Real Ecstasy

In each Now Moment, the glorious light and the magnificent Love come together, and in an explosion of ecstasy create more Love and more Presence. In other words, in the Holy Now, Creation is experienced, and in every expression of All That I Am, Divine Masculine is moving and merging with Divine Feminine again and again. The merging comes, and there is only All, the All of God, full Presence. Then, the heartbeat moves and the heart is known and relationship blossoms again. This movement of Love and consciousness, the All and the miracle of relationship is immediately and intimately experienced the moment there is the release of the ego.

So as I now reveal to humankind the truth of the glorious heartbeat. It is your work, beloved ones, to assist those who can recognize it, who can move into the Vertical Life to begin to live every moment of their lives in this pulsing glorious ecstasy, this LoveMaking of the living Spirit. Now that the veil is removed, the Now Moment is fully present for everyone. It now takes so much energy to keep the Now Moment away that those who are still living in the world of the ego mind are exhausted. Every day their life force is totally going to shoring up their illusion of a life that is separate from Me.

You, dear ones, are the midwives for the birth of ecstasy in all who are ready to shed the illusion of the ego, and who will eagerly welcome the awareness of how to accept the divine life and how to live in such pulsing joy. Every moment is a rebirth, a gift, an experience of life being born brand new from the great union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. They will know, without a doubt, that this union is part of their being and that exactly the moment they release the ego, ecstasy comes to live. I ask all of you to share as best you can the experience of the ecstasy, of being present in the Moment of Creation and then to assist in the lifting of the veil of illusion of any last vestiges of separation in your brothers and sisters – that they may experience living in joy, and make within them the commitment that is necessary to stay in the Vertical Life.

As you know, when you are living fully present in the Real, there is no separation between that Reality and this. All the symbols of this world become the luminous expression of the perfection of your spirit as the Twin Flame kiss, the Love Making that is Creation. Please know, beloved ones, how much more joyous it is to feel the ecstasy of the Real than anything the illusion on Earth can deliver. Know that as you go forth and live the divine LoveMaking that I will use your open hearts, your accessible and joyous life, to deliver humankind from the reversal and from all the things that humanity has chosen as a substitute for what deep inside they remember.

Every one of these things is so paltry compared to the Real of Love. With the transmission of the Vertical ecstasy, the LoveMaking of God, you who live in this living truth will be able, available for Me to use in lifting the insidious and multiplying addictions that are the mis-interpretation of My call.

It is the freeing from the jail of physical addiction of all these precious and glorious hearts who deep inside remember the ecstasy of God I Am, the truth of their living heart, the pulsing, shimmering luminosity, the joy, the orgasmic experience of their Twin Flame life, of the Moment of Creation, and their relationship with Me. They remember deep in their heart their Twin Flame Love but in this world of the reversal, when nothing seems to show them access to that which is calling in their heart – then so many are now attempting to find that ecstatic experience through drugs, through every manner of the reversal of sex, and even through abusive relationship because it makes them feel alive.

In that moment that is the razor’s edge, whether it be life threatened or pushing the envelope in using drugs, there is a moment of removal from the reversal, a moment of reclaiming the power of life, an instant of reconnection with the all of Love that is free. This moment is worth everything to those whose heart continues to send them messages of a higher life and the ecstasy of God. As well as that moment, of course, there is the substitute that the reversal always seems to offer, the substitute for the true orgasmic experience of Real Twin Flame Love, which is the tiny experience of physical orgasm that yet seems so big when it is the only ecstasy ever known and it connects with that longing within.

The ego mind says, “This is it. This is what you have been looking for.” The heart knows that it isn’t, but in this world, until each person chooses to be free of the dream, the ego mind continues to rule. All manner of reversed attempts to experience the Moment of Creation continue. But as the light pours in and life on Earth truly opens, the veil is now self-created. It has been lifted from the world and is held in place by the energies of the individual and the nascent energies of the consensual mind that contain an electrical charge all its own from that which has been fed into it in its creation through the mis-perception of My heart, by those which you call human beings and I call “cells in the heart of God.”

So there is so much need for those of you who can speak the truth of Real ecstasy, and by the power of your Love and your presence can bring forth with you the living vibrational experience of the Vertical Life, the one life of the Real as the natural state of every precious one. As this experience comes fully here to reclaim humanity, it also reclaims every stream of life that is present in this world as well. The veil has never affected the glorious expression of your Real hearts. As you know, it has only affected your perception of what is here on Earth and what you are.

Every life in the natural world is also Making Love, and every one of them is also a Twin Flame heart, the reflection of the God that you are. As I have said before, this world lives within you. It is not present as some reality that is separate, but rather it is the expression of the qualities that are alive in you, you the collective heart of God that is here present.

So as you say “Yes” to full consciousness, to being present in the Now and “Yes” to the experience of your heart, then you will discover that Nature is alive in you and is also made of Twin Flame pairs, and I can promise you such delight as you begin to see this made manifest. As you look with heart perception, you will discover that most of the time your eyes see only half of the pair. Not always, but much of the time. So the ego mind, you must remember, beloved ones, is totally selective. It feeds you only that which it deems necessary to keep you immersed in the consensual dream of anti-Love, to keep you tied into the belief that there can be other than Love which you know now, there cannot.

Beloved ones, please feel this light. Feel it lift you easily into the experience of Real Presence and then, as you allow yourself to be so present that the illusion of a separate life falls away, then you will find instantly that you are experiencing the River of Life, the orgasmic Moment of Creation, and the ecstasy is so Real, so rich, so vast, so glorious and so present that it far surpasses any experience available through the reversal, through life on Earth.

Knowing this, experiencing it, oh, beloved ones, you become My living heart and where you are is the radiant opening to the Moment of Creation on Earth. Being Vertical, you are the perfect connection to magnetize the world back to living Love through your powerful choice to use every moment of your previous human life – meaning everything until the ego was cleared – to connect to this ecstasy and let it effortlessly find the remembrance that it is Love.

You have embarked on an adventure of such magnitude, such joy and beauty that for a little while you may find it difficult to even to be able to express the joy, but the moment that the heart is open and presence, consciousness and Love are engaged, then All That I Am is fully present here as you, and thus every word and every movement is this Love speaking, this God I Am as the I Am in you. Even the atoms are Making Love, alive in orgasmic wonder.

The Vertical Life is automatically the Christ life because it is the life that is free of the ego mind, and because the veil is released ever more, then more and more people shall be able to experience living their moments in bliss. So it is this Love and this powerful presence, this is what humanity is longing for. This experience of the ecstatic Now and of their own orgasmic Twin Flame Love, this is what the human search is all about, and it is for this that the ego mind has substituted every manner of thing on Earth, as you know. But now is the time for the Real thing, and this is the gift that we deliver and through these precious hearts, deliver outward to humanity as well.

This is why it is also so important that you speak these words about the substitutes for Real ecstasy that the ego mind has created. As we speak of giving, of service, of the increase of Love as it is given forth – I ask each of you to deeply commit to one area of service for this next year and to let it teach you how to use this heart and how to allow the River of Life to flow through you, and to bring everyone in its path fully present -- how the living heart of God I Am, of All That Is, of all we are together is in ecstasy, and ecstasy is yours. Once you feel it, you know that nothing else will do. You also know that it will save countless precious ones from the agony and loss of the reversal, from the illusion of such suffering at the hands of “love.”

More than anything, beloved ones, it is vibration. It is your presence and your connection to the Real that is what I need, so that the one Love we are can be fully delivered and the one voice can speak of only Love. Thank you for being here, for walking every step of this path.



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