Our Communion with God is Easy

You are experiencing the awakening of Love in a new way, in the center of All That I Am. This communion that we share, beloved ones, is easy. It is your little mind, your ego that wants it to be difficult. It wants to convince you that it takes effort to make this communion appear and even more effort to make it the center of your life.

The truth is there is nothing that is more effortless than this glorious communion that we share because this truly is the fountain of the awareness of life and it is exploding forth every Now Moment. You are My breath and your Twin Flame heart is My center. With every breath that we breathe as the hologram of Love, we are breathing in and breathing out together the one Love and the sacred Twin Flame heart you are.

In your life what this means is the awakening of beauty in a deeper and more expansive way than you have understood before because this light and your Twin Flame heart and this gift of relationship that we share is beauty “en-conscious-ed.” Therefore every moment of beauty that we share is a doorway into this glorious experience that your heart brings to Me.

As you begin to allow this communion of Love, this communion of Creator and Creator’s heart, you will find that every moment truly does become a miracle and beauty comes to life all around you in ways that you have never experienced before. The experience of one element, one moment of beauty is the experience of the hologram of it all – all the beauty, all the glory, all the joy of life we share made available to you in simple ways through the moment of your life.

What I ask of you before anything is heart perception – that you allow your heart to be the instrument through which you perceive your world. If you do this then you will find that this experience of beauty and communion is happening on its own every single Now. All you must do is tune into it. There is no energy to expend and nothing to learn.

As you relax into this communion of Love that we share you will understand who you are at last. You will experience the Twin Flame heart of God as your own Twin Flame Love and experience the tri-fold unity that is this consciousness that we share – the whole of Love and the heart of Love each a holographic presence, and each one moving in and out of “en-conscious-ment” until the sparkling light of the living electrons becomes the constellations of your spirit that guides you into the experience of the Real Now Moment.

So I ask of you to allow this sweet communion, to open to it, to open your hearts, and to rest in Me as every moment comes and brings you amplified joy and blessings. As you do you will experience new realms of living Love and the awakening of My presence in and as you. You will understand in an instant how each precious life enhances this glorious Love and makes it even more whole.

Let nothing stand in the way of this sweeping epiphany of Love and let it be for you an ongoing awakening into the effortless joy we share, the effortless communion of the All of God with the center or the heart of My Love and bringing with it the key to the awakening of others and the shift in perception to the heart that changes everything about this world.

For if your heart shows you the true beauty of each precious and magnificent life form, you will spend your moments in awe, beloved ones, rather than allowing more separation. Your heart will be the explosion of joy that is meant to propel you forward into ever-greater openings to the miracle of Love and the power of heart perception.

So the biggest thing that I want to say today is, dearest ones, this is effortless. This joy, this communion is ever meant to be central to all the experiences of your life. Place your focus upon beauty, even one small thing, and it will open for you the hologram of all the beauty that I Am. As you do this it brings you quicker into the realms of the heart and moves you effortlessly beyond the ego mind and the ego’s world that you are leaving.

Trust beauty to lead you easily into true heart perception and into the glorious communion with the atoms, the electrons, the particles of light that every moment your life is centered in that pure point where we come together, you as a Twin Flame heart of God and Me as the whole of Love I Am. At this point you are always becoming an ever-greater expression of this Love. You are forever the “en-conscious-ment” of beauty as a living, beating, sparkling diamond Twin Flame heart that is ever and always reflecting the beauty of God.

For you who are acting as transformers, being re-focusers of the old world, find something of beauty to keep your focus on and you will find that it creates the vortex needed to reverse the reversal and to keep you every moment in the perceptions of your heart. As you do so, you will discover that this communion is holographic as well, that you are in communion with that which you would call the “microcosm,” the atoms, electrons and quarks – as well as the glorious whole of Love, vast and limitless and Real. The entry way to it all is beauty for it is the truth of your Real heart.

You can experience all the expressions of beauty, all the luminous colors and the movement, all the dancing electrons and particles as they keep rearranging themselves in expression of the beauty and Love that I Am. Every experience of beauty that you have, dearest ones, is an entry way into what is Real and provides for you each time a different experience of the beauty and the Love that I Am.

So you can see that the experiences of beauty are absolutely and completely unlimited. Your every day can be filled to overflowing with experiences of beauty and Love and there are ever more awaiting you in each moment. So they make a perfect focus for your work in reversing the reversal that is the pocket of life on Earth.

I want you to live in the miracle that is the union of your heart with Me. I want you to experience each moment the glory that is the foundation of life and miracles. I want you to feel this energy, feel it sweeping through you now and let it feed you always perfectly from the River of Life itself. This daily nourishment is ever Mine to give and what I feed you is beauty and Love.

So beloved ones, let us rejoice together that beauty is forever “en-conscious-ed” in and as you. As you accept the experience of beauty and the doorway to the Real that it is, you will find it expressing ever more clearly and perfectly in and as you until you can hold any precious one effortlessly in your heart and bring to them the remembrance of all of this Love and the truth of God I Am.


