The Christmas Message

Feasting at the Table of God - The Magic Place Where Heaven and Earth Meet

Beloved ones, you can feel the Light that is increasing daily, washing the world in new openings and a vibrational reality that is a whole new paradigm from the reality that you have known. Hearts that are open feel the joy, even as you watch the world around you crumbling, as the old world energies fall away and the systems that have been assembled by humanity of life, of expectation now must change.

Your work – what is before you – is to bring in new symbols of the world and weave them into the seeming reality of the consensual dream of humankind. Yet you will find this more and more frustrating if you allow it to be, because, as your heart opens and you continue to shift to the Reality of Love, you will become more and more aware that the avenues of communication through the ego mind are limited, while the heart experiences the hologram and communicates in resonance of truth and wholeness.

All of you have had this experience of simply instantly being a new experience of a greater truth -- a grander reality, a deeper experience of communion with Me and with All Life I Am. To bring this into words could require a book – that which you receive through your heart in one instant. But beloved ones, I Am asking you to find the way to bridge this, for this is your true focus.

It is the weaving of the truth of Love into the tapestry of duality until humanity realizes suddenly that all has changed, oftentimes without conscious awareness, as the new and vibrant color of holographic life seeps into the bi-colored dream of dualistic life on Earth. As your heart soars in joy and endless communion and you recognize that you are not the ego’s game, you may find yourself at a loss at times to find the bridge.

And yet I say to you, you have all the tools. What is needed is your deeply committed involvement in a joyous experience of the world, choosing every day not to withdraw your energy and go dancing off in the realms of Spirit. Rather be fully present as the heart of God, open, alive and available, that you may be the magical storyteller of a new story of life on Earth and a new experience of living it yourself that you might convey this, beloved ones, to all. Recognizing your limitless ability to communicate heart-to-heart, you can find ways now to join in a song of unity and allow Me to bring the resonance into a communion of the heart that could be called “the middle way.”

This brings your focus from the realms of limitless Light and ecstatic never-ending Love, from the truth beyond the illusion of the mind into accord with the heart that is still involved with the heart’s beliefs that have created the world. I will at the same time lift other hearts as I calibrate the meeting where a new expression of Reality begins to shine forth into the world that has always been here, beloved ones, and waiting for the luminous Light-filled colors of a creative life that knows itself truly without limits and that feels the world through the beauty of heart perception, allowing that beauty not only to be communicated but also to be received.

This is where I take your hearts. Every energy, every consciousness expressed on Earth is being expressed right now directly from the endless Moment when that life is created purely in ecstasy and in grace. When met with an open heart and a quiet mind, all that magic, all that luminous joy, all the colors of the iridescent palate of God I Am are right there, shining, waiting for the heart that can appreciate what is truly being expressed as the joyous co-creation that is the miracle of life.

It is out-pictured as this magnificent world that expresses the glorious circle of the eternal life in all its purity in only Love and the power that sends Love forth, that you might walk, dear ones, in a world that is not anchored into any form or human focus but dances into your hearts and through arms, your eyes, your beings, that you might be the cosmic artist with Me.

So, please, be aware once again of the wily ego seeking to use your release of its own creation to separate you from the magnificence of this world that is truly only Light and Love, bursting forth as a celebration of God, bursting forth from the womb of My heart, bursting forth as the eternal Moment of Creation. It is wanting to paint through you its magical colors to create an endlessly new experience of truth and beauty, of the full experience of being the heart of All that in truth, dear ones, and I ask you now to please listen…in truth is one tiny focus in your consciousness as a greater being.

Just, for example, as you attend to many different things during one day and even in one moment can have many thoughts, so too is the truth of the grand expression of Love you are. Your consciousness is immeasurable and lives fully alive to every dimension, to the truly limitless expression of beauty and truth. This world is, for example, like one painting that you are working on in the midst of the fullest life that encompasses experiencing Everything I Am, and experiencing it always as the Twin Flame pair of Light and Love together, drinking in the magnificence of All That Is.

