Our True Home Is Already Here

As you turn your focus gently to the great within, opening yourselves to the realms of light that are your true Home, you can feel the vast and living cosmos alive within you always and you recognize in this moment, there is nothing outside of yourself and you can feel My presence throughout the whole, loving, loving you intimately as we share the whole of Creation.

As you feel your heart attuning to this pure and glorious vibration, recognize, beloved ones, that this Light is your truth. Once you feel and know this truth in every fiber of your vast and glorious being, only as you do can you recognize how deeply every moment is a choice. I have asked of you to believe the Light more than you believe the world but the truth is there is only Light and there is no other world.

All the rest is a play of consciousness formed from the dream of ego. Yet within it all the Light blazes forth. As you know this Light as your truth and know this Love as your heart you are ready then to understand the transformation of the world into Love and into the great out-picturing of the pure Light within you, in ecstasy as it reverberates through everything that is Real.

As you begin to feel this reality, you also feel the consciousness of every precious life stream focused here on Earth and you recognize that each atom is ever whole and perfect, is ever and always a full out-picturing of the glory that I Am and the Twin Flame Love that is Real. When you know these beautiful atoms intimately in the Light, then you are able to communicate the perfection that is yours to create, and to stand firm in the Vertical, proclaiming the truth of all life and expecting it with no reservations to appear before you as the symbols of the world.

These things are the key to this time of transformation, this time in which you now live, for you have crossed the threshold, beloved ones, and the transformation of the world has begun. I have placed the seed within you of this great transforming heart because I want you to recognize always the truth of Light I Am and how easily it can be reflected in the symbols of this world – as long as there is nothing that is blocking it on the window of your heart.

Any heart that is given to Me, heart and soul and being, is a heart that is ready to be in this communion with the All of Love I Am. Believe in the Light and in the truth of perfection. Believe in the Love That I Am and build your communion with the atoms based on this truth of Love, and of the shining light within you that is your Home.

The reason so many of you have felt that the Earth is not your home is simply this. You have been believing in the world of illusion and not in the truth of Love. As you accept the Light within you and know that you are the Light of this world, then this world will be the reflection of your Home in the All of Love. This will occur automatically as long as your focus is clear and this is the other thing that is so important in this transformation you are about to begin, this transformation you are seeking to understand and then wield consciously.

It comes down to the choice once again of which world you choose to believe in. If you stand before the altar of your own great Twin Flame heart, believing in both the illusion and the truth of Love, then your manifestation will include both. Some of the perfect expression of Light and some of the duality, the old world consciousness, because you believe it is real.

Therefore if you are asking that this perfection of Love that we are be made manifest in the world, beloved ones, you must believe only in the Light and only in the truth of Love and NOT in the presence of duality and in the illusion of the world. Those who are able to allow transformation, to allow the seeming miracle of healing, are those who are able to place their focus on the Real in some way that overcomes the illusion of a world of other than Love and other than perfection. Sometimes this belief, this trust in the Light, may not even be obvious to the eye but it will always be obvious to the open and communicating heart.

So as you choose to believe in only the Light, then you will not see a world of problems, but will see rather a world teeming with life, expressing the vast beauty of this Love and awaiting the instructions of your great heart, that it may perform for you the dance of life. This dance can be perfect.

So what I ask of you is to establish the deep communion with the atoms until you truly experience their consciousness and know the experience of their Love and feel their presence within you as life itself expressing in joy each Now. As you do so, then this communion will be expressed in the world that appears before you. Also as you establish this communion, then whatever request you make with your heart will be honored by the atoms and electrons, these fully conscious beings of Love who are ever and always obedient to the one great Love I Am and always expressing this perfection regardless of the seeming symbols of the world you see.

Then as you expand through your heart’s perception and through the communication of the Light, you will make the most miraculous discovery about what the atoms and electrons feel when they express their very own hearts and what it is they are holding in their vibration each moment as they express only the truth of this Love. You will recognize that it is the little mind that layers over the truth of life that I Am as the world, and manifests the sub-creation of duality that is not the truth of the atoms of life.

So once again, I remind you that it is not somewhere you are going. It is somewhere you have always been and the truth of Love is alive in you and the Light of God I Am lights your way, and your heart will always show you this and give this communion clarity and purpose and joy as you step into your trust in Me and in perfect life. Therefore I am calling you to remember Light and its communion, to choose the Light instead of the world, and to ask each precious atom to commune with each electron and ask that the Real world that is your Home be revealed. Simply wait in faith while the truth of your heart is reborn and shows itself in the symbols of the world and you are free to love without any limitation.


