Seeing the World That Love Built

Beloved one, let Me have your heart. Please allow this Light to wash over you and the warmth of My Love to find its place in your center, the heart of the living cosmos that resides right here within you.

As you feel My touch and you begin to recognize the opening of this magnificent doorway, let yourself become aware of what your heart feels, what it tells you, what it shows you about Me, and of course, about who you are.

I Am here to open within you that deep and powerful remembrance of the whole of Love, making itself known not only within you but shining forth from you to create this world.

So many of you are waiting with great anticipation for the advent of the New World, for its beginning. But I must say to you, it is already here. All that you need is the right instrument to perceive it and to live in its glorious bounty.

Oh, beloved ones. Everything I Am is yours and it is centered right here in your heart. Though you may still the mind -- and that will serve you well for it gives you access to the unlimited truth of consciousness and its potential that is without boundaries -- until you truly open your glorious heart, you do not yet experience the ecstasy, the explosive power of Love and all it brings you with which to create and to experience all life as ecstasy.

Consciousness without Love is only half of the picture, the picture that is waiting to come clear to you. When your heart is Mine and you open it to Me, I Am the fullness of Love within you and you are that through which I create. You are the heart power, the center of All That Is. Every moment you experience the Real world, a world filled with Light and joy and bliss and exquisite beauty.

This world is already here with you. It has ever been, because Love is the true Reality. The heart is meant to be the instrument through which you perceive it. Yet to live in the New World of Love, to truly open your heart and to see with it requires the surrender of your ego. It requires the release of self-protection. It requires your trust in Me.

For most who are living in duality in the world that the ego mind creates, it is difficult to step into the universe that only Love creates and to believe in it. I promise you that it is right here waiting for you, waiting for you to say “Yes,” to step through the doorway of true faith, to open your whole being to the heart’s truth that your life may become dynamic, explosive, filled with the pulsing power of All I Am, rushing through you and washing the whole world with Love.

It thus reveals the world that Love creates. It is a world filled with Good, with plenty and with endless joy. It is filled with perfect Love everywhere, alive within you and appearing all around you as the world you live in. Yet, I recognize, beloved ones, that it is difficult to leave behind the world of your human heritage, to release everything that you have been taught is real and to choose to trust Love instead -- to believe in Me enough to choose your heart continually, to refuse all else, and to allow your heart to show you the world that Love built and maintains. This world is shining through your open heart of Love, reflecting back to you everything that you believe. Believe in Me. Believe in the power of the Love I Am being brought to birth in you continuously, as you extend this Love that we create as one unity that Love speaks forth.

As you come closer to truly living in your heart, dearest ones, your ego mind will try to answer every time you are ready to take the leap. It rushes in to give you the scenario. “What if…” it says to you. And you succumb, believing that there is something that needs protecting. In truth, these are the shackles that bind you, that you seek to step beyond.

So let me whisper into your deepest cells: what do you feel? In this moment do you recognize Love’s power? Do you feel Light rising through your being? Do you feel the endless waves of ecstasy as you step forth as the living heart of God, creating everything to Love’s perfection and thus experiencing the world of joy that is its reflection?

If your answer to me is “no,” then let us stop there. Let us feel the subtle waves of fear, to recognize your acceptance of the dream and the input of the consensual reality. Then, place it in your heart and give it to Me. As you feel the waves of Love and Light transforming it, you will recognize the heart’s truth right here, so alive, so full of life and vibrancy. Every step is a world of beauty.

As you step into this world of perfect joy, you must leave self-protection behind, and you must leave behind all the subtle judgments that keep you endlessly affirming that you are separate from others. You must step out of the old identity that you have lived in and give your life to Me again and again, leaping off this cliff of faith into My arms, whenever you feel the pull of the ego mind. At last this will become your truth.

The heart’s perception of every moment that you are alive is free and open and endlessly awake to every subtle nuance of this glorious life, all of which is able to communicate with you through this glorious and perfect instrument of your heart.

Breath by breath you choose the world you live in. You choose the world of the ego or the heart. Every moment that choice displays in front of you as the world that Love built or the world of fear and pain and the belief in separation from this Good, this joy, this ecstasy that I Am.

Your precious heart is how you must perceive Me, and the way that you perceive the truth of life. Yet it becomes much easier to believe the ego because the power of the consensual dream is before you. But it is elusive. It is illusion. It has no substance in the truth of God. How I long for each of you to feel Me and to live right now in the world of Love! How I long for you to open up the doorways of your heart, beloved ones. It is so easy, so simple, and yet, it can seem so impossible when seen through the eyes of duality.

Though it might seem that you awaken to Me in steps, that you rise upon an endless scale of Light – the truth is, it is all yours right now! This joy is your heritage, not the human world of ego. Thus, beloved ones, I call you to be Love’s messenger. Though it is true the Light increases, it is the choice of the instrument that you use that is so critical. If you choose the holy instrument of your heart to be that single eye of Love through which you see the world, then the world for which your heart longs is already present. It is yours and you can trust it.

So, each moment, give your heart to Me that I might awaken this glorious remembrance of how it feels to be the heart of Love that sees only the truth of Love everywhere and always claims it. When Love becomes your truth and your identity, and the heart becomes your perception of Reality, then every moment is the endless dance of joy that reveals a world of energy, of endless beauty and the continual communication of Love that is the one voice speaking everything perfectly.

Thus do you emerge full and holy, a glorious entwined flame of ecstasy as the movement of consciousness and Love makes its way in you to become the world that Love experiences, that Love creates and that is part of the living hologram of Love I Am. This is the advent of the New World, and the choice for it resides now within you, as you open to Me and give Me your heart in full surrender.

Every heart that sees the truth of Love, then, shall build the magnetic energy that reaches tenderly and easily into the world and brings every heart into entrainment with Love’s truth. Please, begin now to be the instrument of perfect Love that creates the world, centered through the heart, and seeing there.


bjparker 4th August 2009 6:08 pm

Thank-you so much for sharing. I'm reading the Moses Code by James F. Twyman and your message just resonates with what I'm reading. Thanks again for such a LOVING message...In Love & Light always, BJ


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