Reclaiming the Light and Our True God Power

Beloved ones, I call you, each of you, to come to Me and to bathe each day consciously in this communion of Love and in the living Light of God I Am. Recognize this Light and this Love as the truth of your being and feeling it alive within you, know the truth of I Am. Know that you are meant to truly have dominion. Dominion over the illusion of the world.

It is by knowing this Light as the truth of each electron, of every atom that makes up every cell of your body that you will understand that the power of the Light is here, everywhere I Am as I Am focused through you. As you bathe in this Light and you know it intimately, then that which is the truth of your life within becomes the truth reflected in the world. Knowing each electron intimately, then you may ask in My name as the living heart of God I Am becoming the world.

There are those who, understanding the illusion, say this life in the world has never been, and yet they continue to live through the ego mind and the feelings of separation. But I am calling you to know that while the world is an illusion of the ego, the truth of the living particles of Light is very very real. This truth is your inheritance. It is that which you can step back into now, reclaiming your power as the living Christ, no longer limited by the ego and thus, no longer limited by the world.

So every day feel this Light, feel the vibration of Love within you, and feel it washing through your being like a living God fountain waiting to be named by you as you create the world according to the vision of your heart - the vision that I give you from the Real of Love each now. It is so alive as it comes to you. It is truly multi-dimensional. It is waiting to come forth whole and perfect as an expression of this Light and this Love as you claim this God vibration and you claim the power I Am.

I am asking you to show forth the world as that which it truly is - ah, but not to show it forth as the illusion of separation. Beloved ones, show it forth as the Love of God. This is the real truth of world. Dearest ones, this is so important because when you know this truth you can live it and then the world is returned to God. The illusion of separation fades away, gone in the living instant that you recognize this Light and this Love as the truth, alive in all things.

So you now feel Me urging you onward in this joyous journey of discovery so that you can feel this vibration of the Moment of Creation as it is alive as you, as a glorious Twin Flame heart that contains the essence of All I Am, ready to be named by you wherever you focus perfectly.

As you are the Light and you become the Love, the illusion of limitation is shattered and you can step through the portal of the belief in physicality to reclaim the vast truth of your being right here and right now, transforming the world into the expression of power and Love, into the expression of God I Am. This is what I am asking of you, beloved ones. It is in this truth of your dominion over every electron and particle of Light and every wave form of living Love that makes it possible to create the bridge world that is to be the salvation of humanity, to give every precious human heart time to remember who they are.

Therefore, you must become intimately acquainted with this vibrating truth of your vast being and be able to step through the belief in duality and to claim it right here and right now. True, the world of the ego doesn't exist. Ah, but the spirit of Light and Love is eternal and ever and always present in the living here and now.

As you breathe each breath as a part of the living whole, feel it amplifying the Light within you and welcome the communion with every atom and electron that you may see each one as independent, as a living conscious life in the glorious hologram of Love. Yet, all are woven together, every life fully conscious of the living breathing whole of Love I Am, living here in you.

So breath by breath, please reclaim this Light and reclaim your true God power, reclaim your awareness as a Twin Flame heart that is the "en-conscious-ment" of the Moment of Creation and hold this truth within you until you can feel the Real vibration longing to go forth to be named by you as a world of only Love.

The pure Divine Masculine is now here on Earth. The pure Divine Feminine as well. These great streams of living Light, the Moment of Creation "en-conscious-ed" is here, beloved ones, as you. So My Message to you today is to feel this vibration, to turn within, to open to the Real of Love and to come to know it intimately until it is more Real to you than the illusion of physicality.

In that moment you are free of the prison of old heart's beliefs in a world of separation. Freedom is what I ask you to reclaim in the name of all humanity - that the living Christ that is My heart may emerge whole and perfect, the awareness of the "Second Coming" making itself known as you - as all of you, as this living joy, as this great and endless celebration of life so powerful and so magnificent that it truly reclaims duality effortlessly making the world into a seamless whole, an expression of perfect Love and grace.

