Standing on the Cusp of Two Worlds

Beloved ones, I Am here with you, wrapping you in My Love, lifting up your hearts and opening them, that you might remember this sweet communion that we share. Many of you as yet still stand on the cusp between two worlds – the world of the heart that shows you everything I Am and shows you a world of beauty, and the world of the ego which shows you an unfolding array of startling and often negative possibilities, many of which take you by surprise.I Am here, ready to assist you to shift completely into the heart’s world, that you might remember life in its purity, its beauty, its joy. To do this, beloved ones, you need Me, for only by looking at Me can you remember the heart’s truth.

Come into this Light every day. Find your way into this peace and let it soak into your being until it feeds you enough of the truth to sustain you during your day. As you look at the world that ego has made, your heart is full and can counteract it, that your vibration may hold steady in the realms of Love. You will become a glorious and open conduit for this Love, this Light that is so needed by everyone.

All of you are starving and don’t know it. You are attempting to feed your spirit through the things of the world. Even those things that seem to make you happy, in a moment become temporary. Only I Am lasting. Only this Love is permanent and only this Light is your Real food.

Right now, precious hearts, it will take diligence, for the ego mind is fighting its last battle, and it is determined to maintain the world that it has made. Yet, your hearts continue to open like the great cosmos flower that they are, spreading the perfume of truth and beauty everywhere and making for all who touch you, a shelter from the storms of the ego’s life.

I want for you this world of joy and plenty. I want a life explosive in its passion and its Love, an awareness of your perfection as co-creators, alive in the living dance of unity, awake to this plenty. Thus do I call you here with Me that you might feel the truth, and bathe in this perfection until it holds you so strongly in its resonance that your heart remains steady, and through it you see right through the world’s illusion to the truth of Love that is everywhere.

So though you stand upon the cusp of Love and ego, “I AM” shall tip the scales. All the Light that lights this glorious cosmos is yours and you are in My presence now, every moment that you choose. Breathe in the Light and let it feed you. Let Me whisper of your greater purpose. Let Me hold your heart and cherish it until you recognize your true heritage is this Love, this grace, this joy.

Most of you say that life is energy, that everything is consciousness, and you know this. And yet, you don’t experience this as your reality. But it is here and it is waiting for your discovery. I invite you into this shelter of My Love that you might find yourself alive in a spinning universe of star-lit energy, of sparkling grace, of waves of consciousness that are unlimited, that all around you, you may reach with Love and through Love speak My name. Every molecule shall obey you. Every particle of Light shall sing your name.

You will stand as the heart of God within the world and hold the place for the living presence for everyone. Make this your affirmation – that you are here with Me, seeing clearly through your heart, and daily, dearest ones, make the commitment to take the one step into My arms that you might be free, free of the siren song of ego and its negativity, free of all the little mind’s “what if’s,” free of the saboteur of the subconscious. All of that is the ego mind’s domain.

Be free to delight in life as energy, knowing yourself as boundless and fully alive. You will speak the name of Love I Am and know that we are one, one life. The Light of God makes itself known in you. Your every breath will be mine. Your every feeling will be the ecstasy and glory of this life. Your every moment will be the bounty of a universe that ever is made to support your fullest life. Will you say “Yes”? Will you choose this joy? Will you allow Me deep within to become your reality.

When the ego raises before you its endless scenarios of the possibilities of other than Love and good, the power of this Light will shine right through them and the heart will create the Real truth of a world of joy, a life that is waiting to be the bridge for humankind into My arms.

Beware, beloved ones, of the ego’s subtleties. It may tell you that you are God, that we are One and therefore, it is all right to create what the ego wants because it is all one thing anyway, isn’t it? Feel your heart and let Me in, for only I can show you Love’s true Will, and lift you up into this vibration that makes your spirit soar and your heart surrender to the living moment beyond all thoughts in the fullness of the living presence, when all of life says your name. It is the one name that we share that only the heart remembers. Only the heart can hold this resonance of eternal Love, of endless ecstatic joy and perfect power, the power to live in service to the Will of Love as it gives itself in every moment to the greater good, to the living One, the life all share.

It is so far beyond the ego’s world that there is no comparison of these feelings of this Light and of the ecstatic heart of God you truly are when living this great communion with all life. It is far beyond the mesmerizing illusion of the ego’s cares, the ego’s wants and the world of duality it has created.

Only when your heart is Mine, when it is surrendered to the very highest Light and greatest Love, when all you feel is the desire to be this instrument of the tender touch of Love in every life, only then will you be free and reclaim the truth of your life. Every moment you are both the living hologram and this perfect spark of God in sweet communion with Me.



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