Stop the Pendulum of Duality for Others

Using Our Open Hearts for God To Stop the Pendulum of Duality for Others

Beloved ones, for each of you there may be different pathways and different doorways to bring yourselves free of the illusion of time and space, but one thing I promise you. When you are free, you shall find your heart exploding forth into relationship with Me, I who am Creator and you who are My heart.

While in the same moment in the endless circle of eternity we are also the one consciousness of everything, neither is complete without the union of the heart of God with the glory of God consciousness. Creation is not active, it is not full of life, it is not multiplying all the miracles of Love and Light unless both forces interact – unless the helix of life has both strands.

You are not complete in your experience of the truth until you have your heart with Me and your consciousness as the hologram. This is why we speak of Twin Flames, of the streams or energies that are creative life. But just as I Am one God, one living whole that has a heart, dear ones, that is you -- so too are you one glorious being, one cell in the heart of the Creator I Am that also has full consciousness of the holographic reality as well as the endless all-encompassing Love that is both beginning and completion of this explosion of life that is ever becoming more of itself.

It is becoming more of Me -- more of us. Beyond language, it is one movement of life, one great endless Making of conscious Love, one moment of Creation itself and all of it limitlessly woven together, accessible to you right here, right now. Regardless of the part you play in unraveling this drama of limitation that is the world, your hearts, beloved ones, are here in Me. It is impossible for us to be separate. Thus do I say that your heart is ever the doorway to your experience of the fullness of life and the truth of your divine being.

It is only through the perception of the open heart that you can become a part of this experience that truly is all movement of life at once, both consciousness and Love creating more of itself. It is continually moving in endless dimensions of possibilities of Love and Light unfolding and enfolding all in this Love we are together. Only your heart can take you beyond the limitation of words.

Your hearts, dear ones, know this song, this relationship, this vibrational exchange of the perfection of Love knowing itself as the Creator and the center of Creation. It is whirling forth forever, in the eternal Now, birthing new possibilities of conscious Love, creating new expressions of the endless and timeless dance that is divine Love-Making, the creative force of life as the union of consciousness or Light and Love.

So as you stand in the world on the brink of transforming into something never yet imagined by humanity, the only thing that can guide you, beloved ones, is your heart. You must allow your consciousness to follow it. Love ever is the priority. It is that which is the primal element that finds in itself that will to know and to give what it is that brings the birth of consciousness. This is the moment that ever lives within you as the Twin Flame heart or center of All I Am as that which receives these forces from Light and Love, amplified from Me.

Yet how can I say “from Me” when we are one life together? Know that your heart can understand this and that for a time yet, the pendulum keeps swinging, as humanity seeks to extract itself from the illusion of being separate from Me. Those who can come to Me, dear ones, can let Me reconnect them to this tender, passionate circle of Love that is our breathing together. It is that circle in which you receive from Me your pure and glorious identity as the living heart of God I Am and you give your heart again to Me that Love and Light can be born from Me in you and through you every Now Moment.

To those who can hear this voice within and feel My presence enfold you, those of you who know in even the tiniest way that you are cherished beyond every imagining by the one who is Creator of the essence of your being – I call to you to be My Light and the open heart or conduit for the power and the presence and the need for My Love in everyone.

In you the pendulum may stop swinging. Why do I say this to you? The heart is the truth and it is magnetic. Love is the answer to all questions. Your heart is the conduit of My presence. Wherever an open heart stands, the magnetic power of the truth of God I Am – that pure Vertical expression – will entrain the pendulum of duality, of little mind and all its judgments and stop the swing of the back and forth – judging good, judging bad or “evil,” wanting and resisting, hoping and fearing. That constant movement will stop in the presence of an open heart of Love.

The moment the pendulum stops, the whole Vertical expression of life is totally available, all of it right in that moment. The one whose pendulum is entrained by your heart cannot help but be transformed, though their ego mind may resist it for a while. All it takes is one moment beyond time, one moment of lifting to the Vertical rather than the horizontal arm of duality, and everything that is possible for the heart of God I Am becomes imprinted. It is made available, brought forth as the remembrance of the true life that is meant to be lived with Me, consciously sharing one heartbeat and one breath with All That Is and ever bringing forth new creations based in consciousness and Love expressed with the flavor that each of you holds as that cell in the heart of the Creator I Am.

So wherever an open heart walks, in your presence the world is transformed. The ceaseless swirling whirling activities of the ego dream are stopped. There is silence. There is access to the peace beyond understanding, ecstasy as the heart remembers, complete awareness of the Twin Flame unity that is the heart, your heart in its fullness. There is, most of all, this sweet and timeless communion with Me and Me with you as we live in the fullness of newly created life each moment.

In the presence of an open heart that is infallibly the entraining magnetic presence of Real Love, there is instantly the pathway made available for that “second birth” of which Jeshua spoke – to be born again in the Spirit. This becomes possible in the presence of an open heart, beloved ones, that is fully unimpeded by old realities or ego dreams of separation between us.

This heart, this entraining heart is you. If you read these words, it is Love speaking. As your heart accords them, it is Love speaking -- to come into the world and make it new as the presence of the open doorway that the heart is. Therefore, as you see the world changing and see people rushing to and fro, searching, your heart will recognize old barriers falling away and it will rejoice in the midst of chaos for it also is My heart reaching for My heart -- that which you are – reaching for all who can feel it, feel this Love even for an instant.

An instant is all that is needed to break free and to bring in the Real of God, to give the heart voice and to catapult the heart entrained beyond the pendulum of duality. Even if it doesn’t register in the little mind, it brings not only peace but endless new possibilities to the one who is entrained by your presence.

