The Christ Awakens: Doing Our Part

A great light has been born in humanity this Christmas. It is the light of the remembrance of humanity as the Christ. It is the awakening into what some would name The Second Coming of Christ. It is the beginning of Heaven on Earth, the thousand years of peace.

This Christmas has been the beginning of the awakening of the conscious heart of God I Am, here, on Earth. That heart, beloved ones, is you. It is humankind in its truth as the Twin Flame hearts of Love that are the cells in this great heart of mine, meant always to be the conduit of giving.

In order for this awakening, for this birth to be successful, what I must ask of you will take all of your commitment, for I must ask you to give Me everything – your hearts, your lives, your every moment. Trusting Me to be your nourishment, your Source, your very life, I ask you to turn your eyes, these waking eyes, and also to attune your waking heart to the truth of God I Am in every human being.

Despite every picture of the illusion of pain and suffering and every pull of the ego-mind to get you to pass judgment, I must ask you to cling tenaciously to the truth of Love within them and to see right through this world into the truth of Love behind it. I ask you to release every judgment, not only the obvious ones but the subtle ones as well, for every one keeps you looking outside of Love for who you are. Instead, I ask you now, oh, precious heart now rising, to see each life as it Really is, ever and always, in Me – and to see each circumstance as the truth of Love would make it. Not as it appears before duality eyes.

I ask you to see with the single eye of the heart and spirit, rather than the two eyes of the senses, and to be so dedicated to this that nothing can sway you. Only by being willing to cast aside what seems to be before your very eyes as the truth, and to choose instead to see the world as I made it – only thus, can you choose Love as your source, your life, your nourishment, and bring the Christ awakening fully to Earth.

I know what it is I am asking. I do know, beloved ones, even though the world of duality and illusion is not Real to Me. I know the pull of the ego-mind because I know you so intimately, and I see how strong it must be to sway the heart of God, to sway your very life from the riches in which I made it, and to create in all of you such a deep desperation. A sense of loss and pain and density of thought and vision.

I know, beloved ones, that the ego-mind is addicted, that for each of you it pulls you in a very unique way specific to you and targeted to entice you to see what isn’t there, to see a world of anti-Love and to feel separate from Me. So when I ask you to see the world only with your heart, to look right through the illusion of two powers, I do know that this is challenging.

But I also must tell you that I Am sending great “hordes” of Angels for lack of a better word, great Rivers of Light and every imaginable assistance to help you on your way – that every choice that you make for Love shall be upheld throughout the Heavens and amplified through the heavenly voices as even the Archangels are with you. All will sing, rejoicing as the Christ regains full consciousness as you, beloved ones, as My awakened heart.

What this means is that every moment you must see your ego at work and you must come into the awareness of what it does to you, of how it inserts duality into what is meant to be a clear situation of pure delivery of all that you need, of all of My Love for you. You are meant always to be looking at Me, connected to Me with all that you are, open, expansive, awakened, invulnerable, drinking the nectar of glorious immortal life, and taking in this nourishment and using it to be creative and to share with your Twin Flame the creative joy of being the giving heart of God.

Your heart will show you infallibly the truth behind the illusion. It will take you to the heart of your brothers and sisters and show you who they Really are. It will bring to you the pure life force of Nature and the elixir of beauty. It will feed you directly from the River of Life, and it will be for you a great comfort, a true miracle as hearts’ beliefs, born of ego-mind, simply fall away. Two powers are shown to be the illusion and the truth is that there is only one. That power is Love.

Therefore it is My intention to bring before you in every way possible the greatest number of human beings that I possibly can in any and every form and ask you to make this connection with every single one. There is no distance and no time and no space. Therefore, it does not have to be physical. You do not have to stand before someone in their body for this to work. You do have to connect with their heart.

So I Am using every avenue including the modern media to bring to your attention as many human hearts as I can, and every one of those, I ask of you, with All That I Am that you would connect with your heart to them and acknowledge the Christ. See them not as human beings but as the living heart of God I Am. Only by doing this can we shift this illusion and wake the sleeping Christ, and every situation, beloved ones, that you see – here too, I ask you to refuse the illusion and to see only the truth of Love.

It will take commitment. It will take determination to look right at the illusion that you have come to believe in and to refuse to accept it, to choose the truth of Love, to look right in the face of poverty and say “I know the abundance of God”; to look right at the duality of heart break and loss and realize it is only the ego-mind at work again, taking you off of the path of the heart and bringing you into its world again. A million different stories might show themselves to you but behind them all is the ego mind belief in anti-Love. In Love and something else. And in an identity of human beings, limited, lost, alone.

