The Daily Choice to Shift to the Heart

Beloved ones, the radiant glorious pulsing sphere -- the vortex of living Love that is your precious heart -- is one with the Love I Am. My heart is now expressed in this moment forever in billions of ways and each one of these ways is the glory that is each of you.

That glory, that Love is the Love That I Am. So the Love is one and the same that lives here as you, that breathes in this breath, that acknowledges the pulse of Creation with every pulse of the heart that is within you. The song of this Love is sung perfectly, beloved ones, in you.

Thus do I ask you to acknowledge this, to cherish this truth, to recognize that there is no difference in the substance of Love that makes the heart that is you and the substance of Love in every precious human being, everyone, alive in this world. And heart-to-heart you must recognize each other because this Love knows itself.

The moment you are open to this recognition of Oneness, then hearts begin to commune in the truth of Love. A resonance of joy and the unity of God find themselves beautifully expressed in a rainbow of perfection that is all the hearts of Love that are making up this great sphere of Love that is the heart of God in you.

One Love that speaks with One Voice…and that recognizes the truth of Love as one thing everywhere…be it colored in a billion ways and expressed in such an array that the mind is completely overwhelmed as it perceives the aura of differences. But the heart sees the one truth of Love, and therefore it is your heart that I call to, as I ask you to become this heart of God, fully awakened as the expression of the harmony of Love as it sings one song in countless voices and knows itself in endless words.

If you see with the eye of the open heart, then you see this heart of God, shining everywhere and you live in a world that is peopled with miracles of such stunning beauty that it is humbling to the ego that thinks itself so important and so unique.

The beauty of My heart, dear ones, is ready to be recognized and to shine forth through every heart on Earth, to sing in the harmonics of the endless song of Love, bursting forth in perfection right now and creating in your life a beacon of Love's awakening that is so powerful, so bright and so magnetic that it is impossible to take a wrong step or to lose your way or become distracted by the whirling thoughts of the world of duality.

All it takes is the shift to your heart. One moment, beloved ones, of opening and turning to Me. One second of allowing Love to reveal itself as it stands as you, and in that moment everything is changed. Every breath is breathed in beauty and the feeling of Love's ecstasy becomes the way you live, now.

Yet, as you stand facing each face, immersed in the human drama, immersed in the world of the little mind's dream of the possibility of God and not God….it does take conscious choice to make this shift and to bring your heart front and center as the truth of who you are and the vehicle through which you live.

But one choice, beloved ones, is all it takes…one choice in the morning of your day and you are the Love I Am, fully present in the world, completely in harmony with the truth of every heart. Regardless of how the ego mind perceives it, the world of Love is restored to you in that time and your day, your life can unfold perfectly as the heart of Love rejoicing in every precious gift of life.

Oh, beloved ones, the whole premise of the ego mind is discontent. You know this. You live with it. You make another choice and yet continually it surrounds you with its voice of wanting something else. And so it takes this moment of recognition…that the blazing heart of living Love, the truth of the Love I Am is right here at the center of your being as the truth of who you are, as the resonance of Love that blazes forth this trail of Light before you and opens up the veil that has mesmerized humanity.

In one instant the heart entrains the mind and you are Home at last in Me, your identity restored. The reality of Love is your true estate. Through this turn, the simple choice to shift to the heart…then suddenly you can see hearts shining and recognize the presence of the one pure and endless Love leaping forth to join in this communion, this song of the heart of God.

One heart, singing Love in harmonics that are endless, opening up dimensions of grace and possibility that moves between each one of you in a solidarity of the truth of Love that nothing can change because it is the fact of each of your existence. This one Love is the center of all that is, that vehicle through which I give My essence… this heart of All is you, expressed in all, together, in perfect pulsing harmony and communion with the whole.

So the Love that is the truth of you is infallible and is eternal. It sings this truth of Love's expression outward through the vehicle of your open giving heart. In the heart, all barriers fall away and every perceived division cannot stand, for Love is Love. Love is God. God I Am is Love as you, My focus and My outreach, the heart with which I cherish things.

You, dear ones, are this heart in consciousness. You are the conscious "Yes" to Love that makes My heart available to give to all Creation this endless stream of life and grace, this pure and joyous extension of all that I seek to give of Myself and all that I know as the truth in the heart of My being…the heart, dear ones, that is you.

So come into this moment and let your heart sing. As you feel My presence, you find it singing in you…that I Am here, alive for you, guiding and loving you. I Am alive as the Love that is shining forth from the center of your being. Both sing the same song, hold the same resonance of Love. The one Love I Am is expressed as the many, that it might shine forth in all its aspects, perfectly. The Love that is the essence is the same and Love always recognizes itself.

Thus will your heart resonate with the heart of every being and see itself reflected in the heart of others. As hearts honor each other, the power of Love is multiplied and in that honoring, more Love is created, for every moment of giving multiplies this Love and expands the substance of Creation…expands the Love I Am into brilliant and brand new patterns of giving and receiving and multiplication of grace.

Thus do I ask of you the effort that is needed to make the shift to the heart your daily choice, that you might find yourselves perceiving the heart of God standing in the center of every being as the one Love I Am sings forth in multiplicity creating a unique and glorious new song…but the melody of Love never changes. Rather, it supports the new harmonics and rich interweaving of all the hearts expressing this joy in life that is the center of My being.

Rejoice, beloved ones, in the gift of every breath, in the pulse beat of your heart that knows the cosmos as your own and sings in perfect harmony with every other heart…opens up a vortex to eternity and loves always as the open heart of God I Am.



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