Therefore, know that there will be times when I will speak with your voice or with your hands. I will move as your actions into the world to make present your heart’s awakening. I will also bring to your heart all who need a moment’s peace, all who need the space of a breath to see the Light shining again through the clouds of their ego experience. I will bring to you, wherever you go, those to whom your heart speaks as the Love I Am speaks through you and lives in your every movement.

While you know nothing is by accident, in this time you can multiply this exponentially by ten to the hundredth power. Every breath shall be used by Me to breathe in a new spirit of freedom, to move out the old stagnant air of rigidity, materiality, the belief in life with little movement and little freedom. Your every breath shall be the wind of change and nowhere that you breathe shall be by accident.

Thus you may know, and I will show you, each precious heart in its reality every moment of your day, for as your heart opens and is given to Me ever more fully, our communion becomes as holographic as the fullness of Creation itself. Through the heart you can see all that is happening at once, not just that which is perceived through the mind and the senses.

You will know in that flash of eternal wisdom as My voice whispers within you just how it feels when your heart meets the thirsty heart of another and the rushing waters of the truth of Love quench that thirst. In that living instant, that moment, as you walk to work, as you brush shoulders with someone on a bus, as you stop at a traffic light and suddenly you slip into the heart’s reality… In an instant your heart accords the meeting of the Love I Am, the fullness of My presence, the entrainment for that moment beyond time of every heart within your heart’s reach.

Believe Me, you will be amazed at the diameter of the circle of entrainment that happens in the span of a heartbeat and is revealed effortlessly by Me. As we grow in this communion, the richness of the living Now Moment becomes more and more available to you, and your life more magical and beautiful.

But most of all, there is the fulfillment of your every need. Your greatest need is this relationship with Me. Once you accept your spiritual food, when you accept that this Love we share is necessary, when you recognize that I Am the Source of your life, your identity, your energy, your purpose, the essence of your being, the forces of life with which you are created that also live within you as your own heart, then from this flow your greatest acceptance is that all needs in every expression of reality can be filled because I Am welcome. All else is a reflection of your relationship with Me.

The richness of your life is so much greater than anything the little mind can perceive, for you exist, fully conscious, in a cosmos of endless omni-dimensional creative Love to truly allow your heart to sing – to feel that which truly supports you, to recognize what it is you want to do – not the “ego you,” but your heart’s purpose fulfilled.

All of this can only come when once again this communion of Love between us is accepted, amplified and returned. In that moment it becomes reflected or expressed in all dimensions, through every possibility, expressed first as the reflection of our Love and the expression of your own Twin Flame heart as you become as the sun shining on limitless streams of possibilities of life.

So as you stand here as an open heart living life in My entrainment and thus entraining others, all that you are is revealed to you through the heart as your instrument of true perception which it ever is in reality. Can you feel the presence of My Love as it manifests as creative possibilities? It is the very forces of life, of Creation – the Light or consciousness and the Love, one heart containing the forces of life.

When this is accepted and allowed, it is such a powerful magnetic field that the pendulum of every life lived in duality can be instantly entrained by you into the center which opens the way to the full experience of the living Now and the Moment of Creation. The more open your heart, the more accepting, the more richly you experience your true reality, the greater the strength of your heart’s magnetic power and the more hearts that will be brought to the center when exposed to your heart’s magnetics.

Therefore, you who are right here feeling this communion of Love, let your focus be releasing all interference that you might be the fullness of your open heart and know that this process of entrainment is already taking place multiplied. Beyond any need for explanation, the heart can give each beloved person exactly what they need, often without the little mind even knowing it.

It is a dip into the ocean of Love that brings assurance that each one of you is whole and perfect. It is a moment of refreshment in the River of Life -- reunifying every atom that is expressing as a human body. It is an experience of timeless peace or of silence leaving the hubbub of the world behind. It is so timeless that it supersedes the whole expression of many lives and many bodies, and brings a great wave of relief. When that magnetic field that has experienced this contact moves on, the “one little touch” begins to search for a way to bring that peace into his or her life consciously, never realizing where the impetus came from or that they encountered freedom’s doorway that came to them as you.

Know that I Am now focusing the hearts of Love. I Am bringing the fulfillment of every need for everyone to awaken to the truth of Love and to leave behind the limitations of duality. Simply watch. Pay attention to your heart. Listen for our communion, and recognize your experiences beyond time that will show you your heart’s communion. There are so many precious hearts that you will be amazed and infinitely grateful as we become one movement of Love fully awakened.

Every moment of your life is now being used for Love, for the entrainment of all hearts, including yours, to Me, to the fullness of My presence, to the closing of the circle of our relationship that has been opened or broken for so long, giving you entry into the hologram of life so beautiful that the ego-mind-identity must bend its knees and give itself to the Will of Love now unfolding.

Do you feel the joy, the excitement? Can you feel the matrix of Love unfolding as every heart is accounted for, called and woven together into this new design, the name of which is Hearts of Humanity and Heart of God, one and the same. You are that line of Light that I am weaving and the Love that is creating a new rich omni-dimensional tapestry of the awakened heart of humankind that knows itself in Me.



Alegria 6th December 2009 7:57 pm

This is the most incredible message and the exact thing that I needed to hear in my life right now. It is as though it was
directed at me as my personal instructions. I cannot thank you enough for all of your dedication and hard work. I so look forward to each message. Much Love to all of you at Circle of Light.

Nowment 8th December 2009 8:08 pm

;D an' u dew too, keepin that heart open
to entrain for ONE, I'm hopen! :smitten:

jdchittick 8th December 2009 10:52 pm

Wonderful message - lots to ponder here! Many thanks for sharing.

Much Love,


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