Shifting the Focus from What Seems to be Our Experience

Beloved ones, I Am always here, flowing through your being, kissing every cell and igniting in your heart the remembrance of this union, this communion of Love and the truth of who you are. Yes, as you allow this Love to bathe you, you recognize how truly this Light is the nourishment upon which you are Really fed. You also see, beloved ones, and this is important, how easily still the old world can come and take your attention, even you who are so devoted, so dedicated to Me. You can see that a time of upliftment each day is absolutely necessary. I encourage everyone who will listen - to take time to feel My Love.

The old world has been inculcated in you deeply and powerfully like a record that continues to play as long as you are using your mind. Any time you are focused on the things of the world, no matter what it is and no matter how seemingly important, you are engaging the little mind. Therefore you are once again playing the record - the record of time and limitation and fear and loss and stories woven into lifetimes, lifetimes of isolation and separation from this Love when all around you this Love is waiting.

So as you breathe Me in and feel this Light washing every atom of your being, take it in and feel its nourishment as it revitalizes your whole being and returns you automatically to your heart. You recognize that this Light, this expression of My moving Love is your natural state. Your natural state must become how you live your life on Earth. As you bathe in Me, fill yourself up consciously with this light of living Love and feel the very atoms of your being in ecstasy as they partake of this glorious eternal nourishment. Feel yourself, dearest ones, step out of consensual reality, beyond the limitations of the world of time, and your heart then is free to soar Home to its natural state - united in Twin Flame Love, burning forever for Me.

Because you enter now this time of transformation, you truly are standing in the midst of the flames and it is going to be up to you to raise your vibration enough that these flames of transformation do not consume you but rather bring you into a brand new eternal day - the dawning of the world of Love. Because you are here to mark the way for humanity, beloved ones, you must keep your focus ever in the Real of Love and recognize the vibration of what is Real and here to stay, as the essence of who you are.

Because you walk these steps for every precious heart in the world, it is necessary for all of you to hold the pattern. What this means is that you must consciously make these choices about your focus and come back to them every moment of every day until they truly become your reality and nothing can return you to the old world view.

So it is the energy of your shift in focus to the truth of the transformation and the energy you are that is bringing into place the New World expression in the symbols of the world and of your body, as it is the reflection of your dedicated heart. I now ask all of you, dearest ones, to lift up your own vibration until it is held in the Real of Love and bathe in this light. Drink this Love and let it feed you as consistently as you feed your body. When it sets you free to be this glorious energy, then you are the transformation itself and you shall be as a living sun to the world.

Each of you will experience intimately vibration and how every shifting nuance of change in your vibration brings the change about in your feelings and your world until, beloved ones, it becomes so obvious that you cannot do anything else but deeply commit to holding pure Love. You are beginning to understand the importance of shifting your focus into the Real of Love and feeling for yourself the expansiveness, the joy, the ecstasy of this celestial oneness and of the union that is your Twin Flame heart. As you let it wash through your being and you feel it - feel the vibration of Real Love - then this is what your heart's song instantly creates and the old world gives way to the New and your experience is one of ever-present joy.

I recreate perfect Love in all of My own diversity through the great and glorious explosion that is Real consciousness and true life. I release you forth to be the creative heart of God I Am, ever and always attuned to My perfect Love. This vibration then will supersede all that is before you and manifest the glorious New World until that which seems to be outside of you and that which lives within are blended, dancing, magnificent, shimmering, orgasmic light. This, beloved one, is your Home. So rejoice in the moment, in the power of this Love and rejoice, rejoice, rejoice in all the beauty that is the unfolding of grace in the substance of the world, creating a world of only Love and peace with the symbols of Heaven on Earth.



[The early first part of this meditation was not recorded, so we are starting where it was recorded.]

Breathing out, you are the breath of the whole of God. With every breath in, you are dissolving. With every breath out, you are Love's action, and I am showing you how to live this rhythm where you are both the glorious whole of Love and Love made manifest - the in-breath and the out-breath of God.