Grace comes when God power is recognized and accepted with deep humility, when your prayers are always asking that My Love live as you fully alive in the world every moment and offering your Twin Flame heart as the living conduit.

So the world as the illusion of separation from Me is a dream and in that sense, it doesn't exist. But the world as a glorious chorus of ecstasy, a great orgasmic expression of Love and as the focal point for the Light of God that is your true identity - this world is very Real. This is a place of learning, of reclaiming that which was lost and it has the attention of all of the cosmos and of every great being of service as they are drawn to serve the world in its awakening to the truth.

There is no need to split yourself into the being who lives in the Real of Love and the one who is serving in the world. There is no need to separate yourself from the dream or the illusion. Rather, I am asking you to be the pure Light, to be the truth of your glorious being so present and aware that you see what is and what is, is the Light and the Love and the great movement of consciousness making the choice again and again eternally to give all it is in the service of Love, to amplify Love's explosive presence and to express it as a community of shared and illumined hearts.

So you create in the world a Flower of Life. You reclaim the true pattern of Creation and thus, rename the illusion into the truth that there is only one moment of Creation and everything comes forth Now in an explosion of power and Love. It is time to reclaim your God power, that which has been systematically stolen from humanity by those whose vested interest has been in perpetuating the separation and those unwittingly aligned with strengthening the ego.

You are called to live differently, to see the truth right through the illusion and using all the power of your focus and your heart to name it the truth of God. Doing this moves you beyond all physical limitation and returns you to your status as co-creator. It brings you into alliance with every great Twin Flame heart that is serving the awakening of the truth of Love that is intentioned by the entity that is the Earth, and held now as a growing Light in the consciousness of Lucifer, and fed, beloved ones, by you in the name of pure Love.

You become that which makes the connection from the glorious Real into the world and acknowledging the illusion, sees with simplicity that the truth of God is already here. It simply must be reclaimed. This is where you have dominion. That which you name using the power that you truly are is, dearest ones. It is. You are the very fires of Creation itself. You are the Moment of Creation and thus, that which you speak as you speak the true word, as the living Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine must go forth. It must be "en-conscious-ed" and expressed and expressed perfectly.

So daily breathe the one breath and feel the Moment of Creation become you, feel the Twin Flame union that is explosive and ecstatic. Once it is felt and known as the truth of your very essence of your being, then speak forth the vibration of God I Am and take full dominion by naming the world perfect Love and reclaiming unity instead of duality. Choose to fully be the "en-conscious-ment" of living Love and the voice of God power.

You are the Light "en-conscious-ed" and you are the living Love. My request to you is that you recognize this truth and speak it forth that the world may not claim it but you may reclaim the world. It is the reinstatement of unity, beloved ones. It is recognizing that there is no where to go to be free. Freedom is your birthright and the vibration of the pinnacle of the Moment of Creation is you and you are manifesting the fullness of this truth.

Thus it is reflected perfectly all around you as the world. Then, you can do as Jesus did and shall do at the moment that you claim it, seeing all as moving molecules, feeling everything as living energy and knowing that you have dominion, that that which you name something is what it is and I am calling you to name all things unity and Love.

Since all life is "en-conscious-ed," as you live through your hearts every life stream will commune with you and you will be working in conjunction with all the living life streams that make up this world of beauty without the sub-creation of human duality. Unity is alive, dearest ones, with all these living beings who are "en-conscious-ing" the qualities of God I Am, that I am loving through you, you My heart.

If this doesn't make sense to the little mind, it is all right. Just let go of it and shift to your heart and feel the truth of every being and of the life that is moving in this glorious dance that is choreographed by Me as the great orgasmic shout of joy. "I Am God. I Am. And I Am Love."

Do you feel this resonance vibrating within you? As you attune your hearts, can you feel each living atom? As you open to relationship with every atom and electron of Light and feel the passionate pulsing of Love being given, you will be made new. That is My promise. You are the Christ, the fully conscious living heart of God I Am. Every breath now becomes a revelation. Every moment becomes an expression of joy as you release the dream of the ego and experience the truth of your heart.



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