Returning to life and waking others

As you wake into the Real, beloved ones, you will begin to experience at last the joy of life. Everything that the ego mind has shown to you as life will be recognized as the paltry illusion that it is. As your heart soars in ecstasy, as you wake into the living whole, you will also come to know the power of your own magnificent heart.

It is this power that I bring to you now, to rejoice in and to experience and to begin to gain an understanding of how your hearts can magnetize a world of illusion back to Love in a moment. So if you would, as you come to center and you open yourselves to the living Now Moment, let yourself become, beloved ones, the consciousness of your heart. This is who you Really are â?? the glorious pulsing heart of God, and as you make connection with the truth of it, nothing will ever be the same for you from this moment on.

The power of Love is truly unlimited. It is the essence of All That Is. But not only this. It is the power of Creation as it explodes into consciousness in the Real. So this dynamic movement of Love that is your heartâ??s essential nature is that which shall power this whole world, beloved ones, and turn it into Paradise, true Heaven â?? that every need for any energy, be it light or heat or magnetism â?? shall be effortlessly and always provided by the great engine of Creation that is you, that is your living heart.

This heart that you are is a unit that contains the essential energies that are the Moment of Creation itself â??en-conscious-edâ?? as you. So your heart, as it Really is, is a Twin Flame unit. It is an energy source of Creation powered by Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and the continual and glorious interaction between them is the â??Big Bang,â?? dearest ones. Because All That I Am is holographic -- the whole contained in every increment -- this great engine of Creation is fully embodied in you, wherever you are in the moment and is directed wherever you focus.

As you begin to feel your heartâ??s Real presence and the power of the Twin Flame union within it to literally generate the explosion of conscious creation itself, you begin to experience it as a miracle and understand that through the direction of focus, you harness that energy of creation itself and direct it to provide the energy of life into whatever you focus upon.

So you can easily see how this world could exist, brought forth by a simple misperception and then fueled by the atomic power of your amazing and co-creative hearts, given life by you every moment. The moment that you withdraw your focus from the world of illusion and return it to the living Now, you return yourself to Real life, and life becomes so glorious, so profound and so ecstatic because you are living at the Moment of Creation itself and you are Love being made anew.

Can you feel even an intimation of that rushing through your system? That experience of awakening to life, completely open, completely connected to the living pulsing oneness that I Am. Can you feel the power, feel the punch, the great orgasmic experience of coming to life every Now Moment forever?

In other words, beloved ones, life is made brand new in you every Now Moment, always, forever, and if you can only even imagine this â??newnessâ?? â?? let it in, and it will begin to give you an inkling of what it means to be alive as the heart of God I Am.

So your heart is greater than a living sun. It is a whirling vortex with an exploding center that is pulsing forth into ecstasy, into an experience of life and being made anew each moment. All of this is simply the gift of being who and what you are, as the heart of Love.

This great pulsing whirling living sun that is your heart, that is the Twin Flame engine of life itself, once allowed to be in alignment with the Vertical life, reveals everything as this pulsing Love right now, and brings back to you the experience of life as so exciting, so glorious that it is beyond all description. This is the gift that you then carry forth to others.

Beloved ones, please take a moment to remember how it feels to be completely cut off from the realms of Love, to be alone, struggling in such a sense of isolation that your heart believes that life has no purpose beyond getting through another day. Take a moment to remember how gray life on Earth can seem, how devoid of excitement or energy, and you will recognize the game that the ego mind plays in taking you away from your inheritance as co-creators, as the conscious heart of God, the living center â?? creating the illusion of separation and then manufacturing drama to create some sense of excitement, when the truth of life is so glorious and so exciting that nothing in this world can compare.

So I ask you to go forth now as these great whirling vortexes, these Twin Flame hearts, and to magnetize My children, the cells of My own heart, those who are as yet still held within the illusion, and bring them back to life, beloved ones. For you can do this, as long as you live at the center point now. Go forth and be this living heart of God you are, and know that the energy of your hearts is so vast that until you return to center, you have no idea how much it can cover.

I want you now to recognize that when your heart is fully open and you are living the Vertical in the Now Moment, whoever becomes encompassed by the energy of your heartâ??s vortex shall instantly be given an experience of the Real, even if it is interpreted through the little mind as symbols. So as you walk forth being who you are, this activated awakened heart of God I Am, let this heart be for the beloved ones who are hidden in the illusion and let it be for every one of them a great magnet that will pull them effortlessly back to the living Now Moment, back to the Vertical, back to Real life.