As you breathe in now, feel your heart open wider. As you look upon your heart with heart perception, you can see the glorious pattern of living Light you are, the living star that is your precious heart - a star of gold if you are Divine Feminine, a star of white Light, Divine Masculine. Each star is so unique and perfect. As you watch this living pattern of Light, it calls to your consciousness and draws you softly into your heart. As you sink down into the star of Light, you become the witness to the mystery and the beauty of God.

As you are present now within this pulsing star, dearest of My heart, I ask you to see and feel the beauty that you are - to stand in awe at the majesty of your own heart, dearest one. Each of you. At the altar of God. Your heart, the living hologram, the pure and perfect song of Light, the pulsing living pattern that sings your name. Every strand of Light is a syllable in this mysterious song of Love you are. Every syllable is so dear to Me.

How I love each strand of Light, each pulsing of your heart, each shimmer of your unlimited consciousness, and here in this magnificence that is the living star of Light you are, I ask you, please receive My blessing and deeply feel this Love that I give and have and am in you, and the power, the beauty, and the mystery of this hologram of Light that is you.

All around you, the pattern dances. The streams and strands of Light are shimmering. They are moving in your own heart's perfect rhythm. Now each strand calls out your name as Love, and you hear the perfect harmony. Now between the strands you find the Twin Flame's Love. If your strands are golden, there is the white. If you are white, there is the gold. The song becomes a call and response. "I Am Love," your heart sings forth. "And I Am Love, loving you," your Twin Flame's heart sings back to you now.

You are still witnessing this glorious communion and you begin to feel the power building until the vibration becomes so intense that you can see the very atoms becoming living flames of Love as you ignite in glorious ecstasy and become a living flaming stream, reaching in glory to the Real of Love. I invite your heart unto Me now as you burn in this communion and burn with your devotion to Love.

I Am singing forth your name and you respond in leaping joy. You become the flame of transformation itself. All That Is within Me now leaps into your flaming arms and you are the living "Yes" to Love. You are the passion of the heart of God as you open even wider to this admission of Love. I ask you now to give unto these flames all old definitions, all belief in limitation, your whole identity as only human and allow the flames to become the message of Love you are, the ecstasy of God in flaming communion reaching from the world into the Real all the way up as you come burning to the moment of Creation and every atom in your whole being ignites now in this communion.
Every atom knows your name as you sing forth "I Am Love." "I Am the living Light of God."

Now, release even consciousness as you become the burning, as you become the fire of life itself. You are passion "en-conscious-ed, ecstasy given identity, the movement of the explosion of Love. The Moment of Creation comes and you are this explosion of Love. The fire becomes the explosion and you are free to be the passion, the great explosion of giving Love. You are reaching all around the whole of Creation as your atomic energy flies out at the speed of Light, flaming Twin Flame atoms of joy.

You are the flame of Love, burning everywhere brightly. Every flame is in communion with your center which is the Twin Flame heart of Love, free, open, inclusive. The silence is between every atom and I am filling you with My living presence as your whole being feels and feels and feels passionately. The call comes into your heart. "Go forth and give this Love." Every atom of your being says "Yes." "I Am the fire of transformation. I am going forth to ignite more Love."

In this vast and glorious openness, this cosmos of Love you are, every Twin Flame atom holds your pattern beneath the dancing flames of living Light. You can see that perfect star made up of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and fully responsive to you, you who are the center, the heart, the peace and the passion, the silence and the movement, the living All and the communion. This is the truth of your nature, for I Am both/and. I Am all-inclusive Love.

And now, beloved heart of God, deep in the heart of your being amongst the star fields of your pulsing flaming atoms, there is a pearl that we call the Earth. As you feel its presence now, call it into consciousness and begin to shift your focus there. I ask you to ignite every atom in this precious world. Ignite it with the power of your Twin Flame Love and bring new life to every atom and electron, a new passion to life on Earth.

I am asking you, beloved ones, to become the living fires of transformation and to allow the flames you are to be the impetus to transform all limitation, all ideas of separation, to transform them all the way up to the Vertical and into the remembrance of Love. As you shift your focus now, feel your Twin Flame's presence, vast, magnificent, glorious, the other half of your heart beat, the out-breath to your in-breath. As you feel the presence, ignite it. Let Me set the intention of Love to reach now deep into the world and to transform all separation from Me as you make room in every heart for My communion and the return of every life to ecstasy.