So as you explore the doorway of your open heart, let it be, dear ones, as Love truly is…al-inclusive, ever available, endlessly expanding in its recognition of the possibilities of Love. This means that you can be fully immersed in this experience of Earth and of the shifting of the paradigm of humanity, while at the same time, being alive to the living whole and fully aware, fully immersed in the endless ecstatic and limitless communion with life that we share.

You are that life and you are the being drinking it in. You are All I Am and you are My heart. You are one consciousness and you are the Twin Flame expression of both consciousness and Love, or the Divine as Masculine and Feminine. Just so can you be in every moment, present to the full experience of grace, consciously alive to the glory of All That Is, and passionately immersed in celebrating life on Earth and the opening expression of freedom now taking place.

It is time to be drenched in the experience of life, to be aware of the heart’s full reality and to recognize yourselves as universal citizens of a holographic cosmos that never ends, every bit of which is alive in your heart, for you are the heart that loves it all, the heart of the Creator I Am.

Therefore, step daily, moment-to-moment, into the magic that takes life as your mind has known it and opens the field, turns it upside down and whispers to you of magical places and possibilities. It is true that the space where Heaven and Earth join is the doorway of your heart and it can be symbolized for you however is needed. Perhaps like the closet in the Tales of Narnia, perhaps as an opening between the worlds, between all the possibilities of Love that appear right now under your bed. Have you looked there?

Open the closet of your mind and let the Light in, in ways you haven’t before. Feel the resonance and be the heart’s communion and suddenly your experience is no longer drama. It is completely magical, fully alive, hyper-dimensional, giving you the ability to be the grand focus of your greater being. You are instantly aware of everything, traveling through consciousness beyond the speed of Light to the living hologram in which All That I Am is present, truly on the head of a pin. The matrix of the heart of Christ is appearing right now as the heart in the center of this field of Light that until now is thought of as your body. Set it free, that every molecule might show you the endless possibilities of the Real of God.

Most of all, I Am touching you with a message of freedom without withdrawing from the ego’s world, but rather, becoming the presence of the true Reality of only Love of the heart of God. Wherever you stand, the universe is available to all who come into your magnetic field. The doorway of your heart is fully alive and open that they may step through, all who are called, and find themselves living what the mind would call “miracles” but what is and has always been the heart’s reality.

When the heart becomes the resonance in which you live, you will supersede the mind of duality and bring true consciousness that is Creation itself. You will bring the living whole, right into the world, that the truth may be accorded in a single instant and the power of Creation open vortexes wherever you stand. As you walk, dear ones, you open new possibilities, breaking open the heart of the very world and letting Me in.

Can you feel this River of Light now washing you and feeding you, beloved ones, directly? As you feel it, step free of the rules of duality that limit you to a physical world. Say “yes” to the freedom of the awakened heart that brings you fully into endless communion with Me. If your heart is open you will feel Me and you will know yourself as part of the mystery. My presence will be the element from which you create your life, always always always loving you and giving you the vision of who you are REALLY and giving you visions also of your creative heart and its endless possibilities which continually intersect with every precious heart of every being whom Love shall serve with whom I communicate by moving you into communion with them.

The natural world has ever been this expression of the artistry of the dance of the endless joy and is made for you to be part of your daily nourishment. It has become the symbol of putting food in your body, but oh, beloved ones, it is so much more. It is eating the Universe and drinking Love in the form that says this joy is natural and is that which you are made of.

Take Me in. Can you see how this has become the symbol of Earth and plants and growing things that you then fix and place into your body to bring it nourishment. In truth it is the energies to feed your heart and the consciousness in all its expressions of life, of being nourished naturally and directly by God. This is how this pure expression of living Light becomes made by the mind into something solid.

Ah, but now, through the heart it is released again to become this feast of the energies of life. Come! Join together, all of you, at the Table of Life and take Me in, in gratitude.



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