The Call Back to Our Real Love for God

As the fog of the ego's dream lifts and the sunlight of a New Day comes, that great ball of rising Light that you see, beloved ones, shall be the Light of My Love. My Love for you is never ending. It is meant to always guide your way. In this Light you'll feel your broken hearts all mending and you'll remember that you are Home and you are free. You will remember that not only is My Love for you endless. It is your Light, your life, your nourishment.

In that moment as you remember, you will re-establish right relationship with Me for I Am to always be your pinnacle. I Am the life. You are the heart that beats in Me. Together we are one vast great being with a trillion, billion life streams, held within us in the power and the beauty of this Love. This Love in which we are the great Light pulsing is a force of unity, a great magnetic center by which all that is forever holds its patterns.

So, beloved ones, you need Me more than you need to draw your next breath! I Am the only thing that will make your lives make sense. We are closer than that breath you need to breath. This Love we share is the very power that moves Creation and sustains every part of All That Is.

I Am here, My dearest ones, to remind you that until you drop the choice for separation from Me and transform the ego's lie that says you can't trust Me, your lives will always be deeply disappointing, filled with inner anguish. In response to that, your lives will be filled with symbols that show themselves to you as pain and lack.

This call to you that I now send is so important! It is the call for the true healing of your souls. Only the healing of this choice for separation from Me can do this. From this healing also comes your True Love, your SoulMate -- the fulfillment of the great Twin Flame Double Helix, the DNA of the living whole of Love I Am and the truth of your being.

It is time, beloved ones, for you to realize, truly realize, that only this Love we share can make you whole. All of the millions of paths you take to healing will not work if you do not mend the primal fault-line in that which makes you whole.

In all My calls to you - and I call you daily, hourly, moment to moment throughout every day - your ego mind has managed to divert your focus from Me, again and again. It has convinced you that you must unravel all the things that the ego mind itself has woven for you - all the old perceptions and old decisions and all the old resulting heart's beliefs. Of course, beloved ones, the ego is happiest if it can keep you from focusing on Me because, as you already know, its goal is self-preservation. To preserve itself it must keep you from remembering this Love that we share.

It will keep you searching high and low for answers. It will keep you looking through all Creation for your Twin Flame when all the while, My dearest ones, I Am the answer and your Twin Flame is built right into you as an eternal reflection of this Love you share with Me.

So if you do not remember the truth of our Love as Creator and Creator's beating heart, then you cannot experience your Real Twin Flame union, nor can you understand what it means to be free. I Am the truth of your life, your freedom. I Am the meaning for the beating of your very heart. I Am the focus of the breath you are breathing. And if your ego mind convinces you to look elsewhere, then you, beloved ones, are being duped.

I have gently called and knocked upon your heart. I have sent to you the ones who hold this truth, the one you know as your beloved Jesus and the one you know as Buddha, as Mohammed. All the other Lights that have shone upon you have simply been this Message of our Love. I Am the living God, the One Creator and you are My heart. You are the center of the whirling living cosmos, but the center must always look to that in which it moves and has its being to know the reason as a heart that it beats and that it gives.

This reason, beloved ones, is Me, and My reason for the joyous truth of My existence is the living force of giving that is you. You are the essence of the very core of My being. Everything that I cherish is made manifest in you. You are that which I came to understand about My being and the need I have to ever expand this Love. All I Am is focused and given forth through you, the center of the All.

So you must recognize in this that you are crucial to the very life of the living hologram of God. Thus you can no longer see yourselves as separate, for beloved ones, there is such an important work for you and it is a work that must be conscious.

For time out of time you have been living, pretending to forget what you are, creating instead, lifetime after lifetime of diversion, exploring that ancient decision to believe that you were separate from Me. But you have stretched the elastic band of the Double Helix to its very furthest point and now it stops and the impetus, the elasticity must pull you back faster than the arrow of Love can be shot from Cupid's bow.

For Love is what I Am and what you are, and beloved, My precious heart, I promise you that when you remember the very purpose of your being, you know that in your every breath we share this Love. When we do, consciously, you will be centered in the living joyous ecstasy of God I Am. Then at last you can release this huge amount of energy that it has taken to push Me away and to listen to the lies of the little ego and create these barriers - barriers of separation and pain that are totally unnecessary.

Oh, beloved ones, every pain in your life, every lifetime of agony and betrayal, is simply the manifestation of your resistance to Me and the refusal of this Love that is your sustenance. I ask you, please, to listen to your heart and it will verify. It will verify that your deep eternal being burns with this Love for Me and thirsts desperately to receive My Love in return.

When it does, then every electron of your being is refreshed, given life and knows its course. Once again, you are the true Twin Flame heart leading in the center of All That Is. Until this moment when all resistance to Me is released, there will always be a hole in your life that can only be filled with this glorious Love that we share.

I Am the Sun rising that nourishes you with life. I Am the Light that keeps you growing in your ability to be the living giving heart of Love. I Am the purpose, beloved ones, of your very being. Only as we share this Love, this focus, will your life truly work. Your devotion to Me is the incense that perfumes all existence and spreads this beauty that every life within this living hologram can know the glory of this Love.

The call I Am sending forth, beloved ones, simply can no longer be ignored. If you accept this shift in focus, it is your freedom and it is your crowning glory. You will be the great and living beacon that shines forth upon this world. As truly as you are My heart beating, so will you be My call to every other heart to remember the truth of God I Am and how I love you - how I surround you every moment in this tenderness, and shine upon you My perfect regard that you might understand the power and the beauty of who you are.

You have spent so many lifetimes searching the world for this kind of Love, and dearest ones, it is a lie of the ego. You cannot find it anywhere but here in Me.

I Am your Home, and only when you are Home in Me can you truly remember that the face of your Twin Flame is My Love, reflected to you perfectly each Now Moment in ecstasy and endless beauty, as you fulfill your destiny in giving Love, amplified, multiplied, always and given forth in purity to every life within the whole.

So there are those who say you will dissolve back into the unity of this one life I Am, but it is not the truth. For while we are one life, one living glorious hologram, within the hologram every life stream is perfect in its reflection of Me in just the right part of the pattern that makes the expansion of this Love I Am possible. That, beloved ones, is the reason for your being and the reason for our relationship. It is the greatest gift that I could give you.

Unfortunately you chose to misinterpret it but the time is here for you to make a new decision and to remember what it means to be My heart. My heart whose purpose is ever and always to be giving this Love I Am multiplied through you and given forth that Love may continue to grow, expand and multiply - that All That I Am is ever greater in every living Now.


Darlene 23rd September 2008 5:30 pm

Let's get it right this time!!! Choosing love is the answer to all turmoil. The darkness has existed for too long... not denying its existence in "linear" reality, but to focus on it only draws it closer. So I don't think any labels need to be used, nor judgement of choices. But is it not time (considering the proliferation of dark forces at war on 3-D earth) for the pendulum to swing to the other side: to light? to love? Thank-you for this message!!!


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