Pathways of Beauty, Pathways of Light

My dearest ones, let every pathway of beauty that you find in your life touch you and open for you the way to Me and to this powerful communion. Every moment that you find this connection to the greater realms of Love, I ask you to consciously amplify it, to choose it and claim it, and to extend these moments as much as you can, as deeply and powerfully creating when you do, new pathways of Light for yourself and for humanity.

Just as the physical brain has the pathways of nerves and neuro-transmitters, so too these pathways of Light create the new consensual reality for humanity based on the truth of Love and not the illusion of separation. So every time that you choose this Love, this Light, these feelings of expansiveness and connection - every time, dearest ones - then each of you is creating new pathways for humanity.

So in a sense you are creating a new brain, a new consciousness filled with pathways of Light, and just as in the symbols of the nervous system, each time a pathway is used it grows stronger. This is the truth in your lives as well and this is why I ask you to amplify every moment of perfection, of joy, and especially connection to the larger truth of Creation.

Whenever you feel the upliftment, the expansion, the vibration of unity and Love, take a moment to stop and claim it and to consciously extend it. Expand it into your life and expand the pathway for humanity now, that this pathway will be easy, stronger and more enticing for those who come after you.

Knowing this, that everything you do does create pathways of Light - I Am asking you now as the gatekeepers for humanity to consciously create the doorway through which humankind all together can walk when the time comes for the shift. As we build this momentum and the magnetic presence of Love and the functioning heart of God I Am in the world, when the momentum reaches the resonance of the Real fully enough to support the world, then the consciousness of the world organism will change instantly, dramatically and profoundly. This is what you know as the shift.

When this occurs, dearest ones, I need you to have prepared the way very carefully and created the energetic doorway for all human beings to follow, and created also the deep web of communication with all life in the world, yes, but in all of Creation as well, so that the whole design is functioning, the interwoven unity of consciousness that will be the New World.

The time has come for us to do this work with awareness, for you to understand completely what you do, and for you to be able to see with the eye of your heart these beautiful energy pathways that we are creating together. So, tonight [in meditation] please begin to create this opening and the neurological pathways of the New World that will be magnetically charged and radiating the pulsations of the Moment of Creation for the world, to create the foundation of something new that will hold human consciousness for the shift, and support it perfectly afterwards.

So you understand the concept of infrastructure as it relates to the world. Let us use this same concept now as it relates to the spirit and to creating together the pathways of Light for humanity to follow - pathways of consciousness, yes, and pathways of Love, but pathways of living vibration as well that are truly resonating so high and so fast that they emit the true Light of God I Am and call every human being to follow them into the awakening of their heart and the awakening of the communal heart of humanity into the Real of Love.

Using these pathways for the foundation we create a New World as the bridge between the old world of duality and the truth of the living spirit that is the true Home of humankind. You are these co-creators with Me of this beautiful pattern of living Light that is the infrastructure, the doorway of this world of living Love.

So as we have created the patterns of Light in the Real that radiate purposely the vibrational truth of this New World consciousness, now we must lead humanity there by opening that juncture between the worlds through which each heart is given birth back into its truth as Love. Obviously when you look around you can see that while hearts are opening exponentially, there are still many people who are clinging to the ego mind and gripping those rocks on the shore of the glorious sparkling River of Life that seeks to pull them free now.

This River as you know is going to be moving ever faster until clinging to the old is not an option. But you know, dearest ones, how much I love every heart now seen as a human being, and it is My true and deepest desire to make this shift effortless and easy. Therefore, I ask your assistance in creating the foundation of grace and the simple truth of eternity as the Vertical life, one truth, only Love.

As we create this shining foundation, this pathway, this new web of Light, this doorway will be seen by humankind but it will be named many different things. However it is named though, you shall know the truth because the heart is the translator that can speak the language of living Light through which the pathway is made. The symbolism of the world can serve us well in building this new doorway.

Take time to breathe in this living Light and to feed yourselves with all this pulsing Love and reach out to Me and to each other in order to pull away from the enticements of the ego mind. Recognize that as your hearts grow stronger, more and more able to feel the Real, the ego mind may get more demanding and it may get more subtle.

As always, dearest ones, I ask for your commitment and your decisions must be made daily that in every way you will consciously serve in amplifying these pathways and extending the doorway for yourselves until you truly can live effortlessly in the Real of Love and just as effortlessly in the world living perfectly in that doorway, at the center between the worlds ever and always in communion with Me.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You tonight and together we say YES to Love. We ask You, God, to allow our hearts joined into one to be a clear and open conduit to bless and lift, awaken and transform the world into a world of pure Love. Thank You, God, for your presence in our lives, in our hearts and in each other. Thank You for the blessing of this spirit family and thank You for the gift and the opportunity of serving You in the world.

I call to all Beings of Light and ask for your assistance tonight. Every moment assist us to truly be pure Love and Light, alive in the world, in communion with God and living this Love each moment. I open my heart, my Twin Flame heart with Doug, and ask to be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. Amen.