So as you withdraw your creative power, your focus from the world of the senses outside of yourself and place your focus on the Vertical, on receiving Love from Me, on feeling our communion in your heart, then everything will shift for you, for Love is being amplified. Love is your choice and all that you are, then, takes a stand for Love. As you do this, the old world has to fade away, as you hold fast to those truths that are conveyed by your heart.

Life on Earth will become Heaven, and you will have prepared the bridge for others and then, helped them across until the heart of God is fully awake here on Earth. Every heart, beloved ones, needs you. Every precious heart awaits your acknowledgement, your total unconditional recognition of the heart of God here on Earth.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You tonight and ask You to fill them with the deep assurance of Your living truth at the center of our being. We offer ourselves as living conduits for Your Love. Use our hearts, God, use our lives, all that we are to bless and lift this world to Love.

Beloved God, I ask You to use my heart, my voice, my life, everything I am. I ask to be a crystal clear conduit for this meditation, this experience tonight, and I give You thanks with all my heart for this incredible spirit family, for the joy of sharing this Love and this service together. Amen.

Let us begin by joining our hearts together, remembering this connection between us that in truth never ends and as we feel our hearts in harmony, feel how God is amplifying them, moving the energy between us, raising the vibration higher and higher until circulating in this heart that we create together is the very purest Love. Now this Love is building in intensity, raising us up into the Real, opening us as a living vortex together, and the great River of living Love comes rushing through now through this heart that we are to bless and lift this world.

And now, as one heart, let us begin to breathe together, sharing the one breath, being this one heart. Take a deep breath in and let your breath out. Breathe in again, being filled with this purest Love, and breathe out all tension, all sense of limitation. Breathing in a sense of timelessness. Breathing out all limited identities. Breathing in expansiveness. Breathing out a pure stream of Love. As you breathe in again, place your focus on your own heart, and as you breathe out, feel the Love pouring outward. As you breathe in again, your heart is shining with a glorious light. As you breathe out, pure light is pouring forth through it.

With each breath in, pulse Love and light. With each breath out, you are an opening for the Love to pour through. Breathing in this glorious Love. And breathing it out through every atom and electron. Breathing again with the focus on your heart. Breathing out Love through it. As you breathe in again, let your focus be placed in the very center of your heart. And as you breathe out, you can see and feel the pulse there. With each breath in, the pulse of Love grows stronger. With each breath out, the Love pouring through you more intense.

Beloved one, with every breath, feel your being expanding and feel this glorious connection that you share with each other. As you breathe in again, let your consciousness expand even further, breathing out Love, breathing in expansiveness, breathing out Love again. Breathing in, stretch your awareness throughout the whole magnificent cosmos, that when you breathe out the Love, it comes through your vast being. Breathing in, you are even greater, more expansive and more open. Breathing out Love through your whole vast being, you are the living ocean. You are the essence of Love.

You are unlimited, vast and glorious. In this vast and magnificent being there is only Love and joy. With every breath, beloved ones, continue your expansion. Begin to sense how vast you are, how truly unlimited your true nature, how free and how magnificent. With every breath remembering you are the heart of God and you are truly unlimited. As your being expands even further, in the center is your heart, like a great light shining in the midst of the cosmic beauty. Like a solar system in itself, your Twin Flame heart is shining.

And now, beloved ones, please place your focus there, still feeling your vast and limitless nature and your limitless heart. Let your focus rest in the center of the cosmos that you are, for truly you are vast beyond imagining. Every atom of your being is a living song of Love. In the center of it all is the great shining light that is the purest, most glorious Love emanating from your heart. In this heart you will find a center where we are joined – you and I connecting in the gift of relationship.

As you feel this connection, I ask you to be open to the experience of all that you receive from Me. Let the wonder, let the miracle of the gift of life fill you, breathing it in, accepting it into your vast, magnificent being. As you accept this gift of life, it blossoms now within you, and rising up, it becomes pure Love in relationship and your Twin Flame heart is born again each Now Moment in this pure magnificent experience of the gift of conscious Love. Can you feel the ecstasy rising as you are swept ever higher and higher, rushing, laughing up the Vertical into the explosion of life?

This explosion of life feeds you. Pure life, pure Love, pure power and through this magnificent communion that is the gift of relationship. Your Twin Flame heart has a center, the place where we are joined, where you are joined together and completely open to Me. Into you waiting and accepting heart I pour the pure elixir of life in all its abundance. Everything that you need fills you completely now.

Beloveds, My very heart, remember. Remember this feeling, this assuredness that each Now Moment I forever deliver all you shall ever need. You are so filled with the richness of life, the abundance of joy, pure prana that you are overflowing with the sense of so much Good, so much nourishment, so much joy, so much wonder that it rushes through your overflowing heart, fills that Twin Flame womb and pours forth into Creation as the gift of your Love.

