Perfect Love

As you feel My touch, beloved ones, turn your beautiful hearts to Me and as you do, allow yourself to be bathed in My presence, to feel this Love penetrate, washing through your being and simply dissolving all the ego's defenses. As you feel the old illusion of a separate you being released, step easily into the truth of this living All of Love and slide softly into the New World vibration in which every element of your life is My Love kissing you.

The breeze upon your face is My caress, beloved one, and it whispers of the living spirit that you can always hear within you. The sun upon you as it warms your body is the warmth of this ever molten living Love that melts all the hard places, dissolves all that is calcified and cracks the ego's shell like a chick cracks the egg. You step forth free into My living presence.

Every breath is the in-take of your spiritual food and every out-breath is the release of all the Love that you have always felt within your heart. Suddenly it is all easy. Beloveds, only the ego mind makes it difficult. The truth of your being, of the living Christ heart is always waiting for you to simply step into it.

The moment that you do, the world becomes beautiful and the eyes with which you look upon it see all the Love. Your heart feels the power of beauty and you hear My name in everything, especially in the depth of your own beautiful heart. The vibration becomes a living song that sings to you of ecstasy and lifts your spirit every moment. You remember that it is all here, ever and always waiting for you.

The ocean of My Love is your Home and I Am personal. I Am tender and I Am present, and I Am this cosmic Love, reaching always to enfold you. I promise you that if you allow this shift and step with ease and grace into the moment, the world you see even with your two eyes will be so different that you won't even recognize it. The Light will spring up everywhere and you will see the living fountain of the River of Life pouring forth to nourish everything. You will remember that it was always here, full and glorious and radiant, waiting for you to simply remember all that you had forgotten.

The ego's veil has been rendered and the truth becomes a living thing that speaks to your very being and resonates within every heart. While some may still seek to pull the shroud of the ego back around them, to pretend that they can still hide in the ego's old cocoon, in truth, every heart has already heard the call and every heart has always been connected to its truth.

So the world of Love is already here. It is just waiting for you to remember. As you do, your experience of life will change radically. If you are in the middle of the ego mind's drama, it might seem to you to be impossible. But I tell you, My precious and most beautiful heart, it can shift in an instant. What might seem to be miraculous to your little mind right now can become the truth of your being when you remember your "Yes." The "Yes" to Love becomes your heart's clarion call and becomes truly the focus and the vibration of your life.

Often the ego mind has managed to keep you from the present. You walk out of your door and you are completely absorbed in the stories of the little mind. All around you the Nature Spirits are dancing and showing forth this Light and the beauty of the world that is surrendered to Love is everywhere present.

Life flows effortlessly when directed by Me. The Will of Love is always the increase of joy and beauty. The abundant riches of God I Am are yours totally the moment you remember that you don't even have to claim them. They are your birthright. All that is yours has already been given, and the deeper truth is that you've already accepted and the dream of separation is done in the realms of Love.

So what I Am asking now is to release the effort, to relax into the joy and to let Me be the force, the impetus, the director of your life. But the term "your life" is a misnomer. This is what we dissolve. There is one life and it is Love rejoicing in itself, in all of its many facets, in all of its exquisite interactions, in all the movement of Light and consciousness and the ever-present Love. This dance is unending and it is always ecstatic. Everything it touches is made new now.

Are you willing to let your life be made new now? to let this Love wash through your being and truly claim your heart? And if you are, beloved ones, let Me take care of the ego. Simply give it to Me and make the choice to leap into My Love. Open yourself, consciousness and heart, to this intimate and living presence as I become the guiding Light and living force that directs your life.

This doesn't mean that I won't show you the new containers of consciousness but the truth is, all of it is already here. Every perfect pattern of the expanded Christ life for humanity is already present as part of the living hologram. It is within you as surely as your unique vibration and as your Twin Flame's Love. You must simply allow it and remember to call it forth, to accept the ease and grace of living in My Love.

Let your heart come to this feast and let it drink of this living spirit that every moment becomes a peak experience, an epiphany of Love so great that it is beyond orgasmic and shakes your very being with this deep remembrance. It is already here. There is nothing left to do but say "Yes" and to leap into My arms, into this Love, into My tender kiss of your spirit, and into My appearance before you as everything in your life.

Can you allow this, dearest ones? Can each of you be willing to let go of the whole world as you know it and to be truly like little children but really more like a new born babe, experiencing the world for the first time in wonder and awe and expectation that says "What is this?" but expecting the answer through the heart, not the mind. Expecting it as an experience.

If you can remember, beloved, this is what you did as a child. Life was so up close and so clear and so intense that a moment was a lifetime, and there was nothing else. You could sit and watch a bug crawling across the garden for an eternity of Now Moments, completely absorbed. Every essence of every flower, if you stuck your nose into it, was a miracle of awakening to all possibilities of beauty.

