The Entrainment of Hearts To the Bridge World of Love.....

The Entrainment of Hearts To the Bridge World of Love Through Our Magnetic Hearts

Everything is consciousness and Love, and the movement of Love is sound and light. When you come to realize that this world is truly a reflection of your vast, multi-faceted and glorious hearts and that every life stream that you encounter is a movement of My essential nature, you truly realize that your interaction with the world is God loving God.

So I open you this day as a flower opens to the sun to the beauty and the mystery all around you to give you the recognition that this world and all that is in it truly is a Love Song from God. I want you to nurture the communion with every life stream and all the beauty that is the expression of light and sound that make up the rich tonality of Love that is the world.

Know that it is your own heart that is being reflected back to you as the waves of pulsing Love go forth from your heart, reflected each Now Moment in the glory all around you as you are supported in your service to the world. Each and every beam of light woven into the fabric of your life is ever here to assist you in this unfolding awakening of Love. Your shimmering communion with the world of living Love is what is creating the Bridge World for you are assisting in the manifestation of this living song of resonance that speaks the truths of the Real in the symbols of the world.

Therefore, your interaction with the beauty all around you, your continual upliftment of Nature, your infusion of the land and animals as electrons of light creates a living avenue for the transformation of the world using symbols of purity, innocence and grace. Those who have even the slightest shimmering attunement to what is being born here in this opening that you provide will be lifted and drawn into their heart’s own awakening that will create these reflections for them.

As you know, each living pulse in every Now Moment rushes forth through each of your hearts like a beacon to the world, raining down these particles of consciousness and Love that the thirsty hearts and spirits of humanity may drink from hope and faith and the restoration of belief in the power of My presence and My Love.

So I reach through each heart who hears Me – that would be YOU if you are reading this – to sing a Love Song to humanity made of dancing atoms and electrons that sing of peace and joy, abundance and sharing, and carry within this message the holographic presence of your life.

Please remember that as My Love flows, pulsing from the exploding Moment of Creation, as it rushes in a living River of Light and flows through your heart, you become a part of its message. In ways beyond the mind, deep in the mystery of communion, hearts will find your presence giving them reassurance. Those who have been steeped in the illusion of being separate will find something deep within them that still believes in Love.

I reach out with arms of light, with tenderness and compassion to turn each precious heart to Me in any way that is possible. So please remember that you are an instrument of the living God I Am as I Am present here on Earth in and as you. As you know this, beloved ones, each of you will find it reflected back to you impeccably through Nature, through the natural world, through the precious hearts of animals and the living breathing elements that whisper the songs of spirit as the wind brushes your cheek.

Every moment, then, this message of a hologram of Love replaces the old duality of a world of separation. Heart-by-heart, the old world falls and the New World rises on wings of spirit, lifting up, awakening the positive faith within each heart that they too can be this Love.

Those who seem to be turned away, deeply hidden behind the veil of ego mind and duality and the pull of “getting” will find their dreams changing so subtly that they may not notice, until they discover there is a crack in their hearts, an opening through which the longing comes to live something different -- with it, this message that I send through you of a New World waiting, all being held in place by hearts like yours, so dedicated to bringing Love to this world. You will find daily miracles as Love comes rushing in and the old world dreams, self-serving as they were, suddenly seem empty.

As you are listening to My Spirit as it speaks in so many voices, be sure to act on the messages that lead you to this giving in every way you can access hearts within the world. Prayer and meditation and using the Twin Flame heart are powerful conduits for opening to this movement of Love into the world. As you lift into the Real and feel each tiny molecule of your being and your body remembering your true self, be sure, beloved ones, that you do not turn away or have resistance to the world, though it be an illusion, because the Bridge World that is Heaven on Earth is an important step in making sure that you fulfill your promises that none be left behind.

As you live in the Now, learning to be fully present with every breath an alignment to the Real, you will find that it is easy to maintain your whole awareness of the holographic nature of God I Am, while reaching easily from the Real into the world and washing it in your creative power as a conduit for the Real, for the truth of Love and ecstasy and living in deep communion, as the Bridge World begins to appear all around you as a world of perfect Love.

As you accept this rich perfection and the rainbow-filled expression of the images of divinity, you will find yourselves becoming truly the living “en-conscious-ment” of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, God I Am. Your every breath becomes giving and receiving this nourishment directly from the Moment of Creation, through you, into the world – and then receiving it back, multiplied as the powerful reflection of where you have your focus and of the hologram of Love reflected as the world.

As you do this, all the possibilities that are yours as limitless beings begin to be reflected to you in the symbols of your life in the world. Thus shall appear new colors, richer experiences, more and more abundance, more ecstasy, more joy, until truly you are living in a world that seems to be magic because it is so filled with ethereal colors and luminous streams of light.

It is the world but not the world, dear ones. It is truly Heaven on Earth and you are the hearts creating it as Me in the world. The great divine union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that is the glorious Moment of Creation itself will become expressed as your lives more and more beautifully and powerfully until it is obvious that My heart is a Twin Flame heart expressing itself as you.

