The Christ Heart of Humanity Awakens The Next Matrix of Light

Yesterday was Easter Day, and with this Easter the Christ heart of humanity awakens. A great new mandala of Light woven into the cosmos of gold and white threads of Light is now pulsing and connecting every human heart to the great divine matrix of Love.

This new pattern of Light, this new mandala of Love’s perfection, is the magnetic presence of the truth of every one, every precious being now calling himself/herself human. It is magnetized perfectly into their truth as the heart of Love. Because of this new magnetic presence there is a new sound in the atmosphere that is the combined vibration of every person in the world in their truth as the heart of God.

This awakened heart shines forth unending Love into the far reaches of the cosmos and lets every stream of consciousness, every glorious being of light, know that the time of the reversal is done. It is ending. Thus new waves of joy are washing through the cosmos and touching you, beloved ones -- washing your hearts and awakening your consciousness into the glorious unity that those of you who serve this Love know that you are not alone.

I know, dear ones, how it has seemed, how it has seemed that you have toiled unceasingly to bring the Light to humanity and it has seemed that you were all alone. Each of you felt so lost and cut off from the glorious cosmos that you remembered in your heart and you knew as your Home.

But now this Home comes to seek you out and shines above you like a constellation of pure glorious streams of Light singing forth praise and unity. This song of life touches every human heart and makes in each heart new in-roads for the coming of the Christ within each and every one. So you can know this unity not only as the truth of you but as the great community of the beings of Love that support you and now blend with you and hold you in this new resonance so that nothing can pull you from the vibrations of Love.

From this moment of the inception of this matrix of living Love and the great lights of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine woven together, the pull of the old world is lessened so dramatically that it can no longer pull you constantly back into the illusion of separation and fear. Instead you shall go forth dancing in celebration of life and freedom and the glorious unending abundance of God I Am here, here in the mandala of unity and here in the world as you, and the community of Love is speaking every moment in your hearts.

You can know thus that every precious heart of every human being has been touched and claimed by this awakening of Love. Whether or not the ego has let this truth in, it is the truth regardless for each and every person. So you can reach forth with impunity and claim each heart for Me, restoring each one to its perfect place in this beautiful dance of Love. As each heart feels this magnetic pull, it cannot help but awaken into the beauty and life force and ecstasy of the Moment of Creation itself.

As this Moment is reclaimed as the truth of every moment for every person, then the power of all Creation becomes available to the world. This power is the power of divine LoveMaking, the coming together of the great Twin Flames. It has been withheld from Earth these long centuries to keep it away from the pull of anti-Love. Though it has been touched barely by the web of negativity and its power drawn into the world briefly in the atomic bomb, its power and potential for awakening good, for pouring forth the glory of God I Am far, far, far surpasses anything yet imagined in the world.

Every heart now is reclaimed so every heart is yours to serve without any judgment of the ego mind telling you this person is not ready or this person is. Every heart is ready now regardless of the ego. I cannot stress to you enough the importance of this because you are My hands and heart in the world, you who are My LightWorkers. Every heart must now be yours to consciously reclaim.

If the ego mind goes kicking and screaming filled with all of its resistance, dearest ones, simply love it tenderly while you set the heart free. As you touch this living power of the great mandala of the Christ heart of humanity, you touch also, beloved ones, the power of Twin Flames. As you bring this power to bear on Earth, know that you are responsible for its perfect use in service to Love and only Love.

But do not let this deter you because unity is forceful and this mandala of Light now functioning takes away any possibility of failure. Every heart is fully contained within this new divine matrix and therefore, you can trust that each heart remembers Love and only Love as the truth of who they are.

So as you move into the world and live your daily life, you are as Jesus was – fishers of men and women, meaning you must reach out your nets of Love. Build the communion of resonance with every human being so that all the imagined divisiveness that has been built into the world by ego is suddenly revealed to every person for what it truly is –simply a game of shadows projected by the fearful little mind that is afraid of losing its sovereignty over life on Earth.