For every one whom you can nourish, you bring the reawakening of the experience of Real life, and once this happens, it is impossible to fully return to the illusion of nothingness, of separation, of duality and the belief in two powers, because Love is already every personâ??s true nature and once it is activated, it will not go to sleep again, especially now that the light is shining and in every pulsation is the â??call Home.â??

You are aware that in so many ways people are awakening. But the experience of Real life is the most potent beyond the world of ego mind, beloved ones, and the endless circle of the game that it plays. Your presence as you become present in the living Now as a Twin Flame heart will give everyone your heart touches the experience of living Love and the truth of God I Am as their Real nature. They will not go to sleep again.

From the moment that you experience this oneness, you know that only Love can answer all the questions, and you also make the shift. You become My feeling nature and you love each precious life as I do, with tenderness, inclusiveness, enchantment at their beauty, awareness of the perfection that they are. Every person, every life stream that comes into your presence knows that they are cherished without judgment and feels the heart of God loving them as you, dearest ones. As you.

As you come to fully embody this shift to heart perception, you will discover what it means to love as God, to hold every precious life as elegant and perfect and every heart not yet awakened as â??Sleeping Beauties,â?? waiting for the kiss of Twin Flame Love.

I ask you, as you become fully present, to become completely familiar with the energy of your heart so you can feel it pulsing, whirling, crackling with energy and life. You can feel the atomic energy. You can feel the presence of the whole of Love, the hologram of life itself in you, that by the power of the Love you are, you shall awaken every heart you touch, simply by being in the world as Love. In the world but not â??ofâ?? it, but rather living fully present in the glorious Now Moment in the world, and letting every vibrating atom speak to your Twin Flame heart, until everything becomes a symphony of pulsing Love, a symphony that has no room in it for any belief in separation because only Love has a voice here and now.

Now feel that great pulsing whirling living sun that is your heart. Feel it touching every life form and finding Love, unique and magnificent. Love speaking its holy nature into the great receptacle of your waiting Twin Flame heart which has the stillness of the ocean as well as the great explosion and therefore, can honor absolutely every energy of life. This is what I ask you to do.

Bring life, Real life back to everyone whose is focused here on Earth. Bring them back the ecstasy of Real Love so that all the little games of the ego mind to create energy and drama simply fall away when exposed to the Real life that contains so much more than any shadow play within the illusion, and come yourselves, beloved ones. Be bathed in life.

Be bathed in life until each moment that you are alive is truly ecstasy -- until your waking moments in the morning are a great shout of â??Hallelujahâ?? and of gratitude for the amazing and miraculous gift of being a part of the living whole, a part of sharing it all together. This then is the secret to it all. Because there is only one, one glorious Love, and because nothing within it can be separate, you not only experience life for yourself. You experience life for every person.

Every life stream that is focused here as life on Earth, beloved ones â?? let the Now Moment truly crack all hearts open and reveal that ecstatic miracle of being present for life as it lifts you up and shakes you free in the most glorious and exquisite orgasm of Love, as you recognize that you are a Twin Flame heart and a living conduit for these energies of the Moment of Creation and all that it generates, focusing it here for the awakening of this world.

So more than anything, beloved ones, I ask of you that you come into an experience of Real life -- Real life overflowing with ecstasy and so much good, with the multiplication of Love through its giving every Now Moment -- until you are so energized and so awake and so present to the pulsations of life that you are living in a communion with All That Is, a communion of the heart and the spirit. Every symbol of life on Earth opens itself to you and you experience the communion with its spirit and far beyond this through the matrix of the pathways of intention that we are placing moment-to-moment around the Earth.

All that recognizes the pulsing experience of orgasmic Love and shares the communion that is the essence of life will join together in heart and consciousness to bring every life fully present until life on Earth is the extension of the Moment of Creation itself. The multiplication of Love as it is being given is that to which every person is committed as all join in the celebration of the truth of Real life and the waking heart of God here on Earth as it is in the Real. One life and one Love forever.

The heart of God sees only Love and feels only lifeâ??s exquisite energy. So when your heart is fully open and you know yourself as Twin Flame Love, beloved ones, there can be no judgment because the heart sees only one thing and that, beloved ones, is Love. That is Love and you are in it, you are of it and it speaks to you in every atom and electron of your being, and you experience yourself as the heart of God.

Let us give thanks every moment for life, for the pulsing tremoring, glorious, orgasmic, vibrating miracle. Say â??Yesâ?? to life, beloved ones, and embrace it for life is calling you back to full remembrance.



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