Relationships: The Courage To Choose The Heart

Beloved ones, as you allow your hearts to fully flower in my presence, in the sunlight of My Love, you will find yourselves remembering what it means to be the heart of God and what it means to truly give – to be present and fully alive, vibrant and free, and exquisitely sensitive to every nuance of the expression of beauty and the pure awareness of the limitless heart in giving.

It is easy to see life as the ideal – to reach up and to name it “perfect.” Yet, beloved ones, what I ask of you now is to bring this Love into your daily living and to let your heart teach you what truly loving is.

In those moments when you find yourself relating to the one you live with through the ego, through the little mind, you will recognize yourself as seeking to receive. The mind so loves to cling, and because its focus is the time continuum, it brings to relationship all of the past and projects outward fears of the future, desiring to create security somehow and guarantee of outcome.

To relate through the mind is to stifle the flow of Love and to find yourself relating with an empty space between you in which two minds carry on their negotiation. In that space of ego relationship, there is no life – no spark, no joy, no power that is the force of giving, that flows forth always with no guarantee, perfect only in the Now, yet ever expanding the gift of Love continually.

And so it is I call you to relationship that is free and clear -- focused in the moment and experienced through the heart -- fully alive in the mystical present, right up against the unknown. The heart always is assured of Heaven, -- that perfection of purpose, the glory of Love because, that is what it is.

I have said to you often that Love is only ever given. Wanting is the ego mind and giving is the heart. And yet, beloved ones, the truth is that Love is not given by you, the person. It is not something that you decide to do.

It is, rather, the powerful reclamation of the truth of your being, of your open heart that allows the flow of the whole of Creation, allows the power and beauty of Love to make its way through you as it is meant to do. As it does, in your relationships, you will find you are fully alive.

You, at last, are no longer constrained by your ego and limiting your beloved by what the ego desires. You are not seeking guarantees of security or reaching for something that comes from outside of yourself.

Instead, you are here in this glorious eternity in the Now Moment as the conduit of God. And, oh, when two hearts meet, it is astounding. When you relate to the one before you, heart to heart, there are no barriers. You come alive into the movement of Love extending, and all the gifts that such movement brings, that makes you stand in the Now Moment trembling with exquisite excitement over what Love bring through you next.

All the blessings of the flow of Love are yours together when you are heart to heart, when you are brave enough, when you have the courage to stand in the present and accept all it brings, without a past or future.

The flow of Love is the abundance of God. It is the way that I nourish you and bring you alive. It is also the fulfillment of your glorious purpose, for you are the heart that nourishes all, as Love continues on.

And so it is that the old relationships based in the world of ego and time must fall away in your heart’s open presence and bring to you the mystical marriage of God, right here where you stand, beyond the personalities and beyond the ego’s limits, beyond the way you’ve judged each other and been tied up in your minds together.

All it takes is one moment, beloved ones, to fully feel this Love I Am making its way through the whole of Creation, through the heart of God that is you. When you choose to bring Love present -- to acknowledge another, right here in your heart, then that one receives the whole of Creation, all of My blessings, all that life is and all of the gifts of Love, fully and completely.

Through this Love you will see that only the freedom of the Now Moment can bring you the kind of relationship you want – an openness to living the ideal, here, in the world we are creating, the world of Love.

I promise you, beloved ones, that all the stories that your ego mind brings into the relationship that you now have simply cease to even be relevant when you make the shift to your heart. Most of what the ego mind brings into this day, this hour, this moment of relating is endless stories of past mistakes, of your partner, yourself, your parents…all of the grievances of time.

What the ego mind creates in this relationship that you share is the constriction and restriction of fear based on projected future. And so, you stand together, victims of your stories, creating a continual conundrum as you long and long for Love, as you look around and wonder, “Should I leave this one? Can I find what I seek somewhere else in the world right now?”

