Shifting Our Vibrational Reality

Beloved ones, it is true that I have said to you that it is time for the heart to encompass the ego, to encircle the ego with Love and to lift it into the Reality of God, so that which has believed itself separate can recognize, rather, that it is loved. Love is the answer to every distress, including all of the distress of the ego mind.

And yet, I ask you more than anything to make the deep decision to shift to your heart, beloved ones, as the vehicle through which you live. The heart in you is the heart of your being which is the heart in Me at the center of Creation. Only in your true identity as that which expresses pure Love can you recognize that Love's vibration transforms the vibration of separation or fear.

When your vibrational reality shifts, any other vibration is gone.

So the answer to every question of transforming your lives in the world is to shift to the heart, that you might be the magnetic presence that draws everything up into the vibration of Love, the vibration of the unified life of God that is your true Reality. When your heart is the vehicle through which you live, the identity of the ego becomes, dear ones, only the play of Light and the movement of the patterns of Love, allowing you to co-create in the world in service.

The heart has no agenda other than giving Love. The shift to the heart is a shift in perspective that is hard to imagine through the vehicle of the ego mind. The ego mind sees itself as having moods for so many things, having desires, even the desire to go forth and serve as a human identity. All of these things become transparent to Love, and that which I Am, as It sparks in your being and goes forth to bless and to give, becomes that which is your only impetus and brings you feelings that are only ecstasy and joy.

You understand vibrational reality. You understand the Law of Resonance. The shift to the heart means the resonance of Love…Love, Light and the movement of God as it is expressed through you as the living heart of All That Is. The movement of your life ever comes from here, from this indescribable explosion of life that opens your heart on its own and rushes forth to continue to expand this Love and Light and to embrace every conscious expression of life everywhere the heart finds it.

To live life through the vehicle of the heart is to be the heart of Love that is constantly entraining everything into the hologram of Love's perfection as the vibrational reality of All That Is, expressed here and now. This is the answer to every question. It does not preclude movement in the world but it means that you are open as an open heart in the realm of Love, allowing this wave of Creation's joy to move you. With no impetus from anything of a vibration that is less than pure Love, you find yourself proceeding outward from Me, outward from the center of your being, of your heart …with absolute assurance of every step because of its vibration.

So the practice that I ask of you is to live in your heart and to make the decision to be there as much as it takes for it to become your reality, the vibrational experience of your life and the reality of your feelings as they become divine. From here, as the open heart of Love, as the conduit of the movement of life…from here shall be lifted up every expression of duality that still is manifesting or alive in your energy field.

These things that you pray for, that you work toward, that you choose on deeper levels again and again… let us now shift the venue from which you approach them so that vibrationally you are always above them and therefore can magnetize them "up" into the expression of Real Love, of your Love, dearest ones, as the heart of God I Am.

As you live through your heart, as this Love I Am moves forth as you, it gathers to itself the particles of Light, the substance of Love, to create that which is needed for its expression as the outreach of Love in the world. Ultimately you will find yourself experiencing that which is experienced by the Masters, by the ones who from the perspective of the ego mind, the dream of the world, you have ever and forever looked up to. You will find yourselves instead being so alive in the Ocean of Love that you too step forth only when called upon to be the expression of Love in the world that calls itself a human being.

But the "human being" who is called forth, who is asked of Love, is transparent except for the place where it touches the reality of the ego minds yet dreaming of a life that is separate from the whole of God. Therefore, you are real to them as an expression perhaps of ego…or that which is labeled the human being who appears to have a personality. In truth, your consciousness is ever held in the Real of Love, filled with upliftment, the outreach of which is perceived by the mind which has called it forth to serve as the reflection of its opening or its need and the vehicle of its awakening.

To understand that of which I speak you only need to shift to your heart continually with commitment until it does become your reality and your heart, then, will show you the meeting place where Love becomes visible to the little mind. You who are familiar with these realms of Light who can make the shift into the heart at times…to you in your experience when you encounter the Masters, you experience them, perhaps, as beings of Light… or simply as the experience of how they feel when they touch you in answer to your call.

