that comes from ignoring the "evils" of duality and all the convoluted energies of the reversal.

It is the innocence of the spirit that brings forth life so freely always based in Light and ever expanding Love, whose result is ever joy and joy also is unlimited as is the abundance that ever flows from it in this great and glorious expression that I Am and that you are here for Me.

The ego mind has created a vision of spirituality as being very constricted and says that what it takes to be the Christ is to be cut off from life and to be pious, to feel only the prescribed feelings and to live by a set of rules. In truth, the Christ is the most expansive Love that is totally "un-rule-able" and in its way unruly, because Love has a life of its own and it will rush through your being and expand you in ways that you could never even dream of. But you have to give it permission to create more of itself through you. This takes releasing all of the old world prescriptions of spirituality and you can only do this by coming to Me entirely, heart, soul and being and asking Me to show you.

Ask me to show you through experience, through true feeling what it means to be ecstatic life, pure in your faith in the Love that is ever providing for you... and glorious in your countenance in all realities, as you express My heart omnidimensionally as the center of all realities of every perspective, of every pattern of consciousness. Everywhere I Am there is life and that life is always vibrant and exploding forth in generosity and giving

Let life shake you to your roots. Let it shake you awake. All the things you have tried so hard to feel through your life on Earth, through your body, all the ways you seek sensation and search for that adrenalin rush... All those things are but the tiniest shadow of the ecstatic joy of the life that you are meant to live that is your true heritage from Me and that lives right now within you, waiting to be set free.

It will take you with it to the heights of exquisite ecstasy that the body can never ever provide for you. It will give you back everything you have lost and more. Dearest ones, I urge you to choose carefully where you look for your feelings of life. Do not look to the illusion of the ego's world to give you anything that will fulfill you. Not that you must turn away, but rather, transform it by allowing Real life to create through you, to open you with its flow, to wake you to the truth and to shiver through your being in the most exquisite sensations of being alive, more than you have ever dreamed of as you have searched the world.

The world cannot provide what I can. It can be no substitute for the truth of your heart and the limitless life within you that is waiting to be set free. As each of you chooses this life and lets it burst forth from your truly open heart, this world has to change instantly. But it cannot be done through the prescribed little dance of the constricted life of the ego. It has to be embraced boldly in big gulps of glory, in leaps of faith beyond anything you ever thought that you could take.

I promise you that you will be rewarded for you will truly know your Real self. You will know who you are. You will know the limitless nature of God I Am and all that I provide for you. So come, say "Yes" to life and do so in humility, acknowledging that not a moment on Earth have you ever truly experienced it. All the tiny windows of life that the ego has allowed you, be it the orgasm of sex, or flying down a mountain, or finding the great Love Song - all of these, anything that is a peek out of the world to the truth is like looking through a pinhole at the stars.

Your heart can open the whole cosmos and reveal all the stars at once, the stars that are the living hearts of the Angels and the great movements of Love. So I am here now to call you back to true life, to your Real and endless creativity and I Am going to push you to do this because I must, beloved ones. It is time to break free of all the ties, the chains of the ego - all the ways it has kept you constricted through all the interplays, all the patterns, all the anxieties, all the stress and all the search to unravel it. Let it all go now.

The time for figuring it out is over. The whole ego dream is defunct. So spend no more time attempting to deal with old feelings from the past or clearing away the distresses of old relationships. Step into a new Reality. Open your beautiful heart, and say "Yes" to life truly and let life light you up like the great lightning bolt of God I Am. When you rise from the ashes, you will be a new and limitless being of great beauty and Real glorious life.


Yasmina 11th November 2008 3:47 am

Dear Ones,
your message is simply beautiful! It is pure, true and so filled with what we need to hear at this point in time! Thank you for reminding me of this wonder around - gifting itself eternally without limit... Blessings and Namaste - Yasmina


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