Perception Through Our Real Heart

I’ve asked you to shift to heart perception – dearest ones, – but not the perception through the little human heart that you have believed is your heart until now. Rather, heart perception through this magnificent power, this pulsing radiating center of it all that is your Real heart. It is this perception that I call you to, that you might finally get the Real picture of who and what you are and where this world is going.

When you are ready to uphold that center and to speak forth and be this truth, then nothing of the old world can hold you for a moment because you are the heart of it all, of all that I Am and ever shall be. You are the living center and truly you are an explosion of light, illuminating My very core, that All I That I Am may be loved by Me, perfectly and without reservation, and only you shall be holding the key to it all as the multi-faceted heart of God that you are. You share this as a Twin Flame heart with others creating this glorious presence, radiating the cosmic pulse into the Now Moment.

When you have approached heart perception, it has seemed to you that it has been truly a miracle. Yet you can see from this just how limited your perception has been of what constitutes the heart with which you are perceiving. I want you to know deeply and with passion the Real heart of God that you are – that in at least each Now Moment whenever you can glimpse it, you understand what is Really at stake when you turn again into the dream of separation, into the dream of the world.

Once you see your own great heart and feel its thrumming presence and feel the pulsing energy that it sends forth into the All and you recognize its signature deep within your being, only then can you appreciate what has been turned away -- when the very heart of God I Am chose to believe the dream of separation. Nothing will do but reclaiming it all, every last glorious iota, every molecule and electron, every particle of light and most of all, your own glorious center which is so alive and so Real, so powerful with the living atomic presence of Love that you can bring into birth whole worlds, great cosmoses and every one of them shall be triply blessed from the tri-fold flame that we share.

So let this time be the time of your own heart, of connecting with that in you that is Real and allowing Me to show you how separation has usurped this and substituted a universe of fear and a heart that could barely survive. Oh, what a lie, beloved ones, the greatest lie that has ever been perpetuated. Nothing can harm your heart and nothing can diminish it. The truth is that anything that tries would be burned up in the fire of your great and passionate Love the instant that the energy touched yours.

But because you have believed in the illusion of Love and something else, you have bought the picture of limitation and believed so many things that are not true about your heart. So I Am here as the glory of God I Am, that within which you rest and thrive to show you now that which you truly are and that is My most magnificent and unlimited open heart through which I love the All.

Every moment the very power of Creation itself is alive in you and you can tap it in any way that you choose. Most of you tap into it unconsciously and use it to perpetuate the dream of the little “you.” But as you become more conscious now of that which is at stake, oh, beloved ones, you can now make the choice not to fall into the paltry view of a life on Earth as having anything to do with you at all. This may seem strange to say but in your heart you know that you are grand and vast, magnificent and unlimited and that nothing will ever be able to contain your hearts if you allow them to expand as they are meant, right here and right now.

When you do this, fully do this, beloved ones, I promise -- that is the end of the old world that you have seen and the entry point of the glory, of the great magnificent cosmos and the truth of Love I Am fully present in you. All of this is without effort. It is simply an attunement. It is waking to the reality of your own hearts. Oh, and as you do this, you will find ways of seeing that you can hardly believe. The heart is fully present in the Now and all around you life will blossom in the most miraculous and wondrous ways, and you will recognize that you are a part of the living flow.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You and ask You to take them over, fill us up with Your Love, Your presence and with Your joy and let our lives truly be You, standing here as us. We ask you God to truly join our hearts together and to create one Real heart through which You can pour Your Love to bless and lift this world. As we do so, help us know our true hearts, God, that we Really understand heart perception and that we always see every brother and sister as beauty.
Thank you for spirit family for this gift and opportunity, for the honor of being here serving Love on Earth.
I ask You, God, to use my heart and voice, my Twin Flame heart with Doug as a clear conduit for this experience tonight. Amen.

Let us begin as we always do, connecting our hearts together, heart to heart to heart and really feel each other’s presence in our own heart, feel the blending of our energy and the amplification of our Love as we allow God’s presence to multiply exponentially our Love and our desire to serve that Love tonight. Begin to feel the energy lifting, the vibration rising and feel the energy moving between us connecting all of our hearts, moving clockwise between us, faster and faster creating a vortex of Love and opening to the Real right here.

Now we stand in our bliss together, the bliss of God, the one breath of the living whole. Allow your consciousness to expand and feel the symphony of life that is breathing with you. As you let your breath out and take a deep breath in, feel your consciousness rise, connecting to the very highest and purest vibration. At the same time it is expanding outward into the All, the whole. As you breathe with your own rhythm, in and out, remember there is one breath and it is God breathing us.

Another deep breath in brings you to the pinnacle of light and as you breathe out, you become pure light expressed and breathing in up to the Moment of Creation and breathing out pure life through your open and pulsing heart. Breathing in to the Moment of Creation and God’s presence, and breathing out pure light through every electron of your being. Breathing in through your heart up to the Moment of Creation. Breathing out pure Love through your open and pulsing heart.

Breathing in pure light letting it fill your whole being. Breathing out that light now into the world and holding it. As you continue to breathe, begin to feel the pure vibration of Love as it continues to expand through you. Every breath now connects to All That Is as you allow your heart to remember this feeling of unity.

Now, beloved ones, I call you into the purest light through the doorway of your magnificent heart, and so I ask you to allow your consciousness to gently and softly move into the glorious vortex that is your Twin Flame heart where instantly you remember this pure magnificent Love and the ecstasy of knowing the heart that you share – one heart, two streams of consciousness – this awareness of the doorway into the Real of Love.

