The Easter Message - The Open Doorway

Beloved ones, I call you this Easter to come to the doorway that is Resurrection and to stand before this doorway bathed in its Light. Open your heart that the Light might penetrate and cleanse it.

As you feel this radiant Light and your heart acknowledges the Light within it, I ask you also to feel the Love that creates the wholeness of the Easter doorway and allows humanity to pass through it into the Real of Love I Am, the great unity that ever includes both Light and Love in an endless dance of perfection.

As your heart acknowledges this doorway of Resurrection, let it also feel both vibrations - the vibration of Light that brings illumination, that brings forth Creation in each living moment. And let your heart feel the Love in which you live, bathed in its presence every moment.

As the Light and Love dance and sing within your heart, you will feel them being embodied as a gift to humankind as the one you know as Jeshua or Jesus, and the one you know as Mary, the Magdalene. In this heart of Love burns the birth of living unity as the balance of the forces of Creation that come together in the living Now -- ever creating the perfect relationship of Light and Love that is the revelation of All That Is within the unity of Love and Light I Am.

Do not allow your mind to embrace ideas but let your heart feel this living dance within you. Let it pull you through the doorway to Infinity that you might recognize yourself within it as a flame of Light, an ocean of Love woven together in the infinite birth of ecstasy, of joy, of giving of Love to All That Is. This is a paradox for the mind/ego but a truth for the heart that never ends. Unity breathes in as the feminine ocean of Love and breathes out as the masculine Light. Together they sing a song of harmony that lives endlessly in All That Is.

The center of this dance of life is you, beloved one(s). You are the heart of All That Is ever moving, bathed in grace, the expression of Light and Love, creating more and more of itself. The truth of your heart is a vast and glorious thing that, like the doorway that you now experience, speaks of a greater truth of your being that is life and Love in a glorious Helix of endless Creation.

Thus do I bring to you the experience of the living Christ that is the truth of your glorious being that lives at once as the unity of God I Am and also functions as My glorious heart containing what would be named the Divine as masculine, the Divine as feminine, moving together in perfect joy.

Let the mastery of the living Christ speak within you as you stand before this doorway reclaiming the truth of the heart of All I Am as both Light and Love. Reclaim the Christ as masculine and as feminine - that which has the movement of Love and thus can birth more Creation, more Love being given, more waves of ecstatic joy, more of everything that I Am as unity and as Light and Love, the divine parents that become the truth also of My heart which is the Christ and which is you.

So as you approach the doorway of Easter, let the Resurrection be your truth and let the Light and Love release from your heart all that holds you in limitation. Feel the stillness and the movement, the Light and the all-inclusive Love, and that you might allow them to stand before you in the symbols that are Jeshua and Mary, the Magdalene. Allow them to be for you the expression in form of the very movement of Creation, that the return of the feminine Christ into the consciousness of humankind might bring all human beings back to this doorway to recognize within themselves this great explosion of Light and Love and freedom.

While you are yet immersed in the world of duality, these symbols are very important. The mind, the ego, cannot see both at once and acknowledge that together they are a unity. There has been, as you know, that pendulum that has named the divine one or the other. Either Goddess or God, either masculine or feminine. It has seen the Christ as embodied in Jeshua without the fullness of the Divine Feminine that was in place and must be reclaimed for the awakening of humankind into its own divine nature.

The Christ of God lives within you. It is the truth of your heart and being. It is the movement of your consciousness and your Love and it is reflected all around you and within you in an omni-dimensional experience of orgasmic joy the moment you release all that lives within you that sees itself as less than this.

What is the Resurrection but this? It is the stepping through the doorway of Christ consciousness to the amazing experience of revelation that the dance of Love is held in heart, in you. As your heart embraces consciousness, your consciousness embraces Love and you find yourself alive in the greater unity. You understand that the dance of Christ is you in every dimension in reality as a Twin Flame heart of All I Am. It is an expression of pure divinity bursting into movement as the candle flame that holds within it the ocean's movement. Together they sing praises to The One I Am.

As the blazing Light and endless Love begin to move in you, you shall be as Jeshua and as Mary. As you walk toward the open door of the living heart they share together, all duality shall come to the center and the dream of life on Earth, of being separate from Me, of the possibility of two powers rather than the truth of one - all of this shall disappear in that blaze of Resurrection that sets you free.

So let Easter begin within you now. Let yourself feel your divinity. Let the radiant Light penetrate your every electron that if you express the masculine, you may be Christ as masculine in the world. If you express divinity as the feminine, you may glory in accepting what Mary brings. Know that as you enter that doorway, the truth of Love shall be revealed to you - that you might dance in the living whole as a Twin Flame heart that is at one living whole. Every breath is the Moment of Creation itself as the unity I Am breathes through you.

Knowing this as experience, you may bring it forth into the world as the embodiment of life in balance, the expression of All I Am as the living heart of Christ in you. Thus, it is the year of reclaiming the feminine Christ. Not a separate Goddess to compliment a God, although in the symbols of the world you might see two bodies - that of Jeshua and that of Mary, his counterpart. When you feel their heart, beloved ones, you know the truth. It is one heart of Love, beating in unity, the in-breath and the out-breath and the heartbeat of All.

It is the Double Helix as one life, one joy expressing itself in the endless Now as the Moment of Creation, awakening the heart, the Christ that is you awakening endlessly in the ecstatic dance of Creation. Words cannot express the coming of this balance on Earth that moves beyond all concepts of dichotomy. For a time yet, it is expressing in symbols called masculine and feminine, in symbols that you know as bodies.

But with this balance and with the open door fully available, all life in the world will quickly begin to feel the great Love-Making that is the movement of life. That Light of the masculine and the Love of the endless feminine express through all Creation perfectly and also accord the truth of Oneness, both/and. All things are expressing this truth perfectly.

Let the understanding of the mind fall away and feel this Love. Feel the Light of the one you know as Jesus, and feel the Love, the endless Love of the Christ as feminine that is ever expressing as Jesus' divine counterpart that was held in form as Mary, the one you know as the Magdalene. It is ever available now more than ever as they truly create the doorway that no human mind can close and that the heart already knows as perfect.

Let yourselves be this living breath, this glorious dance of life, of Light and Love as it is given forth for humanity, as you align yourself with the doorway that is out-pictured in the event of Resurrection. Then, everywhere you move in the world, aware of your wholeness as a complete being as I Am, you too shall be the open door that no one can shut. You shall be that glorious flame. You shall feel the truth of your own magnificent divine counterpart, ever alive in your vast spiritual being.

As your heart is washed clean from the old views of the world, then the reflection of that doorway that knows itself in you shall show to you the truth of the heart of God I Am within you and before you, as you create the bridge world of Love and Light for humanity.

Let your heart become the vehicle for bringing the truth of Christ, Christ as masculine, Christ as feminine, woven together as the Double Helix of life. Become this Message. Let it go forth as I Will it to the open doorway that is you.


I AM ROSE 11th April 2009 8:12 pm

Happy and Blessed Easter to All.
Love and Light to Yael and Doug for this Heartfelt message.
As I comtemplate my next essay,for the Minstry course I've recently started.
I find myself just wanting to have a Breathe...
To be Still...
To Connect to the Love With-in...
To truely be Grateful for every Breath...
To see All the beauty in All creatures great and small.
To Appreciate All I have...
To Give thanks to God for my life...
To Feel God in my life...
To Embrace God With-in...
To give Thanks to God, so that I may Live...
This is Easter...
This is Life...
This is True Unconditional Love...
To just Be...
One with God...
One with All...
In Love and Life...
I AM ROSE xxxx


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