As we begin, first we feel each other's Love and as you open your heart wider and wider, feel it connect heart to heart with every precious heart here. As our hearts connect, feel the energy moving clockwise around this glorious circle, creating a vortex of living Love and opening to the Real. As you feel this energy flowing, feel the vibration moving upward. Feel it vibrating through every atom and cell in your body and your being.

As you feel this vibration, you also can feel the Light moving within you, between us and amplifying our intention to free the world from the illusion of separation from God. Now we also share the one breath. As we breathe together we are aware that all of Creation breathes with us as well with the great in-breath and out-breath of God.

As you let your breath out, relax and breathing in, feel your heart open. As you breathe out, let all tension just fall away. Breathe in now Light through your heart and extend it into the Real. Breathing out pure Love into the world. Breathing in again through your heart, open wider, breathing out Love through your heart. Breathe in now straight up the Vertical and breathe out the presence of God.

Breathe into that glorious communion and breathe out the assurance of Love. Breathe in to the presence and the peace of God and breathe it out through your heart now. As you breathe in, reach up to the very Moment of Creation and breathe out pure Light through every electron of your being. Breathe in to the Moment of Creation again and breathe out the Light once more. As you continue to breathe the in-breath and the out-breath, let the movement of Love breathe you.

Now, beloved ones, My precious heart, let every breath be your surrender to Me. I Am the breath, the life, the energy. I Am Love breathing you in and breathing you out again. With every breath you become softly surrendered, open and floating in this Love. As you float, remember our deep communion as I speak this Love to every cell.

Now, beloved ones, each of you, place your focus on your heart and watch as your heart breathes this breath. Breathing Love out. Breathing in to Me. And breathing Love out again. As your heart expands with every breath it is the lotus of pure Light with thousands of petals, amazing in its beauty, radiating energy, pouring Love into the world. As you watch, your heart beckons to you, calls you to come and remember that your heart is your cathedral in which you come to this communion with Me.

So let your soft focus gently fall, floating down to your heart as if you were riding on a feather in a breeze that lands right before your heart's doorway. You stop now and look with the eyes of the spirit at the doorway of the cathedral of your heart. It is glowing, magnificent, intricately designed and speaks perfectly of you. Radiating Light it beckons you to enter. So, place your focus on the doorway and dearest ones, enter the cathedral of your heart.

As you enter, you are consciousness exploring the eternity where you meet to serve the world in Love. With All That I Am, all that you are in Me, here, in this magnificent cathedral. As you glance all around, you are amazed at the beauty and the Light streaming in from all angles. Right in the center is the altar that you remember. On it is a radiating orb of energy, the crystalline Light of the Moment of Creation held perfectly for you.

As you step down into the cathedral on steps made of shining Light, allow yourself to feel My presence as we speak this language of symbols and you come more deeply to My presence and to the magnificence and wonder that is your heart. As you approach the altar and kneel, your spirit surrendered, open to the movements of Light and Love through you. As your heart pulses around you and you feel the wonder, a great ray of Light shines in, and you feel the presence of your Twin Flame's energy, recognizing the Light, the vibration and the reflection of the Love that is you.

As you join in sweet abandon, releasing all old images, letting go, dearest ones, of limitation and leap into this union, as you join in ecstasy and rise on this beam of living Light, feeling My presence at the center of your being, the center of your Twin Flame union ... as you breathe each other in and out, and as you rise, your vision is expanding and you open outward to eternity. As you do so, you see the doorway, the magnificent whirling pattern that we have created for humanity as the opening to the Real of Love.

Can you see its luminosity? The beautiful mandala, woven, purposefully now opening? You rush through it into the glory of oneness, into the ocean of Love, called to remember, rising in joy to the very Moment of Creation itself. Vibration rising upward, resonance dancing, your whole being becoming living Light. Every electron shouting, "YES, I remember." Every breath, dearest ones, you breathe Me in. Suddenly you are consumed by the great orgasmic energy of the explosion of exponential Love and the realization that I Am giving All I Am, as we wrap together Creation in our joy and become the conscious hologram.

All life within and every electron known intimately as together we feel every living presence, every stream of energy in the hologram, each one loved perfectly and all felt at once as the one life I Am, breathed in and out, encompassed tenderly and joyfully and loved passionately through you, My heart. You feel it rising again as the Love bursts forth multiplied, multiplied, washing through All That Is in this great orgasmic giving of the essence of Creation.

I Am Love given through you.

Once again the breath, the heartbeat and the return to the rest and the void, and in this Now Moment, reborn perfectly, Love given birth as you. As you feel consciousness, energy, ecstasy rising again through your being, I turn your focus, sweet heart of God I Am, that you may see every "en-conscious-ment" of life within the All of Me. You are alive as My heart, eternally ecstatic, giving, pumping forth joyously. We are one life and yet, we have the gift of this sweet communion.

Now remember the pearl of life on Earth, held gently in your consciousness, and turn your focus as the Twin Flame heart of giving Love, and place it on this pearl. Once again I ask you to amplify every bit of Love that is given forth by every heart on Earth. As you focus in even closer to the world, zooming in, once again we amplify the energy and support the doorway between the Real and the world of duality.

