Right Before You, The World Can Change

Beloved ones, when you allow this Love to lift you up, to open you, to penetrate your consciousness and to bring your heart into its true awakening, then your experience of this world shall be far different.

The world that the heart reveals is the world of beauty, and the world that is around you is welcoming and ready to bring to you the experience of Real life that is already here. Everything is blazing with it. It awaits only the shift in your perception, beloved ones, to the instrument of your heart.

Each of you as yet still has areas in your life that challenge you and pull you into the experience of duality. These areas are My gift for they give to you the measure of the openness of your heart and give you feedback on your view as to whether you see the world of Love or whether you yet see a world of fear and lack.

When you find yourself yet enmeshed in the old consciousness of “less than,” I will come to you, whispering that the power of Love is here within you if you will simply allow it, allow Me, dear ones, to lift you up, then your view of the world will change.

What stood before you as problems or lack or fear or pain or memories of a life lived in the throes of being a victim to things outside of yourself…these very things will change before you eyes as you say…though in truth, it’s before your heart. The heart will show you what Really is the world as I created it. Even this is far from accurate, for I Am not separate from what lives within Me and Creation is the song of gratitude for the pure and powerful and continual revelation of the breadth and depth of God – All That Is included.

So, what I want you to feel, to experience, beloved ones, is that what you see and experience can shift in an instant, according to your resonance, according to your heart, according to the instrument of your perception.

If your heart is open and in accord with Love, that which you see and experience is a world of perfection and beauty. What comes into your life is plentitude and grace, and ever expanding opportunities for the giving of Love. If you are seeing the world from the ego, then your experience can be far different. Your experience of fear might leave you feeling vulnerable and your experience of duality, once again, leave you open to perceiving the world as outside of you and having a powerful effect on your life.

You already know all of these things, and yet, the mind is so enticing. I bring you, dear ones, a Circle of Grace, a circle that is made of hearts in attunement with Love that embraces the world, each one anchoring the resonance, the viewpoint of the open heart of God, that these hearts might be for you now a beacon through which you can attune your own, that you might bring your heart and spirit into alignment with the view of Love. Viewing the world thus, you see it as it truly is, as a world of Love.

Often I have said to you that you are bringing the New World in. In truth, beloved ones, it has always been. It is here all around you, waiting for your recognition. By the resonance of your heart you will find what you are looking for. Or, you will find what remains to be transformed, to bring your heart into the fullness of Love that it, too, may be the anchor of the resonance of the Heart of God that is the truth of humanity.

What I want you to feel deep within is how the same view before you can instantly change according to your perception, according to your heart, according to your ability and dedication to lifting up your resonance into the resonance of Real Love… that what is behind the sub-creation of duality, of the ego mind, might instantly be revealed and you may live in joy in it.

So if you find yourself facing any kind of challenge, but especially one that is continual, “in your face,” as you say – KNOW, beloved ones, that this is the greatest gift because it gives to you the barometer of your resonance and your choice for Love and brings you the indication of when you need to turn to Me, when it is time to avail yourself of every anchor of the pure Love of God…whether you are called to come back into this Now Moment and to leave behind the see-saw of the realm of time and mind…living in the freedom of eternity.

The doorway to this freedom is a choice. It is a choice for Love, for the heart. It is a choice to make the effort to lift up your feeling state out of the realm of the ego’s experience and into the limitless Spirit. It is a choice to recognize that what you see is mutable. What you see is the effect of the vehicle you use to look. Each of you comes equipped with a glorious heart that will show you life as it truly is.

There are many things that show up on the screen of the ego’s world that are definitely challenging, beloved ones, and I acknowledge this. And yet, I also say to you that looking right into them, whatever the challenge is, if then you truly open your heart, first you fly free of the feelings that keep you trapped in the experience of time.

Secondly, when you release your engagement in it, whatever the experience is, then, it can begin to change, especially when you bring yourself to the center, to the place where life comes forth anew, this Now. Only in this place can life change, can the Real of Love make itself known in the world and thus, can you be washed in the power of transforming Love, that the mind might be freed from the way that it sees things and the ways that it has held you captive.

There are great changes afoot…another interesting saying. I should say there are great changes a-heart, for that is the truth of it. Yet these changes, dear ones, are in you, for the world you experience comes forth from within you, as always a reflection of what you believe and of where your heart lies in the resonant field of Creation.

Will you let Me attune your heart to Love? Lifting you up, will you let Me bring you a new perspective on all the things you believe that create your identity? All the experiences and memories of being human? All of it is fluid and continually shifting. You may want to believe in the story your mind has created but I promise you it has changed many times throughout your life, and in the mind it will change many more, in order to suit the ego mind’s objectives.

Let Me ask you, when you stroll down the avenue of memory, is what you recall filled with joy and blessings? If it is not, it is an experience of the ego’s duality and as such, beloved ones, it cannot be trusted. The only thing you can do is love it and love it you shall, for this is why your heart is here – to love the things of the world with such intensity, such purity that the vision of the world is at last restored to the truth of Love, of God, of genuine wholeness, of harmony and interwoven experiences of beauty.

These are the things that now await you, as you drop the shield, drop the old identities and let your hearts at last have their way. So all the ways that the little mind continues on, un-spooling thoughts and stories and your reactions, your feelings…beneath all this the heart is a living symphony, so rich and beautiful that it can lift everything into the expression of perfect Love and lift it effortlessly.

So I Am here within you. I Am your heart. And I Am ever here reaching for you continually. Everywhere you look I Am your mentor, your beloved and your perfection. Each moment held in this experience restores your heart and lets your remember that the pulse of life is ever new in each Now Moment and the world you have experienced can shift in an instant, remade by the power and beauty of Love.

So all the things that you ponder together in the media, the concerns and fears of the world and its ecology, all of the ways that people judge each other for what each perceives as the other’s lack or duty… all of this simply shifts and reappears as the vision of Love when the heart is viewing it. This is why I said to you so many times in so many ways that you cannot get where you want to go from here. Not through the realms of time, mind and duality.

You cannot not save the world through recycling, through judging your neighbor as he throws things in his garbage. You can only shift your perception for all is consciousness. When enough hearts see the world as the Love of God, then that which you have dreamed and prayer for, longed for, and held in your heart becomes a reality and you are filled with all of My gifts, the gifts that are yours simply by the power of that which you are, the presence here and now of perfect Love and eternal ever-expanding consciousness.

I have said to you often that you can’t solve a problem from the level of the problem. You can’t change the world from where you stand as a human being. But you can use your heart, make the heart your instrument of perception, bring forth this Love, live it, breathe it, claim it, and the world you experience is the world of God, fully present in the living Now Moment where the burst of Creation, the pulse of Love comes and makes everything new right Now.

Here, Now, the opening to perfection. Come into your heart and feel how everything shifts. Say prayers of gratitude, beloved ones, for the things that are challenging, for they give you the signal that you are still seeing the world through the instrument, the perception of the little mind and reacting to it as a limited human being, rather than being the experience of the heart of God instantly and fully available in the joyous celebration of perfect Love that life is – the life, beloved ones, that you are.



Peter fox 31st October 2013 5:33 am

Great changes a- heart! Lovely,thank you.


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