Stepping into Our Destiny - The Wave of Love Arrives

Beloved ones, you have come to a time where everything begins to shift and the illusion built by the ego mind must begin to fall away. But even more than this, you are going to see that I Am calling you to “step up to the plate” and consciously fulfill your destiny. The call has gone forth.

I begin to gather up the magnificent hearts that are available for the flow of Love that will support this planet as a conscious being in Her choice to transform beyond supporting the illusion of separation from Me any more. It is not that He/She, the being whose consciousness holds this experience of human hearts, has ever been disconnected from the living whole of Love I Am, but has allowed this experimentation that is what we call human life.

But we have reached a crossroads where the call of destiny is upon you and the experiences that are now showing forth as the joint experiences of humanity are all working toward this goal, including those that might seem negative to the judgments of the ego -- especially what seems to be the economic downturn, confusion, instability. What this really is, is the waves of Love breaking up old patterns in every life and asking each heart, “Are you ready to fulfill your purpose as your way of life? Are you ready to allow God to be your compensation…living in the flow of abundance and Love that becomes the circle of inclusiveness that is the awakening heart of humanity…?”

In other words, for those of you who find yourselves squeezed economically, let Me reassure you, dear ones, that it is perfectly placed in your lives and in the lives of humankind. It is there so that each of you might find yourselves available to examine the opening of your destiny and the merging of the life of the Spirit with that which you do in the world so that you might at last become the fulfillment of who you know you truly are, but have not begun to fully manifest.

For many of you, for many human beings, long-standing careers have been ended or are ending, providing that point of conscious decision-making that offers now the most dramatic opportunities to choose the path of the fulfillment of Love. It is a path so that the truth of your heart might sing your destiny forth into the vibrational sphere that is Earth, and so that all of you now come to encircle and support that decision in each other most fully. With the choices you make on the physical plane, you are fully engaged in the conscious experience of the awakening of all life into the one truth of God.

So I must say to you now that from this point on, the waves of Love and consciousness, Light, that are pouring to humanity, to you now, each of you, are fully charged with the support of your life as the blossoming forth of your purpose, as the unique heart of the Divine and the perfect expression of our communion.

What does this mean right here, right now, as you stand upon this crossroads? Some of you already are here with Me, opening to this new decision to allow the flow of endless life, All That I Am, to support you and to move you forth moment-by-moment into the fulfillment of the highest purpose that is ever expressed through your heart, not through your mind

When you recognize your destiny and give your all to it, when you give yourself over to trusting Me, you will recognize that there is a flow that if allowed will always support you. It is the flow of life, of destiny, of purpose, passion, creative awareness that comes forth at the highest vibration as the “en-conscious-ment” of the Moment of Creation as you, beloved ones – as the heart of God you are – and moves forth in all dimensions, not only to fulfill itself through giving but to bring back the resulting amplification of Love to Me in waves of endless gratitude and to open again to the next wave of co-creation.

Yet, even to say co-creation creates an image of separation between us when in truth we are one Love and you are My expression in a unique energy flow that is your individual Twin Flame heart, bringing forth as a gift to All That Is the amazing expression of this Love. It is time now to do this in the world – to allow the truth of your being to receive from Me, from the Moment of the Creation of life that is ongoing, every continuing – that great wave of Love and Light that is yours to be, to express, to amplify, that this might become in the world the work of your heart and the work of your hands.

As you recognize this flow, you also become part of the great design that brings your Love to bear as a gift and as power to support the destiny of others, to support their unique gift of Love and Light to Creation. How this manifests now in your life is that each moment you allow Me to move you. You allow Me to command your heart with the living Spirit, the great impetus of living Love and the full opening of consciousness, to receive your perfection and your destiny, allowing it to become your expressions for the awakening of humanity, with the underlying awareness woven into it that it shall be received with open hearted gratitude. That gratitude becomes part of your worship, your circling of Love back to Me.

As you find yourself in this place of shifting, perhaps having created the most perfect opportunities that to the ego mind might seem like desperation or lack…to the heart this is the opening of a doorway that you have waited for all of your life. Dearest ones, tell your mind you have nothing to lose. The old order is passing away and the flow of what is Real is coming forth to name itself as the world through the hearts of humanity, and yours, each of you, is called.

