The Communion with God is Our Orientation

Come back to this deep, deep communion with Me, and let this Love truly fill your life. Let it dissolve your every boundary and truly open your whole heart, until you are genuinely transparent as the living heart of Love.
Just as you are the center of the cosmos, I Am the center of you. I Am the All of your consciousness, and I fill you up with this sweet and eternal communion that is the essential nature of your life, pure and simple.

It is only when you truly can accept My Love and allow its truth to become your living bounty, feel the expression of My living Love as you born brand new into your life every moment - only thus can you be fully alive and ready to step through the doorway to the all-encompassing experience of reality, of what is the real truth of your being and of the pulsing, living whole of Love I Am.

As the heart of God you have a place in the cosmos and this place is this Love we share. It is very important to keep this focus that keeps you oriented in right relationship with the whole, especially as we move over the threshold of new ideas, of unity consciousness and the hologram of Love. The ego mind wants nothing more than to separate you from Me and it can accomplish this by confusing you into believing the ideas of becoming the truth of God I Am, but losing the essence that is you.

The ego mind can only see one thing at one time, and though I say this to you again and again, there is only the slightest crack in the opening to the Reality of Love that can flood you with the true consciousness of unity which is that everything is true all at once. You are the living whole, the hologram. You are Creation and Creator. Most of all, you are My sweet heart, meant to be giving and receiving Love with Me.

So while most of you truly believe that you have stepped through a doorway and that you see yourselves as the Creator, there is still a point of Love that is the centering of your universe that has to be this communion we share. Without it, you will lose your way. As you leave behind the false perceptions of the ego mind and step into the perceptions of the heart, beloved ones, all your orientations will fall away.

Earth life is truly only energy and the whole living cosmos is open to you as patterns of Light and Love, of consciousness boldly holding the life streams that are the flow of My essential nature. The only point of reference in this vast omni-dimensional whole that is ever wheeling, changing, embracing Love in new and different exciting ways is your relationship with Me.

I Am the Creator. While you are the reflection of Me, perfectly holding Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, the truth is, dearest ones, I Am the center. And I must be for you to know yourselves as My heart. So there is this omni-present and all-powerful relationship, this orientation of our Love that must be the center of your life. The mistake of the ego mind in its fixation on duality is seeing things as one thing or the other, and thus, convincing you that if you are a holographic being of Love and contain All That I Am, then you must be Me.

But the truth is you are not. You are My heart but I Am the center. The energy of Creation is My being and this remains the unwavering truth. So, yes, there is an ultimate truth, though everyone's relationship with Me is individual and each glorious being's expression of this living Love and of the energies within Me that they "en-conscious" is different.

All life is oriented to Me and to the Moment of Creation which gives birth to life as both consciousness and Love - relationship and wholeness, the in-breath and the out-breath, the heartbeat, the encompassing movement of grace. So while you explore these new frontiers and feel the dissolution of old realities and as you come to know the finer nuances of life, at the center, beloved ones, must be our Love and the honoring of its pure reflection as your beloved Twin Flame who is part of your being.

The communion with life and with Me is inevitable. Otherwise, it would be only the void. So even the little mind can understand that relationship is the purpose of the one glorious moment of awareness that has launched this magnificent expression that is the living hologram of joy. Also, My dearest, dearest ones, I must tell you that when I look into your hearts, so many of you - though you love Me and you feel this devotion - you still don't trust Me to support you, to fulfill you, to bring forth your good.

The ego mind has fooled you. It has fooled you into believing that the illusion of separation has something to do with Me and with My Love for you. You must realize that it does not. It is this crucial step that is right now before humanity, and you, My beloved ones, must be the way showers of stepping into this trust of My Love and recognizing the difference fully between the truth of Love we share and the reality of the heart -- and the dream of separation that is the ego, and the choices that are at the heart of each one.