Beloved God, we open our hearts tonight and ask that You fill us with Your living Spirit, Presence and Your Love, and deep in the very heart of our being we say YES, God, to Your Being and to being this Love completely. We also ask that you join our hearts together, heart to heart to heart and create of our hearts tonight a living vortex for humanity and open this vortex of Love that can be the conduit for all of Your grace and blessings for humanity. Thank You, God, for all of our gifts, especially for the gift of our spirit family, the Love and joy that we find in each other, in You and in service.

I ask You, God, to be this meditation, this experience tonight, to fill us with Your Love and drench us in Your Light, Your Presence and through us, in us and as us to bless all humankind and every life on Earth.

I ask that my heart and voice and life, my Twin Flame heart with Doug be the conduit tonight for the crystal clear experience that You bring to us. Amen.

As we begin, reach deep into your heart and begin to feel your own heart energy, that special song, that vibration that is the essence of the Love that is you. From the center of your heart, let this essence begin to move, first, moving outwards into the greater circle of our shared heart experience tonight, creating an energy vortex, a true living heart together, and amplifying this energy with all of your Twin Flame Love.

Feel the energy moving between us clockwise around the circle of our hearts and as it moves, the vibration is shifting into ever-greater purity until all within and all around is only this pure vibration. Now through this heart we share, we consciously pour the Love. As you feel this Love washing through us to the center of our shared heart tonight, feel it encompass all life on Earth and feel its upliftment of the whole, Now.

Aware of this Love, we also become aware of this great shared experience and the breath that we share, the breath of the One, the one Whole of God. As you let your breath out, empty everything, and as you breathe in, let your whole being be still with Light. As you breathe out again, let all old identities simply fall away and breathe in the new ‘You.’ Breathing out all limitation and breathing in freedom. Breathing out all old concepts and breathing in open consciousness.

Breathing out Love and breathing in now up to the very Moment of Creation. Breathing out in attunement with the All of Love, and breathing Love in again. With each breath out, you become the open conduit. With each breath in, you become pure Love. Breathing out this Love through your open heart, and now breathing it in again. Breathing out pure Light through every atom and breathing in to the Moment of Creation. Breathing our pure Light, white and golden, and breathing it in again. With each breath now you become the communion, the whole of Love. With each breath in and out, you are brand new in God.

Beloveds, My heart, let this moment bring to birth in you a life of pure pristine Love. Breathe in My essence, dearest ones, let it fill you and breathe out this Love once again. As you breathe, I breathe you and we are one Love breathing. As you feel this movement, you are My beating heart. I open your consciousness and right now I tend you and I open completely your heart.

Through the doorway of your open heart, you enter the timeless realm where I hold you perfectly, dissolved now in this Love. Let yourself float, completely relaxed and totally open to Me, and let this deep trust now begin to penetrate deep into the essence of your being.

Let it peel away all old heart’s beliefs and wash away the illusion of the world until right now you emerge into communion with the whole of Love I Am. I wash your being in pure Light, beloved one, and I speak now right into your heart. I ask you to allow Me now to show you your beauty, your value, your true life and the seed of your purpose in your service to Love, dearest one. You, born anew, now.

From the stillness at the center of your heart, I call you and the spark of life rises in you now. Can you feel its purity, its purpose, its perfection and how it knows, beloved one, your purpose as Love rising up to Me now. The heart you are is ignited and the flame bursts forth and suddenly you are the fire, the dance of life’s creation. You are the heart of God, a living force. You are Creation itself. The flame dances as the true Twin Flame of Love.

As these two flames connect together, there is great bolts of electricity and the scintillating passion and joy, and most of all, the essence of pure life energy, the heart of God I Am away now. Creation born again in you. Deep within the flames of Love, I ask you to place your consciousness and to see within these flames the pure potential.

As the space between the flames reveals, all Creation lives within you. You are My heart as the seat of life and the seed of Love, ready to go forth as the Christ, the living conscious heart of God as burning glorious Twin Flame Love, alive in the ever eternal Now. In these flames you know the truth that you are and your purpose as the expression of the living forces of God I Am.

Now, within these flames there are rainbows of color and the seeds of all potential are alive. Every seed, every possibility of Love is alive in the heart of God I Am and this heart is you. Allow, allow the truth of Love to sing its song deep in you, to sing your name as pure Love vibration and let this name of God I Am as you, beloved one, vibrate in your being in limitless joy and ecstasy, radiant perfection, and the shining of your consciousness and your Love as the creative center of All I Am.

Feel all the potential so alive in your glorious heart that you can barely contain it, it is so exciting… It grows in leaping joy and seeks expression now and brings the Twin Flame right into you. You merge into one flame in explosion of orgasmic ecstasy and every seed of possibility is fertilized. Then you move apart just enough to make room for life to grow in you, a womb within the heart of the flame. And from the seat of fire that is in you, the “en-conscious-ment” of the Moment of Creation, the heart of God goes forth to create.