Everywhere you are and everywhere you focus, I want you to remember that every act of giving, even those that seem insignificant, is so powerful that it is enough to completely alter Creation, expanding and shifting life on Earth and aligning it with Love. Each of you creates a sanctuary through the resonance of your hearts, a sanctuary in which another can come and be refreshed and find respite from confusion brought by the ego mind and duality, and can find himself/herself reoriented just by being with you.

As your heart is ever more open, dedicated and aligned with the great pulsing Moment of Creation, the more anyone who is near you is magnetized to Love. As you allow this River of Light to live as you in complete surrender, you will be the conduit of miracles as was beloved Jesus. Just by being aware of the Bridge World of Love where all is perfect Love reflected, you can shift from the old world of duality into the Real, expressed as symbols in the space of one breath.

As you do, you are the magnet that will draw all within your heart’s entrainment field into the Bridge World of Love. You will find that as we practice this, you will come to do it purposely, giving yourself into the greater Love, rising to the Moment of Creation and becoming the great orgasmic pulse as it rushes forth to give My Love. Connecting it through your heart to the one who stands before you and being the focal point of this living Love, your shift is their shift. Suddenly you are the expression of My limitless Love.

So My word for you today is “limitless.” I want you to take it deep within and begin to feel what it means to be the limitless heart of God. Ask Love itself to show you what limitless truly means for only in your greater being do you have an example. Feeling it resonate within you, you are then the miracle. Your presence is the vibration of pure Love expressed. I will show you how to be surrendered to this Love and how to allow this Love to live you, oh, so perfectly.

Through your hearts I will call My precious ones, My humanity, the cells of My heart and you will know that the call has been received, for you will feel every heart. You will feel every heart impeccably because your heart is unlimited. Your heart is the glorious Real. Your heart is the center of All I Am and All I Am is yours. As this truth sings deeply within you, you are instantly in communion with All That Is.

Every life stream will be honored in its glorious uniqueness while you also swim in the ocean of oneness we share. You will recognize that there is no need to have one or the other – that oneness and relationship are “both/and” – that I Am everything always, and more. Always more. For that is the impetus of Creation. I Am giving Love always. All I Am is pouring forth, and I give All I Am every instant in and through you and as you, of course.

But words can never capture the magnificent multi-layered truth and you are My heart’s celebration, All That I Am expressed as the Love that you are. Your Twin Flame heart is on fire with Love and these are the fires of Revelation. You are the lights I shall use to light the world. Yet, no matter how hot these fires burn, they never will consume you but rather, will perform the alchemy of Love until you become completely pure, pure Love, glorious, totally present, fully magnificent, fully present in your every breath, fully present in your every word, fully present in the most microscopic particle of your being and thus, whatever you give, no matter how much, it contains all of you. No matter how much Love you give forth, even if it is only one drop, that Love contains all your Love, all My Love, living as you.

Therefore, even the smallest touch, the tiniest moment of giving can completely transform another’s life or their world or this universe in fact. So please be aware that I Am living through you, in you, as you always. You are the miracle of Love. Each Now Moment that you are surrendered, as you breathe the Vertical breath, the whole world is revealed anew as the Bridge World of Love as Heaven on Earth, awaiting each and every heart.
I want each heart to learn this as quickly as possible.

To this end we have the bridge of light that is your network of communication which shows up in the symbols of the world as the internet and its communication. I source the energy that lights this network and wrap this around the world, “amping” up each connection, multiplying every possibility of union and every breath of Love.

I want you to celebrate beauty and remember that each thing that you notice and connect with your heart, you infuse with the glorious River from the Moment of Creation itself, infuse with your divine purpose. Please feel this pulse. Feel it washing through your being. Feel it joining you and your Twin Flame heart, reminding you of what is already present, this pure and endless Love and showing you in the realms of spirit the movement of light and symbols that is the bridge world of Love.

So we embark in joyous expressions of creation as you are caressed each Now and amplified by this River of Life and all it means as it manifests now through you. All that you have read of the Masters who spoke with the little birds, who opened hand and heart to create abundance, to lift others into goodness – all that you know of beloved Jesus was the power of his magnetic presence, as his heart, My heart entrained all the hearts around him into the expression of Love’s perfection in the symbols of the world.

Thank you for raising your vision up and embracing the very highest one, keeping your focus on the Moment of Creation but being the Bridge World of Love. Each Now Moment can become fully whole and complete which can only happen when every cell of My heart is completely aligned and functioning.
I Am That I Am. You are My heart. You are Love’s perfection expressed as you. I cherish you completely in tenderness. I enfold you deeply as I feel you as My own heart as well. You are beings of living spirit and you are living in a spiritual world. There is no such thing as physical. It is all living Love. So I encourage you, beloved ones, to remember this and to cease to be fooled by the word “physical” and to recognize everything forever is dancing particles of light.

Recognize also, as I have said to you, that matter is only a point of view, a fixed point of view but nonetheless a point of view and nothing more. So as you break the old habits of perception and make the shift into your heart, you are free, beloved ones, to rejoice with Me and you are free to give Love. Once you give with complete abandon, becoming only this great open heart, you will recognize your presence as the presence of God I Am and you will recognize everything as a reflection of this great unlimited Love. Life in the world becomes a living miracle, Now after Now after Now. We are Love together.



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