And now holding in your heart every heart in the world and feeling every one perfectly, feeling each precious child of God, heart of Love, amplify the presence of this energy in each and every heart on Earth. Feeling the power of your Twin Flame's Love as a blazing Light, as a pulsing signal, send forth the call to remember the truth of Love and feel it igniting in every heart. Now we plant the awareness of the doorway to the Real of Love from the world.

As you find your awareness easily encompassing all the precious hearts in the world, you are aware as well in your vast consciousness of all the streams of Light and Love working with you in the Real to touch and open these precious hearts now dwelling in the old world of duality. The Light streams forth and you become the pure open passageway. As you do, you are also perfectly in communion with every electron of Light that streams through you, My heart. Each one sings your name as a Twin Flame heart of Love. Each one is unique. Each one is conscious. Every electron vibrates with perfect glorious life.

As this life force rushes through your whole being and through your open heart, you become this living cell of Light and you feel it in every atom of your being, singing the song of perfect life, of glorious unlimited abundance and passionate Love. Holding this vibration, becoming this living song, place this resonance consciously, first, in the doorway of Light between the Real and the world, and now streaming into every consciousness.

As this song of ecstatic life vibrates through your being, hold this vibration within you and the awareness of your Twin Flame consciousness, your shared ecstatic Love, and slip now through the doorway, returning to the cathedral of your heart and coming in gently right into the center, sliding down the great ray of Light, standing once again by the altar, bathed in Light, being still, vibrating the song of Light wrapped in your Twin Flame's Love.

Now beloved, precious heart, consciousness of All I Am, it is time to create the bridge world, the world of only Love, perfection and beauty that resonates with this pure song of Light. Now I ask you to turn to the side and see another doorway. As you now go through this doorway, it opens a view into your life in the world but a view to the New World of Love. As you step forth, you step into a place that you love, a place close to where you live in your normal daily life but you see everywhere the dancing Light, the waves of Love. You see the flowers greet you consciously.

You feel a body made of living Light, shaped perfectly as beauty, flexible, moving according to the Will of Love, heart open and blazing, completely aware of the ray of Light ascending, the Twin Flame Double Helix connecting to you and to the Real of Love.

You walk forth into this scene, this place that you enjoy and call forth the spirits of Nature and feel your joy as they respond and speak right into your heart. You understand all of them perfectly and Love moves through your heart effortlessly, connecting with the life streams that are Nature and indeed they respect and honor every request based in Love and rush forth to create for you more beauty.

The world around you bursts forth with more expressions of perfect beauty, dancing Light, shimmering fairies, Nature Spirits playing among the trees, and as you speak forth the word of God I Am, that which you speak is creative.

So take a moment to speak the voice of Love, to create from your heart more beauty, and then by My Will open another doorway that gives you a view of humanity. By the Will of Love pour forth the awareness of this world of Love, cradle everyone in beauty and feel the perfection of this world of only Love for every single human being as they recognize they are more and accept their infinity. Accept this song of Light, and everywhere there are new symbols of perfection, beauty, abundance and joy overflowing with only good.

You turn and take the hand of your beloved Twin Flame manifesting as this dancing Light energy in symbols of perfect bodies made of Light, of consciousness, and you dance through this garden of delight, your heart overflowing in joy. Above you the rays of Light, the wheels of sparkling energy, the doorway between the Real and the world, radiating Love energy and perfection, creating the bridge world together.

Filled with joy once again, go toward the cathedral of your heart and enter through the side doorway with a sigh of contentment, carrying with you all the Light, filled to overflowing with the Love. You enter the cathedral again and marvel at its expansiveness and beauty, as Light pours from every direction into it, the altar shines. The orb of Light pulses and everywhere that vibrating song of life.

As you breathe it in, you are overwhelmed with the sense of glorious perfection and a wash of My living grace, and you know, beloved, that you can hold out your hand and your heart's desire shall be made manifest as every moment you are giving more Love. Every moment you are living in ecstasy and carrying these feelings in your heart and through your being, feeling almost giddy with the joy of it, filled with the awareness of this beauty.

You walk, you move as consciousness and Love to the front, to the main doorway. Walking up the shining steps you gather all the Light and stand in a ray and feel the Love, breathing it in and holding the vibration and the wave forms and the intimate and tender communion with Me, and the power of your Twin Flame Love.

You open the doorway and step out into the world, into the old world temporarily, fully aware of the world of Love so close. You can feel it beginning to penetrate and to merge now with the world of duality, lifting each heart, every energy. Feeling an inner smile, you step forth as if you had wings, reaching back, closing the doorway. Your consciousness moves upward. You see your heart once again shining, first a doorway of living Light and now a lotus flower blossoming.

Your consciousness comes to rest over your heart as your heart becomes your instrument and your energy. Softly taking a breath, focusing once again back into your body, greeting every cell, whispering to every atom that you know the truth of your being and remembering you are the breath of Light. You are the heart of living Love I Am and you are the living doorway.



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