As you do this, beloved ones, I ask you to feel each precious heart, every heart in the world now and feel what it will mean to them to open to this communion and to remember that we are one and the same, to remember how deeply I love them. So you become that which gives energy, enough to ignite the transformation. You become the wick in the candle, you become the flame.

As you do this, feel the anchor of your focus in the world which is that which you perceived as your physical body, and as you do this, feel each atom and touch it with your awareness and ignite every atom in your body until you feel that every one is burning. These are the fires of transformation, the fires meant to consume the old world. As you acknowledge ignition now in every atom of your body, you can see your body remembering it is the cosmos. There is no such thing as physical.

Your consciousness is gently acknowledging every atom that is meant to be "en-conscious-ed" by you. All those flaming atoms of Twin Flame Love you are aware of now in the Real and these glorious atoms that are the body - all of them are responsive to you. All of them now are waiting for Love's direction. As you keep this flaming connection from the world to the Moment of Creation, the will of life and Love is burning within you and every atom in your being returns to the vibration of ecstasy, the Moment of Creation alive in you.

Every atom instantly is responsive to your will as the Will of Love. Feel each pulse, each explosion of the Moment of Creation as it flows through your whole being, igniting every atom. Each one flares and dances all the way into the atoms in the world. Each atom flares forth its message of freedom and holy communion. Every breath and you can feel how deeply you can be in the stillness between the atoms, and every out-breath you are the energy of Creation itself going forth as Love, igniting every atom in the world and feeling the response with your heart.

As you feel your heart remembering it is the center of this Love you are, this vast and glorious cosmos of joy, beloved one, feel My presence with you now and feel this deep communion. I Am so close. I Am this breath you breathe. I Am loving you so deeply. As you feel this Love and you say "Yes" - then suddenly all is perfect within you, and your heart becomes the amplifier of the very Moment of Creation itself, pulsing forth this Message of joy and igniting all hearts in communion, and igniting the fires of transformation in the world.

Dearest ones, I want you to feel how responsive the atoms of your being are to the Will of Love and to the movement of joy and perfection that you become when you become the Will of Love and you become the world held now in perfect beauty. Can you feel how fluid you are? How flexible, open, permeable as this vast and living cosmos of Love, and can you see the world with you open, dancing molecules, atoms of Twin Flame joy waiting to respond to the Will of Love?

What does Love pour forth through you now? What shape shall Love make this body, and what shall Love deliver as the world? As you ask this, it is revealed to you in images of beauty and perfection. So allow your heart to show you the Light and waves of Love moving through it, coalescing as the symbols of the New World. Look upon your body of pure Light and see how it expresses your beauty and your true eternal nature. See how you shine and how your Twin Flame's Love is right there dancing with you.

Now, watch the atoms move into the symbols of a world of perfect beauty, a world of only Love and a world of hearts in communion with Me. Feel yourself rejoicing as the atoms respond perfectly and you recognize that you are free and unlimited, touching every heart as Me, acknowledging the miracle and saying to every person, "I acknowledge you as the unlimited heart of God you are."

Heart after heart comes before you now and pure Love speaks forth with your voice and says to each, "Blessed are you as the pure heart of God, and I acknowledge you and rejoice with you now, for I too am God's Love, unlimited and free, manifesting as beauty and joy." Heart after heart after heart and in each one you feel the communion as each one responds to your greeting and your deep and powerful acknowledgement.

In an instant, if the call comes, the atoms can change their formation and dance forth new patterns of joy as you live completely open to the Vertical as the living heart of God I Am. Every atom is awake, alive in Love, filled with the glorious miracle of life brand new and perfect and acknowledged as the living heart of God I Am. Breath of My breath. Pulse of My Love. Alive in this omni-dimensional communion in perfect communion with Me, perfect communion with your Twin Flame and perfect total acknowledgement of the unlimited freedom you are as the heart of God I Am.



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