With every breath, remember this place where we are joined. With every breath, remember how everything you need is given for the experience of ecstatic joy. Life in its perfection. As you breathe with the living breath of All, please take in this glorious abundance. Every out breath is the overflowing, so much good you can’t possibly hold it…and you must pass it on. On the in breath, accepting this nourishment. On the out breath, nourishing others. Always the experience of being given even more than you need for a perfect life, for ecstasy and joy, for the glorious LoveMaking that you are as Twin Flames and most of all, you are provided for by Me every Now Moment forever.

Now, beloved ones, let Me show you who you are as Twin Flame Love in your uniqueness, in your true identity I am giving now to you, again and again and again, that you may always know the gift that you are to Me. I ask you, beloved ones, each of you, to remember this feeling of receiving everything, all that you need, from Me, perfectly, infallibly, eternally in every Now Moment always, while you also are aware of the vastness of your great and glorious being and the joy of your Love.

Now I lift you up into the very pinnacle of All That Is and hold you in the vibration of the Moment of Creation itself. Once again I fill you with all that you need, all that you are and life and Love and all the riches, the joy, the nourishment and your identity as pure living Love. As you hold this awareness, let yourself feel your heart and in the center you will see a symbol, the symbol of your Twin Flame Love. Let this symbol speak to you now in the language of light and communion.

This symbol in the language of light is your name as the Christ that you are, the Twin Flame cell in My heart. This symbol is in perfect attunement to the Moment of Creation itself and the essence of your being as you receive all that you need from Me. Each and every cell of My heart, each stream of living life, each being, each one of you has such a symbol that in the language of light is your name as the Christ. The vibration of your being. Therefore, each beloved cell gives forth a resonance, a signature that is totally unique and holds this code, this symbol of light, perfectly for Me every moment.

Knowing this, feeling this, I ask you to reach out in consciousness and connect with all the other hearts, the other Twin Flame cells, and feel the difference in the resonance of each. Feel how perfect each one is, and how its essence is expressed by this symbol expressing the Christ, the heart of God, its essence, everything, including all that is received from Me directly each Now Moment forever.

Most of all, let yourself feel the Love, the perfection, the joy, how you are upheld by Me, nourished, provided for and given your identity every Now Moment forever, as a glorious Twin Flame cell of My heart. In your vision in these realms of light, you can see now how every pattern is shining forth so unique, yet every one of them is also joined together to create My heart of Love. Feel the energy and see the patterns of light and how beautiful it all is together.

Expanding your awareness once again into your vastness, you can see the whole heart of God revealed in all of its splendor, beauty, magnificence and perfection, the heart of God I Am revealed to you and you can see it. You can feel it. You are filled with awe at its beauty and its power, and how every heart beat is fully supported by Me.

Now, once again, returning your focus to your own heart center and to the symbols, radiating the resonance of your being, as you are once again aware of your great Twin Flame Love rising up on the Vertical axis, opening into the Moment of Creation, given light, given nourishment, given all by Me – I ask you now to gently turn your focus, while holding to these energies and resonances of light, return your focus, beloved ones, to life on Earth, and let yourselves see the very symbol that you are finding here in the Real, fully present in the world as well.

For beloved ones, no matter what the illusion is, the heart of God is the heart of God and this cannot be changed, and the heart of God, the living Christ, is alive on Earth, just as alive as you are here with Me in the Real. Only Love is the truth of the heart of God, and this truth is now coming to light on Earth.

I ask you now from the Real to energize these symbols with the power of your focus and your intention, and as you light them up with your Love and your intention, you can feel what has been hidden from view. That is the world of Love, the heart of God, in remembrance, expressing itself in the symbols of the world. As you pour your living Love into the world, the pocket that is life on Earth, you begin to see what is luminous, essential and Real, and these things are now becoming the focus, rather than a world of duality.

As you continue to energize the heart of God on Earth, the world itself now becomes a living heart, and all that once was held in separation by a mistake, a judgment, is now brought into alignment with Real Love. The glorious abundance, the truth of living Love is now resonating throughout the world, dearest ones, and everything is revealed as light. Pure, alive, sparkling and full of wonder.

And now, I ask you to shift your focus, effortlessly, back in to return to your perspective as you are living on Earth in service and using your heart as your mode of perception. See only the symbols of the Christ in every precious heart, only the essence, only the nourishment and the wonder. As you look out into the world, you can see all of the symbols that are lit up, vibrating in every heart and this, beloved ones, is what I ask of you now – that every heart will be lifted up, activated to remembrance by you, each moment now.

The world shall be revealed as the expression of this Love. Each heart will accept all that it needs from Me each Now Moment forever.



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