But if you shift to their perspective and become the outreach of Love fully available to the world, then your heart will show you how Love appears to each and every human being. To some it is veiled by the ego and painted with the ego's fear of Love. For others it might appear as a potential mate because this is what Love means to that mind. But all the while you are the emission of My heart, the never-ending flow, the outreach, dancing through the veil of the ego mind in order to touch every heart.

So it is time to let go of the perspective of the ego mind, of the human being…not that it is any way wrong and certainly it must be loved. But only because by the Law of Resonance, when you shift to your heart, Love takes over and the vibration of the Reality of Love is different from the vibration of duality. I Am asking you to make the decision to let go of the ways the ego holds you, that you might make this shift to the heart and be available as My outreach, as the glorious expression of this Love that can be the magnetic entrainment of all that perceives itself as separate from the whole of God.

When Love is present there is no duality. There is no ego, heart, us and God. There is only the expression of pure Love and in its presence, the vibration of the ego is simply lifted into Love to know itself as the vehicle of Love's perfection and nothing else. It is the same analogy as the sun, in whose presence all shadows disappear. Whether you speak of the sun that is physical or the sun that is the blazing Light of God expressed -- that which you know as the Christ -- whichever sun you want to use, the result is the same. In the Light the shadows are gone. It is not because there is something wrong with them but simply because it is the law of nature. In the Light there is no darkness and in Love there is no duality. Thus, there is no vehicle of the ego.

And yet, beloved ones, it is "organic," as you would say. There is nothing to be done to the mind. There is nothing to be held against the ego and in fact, you certainly can celebrate it. But when you make the shift to the heart, your experience of life is changed. The vibrational reality has shifted and oh, beloved ones, in the realms of feelings you have moved from the human to the divine.

So as you move now into this time of awakening, it is the most important call, this call to the heart, for it shall answer every question and make it effortless to become the vehicle of God I Am, the vehicle of Love's outreach. Everything in your life that was resonating at a frequency lower than pure Love will simply be raised up by the Law of Resonance, by the power of the heart to entrain everything around it. Thus shall all discrepancy disappear. All perceptions of being less than perfect Love, all dreams of being the beleaguered human are of a different resonance than the heart's life.

The shift to the heart is your focus and for many of you, this shift can be easy. It is only habit that keeps you in the little mind. There are only certain things that the ego uses to hook you, to keep you playing in the sandbox of separation. These are things that from the level of the little mind can seem difficult if not impossible to release. But when the heart is your reality…when the resonance of Love is your experience…such things will fall away just as easily as night gives way to dawn.

I Am asking you to live in your heart and to perceive through the heart every day…to give yourself over to Love and then to see where Love takes you. To do this it takes 100% and I understand that for a while, you might waver. But the more that you find you can experience the doorway of your heart wide open, the more Love can rush through you to bless, to uplift, to magnetize, to transform. Thus, it aligns you more deeply with your own Real identity and with the fullness of your expression as Love in a unique and powerful aspect, beautiful, filled with grace, and moving outward to be the vehicle of Love's expansion, ever in communion with Me and ever alive as the vehicle of the whole of Love.

You become the expression of "both/and." You become that which gives the gift of My presence through your open and transparent heart, beloved ones, and you are simply Love's movement that lifts you and perceives from the center, from the Moment of Creation in great splendor, moving outward as you to be perfectly integrated with the whole in an experience of heart communion that literally communes with all life perfectly in the Now.

There are mysteries that are beyond the mind that are the direct infusion of the facets of God, one of which, beloved ones, is you. Each of you can recognize your own song, your own emission as this perfect stream of Light and Love, consciousness and heart. Let yourself lift up and expand. Let the call of this moment in the world be that which draws you into place in full heart communion, ever and always with Me and as Me with every precious one whose hearts are waiting to know all that Love truly is.

It is true, beloved ones, that saying… you can't solve a problem from the level of the problem. You can't shift out of the ego mind without moving to the level of the heart. As I have said to you before, the ego mind is simply a vehicle, a vibration, a choice. There is nothing wrong with it. It is loved. But you are made of something greater and I Am simply calling you to your truth as the heart of the living hologram, the heart of God I Am coming into its fullness in order to love the world free.



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