Beloved God, we open our hearts together and come tonight into Your glorious presence asking that You use our hearts to truly be a conduit for Your magnificent Love, this Love that is everything – that it can pour forth through our hearts and bless every precious life, every electron and molecule of life in this world – bringing all of them the remembrance of Love. God, we join together and ask that the greater Will of Love be done through us now. We send prayers of gratitude forth for the great gift of spirit family, of the Love that we share together and for the amazing gift of our purpose in You.

I ask this for every being also, especially all beings on Earth, that each one know his/her purpose, and have it shining clearly in front of them. I ask You, God, to use my heart, my voice, my Love, all that I am, and my Twin Flame heart with Doug as a conduit for this experience tonight. Amen.

As we begin, let us open our hearts to each other, reaching out our heart’s perception and feeling each other’s Love, connecting together heart to heart, and feeling ourselves as this living vortex through which the Real of Love can be made present for the world. Let us also feel the joy that we have in each other in sharing this resonance and this purpose – being dedicated to God’s Love. Acknowledging too that we cover the whole world with our intention tonight – that all life on Earth be filled with the awareness that only Love is Real.

Now we begin our attunement to the one breath that we all share, the living breath of God, by breathing out together and taking a deep breath in – reaching up as we do so to the Moment of Creation and breathing out Love through our shared hearts. Breathing in the miracle of life. Breathing out pure Love into the world together.

Now placing your focus on your own glorious heart, breathe out the Love and feel it pouring through you now. Breathe in touching that highest, glorious vibration, and breathing out through every atom and every cell. Breathing in pure Love. Breathing it out again. As you breathe in now, open your hearts even wider, taking more Love in and breathing it out in service to the world. Breathing in pure Love. It fills every glorious cell. Every atom of your being breathes it out again.

Breathing Love in, your heart expands beyond anything you have experienced before. Breathing out, you are the heart of God I Am. Breathing in the one breath, experiencing the Love and breathing it out again into the world. Breathing in pure life and breathing out beauty, covering the world and breathing in, taking Love in once again.

Beloved ones, with every breath you are Love’s miracle and I Am here in communion with you. As you breathe in, beloved ones, feel your heart open and breathing out, breathe My presence out into the world. Breathing in, feel your consciousness washed in this Love. Breathing out, feel your heart breathing out beauty. Breathing in Love. I Am holding you. Breathing out joy in experiencing life.

As you breathe in again, feel your heart rising up, expanding. As you breathe out, feel Love breathing out as you. Place your focus now gently on the center of the glorious and amazing heart that you share with your deep and passionate Love, your Twin Flame, the center, as you touch the fire that burns forever there.

As your awareness now softly falls into the flame, you become the eternal light of God I Am. In your heart this flame burns, never to be extinguished. I want you, beloved ones, to feel this flame, to be this light that burns for all eternity, burning as a message that this Love is Real. Feel yourselves in the living flame of Love as its passion sparks and rises ever higher in Me. Notice how this flame is made of gold and white and feel the dance, beloved ones, of Real Twin Flame Love.

As the flame of Love leaps higher, feel the passion for life expanding, and feel your purpose truly burning in the center of this flame that is the fire of your identity in Me.

Now your glorious heart is opening all around the eternal flame and you begin to see your heart as the most glorious mandala. See the patterns of your life made of all the atoms creating pure relationships in your Twin Flame heart. As you gaze with inner vision upon the pattern of your heart, you begin to see the movement of your own glorious cosmos. Can you see those stars, each one alive and pulsing in you? Each one a living mantra of your perfect life in Me. Each one shining forth connecting with every other and creating your unique pattern for all eternity.

Your heart is a living map of all the possibilities of Love that you are as a Twin Flame heart in Me, the center of the center of all I Am. Now you begin to be the beauty of your heart mandala. You now become this living map, this star field of Love and the pattern is moving and taking on color, luminous, magnificent, beyond anything a mind imagines. Only heart perception shows you this now. Let yourself truly be this unique pattern and feel, beloved one, the beauty that you are. Deeply, passionately, filled with jubilation, recognize your glory that you are in Me.

As you witness the miracle of your own Twin Flame heart, let your feelings show you the beauty that you are as the center of God I Am. Feel this pattern. Feel it in your heart and witness the miracle of your own precious life. Oh beloved one, let Me be here in this beauty. Let us share the communion of this Now Moment, that every breath you take in the great living cosmos, you are breathing through this pattern that is your heart in Me.

Now, the colors are even brighter. Shimmering, they begin to move. Your life becomes a dance. Your heart as the center, as you open to the beauty that I Am and the Moment of Creation pours into your heart and illuminates the pattern that now rises up and moves. You expand as living Love, as pure glory, beauty out into the cosmos, for you are unlimited. Can you feel the living colors? Can you feel the expression of this magnificent dance of Love that you are in Me?

Every glorious movement is perfectly matched by My presence as we are together the expression of pure beauty. As you expand even further you feel your pattern gently touching the patterns, the luminous colors, the beauty of other lives. Every life stream that you experience resonates in your heart. Your heart shows you their beauty. You are tumbling, moving, stretching, moving into integration with this dance of beauty. Each life you commune with is a great flash of color, of beauty, of experience of each unique pattern in Me.