The truth of the heart is the only Real and has always been fully present, but you, my beloved ones, weren’t yet ready to listen -- to hear and know and feel this great pattern of Love as the awakening of humanity is anchored now in the realms of life on Earth.

So, please, dear ones, attune yourselves each morning to this matrix of living Light and find in this attunement your communion with your Twin Flame and your communion with Me. Let this mandala of Light, this new pattern of Love, be imprinted upon your heart that nothing can separate you from the vision of this pure Love energy. Know that this is the Web of Life referred to by the animals [Magic Cat in his book] but enhanced a thousand times, a thousand times this Easter and built with conscious intention by the beloved Elohim, those who serve in the making of patterns in the whole of Love I Am. It is the awakening of these patterns of beauty and joy and holy presence in all the relevant life streams and then bringing the pattern to birth.

Thus was the pattern begun with the life of beloved Jesus and his Twin Flame, Mary Magdalene, in their lifetime on Earth, and continued now through you. You are the instruments of My weaving. You are the knitting needles, dearest ones, in the hands of God I Am. This new garment you are creating is a garment of Love and consciousness into which each one may step in fullest rejoicing and understanding with heart perception all that is truly happening.

Let the waves of Love transform your very atoms and electrons until you walk in this world as beings of light, in communion with every life stream, lifted into exultation in your awareness of Me and the divine matrix, and the divine relationship between us that All That I Am is now appearing here on Earth as you. As you can take this in, then you also understand that you are My presence here in the world, restoring to life the pocket of reversal.

Your every breath is now a blessing and the blessing of your presence is unlimited because you are the open portal to the dimensions of Light. Let those dimensions now be written into your very DNA, into the Double Helix of every cell and every atom in your body and your world. As this divine matrix, beloved ones, is imprinted upon your hearts, then you too can shine forth this pattern into the world of human beings.

So as My Light now pours through your hearts, rather than finding old world’s beliefs, the heart’s beliefs that have built for you a world of duality and pain, you shall find projected before you this glorious pattern of Light projected into the ethers, into the great Merkabah that is the world. Because this divine matrix now is shining through your heart, you may consciously imprint it on other hearts in your care.

Yet, only the Will of Love can ever act through you in this, so I ask for your surrender again, beloved ones, your surrender to the Will of Love for I Am this joyous unity and it is the truth of My heart. Thus the mandala of Light and Love has already been woven into the very fibers of your being and into your heart in all your glory. You are the “en-conscious-ment” of living Love. You are the heart of God I Am.

Knowing this and living this, you become far more than a beacon. You become the transferring presence of the living Light of Christ. This is what John the Baptist did for beloved Jesus – transferred to his heart the pattern of the divine Christ matrix. This pattern now is imprinted in you and cannot be undone. So the collective heart of humanity is already Home as Love.

Because this is the truth of your hearts, the outer structures of the world will change to accommodate the out-picturing now of the mandala of Christ. The Christ heart of God I Am is the living breathing presence of the totality of every Twin Flame cell in the heart of Love I Am. Thus through this new divine matrix that is pulsing into the world you can come to know yourselves now more than you ever have. Knowing yourselves as these divine beings, filled with these matrices of Light, then you know beyond any seeds sown by the ego that you are One in Love.

Every heart that comes before you is imprinted with this matrix and the light of God I Am poured in to start it, to anchor it in the heart before you and to give to that one his or her purpose singing as the very foundation of each precious life.

So walk forth as Love in unity and sing out your Love for Me because the awakened heart of Love I Am is fully functioning now in you, and thus are you available now to jump start the other hearts’ awakening, and to help them shift in one graceful movement into perceiving only Love.

I Am yours and you are Mine. You are as Me, beloved ones, each of you, so gloriously perfect. I want you to rejoice in every moment of your life and to know who you Really are. So I feed this divine matrix of Light and Love until it truly becomes a star, blazing as great as the sun and shining to the Earth your purpose -- to awaken the heart of Love in everyone in the world.



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