Real Surrender

Today I speak to you about surrender but this time, beloved ones, it is a surrender that is far different from the surrender you have experienced before. Until now surrender has meant the surrender of the personal will into the Will of God. Now I call you to an expansion of Love – a surrender into the All-ness, the Real, that completely transcends the person, and you become only Love living here.

So I ask you to release it all, especially the ego mind -- to lift until you truly feel the expansion of your being-ness, and our communion becomes so complete that you only move when this Love moves you, and only this Love I Am speaks as you. All that you are is an open and waiting heart, ready every moment for the living spirit to fill and to respond in each Now Moment in the perfection of Love -- to respond as only Love can respond, only you as God. Only you as My open heart that allows Love to give itself as you. Only you as the conduit for Love on Earth.

Until this moment all of you have received your guidance from Me, and the guidance is so clear – the experience so compelling, the truth of Love its signature, so intimate and so clear – that there is no doubt within you that your direction has been shown.

Ah, but then, here is what happens. The mind usurps the heart. What is meant to be the living response of the Love we are each moment becomes instead, beloved ones, a goal of the little mind. The moment that this happens you enter into the horizontal. You enter into judgment and you become removed from the present.

Then, although you truly believe that you are available and living for Me, you are absent when the pulse comes. When the living explosion comes forth once again, you are off in the world of duality, setting up all sort of scenarios, expectations, judgments and plans about how you will fulfill your destiny in Me – that which was given to you from the Real in the present as the experience of that living Now but has been usurped by the ego mind and brought into time and extrapolated by the mind.

So what it means for all of you to make this transformation is to become so available, so present as an open heart, that only what comes in this Now Moment is ever what you live. What this means is that what you have been shown by Me as that which you are meant to do must be allowed to fall away and to be given anew each Now Moment. You must live in such trust of this living giving Love that it matters not at all to you if it changes completely every Now Moment.

No matter what, you are allowing this great and glorious Love to express instantly through you, because only in the living Now can the truth of Love, the Will of Love, the whole of Love be known – known in the sense of the consciousness of the living All I Am. Every breath of every life, every movement of every heart, every shift of every will is instantly taken into account and Love responds through you.

So you can see that if you receive from Me even the most glorious expression of My Will for you, in the very next moment millions of new decisions have been made by all the precious beings in the world, and what is needed might be completely different from that which was needed the previous moment. But if you are holding onto an image of what it is I ask of you, then you are not available as living Love to respond in the Now.

This has been the case on Earth for, oh, so long...this usurping of the Will of Love I Am by the wily ego mind, because your ego knows that your hearts are true, that your lives are truly dedicated, so just as you are realizing, it can use this Love, this dedication that you have to the spirit to keep you moving through the realm of time, rather than being present for the flow of the spirit.

In order to live as the movement of Love, as the Will of God I Am as it expressed through My heart, My heart which of course is you -- the only way to live this is to be so completely and totally open that Love can move you each Now Moment, perfectly in response to the whole. Your little mind, beloved ones, can’t even imagine this kind of surrender – to be so totally given over to Me that we truly are blended and that the Love I Am is the Love you are and the greater Will of Love is actively expressed as you, giving Me access to the world.

Only then when this living Love moves you in the moment can you truly experience the perfection of oneness and relationship, and the dance between the two as Love expresses itself as My rainbow heart again and again and again. For all the facets of My heart, all the refractions of the one life, these are you, beloved ones, but as you can see from this analogy, this image, the light that shines through that diamond, that prism is one light only, one light being expressed as many beautiful expressions.

Yet all the while it is the presence of the light that allows this expression at all. Without the light shining through the diamond there can be no rainbow colors. Yet the rainbow does not pretend to be the one light. So this is a shift out of your personhood so completely that you truly become the living heart of God with no interference, and this is what I want you to focus on.

Only when there is nothing else that you want from within the dream can there be truly the unencumbered expression of Love as and through My living heart, the heart which you are. Love’s expression then IS you as it moves you each Now.

So the paradox, the conundrum of co-creation and surrender – when you come to the level of the Real, beloved ones, becomes a moot point, because in the Now Moment with no interference, with no ego mind to create the illusion, then there is only one thing happening. It is Love pouring through My heart.

Let Me say this again. There is only one thing, only one thing happening, and that is Love pouring through My heart. I Am Loving. And therefore I Am Loving as you and through you. As I do so, Love itself moves you, opens you and expands you. It lifts you into a communion with itself that is beyond all description. When you become this expression of Love, it is total fulfillment because it is what you are meant to do. It is who you are. It is All That I Am.

