That the World of Love Can Be Your Reality

Beloveds, My precious heart, I call each of you to Me. I raise your precious eyes to the Heavens. I surround you with My presence and I fill your heart with My Love. As you open to the Reality of the living spirit, I say to you that only I Am there.

As the world begins its process of transformation from the old world of duality into the new, the world of truth of Love, I call to you to remember the power of your focus and to tell you that the clarity of your vision now is needed, as never before. Thus, I ask that you turn your precious face to Me and make the deep commitment to keep it there.

Let the old world with its dream of lack, betrayal, suffering and pain be at your back, behind you. Let it be that which you are leaving. Let your co-creative heart, the vision of your consciousness, be focused on the truth, which is your steadfast gaze on Me and the Reality of Love as the only power. This is the only focus that will bring you freedom and restore the heritage of God to every person.

When you look at Me and let Me fill your vision and fill your heart, let it be Me who washes through your emotions as the feeling of joy. Then what you see will be the truth and the world shall reflect it as every step you take will be supported by Me, perfectly. You will recognize that with your focus on Me, there is no lack, no longing, no pain, no such thing as betrayal, no other truth than Love, and no emotional reality but joy.

I promise I Am here for you and I Am all that truly lives. I Am the living flame within your heart. With your deep commitment to see the truth I Am, then all that you create shall be perfection, a life of joy and plenty. Every moment shall be filled with grace, the glorious experience of living ecstasy -- divinity before you, beauty all around, your feet ever supported by the golden path of truth, your heart entwined eternally in a Twin Flame Love unending, and every step a living song of unity. Thus, the truth of Love shall at last be born again and become your reality, beloved ones, on Earth as it is in the Real of God.

Put your gaze on Me exclusively. Then you shall see My face in everyone and find that it is My heart beating in every chest. The illusion of duality will fall away before you, as the night flees with the coming of the dawn. The tides of change will come to you on gentle Angels' wings and the world of Love manifest around you, if you keep your vision on Me and on Me only.

I call each of you to truly see your choice, for what you see, you place in your heart as truth. Your heart is my vehicle for the creation of My Love. Using the God power that is your inheritance, your heart will show you the truth I Am if I Am in your sight. Let the world of ego be behind you, just as you were called to do by the Light that is our Jeshua - to speak with the voice of power and say again, "Get thee behind me, ego, for I choose to see only God."

You are standing on the cusp of a new Reality. Each of you can feel it calling. Yet, if you allow your vision to remain upon the world as it has ever appeared as duality, then you will find the winds of change bring storms that lash around you, and change comes filled with old beliefs. But if you shall choose to see only Me, then you will find the truth of only Love shines all around you. As you claim this for humanity, the unity I Am shall come to be the one true vibration, anchored in the world through your heart.

In Me is only abundance, endless, for I keep you filled with My Light, My energy, My presence and the riches of All I Am, as perfect Love and the pristine energy of Creation. This is yours to use, each moment. If you keep your focus on Me, you will find only Love. Every face will be a joy. Every encounter will be a blessing.

Though there yet may be those who act out the old drama, you will see only the truth of Love, this shining heart of God, My face in every one and the blessing of endless joy in every birdsong, the Earth made of Light, and your heart the rhythm of the one heart of Love I Am.

If you focus on Me, Love is the only power, a power that brings Light to all it touches, erasing every shadow, bringing its perfect gift. It offers its proof gladly, once you who have free will have made your choice of which world you choose. Once you have chosen what you place in your vision and what you call forth for humanity.

If your vision is ever focused on My presence, then your every breath is a living miracle, filled with sparkling Light. You are charged with the perfect energy of the pristine electrons of the energy of God - ready to feed your heart, to be held in your hands, and to go forth powered by your vision of the living God I Am, made manifest on Earth as you.

If your focus is on Me, you shall see the living Light, like sunshine lighting up your days. Regardless of the reality experienced by others, you shall live in the paradise of My presence and your every step will be blessed. But to do this, you must choose to see only My face, to feel only My omniscient presence filling up your life, your consciousness, your heart, that you might be the heart of God creating with every living breath.

If you focus is on Me, the world of ego disappears, washed away by the living sun I Am. Therefore, all the storms, all the heart aches, all the fears are truly transformed by the living sun and My presence shall be your endless companion and the voice with which I speak in your heart - clear and unmistakable.

I Am the Love on which you stand, the Love that waves cannot affect - storms cannot move. It never budges. It is the foundation of your life, the steadfast orientation that washes away all traces of gravity and certainly eliminates all beliefs in any power other than Love.