This is what beloved Jesus meant when he said, "Be as little children." Let life come and live you, rather than you living your life because that is the ego. But dearest ones, this life, this one life I Am, is ready to live you perfectly as the flow of the living spirit, as the truth of Love.

As your heart becomes your focus, you recognize that it is easy. There is truly nothing that you have to create but all of it is waiting, even the New World images already the natural expression of this glorious Twin Flame Love that is the original Garden, the Garden of Eden of perfection. Its blue print as an energy matrix is part of your DNA. It is part of the spiritual configuration of your being that brought you to these coordinates in the movement of the living whole that you call "life on Earth."

Perfect Love expressed. That is the new motto. Yet, it is not new. It is fully "en-conscious-ed" already by you. So all that you must do is let it become a feeling experience, sourced by Me and dearest ones, experienced through your heart. Remember these words. Feeling experience. Not the feelings of the ego, but the true divine feelings that come from living through your heart. When life becomes a feeling experience, experienced through your heart, then you cannot help but find Me, tender and personal.

This Love that we are and share is the divine imprint. It is begun at the Moment of Creation and comes forth as your life. You are the "en-conscious-ment" of this great Love I Am, and your focus now is simply to remember - to remember with your heart, not with your mind. Bring it into the experience of heart perception directly, releasing all that comes between you and your awareness of that which you are and that which you share with Me and with the living hologram.

One electron of your being, dearest ones, holds this entire intention of accepting the sourcing of Love expressed and bringing it forth as your life. Already done, experienced now. But that simple turning away for that moment in humanity brought forth this sub-creation that is the ego mind's veil. It makes everything seem difficult and makes your spiritual life a search, a journey moving ever onward to some elusive goal.

The truth of your heart is that it is already Reality and therefore it is effortless. I deepen this reminder within you, that you may fully remember and let yourself dive into bliss, and into living a life fully supported, touched by My Love, seeing My face in all who come before you, and accepting the divine provision of All That I Am as yours, already done, sourced and accepted as the Moment of Creation as you.

So how can you make this shift from looking for to experiencing? There are so many answers but all of them go back to your heart and making the choice to reside there, to let your heart be your Home. No where else and nothing else can truly sustain you. Once you make this connection and this resonating "Yes" is your whole truth, it is all here. All yours. Fully present now.

Only out of this feeling experience, these deepest heart remembrances can come a new life lived in a world that is only Love. Yet this world is already here and functioning because you are its genesis. You are the pattern for it that is ever alive and thriving as your heart.

I will come and make this easy, if you will remember to call Me. Let Me come and show you the kiss as your Twin Flame, My kiss of deepest Love, of this holy unending communion as relationship with all life, however it appears before you. It can only appear before you through your heart or through your mind, and the heart will show you that it is already in place. All that is left is to claim it.

The great mandala of life is perfectly woven. The Web of Life is tuned in every shimmering strand so that any movement upon it plays the whole song instantly and the full experience is happening, no matter where on the Web you are.

Talking and thinking about unity through the ego mind is like swimming in a wet-suit. It's time to take off the protective cover and dive into this ocean - dive into the ocean of Love and remember how well you know it. See how it will provide you with ease and grace.

So, rather than say to you, "create the New World," our new words will be "experience it." Experience this Light and this conscious impetus already in relationship with you and already fully present as the Twin Flame pumping heart, multiplying the Love I Am exponentially now.

Rather than saying to you that I will come and comfort you if you are having the experiences of the ego mind's dream, I Am going to say, "Remember that it is all manifest perfectly, already in place joyously in the realms of Love." You, beloved ones, must simply release your ballast. Just imagine that you are in the basket in a powerful air balloon, but sitting on the ground because you can't dream of the sky. But the sky is already there. All you need to do is release the weights. The moment you do, the balloon is airborne. You don't have to do anything except allow the living spirit to guide you in where you travel.

Perfect Love, brought forth into experience, Now. The Love that is already here. The ocean of My tender Love for you and such care that truly every electron of Light within the whole is attuned to providing you with all that is perfect, holding for you the pure vibration and replenishing your living body, that body of Light, that luminous and spirit-made expression.

Are you ready to dive into the ocean of Love without the ego's wet suit? The ocean is here and so Am I. Please say "Yes."


ilda 11th August 2008 7:49 pm

You never know true happiness until you have truly loved,and you will understand what pain realy is until you have lost it.Love asks me no questions,and give me endless suport....Love is wondenful thing you never have to take it away from one person to give it to another.There's always more than enough to go around.Love is like war easy to begin but hard to William Shakespeare=========I always choose love.

ilda 11th August 2008 7:51 pm

I always choose love.


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