Our relationship becomes so much more intimate because I am expressing Myself as you perfectly and with tenderness, as Love lives you and gently embraces all and erases all belief in shadows until, beloved ones, nothing of the illusion can stand before the power of your heart. Before the wattage of this atomic light. Before the great internal combustion that is the Twin Flame heart. Of yourself, your little self, you truly do nothing, for God I Am as the All of Love is living you.

How does this feel when you are released from the ego mind’s dream of this little you? when you allow yourself to be the heart of God? when only Love can move you, and that movement comes forth each Now Moment according to that which is happening… In every Now Moment you are present as Me, as the living Christ, the open heart through which all human hearts can experience their truth as well. Those are the moments that have been named “healing” – when the separate identity is taken into the Real one, and there becomes nothing else to do but to allow Love to live you every Now Moment perfectly.

Your every moment, then, is filled with joy in watching that which once appeared to be separate come together and to be moved by Love, knowing that that which is needing to be done is always about giving, about giving as an open and available heart of God I Am.

So truly you begin your day with expectancy, with opening and with surrender, and you allow yourself to understand that what is needed by the heart before you is always provided through you by Love, by Me, pure and simple. Then you watch it unfold as Love gives itself perfectly, bringing the gift of awareness to everyone and bringing forth the perfection of the symbols through the pure open conduit of your heart, a heart that is surrendered into this Love.

There isn’t any way that you can truly be of service unless you can respond completely right Now. In every Now Moment you must be waiting and open, that exactly what is needed can move through you according to every decision, every choice that every person makes on Earth. You are the Heaven. You are the entry into the world of Love’s response, of Love’s gift to each person every Now Moment.

So as you can also see, when you are asking for things for yourself, you are in the reversal because everything that I Am is ever and always about giving, So if you are totally open and surrendered, awake and alive in the Real, your heart is the conduit through which others receive My abundance. So it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with you. With your availability, your allowance of your heart to become the holy heart of God expressed here on Earth.

Just the same you must also see that your own gifts cannot come through yourself, through you. But instead, they must come through another open conduit so that the law of Love which is giving can be honored.

So from every perspective it makes no sense for you to be attempting to create whatever it is that you perceive has been lacking because you are meant to be the conduit for others and not into your own life. So you must release the little ego dream completely in order to be open, and as you are, of course, that which you are giving freely becomes a perfect magnet and will draw to you multiplied all that you have given. But again, you must be careful, because you as a person have not given it. Rather, it is given by you as the Christ.

So you must be ever aware, lest the ego mind take credit and step in to block the flow because even if you know that abundance is our truth and that each of you is meant to have it gloriously, just taking it into the realms of thought takes it out of the Vertical, out of the flow and blocks the opening that it would come through to come into your life. Once again, you are absent, thinking about what you are meant to have rather than being the open conduit through which everything I Am is given as Love sees fit, and not as the ego mind at all.

When you understand this and you feel it through your being, oh, yes, it is time to rejoice because only purity of expression and complete heart openness will allow you to be part of this great explosion of life. The living Now Moment on Earth is you, and thus, all that it brings, it brings through you to be delivered into the world that every life stream may be fed perfectly through the open heart of God I Am.

So I invite you, beloved ones, each of you, to release all that you have seen of your destiny, all that you have received from Me and captured to hold onto, to fulfill, for all the right reasons. You can see now that your ego mind has usurped it and made it into something to accomplish and something by which your mind may evaluate your progress, your ability, etc. rather than allowing the living flow of Love to wash through you and to be present in the world as you are.

With the surrendered heart, you do become the witness of the movement of Love through God’s heart, which is you, of course. Only when Love lives itself as you and is free to pour itself into this Now Moment in response to the great connection and decision and movement of humanity – that what is created, felt, chosen by those hearts will pull the perfect response of Love through you – only then you will find that only when you are Love’s living conduit will you truly know the ecstasy of being what you are meant to be, being the heart of God, fully present in the Now with no past, no future, no baggage and no resistance.

Everything you are must come forth each Now Moment as does everything in the Real, beloved ones. Open yourselves. Join this awakened heart. Oh, beloved ones, let Love truly live you. Therefore, I am asking you for your deepest deepest surrender of this limited point of view that is your human life, so that at last you are available to experience who you Really are, to experience and to be this oneness, and to greet the heart of Love in everything and everyone, and to do so each Now Moment.



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