Our Hearts Are in God in the Real, Each Moment

Beloved ones, the old world is merely a point of view and the New World is a symbol for the truth of your eternal heart. Our message to the world is that Love is truly simple and that you are the living heart of God. Within you through the doorway of your gloriously perceptive heart, I Am revealed to be one with you and All That Is. The rich diversity of Love’s expression is given exuberance, substance through the power of your Love.

Most of all, the message and the truth are One -- that there is no separation between us – that all that Love is, is what you are and Love is the highest and most pure celebration of life, of the truth of My presence here on Earth as you, beloved ones, for you are My expression, My heart through which I love all Creation.

So it is of the utmost importance to close all separation between this deep and eternal oneness and your perception of the world, between what you see in duality and what you are in truth. By taking your stance for the unity of Love, for the immanence of My divine presence, for consciousness and heart, present everywhere for all is Now -- then you open up the pathway for correcting the misperception of separation that has created this world.

What does this mean in your individual lives?  It means, beloved ones, that you must wrest your attention away from the false perception of duality and place it on the truth of unity, of the living Love I Am being given forth as you, and the pure miracle of divine union that is present in everything from the Moment of Creation to the electrons and the atoms, to the genes that are the expression of Love as the New World.

Most of all, the gap must close between what you think and who you are, bringing Home your focus, the power of your attention, consistently and regularly, until it becomes your only focus. Then the world will take on its Real order which is the expression of your Love, your hearts.

So I am asking you to place your attention in the center of your heart and its connection to the Real, and to feel this vibration of My presence of living Love as the focal point of your life and the joy in your heart until you truly feel with the whole of your being and experience with your vast and endless consciousness that where you are, I Am present. In you, as you and of you. In the truth of the holy Now there is nowhere that you have to “get” in order to be the living truth of Love. You need not raise yourself up or change the vibration or shift anything to open up to Love because Love IS who you are.  All is a hologram. All I Am is present here, shining forth through your Twin Flame heart. Now and Now and Now again.

Every moment is perfect Love and your heart light is the expression of All That I Am as you, as your Twin Flame heart. So I want you to see that as you go forth being present, you shift all that is around you into the New World, into the vibration that is the expression of all that is Real. Therefore your creative focus is fully functioning as the Real of Love, completely gloriously expressive and present because this is the truth of your center, of your heart. It is impossible for you to be otherwise.

While it is true that vibration is infallible and the vibration of Love must be reached, it is also true, beloved ones, that this vibration is the truth of your heart, and therefore nothing has to change except your focus. When your focus is your heart, you are in the Real of Love and your vibration is the Moment of Creation. So you have made the shift that allows you to feel this Love. Now you must recognize that there is no separation between you as you are and the Real, as long as your focus is on your heart.

The moment that you release the mind, you release the world, the old world. The moment you do, I Am fully present, both as you and in communion because this is the truth of who you are, of the Real of Love. Only your focus otherwise keeps you from experiencing this ecstasy, this joy and the deep abiding surety in your heart that Love is the only truth -- that joy is our eternal nature, and that you are an expression of My Love. You are My heart. Therefore, where you are, I Am and all the Love is pouring through – through you, in giving to all Creation.

Align yourselves with this truth and remember that it is effortless. Yes, it does take energy at first to release the ego mind and the mind’s world – the original misperception of separation. But once you understand heart perception, our communion, our unity is guaranteed and is effortless. It is simply a matter of releasing the ego mind’s dual point of view.

It is time to release all separation from Me in whatever ways this comes across to you and in you, and to feel with all your heart – with everything that you are, dear ones – the glorious tenderness of our union and the great upliftment and ecstasy of giving Love that is the living purpose of your lives, of your Twin Flame heart, until you fully feel that you are the unity of Love, that we are both completely one and in communion -- consciousness and heart.

Within every illusion of the ego mind, of the old world, lies this same deep connection to the truth. So just as I have asked you to deeply look for any ways that your ego mind usurps your heart and turns you from giving into getting, I also ask you as part of your ongoing expansion of awareness to also look at where your ego mind yet holds your powerful attention on separation from Me – that these places may be transformed into the divine feelings of Love, and the deep abiding presence of our union that lives within your heart always.

I want you to feel the resonance of our great expression of unified Love and feel with all your being your Twin Flame’s presence and feel yourself as the embodiment of the Moment of Creation as it lives and moves and has its being as you – to that this living Love, this sweet light, this purity, this grace, this deep upliftment becomes your vibrational truth every living Now – that as you go forth in service, you are unity itself and all around you shines.

As you know yourself as God I Am, as you are focused on the Real of Love as an open and giving heart, as your heart becomes the living vortex through which flows the great and glorious River of living Love, there is nothing in the old world that can touch you because you know yourself as the presence of Love. You know yourself as the truth of Love, and your focus, your energy is always flowing forth in giving that is happening through you and as you, as you are bathed in the highest and purest vibration of the living Now Moment.

You will recognize that you are being clear as a conduit of pure Love being given when you are ever and always nourished and energized by the living Spirit, knowing that your life comes forth directly from Me.

For all of you the time comes where you each must begin to give in ever- deeper and more expansive ways than you have before, until the giving lights up your whole world, your very life, your heart, all that you are and brings remembrance moment by moment, heart beat by heart beat, that you are the heart of My Love.

You are the heart of God, meant to pour forth the living River. When it is being poured forth, it is so strong. There is such a current that nothing could be coming back in. Love supercedes the illusion every time so the illusion of anti-Love is gone and you are the heart of God, filled with strength, with life, vitality, with ecstasy and holiness and joy.

Welcome to the realms of Love, beyond thought, beyond anything but being the pure ecstatic experience of living Love at the Moment of Creation, living itself through you and sparking to life heart after heart until humanity is ready to remember who they are and to give you the blessing of the living spirit that you may commune with their hearts and commune with their spirits. You may be for all of them the example as well as the teacher of Love’s great truth.

I Am Love, and dearest ones, accept Love’s gifts for they must live tucked gently into your heart that you may radiate the vibration of perfect Love, draw to you every good thing that Love reveals and be for Me the beautiful Divine Feminine or the Divine Masculine, whichever charge you carry. Each of you must be prepared to be the opening for the Real into the world, bringing in the Love that will nourish every heart from Now unto Now unto an eternity of Now. Bring everyone the ecstasy of living pure Love as an expression of your heart always. When thine eye is single, duality no longer exists and the New World is born through you.



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