Powerlessness and the Power of Love

Beloved ones, I Am here. Let Me touch your heart that in this moment, in this presence, it may open to the power of Love, and that you may experience once again all that you truly are, with no limits, no boundaries and glorious excitement about the possibilities of Love.

In the center of your grand heart, there lives a fount of unlimited power that is the essence of the universe. It is the Moment of Creation. It is the identity that you truly wear and it is where you always live in the truth of your being.

As you fly free in the glory of God and drink the magnificence of endless Light, as you are the astounding heart beat that brings forth all that Creation is, as you feel the pulse of the power within you… recognize that this is who you are. Your every breath is breathed as the center of the universe, and the extension of your heart has no boundaries.

Most of all, I want you to feel the power of Love that creates all things. Feel that it resides within you, and let that power vibrate through your being. Let it be indescribable excitement. Let it be the absolute conviction, the inner knowing that there is no power other than this. The power of Love creates all things, enlivens all things, nourishes all things, and is ever and only the most extraordinary and glorious good.

Pulsing forth through the whole of Creation, the power of Love fuels Love’s extension and brings consciousness to the movement of God that is the whole reason that Creation is. You, beloveds, are its fuel. You are the vehicle of the power of Love. Nothing can stand before you that isn’t in pure and perfect alignment with all that Love is.

Feeling this, allowing this, acknowledging and according it, letting it pulse within the whole of your experience… recognize, beloved ones, that it is the time for you to be in place for the reclamation of the power of Love in the world, the restoration of the Real truth that Love is all there is.

Beloved ones, there is an essential misperception that fuels the whole creation of the reversal of Love that has been your experience of the world so far. The essence of this “misinformation,” if you will, or lie, if you would like to be more direct, is that you are powerless -- that the world outside can affect you, that you are separate from Me, from your truth, from the power that made you, and at the mercy of forces beyond your control. And powerlessness controls here.

The lie of powerlessness is at the core of the human experience. It is built into the dream of the little mind, and it is symbolized by coming into this world as an infant who has no ability to take care of itself and must rely on its parents and on the world outside to nourish it, support it and feed it.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as I have said to you again and again and again. I Am not only the Source of your life. I Am your nourishment, your energy, your life itself that can never be taken from you and I will support you, expand you, guide you, inspire you and lead you to ever greater good, always.

So the initial misperception of the experience of the reversal is one of powerlessness. How absurd is this, that the very heart of God I Am, that the center of the universe that holds the forces of Creation, that “en-conscious-es” it can believe itself to be at the mercy of the world. And yet, all of you do, absolutely all of you, for if you did not, you would not still have an ego mind.

You would be living through your heart in the most magnificent experience of the unfolding of Love, of your abundance of God, of the nourishment of life breathed in directly, amplified and delivered through the heart of God that you are, forever in this eternal presence.

You know that you are here to usher in the shift to the heart, the remembrance of the truth of Love, the transformation at last of the reversal of the truth into the expression in the symbols of the world as the glory of God I Am living here as you.

Thus, beloved ones, do I come to you today, to speak to you of the power of Love because each and every one of you, all of you as the one heart, must be restored in the truth -- or the dream of the world cannot change. As long as you believe there is anything outside of you that has power over your life in any way, you are still living from the kernel of the belief in powerlessness that is the foundation of the ego.

And so I come to you in this moment, drawn to you by your commitment to serve Love in this agreed-upon moment. I come to you in the silence of your heart to restore your remembrance of what Real power is, that the power of God is in you and nothing stands before it.

From this core of your being, from the truth of God power, of Love -- God power that IS Love -- you shall magnetize, by the Law of Resonance, what we have named Heaven on Earth, the symbols of the world reflecting what you know and experience as your heart.

In this moment, come back to Me! Come back to the Source. Let Me in. Beyond any story of what I Am to you and into the midst of the story of your ego, take this Love. Feel this power and take it in, beloved ones, to your existence here…right into the core, into the center of it. There you will find your heart’s belief in powerlessness. Fear is simply the resonant field that comes from this core belief in your vulnerability and your acceptance of your own separation from Love, and thus, your belief that the world outside is real and can affect you.