Feeling the passionate flames of life and the power of this creative force and the vibration of your name as My heart that is whispering in the spirit winds going forth as Christ… conscious heart of living Love eternal. I ask you now to place this heart in service to all conscious life, all the life within the All I Am, and as awareness seeps through All That Is and sings its truth deep into you.

Out of everywhere we share in all this vastness, there is one pearl of separate life, turned within upon itself. That pearl is what you know as life on Earth. Now I ask you, oh, My heart, to wrap this pearl in deepest Love, to take it now within your Twin Flame womb and to warm this world of frozen Love with all the deep tenderness, all the pristine passion, all the Love that is yours to give.

Allow your heart to deeply feel all the life focused within this pearl we know as life on Earth until you recognize that life as you. For you know there are no boundaries and you allow life on Earth to be free, free of the membrane of separation, because it is cherished in your heart, and your heart now shows you true perception. You register every life focused upon the Earth.

I ask you now to let each life deeply register in the unspoken language of your heart, that you may know them, every one, intimately, as the Love you are. Holding every precious life, heart perception shows them all what it means, through you, to be the Christ. Can you feel them? Each precious one? the way, the struggle, the ways they learn from the mirror of their own heart’s reflection?

I ask you now, beloved ones, each of you, My very heart, to become renewed in your heart’s deep commitment to be the key to freedom for every one of these precious life streams, to live each Now Moment in full awareness of every precious one of them as they are alive within you. You hold their highest truth in your heart. Your heart is vibrating freedom now, and this message is delivered heart beat after heart beat through your Twin Flame heart.

Now, beloved ones, each precious cell, I ask you to begin to shift your focus now into the pearl within , to gently sink in conscious surrender into the center of your Twin Flame heart, and to penetrate the membrane, the pearl. Sliding down as streams of Light, enter into the world of duality, holding the torch of your very pure vibration, and slip into your body now, the one that brings you into the world.

As you do, you become the Christ, the Christ Child, born within you now, as you live within your greater heart. You can feel yourself present in all dimensions. Right now, your focus is deep within, into an identity you share with the world of “men” and yet all the while you retain your greater consciousness.

Seeing, feeling, being both the life on Earth AND the great Twin Flame heart of Love, I ask you now to accept the merging of the great flames of Twin Flame Love that are the truth in the Real and your identity as a “human being.” The radiant heart of the living Christ now becomes the heart of the human identity and pulses forth the resonance of Love and Light until you feel this pulse in both expressions, both dimensions of your being at once.

You see the Christ Child deep within the heart of every human being, all around you. As you focus on the world, there is only the Christ of God I Am hiding in every human heart, born anew as you are each now, surrounding you everywhere, astounding you with beauty. You walk into the world and recognize only the face of Christ.

Now from within the world, beloved ones, be the Star of Bethlehem, the great shining star of your living Spirit and allow this Star to come to Earth and to merge with the Christ Child within each and every precious human being, until the Light is everywhere and the rainbow of your creativity is at last given free reign on Earth, and it is in you in the Real.

Everywhere you place your focus, you see the shining beings of Light and the tender sweet countenance of the Christ as the pure child born right now of Spirit and heart of Love and Light. From this moment, beloved, I ask of you to be My presence in the world, alive to this glorious oneness that as I do, you live within each precious human heart in deepest full awareness and communion that no longer acknowledges separation but allows the Love I Am to speak within them as your consciousness and your Love.

In other words, it is the time when the heart of God becomes One. All the cells releasing all boundaries until the voice of Love is everywhere, and speaks as One, one message and yet, is also the heart of compassion. You are All I Am and you are interwoven into the very essence of humanity. Open your hearts, beloved ones, and I will speak as living Love into the heart of every living being, delivering the Message that the Christ Child is One with the great Star of the living Spirit. Love has come at last fully to the world.

Now, I lift you into full awareness of both your vastness in the All of Love and your presence in the world as the living pulse of the Love I Am. As I lift you ever higher in your view you can feel exhilaration, all limitations dissolving and all boundaries simply falling away. The sparkling dancing rays of Light, gold and white, intertwining Love that is you as Twin Flames, penetrate the whole spectrum of vibration from the Real of Love into the world, dancing in celebration.

As you view the glorious and living All, you recognize the freedom. That pearl of separation is ending and all of life is woven together. Every life stream sings its perfect song, each one unique and glorious as you celebrate the awakened heart of Love that is the Christ of God I Am in the world.



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