I call you to the highest, most pure light available, the life that is the light of God I Am. Every atom of your being, every electron is now bathed in this perfect light bringing living joy to it. Let yourselves be washed in the joy of this light as you feel it illuminate all parts of your being and you are a living sun accepting an even greater light, until you become the blazing light of All That Is as One.

As this light fills your being that is as vast as the cosmos, in every part of you, in your vastness you remember this vibration. And even brighter you are shining and the vibration continues to rise in its intensity as you remember the Moment of Creation in you. Feel the explosion in every atom of your being as you become, beloved, the Moment of Creation itself. No longer something you relate to but that which you are. You are the Moment of Creation now and you feel your vast being exploding with this awareness in orgasmic splendor. You become the great orgasmic shout, “I Am the Light.” And the light becomes everything.

Your whole being is lit in the vibration of this energy. It is magnificent beyond description, and even greater than all this wonder is the birth of Love shooting through your being and bringing awareness of all life in the most tender exquisite awareness of what Love truly is as each electron of light is cherished by you. Every atom of your being, each electron shouts, ‘I Am the light.”

The light is rising even higher, more and more and more light until that which you believe was the cosmos is expanded in another shout, “I Am the light,” and the light explodes forth. That which is your heart knows no boundaries any more and the light of Creation is within you, made new as universe within universe comes into being within you. In every universe that is within you this singing goes forth, “I Am the light.”

Now rising from the center of your being is the great flash of star light creating patterns of beauty all pointing to your heart. From the center of your heart comes the vibration of one song with two parts and you become aware of a new life that dawns now in you. This life is two flames joined into one, white light and gold, burning together. From this burning comes the awareness of the great cosmic attraction that is the exploration that brings forth the light. The moment of the joining rings forth forever, “I Am the light and I Am One.”

Yet within the one are the two streams of living joy, of consciousness, of energy that brings forth new life. As your heart reveals itself, new life is born in you and new depths of this Love sing forth in joy as you recognize the energy of your heart now reflecting in every dimension, in every vibration, in all aspects of Creation is the one that is you.

Each moment comes the deep eternal mating where your own heart meets itself in its Twin Flame, and the flame reaches everywhere, everywhere at once for your heart is the center of it all. With every mating comes the great explosion and once again, the great awareness “I Am the light.” And the light that you are is rising even higher as the vibration of ecstasy multiplies itself and the great orgasmic shout once again goes forth singing from every atom of your being, “I Am the light.”

Your consciousness now encompasses All That Is, easily, and you are intimately loving each precious heart, each atom of energy is the heart within you. Each one is yours to love. Each one is a reflection of the great Love within you, the great and glorious explosion that is your own heart. Your Love is born anew right now forever. Each birth brings forth the light again. And now you are the fiery breath of this living light of All That Is, breathing in and breathing out pure glorious light.

Breathing light, being light, living light endlessly. And in this light is everything, everything is one. One light can feed you, that electrifies your being, that ignites you with every energy in the living hologram. One light in which every electron is conscious and I Am the light of it all. I light your being, your heart, everything. In this moment we also are one that is. This light that lights the all of Love is the light of consciousness, the consciousness of God I Am. I Am you.

The light now becomes a light of many colors as it flashes through the living whole and picks up new hues, and you begin to feel the energy of the streams of light within you becoming a radiant expression of joy. You recognize this joy as pure light expressing, as it moves forth and meets the Love, the Love that I Am, the light of My being, the light that you are in this moment as well. As you feel My living presence now and feel this deep communion, as we share this awareness of the one that is more, more because we can serve this sweet song of relationship, more because you are the one heart that is two.

You can feel the vibration of the explosion of pure joy as the deep living presence of Love moves you and everywhere this Love now moves within you, the light becomes even brighter. That light takes on greater life until it vibrates through your being and insists on expressing now through your heart. As the truth of the Moment of Creation now lives in you and you feel in your being “I Am the light,” I ask you to turn your consciousness and the focus of your great heart and search within yourself until you find the pearl that is the Earth.

…until you find, beloved one, the pocket of reversal, that place in your being that has believed in separation. As you find it, and you feel it and allow your focus to touch in to the swirling energies of the world, I ask you to place an anchor for the light of your glorious being, anchoring deep within the heart of the world, and to feel this great light making the pure connection from the Moment of Creation into the heart of the world.

Every moment that the pulse comes from the Moment of Creation, the light flows down into the world through your being, held by your remembrance that you are the light. I ask you now, beloved one, each of you in your service, to love the light with all of your being, to love the light and to choose the light over the world of illusion, even when your focus has shifted into the world, into the light, your expression on Earth. I ask you to remember the truth.

Now beloved ones, as you make the shift in your awareness, allowing it to encompass the whole spectrum of your being including your life on Earth, deep within your consciousness in every atom of your being the mantra continues. “I Am the light.” As you see the world now, you see it as moving pictures of light and you remember the light of God you are and choose this light over the illusion, believing in the light more than you believe in the world.

Hold the light and let it shine now through every atom and each electron of your being and your body in the world. You can feel now that you are pure radiant blended … You can feel that you are the light and feel this vibration spreading out before you, lighting up the world with the truth. “I Am the light.” As you hold this and you live it, you illuminate everything, some within reflected all around you in the world, until everything around you is pure and luminous presence. Presence of the light that you are, illuminating all of the world.

As you feel this truth within you, let it illumine every precious heart. Every being that you encounter in the world, that the light of your God being illuminate their precious hearts, wash away the illusion of duality and attune them perfectly to the truth “I Am” within you. “I Am the light of the world. I Am the light of the world. I Am the light and I Am perfect.” ‘I Am the light. I Am the light of the world and this vibration of the light lives in you. Every vibration of this light is sweet resonance of perfection, is pure, unending joy.

“I Am the light of the world.”



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