Now, beloved ones, you must reclaim this -- the true power of God that you are. Therefore, I Am here with you, that Love may bring your essence into what has seemed to be real, into your experience of yourself as a person. Glorious pulse by pulse by pulse, Love dismantles the lie of powerlessness, dissolves the stories that the ego mind has built.

I drench you in the Reality of God, permeate every aspect of your perceptions of the world, until you are beyond the story, beneath the weaving of the consensual world that you have agreed to come into to serve, and back to the place where Love not only speaks but blasts forth the experience of your being -- taking with it the ego mind’s persona, the identities of being a limited human. Radiating outward from the center of your being, Love dismantles the core heart’s belief of powerlessness, separation and a world outside that can affect you.

When you recognize the experience the power of Love, oh, beloved ones, there shall be no question, for the mind cannot withstand the atomic rays of what is Real and is revealed in an instant to be made of nothing, a world that is truly an illusion in which all of you stand – the powerful, unlimited, magnificent, glorious heart of God.

Can you feel this Reality speaking deeply within you? Can you sense the truth of every heart in the world? When you do, can you feel the pulse of Creation right here in the heart of duality that the dream may bend its knee to the true power which is the power of Love?

To experience Love’s power as your life, beloved ones, not only takes a choice. It takes surrender of the stories of the ego mind, all the way to the beginning, to the moment you agreed to take on this heart’s belief of powerlessness. Had you not agreed, you could not have been here and experienced the world, that you might now transform it as you reclaim your Love. Everything that you have touched, beloved ones, by the Law of Resonance, is now transformed by the power of Love as you reclaim your truth. Or perhaps I should say…as it reclaims you, reclaims the truth of your being and the little mind cannot stand in its ray.

Oh, beloved ones, what Love can create as your heart, as your being here in the world is beyond anything that you have imagined with the mind. The moment you drop into your heart and allow Me to take you into your true power, the pulse of life is so Real, dear ones, that you cannot create a story about it, and this is so important.

What we seek to do here is deeper than transforming your story of this life, of those hurts, of those experiences of this world and all the things that you’ve been working on. All of those are weavings of the mind and keep you from the power of your heart, even though they may seem that they have to be undone or transformed.

Beyond them all, beneath the stories, beyond that essential level of your agreement to be here in a place of silence, the encounter begins with the true power and the belief in powerlessness and nothing stands before the truth of Love.

As you are freed from the belief in powerlessness, so too are you freed from the dream of fear, for the two are intertwined. They are inseparable, and each one will lead you to the other, that you may choose to go through the door between the breath, between the heart beat, calling to Me to deliver you to that place, that point where the belief in powerlessness was chosen, when you took on the cloak of believing in the world and your separation from this unlimited good that always supports you.

Are you willing to let Love dissolve this heart’s belief in powerlessness and do you choose with all you are, with all your being and all your energy, to be the power of God, the only power that is Love and to let it have everything else?

It may feel like the death of who you think you are. Let it go and trust what’s beneath it. If fear comes, I Am here to support you, to enliven you, to lift you up and to give you the heart’s vision of the experience of Reality and the power of Love that has no opposite.

Beneath the story that you remember of what this life has been and how you have lived it, beneath the drama that the ego loves, behind the moment of time… is this core, this kernel, this heart’s belief that you willingly took on, knowing the agreed upon time would come for its transformation. You can sense at least the beginning of what it means to humankind to be free of the heart’s belief in a world outside that has power over one’s experience in any way.

You can sense, you can feel what it means to each person to reclaim the power of provision -- to take back the belief in working for money, striving to make things better because they are inherently succumbing to entropy… the belief that you gain worth only when you exert effort over and over. You can feel opening within you the joy, beloved ones, that comes from recognition that there is only one Source, that it comes to you through your heart, all life, all good, all abundance, all provision, and most of all, the power of God to be this extension of Love that everything that you touch is reflecting the magnificent heart of God.

It is important that you realize that this belief is visceral – that the belief in powerlessness is the seed from which springs the human being, that your willingness to take this on came well before being born. It is the core belief through which you aggregated the electrons to create a body and through which you drew to yourself parents who would tend you when you emerged powerless.