This is why I keep asking you for that deep "Yes" to Love, because only when you realize our relationship, and Love as the essence of your life - it is the essence and the life force of your whole being - and that this Love comes to you directly through your heart, comes consciously at the Moment of Creation - only then you will at last be ready to give Me your life and to know that support comes from the Real and through the passageway of your open heart and not from the world.

So I Am asking you to bring each moment back to the original center, back to the relationship with Me and allow your heart to be fed, your ego mind to be dissolved, your life to become limitless freedom. Thus you will allow also the ability to see and to know what is truly a part of you - the relationship with Me as perfect Love reflected before you as your Twin Flame.

As you step further and further into the surrender to this Love and open to this Now Moment communion, My Love will reveal to you the living truth of every life and bring your life on Earth back to the Garden of perfection that it is meant to be, where every stream of consciousness is alive to you and you are always in communication with everything. Every moment's joy is unsurpassed until the next Now Moment surpasses it and the abundance of God I Am rushes through you to manifest before you in the images of Love, of abundance and support from the world of Nature and in the symbols of the greater world.

Everything springs from this communion, and each of you already has it, for we cannot be separate in the Real of Love, beloved ones. Therefore, this communion is present, fully alive in your heart, just waiting for you to listen. But listening requires silence and the open heart surrendered. It requires the release of all ideas and asks you to rest softly and fully in your heart, asking for your true orientation, your true orientation to God I Am and to the Love that is you.

So we are on the threshold of a grand shift and I want you to boldly step through the doorway, but before you do, beloved ones, I must know that I will not lose you to the vast reaches of the Real and the wheeling interaction of the living patterns of Light as consciousness. The pulsing waves of Love truly can be overwhelming in an instant unless you are centered in Me.

Because we are on this cusp, this communion with Me is critical. So find the time to explore, beloved ones, for all of you are certainly capable of clearly perceiving this living Love and accepting this true nourishment, and most of all, feeling My Love and thus feeling your wholeness. I want you to know that it makes sense for you to feel disoriented if you don't have this communion at the center of your life, because you are meant to be the living heart interacting with All That Is in all the vast reaches of possibilities. These truly are limitless and impossible to touch with the mind, but accessible to the heart and to that which you are.

You must be oriented to the Real of Love, the Moment of Creation and your communion with Me, reflected as your Twin Flame Love. Can you feel the energy building? Of course you can. Can you feel it crackling like lightning around you and feel the doorways of reality shifting? Things that you knew suddenly become fluid? This will be happening more and more as the ego mind dissolves and as the energy that has been trapped in the "reversal" is freed at last to serve Love.

So all the energy expended by humanity to keep this illusion of "other than Love" in place is now going to become available for all of you to use in fueling this thrust to a new experience, and to creating the bridge world of Love. Every breath you draw with Me - in every breath you can feel My presence. Every movement of your consciousness, every beat of your Real heart, all of it is done in unison with the vast consciousness of God I Am and you as the "en-conscious-ing" heart.

Can you feel how you are nourished perfectly by Nature and by the great rays of living Light that are pouring into the world, dissolving the illusion and revealing the gold and white Light that is the true cosmic DNA in the Reality of Love? You are holding this for humanity. You are the wick. I am the candle flame, but it must not be able to consume you.

Our communion is what will prevent this and create instead the leap into a new paradigm, a new expression and acceptance of life as the "en-conscious-ment" of Love. The "en-conscious-ment of Love, beloved ones. That is what you do. And it is who you are, as it is what we share in this great communion of life. The going forth and the return, the amplification, the giving and receiving is as essential to life as the breath that you breathe while living a life here on Earth - at least until you comprehend differently and make the shift to the living breath of the holographic reality of one Love expanding exponentially through you and as you. Yes, the fruit of true relationship and that expression of this purest Love is the Christ. This becomes the vibration of your hearts as you continue to go forth trusting Me for everything. Only this will allow the New World, the symbols created out of recognizing there is only Love, through the open heart that is you.

So thank you, always, for your precious hearts and for the glory of Love that you are. I will show you the truth of your unlimited nature. My dearest ones, please let Me.



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