As your hearts say “Yes” and step up, then this great wave becomes held in your consciousness and given forth as many gifts in many ways. As you allow this flow of Love I Am to command you through your open and glorious heart, all those things that have called to you that the old world consciousness didn’t support… these things are what are rising now to be nourished by the Light.

While there may seem to the mind through the experience of its linear processing that there is a time of decision and even perhaps seeming lack while this new flow is being implemented, trust me when I say, it is but a blink, and it is absolutely necessary that you be in place as the waves of change, as the destiny of humankind emerges through your available hearts.

If you are not clear what your purpose is, come to Me, dear ones, to find it. Do not look into the world outside of yourself for that world is made of shadows, insubstantial, that will be washed away by the coming Love. Turn instead within your heart and rise up into this Light of your creating and allow the Will of Love to command your heart. Allow My voice to guide you to your destiny. If you need assistance to hear Me, please find it in each other that you might help each other become this open and functioning doorway for the shift.

There have been many times when you have asked Me: “Should I drop all I am doing, God, and simply do what I feel my heart calls me to?” Many of you have received answers that said, Hold, or Wait, or perhaps the veil of ego wouldn’t let you. So I send forth this message now simply to let you know that now the answer is affirmative. If you hold your heart to Me in trust and open your lives to this guidance, if you let the waves of Love be your impetus moment-to-moment, then you will find that you will recognize that I Am your abundance, and that what you do in the name of God is supported in all ways, always.

It has only been your doubt that has prevented you from experiencing this until now. But now in the greatest way, the world has turned into a new reality, a new expression in which this flow of Love finds itself invariably in the resonance of your hearts and the resulting work of your hands and then, flows forth to appear before you in the symbols of abundant life in every way.

Therefore it is time to return to the Source of your life that I Am and recognize in the deepest way as the experience of your reality that all things come forth from God, first, foremost and forever, and flow through your heart to be reflected in the symbols of the world. So as you make the shift to being alive to your purpose, to allowing the Will of Love from the highest realms of God I Am to fuel your heart, wave by wave, and to moment-by-moment direct it, then you will find that your “reality” changes easily to reflect the abundance of God and My support of life.

It is only the separation from Me that has caused the perception of lack in any way. It cannot be true and your hearts know this. I Am the living All. I Am Everything. If I Am the source of life and I Am your Source, beloved ones, then even to the mind it makes sense that your abundance comes directly from the great explosion of the life I Am into its expression as the reality of the unified cosmos of Love, for lack of a better word. You may call it any name you like. Call it “the matrix,” “the universe,” but the vibration of God I Am is indelible and ever present and ready to pour into each heart that opens itself to this vibration at all.

So let Me be the source of your outward life. Let Me truly command heart and hand in the joyous experience moment-to-moment of fulfilling that for which you came into the world, and that is to support this shift.

The second piece of this awareness is supporting each other. As the flow of this Love comes through heart and hands, allow your abundance to go forth not only to bless other lives directly but to support Love in the choices that you make. The consciousness of humanity now must shift and will… to value those things that hold the vibration of Love, of Light, of God-consciousness, of the choice of each person’s life to move forth on this wave of destiny.

Truly as you have said in many ways, you cast your vote through your experience and your choices in your Earth-life reality. As the consciousness expands and the matrices of Love develop, the way this happens is through these connections of flow-to-flow and heart-to-heart. Therefore, as the symbols of abundance come to reflect to you your acceptance of your life in Me, allow this Light, allow this Love to direct you to those who are also stepping forth as you are.

Make your choices in every way about vibration – about what your heart urges you to do, about becoming the weavers of this New World of Love through the gift of supporting each other. Those things that are the expression of awakening hearts are then brought into the symbols of life on Earth more fully by your vote in the ways that it is expressed in the symbols of your life as humanity.