Beyond all description you merge with other life streams and they are acknowledged in deepest reverence in your Twin Flame heart. Every life is so beautiful that you are awed beyond imagining, that there could be this much beauty. Yet, there is always more. As you open even further to the beauty and the Love you are surrounded by a living cosmos that ever shows you more and more.

You can also feel the vibration of each glorious and unique resonance until the symphony of life is truly playing in your heart. Every living star within your pattern is made for sensing beauty, for sensing the magnificence and the miracle of each life. I ask you to truly feel the great communion of life filled to overflowing with joy so delicious, so exciting, so precious and so unique, each one in Me. Can you feel the population of this great and glorious hologram? All the life within Me, expressing itself perfectly as the expression of pure beauty and truly limitless Love.

Now, beloved ones, move your focus once again to your Twin Flame heart. Let yourself experience the pattern as each element begins to play for you its perfect tone or resonance as well as expressing itself in color and movement and light. Now as you open your Twin Flame heart to receive your life from Me, let yourself feel the incoming movement of the River of Life itself, as it plays itself through your heart enlivening every expression of beauty until you are pulsing forth the great experience, the patterns of life that you are.

Take this life in and cherish it as it feeds you, and let yourself feel how it enlivens your own Twin Flame heart and sets you on fire for life and the passionate expression of beauty as you pulse together in ecstasy, in glorious Real Love. All around you, your heart expanding and the Love you Make, exploding, outward in streams of glory. More beauty and more Love until your heart is overflowing with joy in life’s miracle and with deep appreciation of the beauty that you are.

Beloved ones, feel yourself deep in this communion where I Am fully present now in and through your heart. You are My breath, My life, My miracle. You are the Love I Am made evident to Me. Oh, feel this tender Love. Let Me pour it now into you. Feel how much I love you, My heart, My joy. In this sweet communion is your center and your truth and you know yourself perfectly as God I Am.

The beauty that I Am is the beauty that you are. You are the living heart. You are the breath. You are the Love in Me. The light blazes at the center and you are its consciousness. All That I Am is being expressed in and as you. You are held now in this moment where all Love is present and all beauty fills your awareness, and your communion with Me is as much a part of you as your own Twin Flame. Every Now we come together in perfect ecstasy again.

As the heart beats, the explosion comes and you are Love diving forth. You are the explosion of all that is beautiful into the glorious cosmos. Your heart now perceives the great mandala of life. You are witnessing All That I Am, the patterns of Me. Each stream of light connecting all the points in the star field is all the consciousness of all within Me, all the lives that I Am. As you witness this great beauty, this magnificent and luminous pattern, you feel it imprinted upon you in your heart, beloved one. Everywhere you focus, this pattern is there revealing to you the perfection of God I Am, revealing to you the pure beauty of all that you see.

The great breath of life flows through you in shining silver and mixes with the gold and white and creates something new. You are movement now. You are born again free, glorious and beautiful. Beloved of My heart, each Now Moment is brand new. This new life that you are enlivens the old pattern and makes of it something new each moment for eternity. Can you feel the magnificence and the great gift of renewal? As you are born in beauty again, brand new, each Now.

Now beloved ones, let this beauty flow through your open heart and become a moving miracle of the Love I Am, that anything it touches feels its own beauty. Take your focus now, oh, dearest ones, and return it to the Earth. Let this great stream of magnificent colors, of glorious patterns of Love that you are pour through you to touch the world. As it does the world is illuminated in glorious unearthly colors, magnificent beyond describing, luminous and free. You are lighting up the true beauty in every precious heart, and by the power of your Love bringing each one free – bringing the awareness that each heart is perfect and the pattern of each life stream is beauty for eternity.

As the beauty that you are touches any life it brings the recognition of pure beauty to them. You can now also truly see the luminous mandala that is the Earth itself, beloved ones. It too is a living heart. Also free and floating in the glorious cosmos, each star of light connected, each pulsing its beauty. You now become available to be the reflecting heart that shows each life its pattern as its beauty in Me.

Your heart, beloved one, is an opening into the Real of Love which these precious lives will see. Each one will be freed from all false illusion, as all recognize their beauty, uniqueness and importance in Me. As you gently stretch your focus now from the Real into the world, back to the point of view of being of service and perceiving yourself there, recognize your ability to truly be the beauty behind all illusion of separation from Me.

What this means is from now on, in each moment that you are centered, you will perceive with heart perception the heart mandala of every life and the glorious expression of beauty that is each life’s uniqueness, including the life streams expressing as Nature and all of it that becomes the dance of beauty that you call “the world.”

All of it purely light, luminous colors, glorious expression of the Love I Am as beauty and as life in Me. Each breath you take is from the Real and brings forth all the colors that you now perceive the Real beauty each moment and feel the ecstasy of living in a world of beauty and of only Love.

Thank you for being the conduit for this true vision of the heart, that all life can now return to their beauty in Me. Each of you, beloved ones, are in this communion, this communion with Me each Now Moment. It is effortless and free. Every moment brings your heart fully present to be expressed as the beauty and Love of God right here.



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