In truth, all it takes is a shift to your heart and all that you dream of is yours. Regardless of what the mind sees, the heart knows the heart of your beloved in the one who stands before you. This is what I promise you, for it is ever and always present – that rushing explosion of ecstatic Love that comes forth as the Moment of Creation and washes into your heart, Now, as the Twin Flame heart of God.

This is what the heart feels and what it ever sees and creates. What you see and feel in Love is drawn to you by the Law of Resonance. The old world view of the ego dream that painted that person as a villain or lover – but always lacking somehow – is suddenly perfect and present with no guarantees.

It is this fact of being fully present, receiving life only right now, free of the past without a future in which you can ever be truly blessed. Only here and now can you ever be fully alive without the veil of ego, without the dream of time, without memories and projections, present as My Love, lived perfectly through you.

Because the heart is so powerful and the ego’s world is illusion, when you come to the heart and become Love’s resonance -- when you allow the heart to show you everything, that which you see before you is the perfect expression of all that you are as the glorious Twin Flame DNA of Creation.

All that you’ve dreamed that your partner is with the stories of time through the ego mind’s creation, vanish, dear ones, in the presence of the Real heart of Love. You become fully alive to Love’s every nuance and to the powerful and restorative gift of giving Love unconditionally, opening your own Real heart and becoming at last, the experience of allowing the Will of Love to live you.

You feel My presence everywhere, filling you up and guiding you, bringing life into your being and singing forth your name as the endless stream that Creation is, uniquely expressed as you.

For a while, dear ones, you may find that your ego mind comes back in – sneaks in the stories of not enough, of need and want and getting. When it does, the freedom of Love disappears in a flash and you are once again living duality – Love and not enough, Love and the absence of Love. Within the heart this is not possible. I promise you that the presence of Love is waiting to shine before you. If there is not another person right there, your heart will draw him/her to you.

But know, dear ones, that the mind in an instant will show you a different view of the one who stands before you or comes toward you right now. It is as if you are covering your eyes and are blind to the truth of the heart. In one moment you are back in the world, wanting to get something for yourself. Constantly, thus, you are judging – is it bad or is it good? Is this one the vehicle of all that my heart longs for? And what about the future – can I live in trust?

One shift to the heart and you remember that when there is only Love, trust is a given. Even were it not, when you are immersed in this joy of Love, you are full to overflowing with this experience of goodness, with the ecstasy of God I Am, singing in your every atom. The world around you is a symphony of the pure expression of the beauty of Love. So, there is no need to receive something from another. Without that need of the ego, the heart allows what comes before you to be an ever-greater reflection of all that you truly are.

When you live through the giving of Love, it lifts you up and extends you. It opens your heart and sings to the heart, “this is the good that God is giving us…this is the abundance of life.” It heats up to overflowing, continually and gloriously multiplied, as Creation is expanding. Such a one has no fear, for every moment is perfect. Every experience is the flood to the heart of the endless Love that Creation is and the endless outreach of God.

So you can feel, dearest ones, what I Am showing you and how different it is to be present, to live in a relationship straight from the heart, or to live it through the little mind, the ego. When you are experiencing the Reality of Love, what speaks to you is what is Real and true. What comes to you is ever the reflection of that which your heart ever knows.

I Am here to bring you your Real identity and to fill you with the gifts of Love as they pass through your heart going outward and multiply their good in you and as you, perfectly. I Am asking you to choose Love, to have the courage to release the ego and to come into the Now, allowing Real Love to show you, dear ones, at last, what relationship is, without guarantees of a future, without the judgments of the ego mind – a pure and vibrant experience of life that can only be lived in the present and in the present, it is free, limitless and magnificent.

Without the veil of the ego, heart to heart, it is yours. Are you willing to claim it now?


COBALT 29th April 2011 10:09 am

:smitten: Beautiful.

happyme 29th April 2011 10:54 pm

sorry, but i don't fully understand how do i shift from mind to heart...?


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