In other words, what you buy, you recognize as only symbols of a world shifting to Love, and that that which flows through another heart that is held in this vibration of Love is lifted up by your connection in whatever way you are choosing to make it – whatever way I urge you to connect. This might be sending emails on the net of Light, or sending prayers of thanks on the greater Christ grid or sending your appreciation by purchasing those things that are the expression of a person’s God purpose.

It is not about – and let Me say this forcefully – the products, the foodstuffs, the seeming reality of the world. It is totally about supporting hearts that are stepping up to their destiny and raising the consensual reality to a place of appreciating these things that are the artistry of the Spirit, that are the work of the hands that are commanded by the flow of Love of God I Am through the open heart.

Therefore, if you are urged by Love’s movement through your heart, for example, to purchase food that has been grown by one whose heart is dedicated to this awakening, it is not that you need a certain food to nourish a physical body. The body is a reality that is only alive as the result of the projector of the mind. It is rather about supporting Light. It is about making this connection of Love so that that which goes forth from that heart, those hands, is received, and through your gratitude its circle is completed and brought back to Me.

In that exchange, that choice, the world is lifted to a higher vibration. A new strand of the pattern of a world of Love is woven together and connected. Through that strand can come My voice, My presence. It is like laying lines for telephone or internet that create whole world communication. These choices and connections are laying the lines of holographic, spiritual communion among every living being in the world and the whole of God that you are expression. Only the Light moving forth is the force in this Creation, the Light so strong that all shadows fall away, including all perceptions of separation from Me, from the glory of Creation, from the Love and consciousness that are ever being expressed in this explosion of awakening.

The world shall now be connected into the ongoing Moment of Creation rather than a separate “reality.” In all the ways that you are attuned to experience communion with Me, in every way it comes it comes from within into the world and is reflected back as an expression of a reality as the frequency or resonance of your heart and showing to you perfectly your own heart’s beliefs.

As you step forth and say “Yes” to your destiny, as you open your heart to your purpose, as you choose to trust that your life comes from Me, that I Am your source of everything, then you are supported fully by the great River of Life, and that which is expressed is for the nourishment of all, that each beloved one may drink his/her fill and recognize their source as well.

So your choices become the expression of the destiny that you hear from Me, that you feel moving through your heart and expressing itself as your world, and as you support each other through vibration, then this net of living Light, this Christ grid becomes the reality of the world. No longer is it represented as human but rather as the living, pulsing Divine, that intricate weaving of the destiny of the Twin Flame heart of God I Am reclaiming its full expression in all dimensions, including here.

If you find yourself standing on the cusp of change, let it be known what your choice is. Speak the will of your consciousness and open the vibration of your Love and I will support you, that this great wave might rush through you amplified to support the awakening of God I Am as the world. It will take trust, beloved ones. It will take a shift in your inner reality. It will take returning to Me as the source of your life, made manifest as your world, just as your heart believes it.

So if you know I Am the fount of your life, if you know I Am abundance unlimited, if you know that I love you so completely that everywhere I Am you are also…and All That I Am is yours… when you feel this as your truth, you are ready to become the open heart of God. But the steps that you take to turn and to bring yourselves into full alignment are absolutely supported now and valuable. I weave stepping stones of truth beneath your feet, and I bring Love through your hands and speak in your heart your destiny continually.

This choice is before all of humanity. In one way or another it has come to call. Some of you have already heard it, have made the turns and are in the flow. Others are coming into alignment, clearing away the old heart’s beliefs that have kept this great wave of life showing itself before you as duality, as experiences of two things rather than One.

For example, lack and abundance. The truth through your heart when it is open is I Am All That Is, and I Am the abundance of life beyond anything your mind can imagine. To even begin to encompass it takes your heart wide open, as wide as the cosmos.

Feel yourself as that lily in My field whose life is supplied perfectly and know that as your heart believes it, so it shall be as your experience, amplified by this great wave of Love and Light that is right now making its impact on the world. Weave for Me this beautiful shining matrix of connected hearts and streams of destiny that become truly a net of Light that will tenderly hold those others who are just beginning to awaken or who as yet do not know that they have been called. Every heart will be supported in its turn into the flow of its creation and thus, its living present destiny coming forth in the only time there is and that is Now.



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