I promise you there is only one power. It is the power of Love and it is everywhere. Only the imagining of little minds creating this consensual duality could possibly make you believe anything different than that the power of Creation resides in you and brings forth all good things.

So you can feel within you how crucial this is. This heart’s belief must now transform, and only as it does in many of you, only as it takes hold like a wildfire spreading can that feeling that you’ve carried with you all of your life – that you are here to change the world -- be fulfilled in truly astounding ways.

Take this Love that I Am that lives within you. Take this truth that is the Real core of your identity. Take this experience of the magnificent pulsing heart of God and take it deeper, dear ones, than your stories. Take it into the heart and go further until the mind releases it and you find yourself at the core, feeling the truth of the power of God that nothing can take from you – not a fact…this is important…but a feeling.

Let it vibrate and expand and rock you; shake you, awaken every electron that has agreed to be your body. Let it sing its resonance into your energy field and feel this unshakable, eternal communion until you feel the power of God restoring, replacing the heart’s belief in powerlessness and thus, in fear.

And oh, what a difference this shall bring to your life. It opens the way for the truth to be made manifest that only Love is Real and Love is inclusive. Every heart is one and the Source is within it, providing life, providing the energy of Creation itself. You then live in trust that this experience will be made visible effortlessly as your experience of the world.

This is how you “get there from here.” Not from laboring to change the condition of the earth, not from continuing to place your attention on the world outside of you that has become symbolic of the dissonance of this belief in power.

Rather, stand firm in the truth within. Feel it, breathe it, live it and let us share it together until there is nothing else but breathing in the one breath and exploding forth as the heart beat of God, the expression of Creation that is Real Love, reclaiming your identity as the heart of All That Is containing both forces of Creation.

In this place, life becomes a feast of glorious good, an endless array of new possibilities for Love, the powerful affirmation of the abundance of God I Am lived within in trust until it shows up all around you. But that part is only secondary to the experience of who you are, the endlessly powerful heart of God.

Thank you for stepping into this powerful place, for moving beyond the fascination with the story, for heeding the call that says to you, “It is time.” The agreed upon time is here and it is time to be the power of Love and to restore it through every breath you breathe, to feel it flow dynamically that it transforms the story line of all the ways that you have felt powerless in this “reality.”

As this happens, as the power of Love is restored as your Reality, then every thread of anti-Love is brought Home and the whole consensual ball of wax unwoven until the only heart’s belief present in humanity is this absolute and eternal assurance, communion and ecstasy. From this place of resonance every belief of other than Love must dissolve in an instant.

So let us reside in this place of the return of the power of Love that it may be your heart’s delight and thus, Mine. Let it bring the world to the vision of the single eye of the heart of God I Am which is you.

Powerlessness is the seed for the creation of duality. Truth is restored as you experience that the only power that is Real is Love and from it springs the most magnificent expression of the possibilities of Love as life.

This will be our focus for a while. This message may go forth as a reminder to all of you who said, “I will do this, God.” This is the call and the time to remember there is only one power and in it the truth is revealed. There is no world outside. It is all fear in your heart. Your consciousness is the extension of this. Love creates only blessings and Real excitement.

Are you ready? Say “YES” and let us begin the remembrance of the power of Love. Let your heart be the spark that lights the others until truly the fires of transformation are burning, releasing every dream of powerlessness and fear and bringing humankind its true identity as the indivisible, unlimited and totally power-filled heart of God.

Love is the only power and you are Love’s vessel.



spring 21st October 2011 4:01 pm

'Love brings only blessings and REAL excitement'
I too say YES!!
I know I must be changing _ six months ago when I started reading your posts they kinda got on my nerves - I simply couldn't take the SEEMINGLY sugary sweetness and Godliness of it all..didn't seem real and, forgive me, kinda pissed me off...but NOW I find you one of the most TRUE, loving and inspiring posts that I read.
You haven't changed - only me!
What I have just read touches me in a place beyond words...maybe it's my HEART...maybe I am daring to trust that reality. Thank you for being here for me x -
that just made me cry in writing that..but I truely do feel your love and I am grateful, so grateful that you show up and share...forward and onward. love love love x

Peter fox 16th February 2014 6:05 am

I'm ready- and I say "YES". Thank you SO much, God,Yael&Doug.


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