I whisper in your heart. I Am here. I Am the living Creator who made you. I Am the force of Love who calls you every moment to rise to the greatest heights and claim your truth -- to see from the perspective of the holy rock of God that holds you up and never, ever, wavers. From this rock of choice, of faith in Love's Reality, I shall reach forth and lift you out of the illusion of pain and fear, and into the glorious sunrise of My presence in every single moment.

Others may still experience the world's duality and listen to the wily voice of ego, and find their lives disrupted by drama of every stripe. You shall walk through it all unscathed, wrapped in My presence, held tenderly in My Love and all the while, standing forth as a living creator, calling in the truth of God I Am, that it may be at last the experience of every being on Earth.

Perfect Love is what I Am, and perfect Love is you as well. Please turn away from anything else and face the Light I Am, that you might claim it as your Reality, choose it as that which fills your consciousness. Let Me align your heart and attune your every moment, lifting your vibration into splendor, that you might recognize with your whole being that I Am only the greatest Good, only Love, only purity and true power, the power to create more Love.

I Am the power to extend the reach of God. I Am the power to wrap every life in freedom and to bring this glorious Light into the world of darkness, that the Light shall reveal that darkness has no substance within you or outside of you.

Will you turn and face Me? Will you choose what you see? Will you make the choice to stand only on the Real foundation, the foundation of living Love, endless and omnipresent, that will support you perfectly in every endeavor?

When your heart is a beacon shining forth this Light, the darkness of duality must surrender. Your vision, then, is unified and Love is what you see and what you feel and what you know and you experience. Thus, it stands before you in the symbols of the world, accumulates around you as abundance and joy, and fills your life with endless grace. As it shines from every heart, it is captured in every person's smile and fills your life with a circle of Love and deepest friendship that mirrors to you what you choose in every interaction, endlessly.

When you face Me and choose to fill your lovely vision with My face, with My presence, with the Reality of My Love, with the singular truth of Love's power as the only living energy I Am - your every breath is breathed in this harmony of the one living truth of Love I Am. You already understand that the world is changing, that your hearts are calling forth the truth that it might show forth as your leader, fill your lives in every way.

Now, I ask for your deepest understanding that you are the creative heart with which the world is made, and you are the author of your experience. Now the time is here to choose the only truth and let only the truth of Love I Am fill your vision. Let nothing else claim your inherent knowledge of Love as the only power and watch as your heart lights your way and makes all the shadows disappear.

It will take faith to step out into the presence of Love and to refuse to turn around ever again - to hold steadfast to My face that it might shine before you always and fill your every thought and warm your every feeling. You may need to hold this focus for a while before the old creation begins to fade away in the Light.

Thus, My beloved, precious heart of God, I promise you My presence is ever yours. I Am at your call. I will assist you to hold steadfast to the Light and to the vision of the omnipresent living God of Love I Am. I shall fill your consciousness. I shall be this Love that cascades through your heart and touches everyone, if you will but make the choice to call Me and the choice to be steadfast in your commitment to the truth of Love as the only true Reality.

I made you to hold the Light with everything you are, to place your focus on the truth and refuse to move. Make this choice with every breath to be the heart of Love, receiving your truth from Me each moment and ever giving it forth in blessings. The dawning of this commitment will kindle in every heart the flames that spark into a conflagration that truly brings the fires of the living Love I Am to every heart and consciousness in the world, that the truth of Love at last be the world's Reality and the experience of every one of you.

Hold fast to My presence, to My Reality and you will be amazed how the clouds part before you, the winds blow everywhere but upon you and everything you see is filled with sparkling Light. Everything you feel is overflowing with this Love and the joy that feeling it brings. Step-by-step, follow Me.

It is time to make the changes that bring the world of peace and Love and beauty that has always been alive in your hearts. It is time to beat the swords into plowshares. It is time to become a brotherhood of sharing, and a sisterhood of caring and support. It is time to feed each other, not only food, but Love -- that the tumult of the old world becomes a memory and I, the only truth.

Breathe Me in. I Am here. Turn and raise your precious vision and let the Light I Am sparkle through your consciousness. Let the Love I Am fill up your heart and let the power of the truth be the lightning bolt of your conviction. Let the choice for Love you make ever stand. Remain facing Me that you might see only the truth of Love and claim it. The foundation of the New World can be your beautiful heart. All that you claim can be a gift to humanity as well, and all of this comes forth from making a steadfast choice to keep your focus on Me.


Janette Brightman 9th February 2009 2:36 am

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Your messages are always inspiring and uplifting and I always gain so much from them. I am truly grateful for receiving them and look forward to the next. Many thanks again.


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